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Chapter 45 part 1

11/08/2012 00:22
I stare blankly at the t.v. screen, as the video switches from a recognizable B.O.B. to...Bruno? I shake my head, thinking I'm seeing things, but I know that voice anywhere. I slowly walk closer to the t.v. I kneel in front of it, studying the screen. Brown eyes. His brown eyes. That gray...

New Chaps :)

21/07/2012 18:41
Above The Stars 107-110, Blackout Tonight 21, Blue Hearted Candy 12, I'd wait for life 55, Mars & Beyond 95-98, The Good Life 130+131

Chapter 130+131

21/07/2012 18:38
Chapter 130 “Mommomomomomomomomomomommmmm…..” Rosie yelled through the house finally stopping in front of her mother who was holding an 8 month old Angelo. “What?” Marla asked her. “Look what I found…” she said to her mother holding out a picture of her and Bruno in Las Vegas in...

Chapter 95-98

21/07/2012 18:33
CHAPTER 95 I quickly threw my attention back to Bruno who just stared at me, holding my mother’s bags in his hands. I swallowed before I looked back out the door, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Not even one of the conversations that we had in these past couple of years were positive and it...

Chapter 55

21/07/2012 18:30
Mel’s POV 10 minutes later and the priest is reading the lines that I’ve been longing for. “I now pronounce you as husband as wife. You may now kiss the bride.” The priest says and everyone starts applauding. I turn to Bruno and his smile mirrors mine. We both lean in and his lips touch...

Chapter 12

21/07/2012 18:26
“Phred, what are you doing here?” I ask “I just couldn’t wait. I’m going crazy! The whole way here I’m trying to find ways to where I can make it up to you but I realized that it’s up to you. Alisia, tell me what I need to do so I can change it. I can’t erase it, but I can change how you feel...

Chapter 21 - Silent. Dead.

21/07/2012 18:23
The sun had risen, it was bright daylight outside and shone through the side of the castle that housed the human servants.  Once the light hit Melissa’s closed eyelids, her eyes opened wide, memory wiped clean save for what she had been told.   She began screaming as she bolted out...

Chapter 107-110

21/07/2012 18:15
Chapter 107 LONG AND DIRTY.  Evie sat in her car glancing at her phone seeing a text message from Bruno.      I miss you. “Oh god. Shut up.” She sighed turning on the car to go home. She pulled out of her parking lot waving at a co-worker who was...

Chapter 10-17 (END)

01/07/2012 21:47
Chapter 10   I wake up in a hospital bed with nurses and doctors surrounding me. What’s happening? I look around but I can’t speak or do anything. I look down and I see my body covered in blood. My baby. What’s happened to my baby!? I start to tear up and I realise Bruno isn’t here....

Chapter 1-9

01/07/2012 21:44
Chapter 1   “I don’t understand why we have to stay here though! What have you done to our old house!?” I say frustrated. “Nothing, it’s just empty now because it’s all in the new house, now stop moaning, staying at your moms isn’t a big deal, she’s a cool mom” “I know she’s cool, I...
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