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01/07/2012 19:53
All At Once 41-46, Above the Stars 92-106, Angel 12-17 (END -> so I move it to the Already finished section), Before The Fame 43+44 (by the way she started Before The Fame 2 (from Bruno's POV) - I can't put it on this site but if some of you want to read it here's the link for it on tumblr:...

Chapter 43+44

01/07/2012 19:49
Chapter 43 Bruno's humming stops, and he freezes when he enters the kitchen. His eyes dance back and forth between me and Eric. I don't think he knows who to look at or speak to first. I try and pull my dress down a little to cover some of my thighs. He decides on me and his gaze slowly travels...

Chapter 16+17 (END)

01/07/2012 19:38
Chapter 16.   "No of course I don't want to forget you.." Then why are we doing this to ourselves? "Bruno I just don't want to go through it again all te tears the pain i'm not strong enough anymore and I can't handle anymore fights.." I promise you no more fight, me and you just us...

Chapter 15 she left out...

01/07/2012 19:37

Chapter 13+14

01/07/2012 19:29
Chapter 13   I went back to the hospital, the nurse told me she had gone home I went to her room she had forgotten a lot of her stuff I started packing them and made my way to the car I threw the bag in the backseat and drove home I opened the door, all the lights were turned off I went...

Chapter 101-106

01/07/2012 19:21
Chapter 101 Lucy sat in the front seat looking over at the phone Bruno was going to give her. “Lucy. If you stare at it anymore it’s going to explode.” He joked. “What?! No! It can’t!” she exclaimed almost about to cry. “Luc! It’s fine. Just hang on. We’re almost there.” He said to...

Chapter 96-100

01/07/2012 19:18
Chapter 96 “Lucy! What do you think about school? Is it fun?” Evie asked her daughter sitting across the table from her.  “I don’t like it. I have to read. I want to be in the pool.” She said jumping up running to her bed room.  “Lucy! Get back here. You are not going...

Chapter 92-95

01/07/2012 19:15
Chapter 92 “Mommmm….look out the window! You can see the beach!” Lucy exclaimed as they neared the airport in Hawaii.  “I know, Lu-lu. And we’re going to hang out on the beach all day today and tomorrow.” Evie answered.  “And I’m going to get my hair fixed!” she said to her...

Chapter 41-46

01/07/2012 19:11
CHAPTER 41   Natalie sat across from a silent Bruno, staring at the palms of her hands. “Six days,” she softly stated, not even bothering to look up at his face. “…six days,” Bruno murmured back, staring at the table of the café. Silence drew around them for several more minutes,...

'Good but not continued' section and some other stories are deleted now :( - It breaks my heart :'((((

23/06/2012 14:48
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