Re: anything u cn dink of

Date: 26/10/2011 | By: saturn

what? i dont understand..

Re: Re: anything u cn dink of

Date: 01/11/2011 | By: BRUSY / SYLVIAMUNICH

hahaha I guess she or he wants the writers to send me new chaps?!!! yeah me too!!!!! lol and someone should write a story about/with her?! sorry Hooligan if you want your name in a story I guess you have to write it by yourself... :P


Date: 15/10/2011 | By: sooph.

still waiting for a story in black and white... *single tear*
lol i'm too impatient :-S

Re: ......

Date: 04/02/2012 | By: Muzem (aka author of said story)

i know its taking me awhile but believe working on it... February thirteenth...or the week will be bak!


Date: 08/10/2011 | By: alexipooh

is there another website were the writers post their stories, btw i love this website and check it everyday but i was just wondering

Re: chaps.

Date: 10/10/2011 | By: BRUSY / SYLVIAMUNICH

oh I know many other sites especially on facebook and tumblr but there are only 1 stories not like here over 50 on one site...

Re: Re: chaps.

Date: 18/10/2011 | By: alexipooh

yea i read quite a few on tumblr... but anyways thanks!! :D

In Between

Date: 29/09/2011 | By: In Between

hurry pls we want new chapters :D:D

Re: In Between

Date: 10/10/2011 | By: BRUSY / SYLVIAMUNICH

I'm waiting too but she said it would probably take a while 'cause she's studying and has less time...

Re: In Between

Date: 27/10/2011 | By: Iryn

I'm really sorry guys... I'll be honest, I totally forgot about my fanfic until one Hooligan messaged me on facebook and reminded me about it.. Sorry.. :(

But I might write the next chap I guess by... next week? We have a family outing on Saturday and we have to prepare and all, so I really can't write it now. So yeah, I'll be posting it next week. ;)

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