New Chaps :)

21/07/2012 18:41
Above The Stars 107-110, Blackout Tonight 21, Blue Hearted Candy 12, I'd wait for life 55, Mars & Beyond 95-98, The Good Life 130+131

Updates... Finally (again sorry for the long wait!)

01/07/2012 19:53
All At Once 41-46, Above the Stars 92-106, Angel 12-17 (END -> so I move it to the Already finished section), Before The Fame 43+44 (by the way she started Before The Fame 2 (from Bruno's POV) - I can't put it on this site but if some of you want to read it here's the link for it on tumblr:...

'Good but not continued' section and some other stories are deleted now :( - It breaks my heart :'((((

23/06/2012 14:48

Good and Bad News...

09/06/2012 11:38
I start with the good... FINALLY I'll update the site today and tomorrow... the bad news are that I have to delete many stories :(((( it's gonna be the whole 'Good but not continued' AND the whole 'Already finished' section... Maybe and I say MAYBE I have to delete some of the 'In progress'...

Latest chaps

15/04/2012 13:30
Ok ladies my semester started again and I have a pretty full schedule so I probably will be able to update the site only at the weekend and probably not every weekend... I hope you understand that and still come here! I love y'all <3 All At Once 40, Above the Stars 91, Angel 9, The Good Life...


18/04/2011 23:07
If any new chapters, stories or other news arrive me, I'll post it here. So y'all will be up-to-date!   *don't it feel good babe, don't it feel good baaaby? coz it's so brand new babe, it's so brand new baaaby, nanana here we are...