Chapter 1-10

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Three weeks vacation! One week already passed and it was now my last evening in New

York. At this last evening me and my friend from New York wanted to do something

special. We knew that Bruno Mars played at this evening a concert there. So we tried to

get the last tickets.

We got enough luck and so we get ready for the concert very early cause we wanted to

get a good view!

When we arrived at the venue I saw just thousand of little girls. I was a little sad cause I

saw no chance to get a good place. But I didn’t think about the weapons my friend got!

She started to flirt with some of the boys next us, even though they were too young, and

so we got in fact into the first row! I couldn’t believe it. It starts to get a perfect last evening

in New York.

The concert started and he began to sing… I was melting away … and maybe it was just

an imagination but it seemed sometimes that he looked at me and just sang for me. I felt a

little like teenager.

It was an amazing night what I’ll never forget. But the end came to early, the evening

ended up too early…I looked a last time to the backstage door and hoped to see him

coming out of it so I may could take a picture with him…that typical teen-fan thing…

But he didn’t came and so I had to calm down and get back to reality!

But even though I had to leave my really good friend it was a nice reality cause the last two

weeks of my vacation I spend on Hawaii. I couldn’t wait to arrive there! But the farewell

was still pretty hard…

So I went into the plane with little tears in my eyes. I walked the way through the seats

very slowly and starring down the floor. Then suddenly the person in front of me stopped

and almost crashed into the person in front of me! The person turned around and be both

looked at each other. It was a small man and he looked a little bit shocked… I guess it was

cause of the tears in my eyes. I said quite sorry and we went on. After a few meters we

stopped again but without a crash. The man arrived at his seat and needed a few minutes

to sit down. In this time I took a look at all the other people around me. My look sweeped

around and stopped suddenly, shocked!

Was it just me or was I really Bruno Mars???



The person I looked at had the same shocked look like me! He looked at me!!! ME!!!! It

was really Bruno Mars!!! But why did he look so shocked … I mean he don’t know me. Or

… did he recognize me maybe from the concert last night?! Nooooo noo no! That couldn’t

be right! I mean I was just one girl in a thousand! How the heck should he remember

me??!! I decided to stay cool and went on cause the people behind me even started to

grumble… I still couldn’t believe it: I was in the same plane like BRUNO MARS!!!

And honestly … I still could feel his look in my back when I went on.

I needed to calm down! It was just a dream … I was sure it was just a man who looked

exactly like Bruno … yeah this was the reason!

NO IT WASN’T!!! It was definitely Bruno Mars!

I couldn’t stop thinking about him! I try to sleep but I couldn’t … I guess the people next to

me thought I was crazy cause I was shaking the whole time my knees and I was so

excited and flutteringly…

After looong 10 hours (especially in my situation) we finally landed! I couldn’t wait to get

out of the plane! Cause when I get out I’ll see Bruno again… I just got more excited.

So finally it was my turn to get out. I walked slowly threw the rows…even a little bit scared

that he didn’t mean me when I was thinking he looked at me, or maybe it wasn’t him or …

or…or it was really just a dream.

I came closer to the seats where Bruno sat. I was getting more and more excited! I took a

careful look at the seats and … they were empty!!!! NO BRUNO!!! He really got out of the

plane before I could see him again.



I felt how the tears running through my eyes. It wasn’t a pretty good start into, I guess, the

vacations of my life!

But I don’t know what I was really thinking? Why should Bruno Mars taking a look at me or

even waiting for me in the plane that I could see him again?

It was really just a dream. So I started to go to the baggage reclaim and went to my hotel.

But the whole time I had the feeling someone was following me. I was getting paranoid!

That was the reason! The reason why Bruno Mars looked at me and why I had the feeling

that someone was following me! Sickness! This could be the only reason!

An hour later I arrived at my hotel and checked in. I was really tired and it was even so late

… something like 10 pm! It was a long day so I decided to go to sleep after I explored the

hotel and the view from my room a little.

It was amazing! I couldn’t stop starring out of my window … Just in this moment I realized I

had a balcony, too. Stupid me! So I went out … it was even more beautiful then from the

inside. I swore to myself I don’t wanna ever leave. But that wasn’t really possible.

I took my time … but then after a little while I went in laid down on my amazing, soft and

biiiig bed and fell asleep.

The next morning the daylight woke me up and the sun shone bright into my face. Was

more than amazing … I took a look through my hotel room and then at myself. I was still in

the same clothes then the day before …. whoop a little shower and then breakfast!

Fresh and fruity pineapples, melones and and and a loooot of fruits and it was just large,

amazing! I ate things I’ve never seen before.

I felt still a little tired, I guess because of the jet lag, so I decided just to walk down the

beach that day and explore the Island in the next days…

At the beach I couldn’t really relax cause I was so excited! I mean: HELLOOO!!! I was on

HAWAII! And everywhere those nice guys, if you know what I mean! ; ) So I looked a while

at all these hot surfer boys and imagined that one of them belonged to me…

With this sweet dream I fell asleep … and woke up 2 hours later a little sunburned! It

wasn’t that bad but I thought I should go back to the hotel to get my sun lotion.

I was waiting for the elevator and looked at this time for the key for my room. BLING! The

elevator arrived and I went in! The doors were nearly closed when someone screamed:

‘Wait!’ And someone pressed the door open! I was still looking for my key and so I didn’t

look at this person but said quietly ‘hi’. The person began to harrumph so I recognized it

was a man. I looked up at the man and just starred!



I still starred! I couldn’t stop starring! I guess my mouth were wide open.

I thought I became paranoid again. I definitely saw Bruno Mars right in front of me.

He stand on the other side in the elevator and starred with a little shy smile down to the


I was still starring! Confused, excited, perplexed! I was in my own world.

It seemed for me like hours but then this little shy voice got me out of my world. He said: ‘I

know exactly who you are!’ I guess I had still a perplexed look on my face so he continued

‘I know you! You are the girl from the concert in New York! First row … nothing on you, you

know?! And you were the girl in the plane.’ I couldn’t say anything… He smiled and said

then laughing: ‘OK! Now it’s your turn to say something!’ But then BLING! I arrived at my

floor! The doors opened and I walked slowly backwards out of the elevator and crashed a

little against a flower next to the elevator. Bruno laughed again and smiled very cute. ‘OK

hmm I guess you wanna constrain me to get out of this elevator, right?’

The only thing I could answer was: ‘Ehmm what?! You?! I mean … how?!’ He laughed

again and then he went slowly out of the elevator, too. ‘It looks like you lost your voice. So

I’ll try to answer the questions in your head! At first: honestly … I followed you from the

airport to your hotel to find out where you live and what your name is. But the people at the

check in didn’t want me to give me your dates. So my only chance to get it was to ask you

in person!’

I tried to answer: ‘But … but in the plane and you … and I … and how did you …?’ ‘I

always try to fix one of the beautiful girls in the first row to put all my feelings in the songs

… and mmmmh ehmmm in New York I choose you!’ he said again with a cute shy smile.

‘And you know when I’m looking the whole evening to a girl … you know … it’s not that

easy to forget her face!’, he said with a flirty smile. ‘And when I saw you in the plane … it

was like … I mean I thought … I thought I was dreaming!’ ‘And why you went out of the

plane so quick?’ ‘Wooow! Your voice! You didn’t lost it! Awesome!! Wonderful!’, he said

joking. I was giggling. ‘Cause I tried to get out of it before someone else could see me. You

know all the paparazzi and stuff … But I really wanted to find out who you are … I thought

the whole 10 hours about that … and so it came up to that follow thing.’, he said.

He starred at me and that brought my confused look back. Now he started to giggle: ‘Oh

man alone to see that pretty confused face it was worth it to follow you!’ I giggled again

and said: ‘Nila!’ ‘Nilaaaa’, he said with a gentle voice leant forward, took my hand and gave

me a kiss on my hand. He moved back, turned around, pushed the button of the elevator

and said at the same time:’Nice to meet you!’ The doors opened, he went in and winked

with a flirty smile to me … The doors closed.



I still stand a few minutes in front of the elevator! I couldn’t really realize what happened!

Bruno Mars talked to me. And he knows my name and and kissed my hand!!!!

Slowly I walked to my room on the same way like I went out of the elevator, still starring to

the elevator …

Was that real what happened right now???

I wasn’t able to go again to the beach at this day. I just laid down on my bed and try to

realize everything that happened … and then I fell into a deep sleep and just woke up at

the next morning with a knocking at the door.

It was the room service and I was a little confused cause I didn’t order something, but this

young man was just giving me a little massage.

Why I get at this time a message and who send it? I wasn’t really able to think cause I just

woke up and I’m always at this time like a little marmot… I didn’t read the message yet but

then I began to remember the day before!

I just read the first words on the outside of the message ‘For the lovely Nila’ and my heart

began to race!! Really carefully I opened that message and was excited to read the first

words… ‘10 am! Meet in the hotel lobby!’ I read this little message like …. definitely more

than 10 times!!! I was sure the only one who could send me such a message was Bruno…I

hoped it is Bruno and no other stalker who followed me from the airport…

But I was sure, looked at the watch and got a little shock cause it was already 9:30 am and

I just had 30 minutes to get ready! So hurry!!!

To choose the perfect clothes was my biggest problem! How should I do this in 30

minutes?! Still don’t know how I made it but I was really ready 5 minutes before 10. So I

walked downstairs! Yes downSTAIRS! I didn’t pick the elevator cause with it you arrive in

the middle of the lobby and I wanted to check up who was there for really getting sure it

was no other stalker!

I came into the lobby but there was no one. Now I was confused and a little sad not to see

Bruno there. But then I thought again this was just a dream. Bruno said good bye…the

final good bye for me.

Suddenly someone stand behind me and asked: ‘Ms. Nila?’ I turned around and saw

someone from the hotel employers. I just said with my typical confused face: ‘yes!’ He

said: ‘Then please follow me!’ I did! Excited for where he’s bringing me to.

We walked out of a small door what brings you to a small trail behind the hotel. Suddenly I

heard the sound of the waves and a fresh breeze. There where just some palm trees on at

the small trail … but no person … it was so empty … like no one was there before! But it

was beautiful and a little magical, especially because I still didn’t knew what will happen to


I couldn’t really wait so I asked the employee many questions like where we going to and

what we’re doing, but he was just quiet! He ignored me! How impolite!

But then he moved beside and made with one hand this ‘look here’-move.

I was shocked! There was the wide ocean! And just with the second look I saw someone

sitting with the back to us on a blanket.



When the employee saw my bright smiling he began to giggle. I couldn’t stop smiling it

was so OMG … He saw that I couldn’t really move forward so he said: ‘You should go to

him, now!’, with a bright smile, ‘Don’t be so shy! I wish much fun!’. And then he turned

around and went back to the hotel.

I just stared for a few seconds and then I went on. The soft and warm feeling of the sand

on my feet and then this situation. This was more then awesome … it was to big for my


Just a few meters to go and then Bruno turned around and looked at me with a shiny

smile. He starred at me and said with a flirty voice: ‘Aloohaa!’ I stopped and said a little shy


‘good morning!’ Then he stood up and came over to me stopped only a few centimeter in

front of me leant forward and kissed gently my cheek! I blushed and smiled shy…

Then he said: ‘Good morning pretty confused face!’ and giggled. I answered laughing: ‘Hi

hello!’ Then he linked arms with me and marched like a little soldier. Stopping to laugh was

pretty hard but his bearing was so cute.

He looked at me and asked appalled: ‘Hey why you’re laughing?’ ‘I’m so sorry… but but …

I’m so sorry I stop it right now!’ and I tried to do that evil look but I couldn’t hold it so long.

‘Uh yeah thanks! This pretty smile looks much better than this evil look … OK sit down

please!’ and showed to the blanket with a large breakfast!’

I was really impressed: ‘WOW! How do I deserve this?’ ‘Hmmm … I guess … I thought … I

just wanna show you this world from an other side. MY side, you know?! Not that typical

touristic thing. And you are alone here so I thought maybe it’s good to have someone here

who helps you to find your way! I mean I can’t take responsibility that you may get lost

here. You are alone here, are you?!’

The last sentence he said with carefulness. I giggled: ‘Yes I am alone here and thank you!

This is really cute!’ ‘And this is really tasty!’ He feed with a piece of a fresh pineapple.

‘Mmmhhhm uhh yes you’re right! This is awesome! Better than every pineapple from the

supermarket!’ ‘Haha yeah sure … I mean you’re on Hawaiiiiiii!!! … So OK! Tell me

something about you! The only things I know are your name is Nila and you were in New

York! Why are you here alone? I mean beautiful girls shouldn’t be alone in a paradise.’

So I told him the whole about my friend and that she usually would be here with me but

then she got that new job … blablabla … ‘I’m sorry this has to be very annoying for you!’

‘Noooo this is great … I mean if you were here with her already, maybe we never met?!’

‘Oh yeah sure maybe not’, I giggled again.

He was so cute … the whole time! And all the compliments he hid in all of his sentences.

And the fact that he wanted to know everything. Was this interest for me real? Or was it

just a game for him? Two weeks and then bye bye Nila? These thoughts scared me a little

and he shouldn’t brake my heart or something. So I promised to myself that I won’t fell in

love for him or don’t know … engage in this typical holiday-one-night-stands … this

wouldn’t have a future, so I tried to be careful!



We really talked the whole time and after we finished that breakfast I laid down on the

blanket. Bruno smiled and laid down next to me. In the corner of my eye I saw how he

turned his head around and looked at me. I wasn’t sure if I should turn around, too, if it

would be a good idea. So I just stared in the sky and asked him why he was here: ‘Is it

because of a concert? Or just for visiting your family?’ ’ Both … the other guys will arrive

the next days. But I came earlier to have a little bit more time for myself … and my family!’

‘Your family? And why you’re then here with me? I’m sure they wanna see you more! I

mean you’re not that often here! They’ll miss you!’ ‘Yes you’re right but after the concert

there is still some time and you have only two weeks…’

I wasn’t sure what I should think about it. He don’t know me really but wants to spend his

time with me and not with his family although he doesn’t see them that often.

When I was thinking about it he interrupt me and said: ‘I’m sorry! This is kind of awkward

that I didn’t ask you that earlier but … where are you from? Are you really from New York?’

‘Nooope I just visited there a friend … and you don’t really wanna know where I’m from!’, I

said laughing. ‘Yes for sure I wanna know it!!!’ ‘OK but I promise I never stalked you and I

never will!’ ‘Haha yes OK … I believe you! So…?’ ‘L.A.’, cough.

He was laughing and said: ‘Seriously?? And why we met then that late?? That’s not fair’

‘Haha if I had known that this is so important for you … man I’m sorry!’, I giggled but still

carefully. I didn’t wanna get that risk!

‘So I guess you don’t wanna lay the whole day here! I’m sure you wanna see something

from Hawaii!’ ‘Yes for sure!’

He jumped on his feet helped me to get up and took the blanket and all the other things

and we went together to his car! We got in and he drove to the inner city! ‘I guess a little

touristic things are important for the hawaiian life and you are a woman, so I guess you

love shopping?!’, he said with a bright laughing. ‘YOU GOT IT! Damn right!’, I said with

shiny big eyes when I saw all these small ABC stores.

It was a really nice day but time was running so fast. After a while he made the proposition

to buy a shaved ice and sit down at the beach…

I can’t remember that I talked so much with a person ever! It was like we knew each other

since … don’t know … a long time ago!

After a while it was getting cold so he went back to the car and got the blanket and

wrapped it around my back and sat again next to me. Suddenly he put his arm around me.

I was shocked. What was he doing? Bruno please stop playing!!! I don’t wanted to feel that

pain, that I felt so often, again!

I twitched a little when he did it. I guess this was the sign for him to take his arm away.

Cause he did…a few seconds later. So we just sat there … still talking and laughing.

It was wonderful and a pretty long day. So when it was even for him to cold he brought me

back to my hotel. We got out of the car and he brought me back to the entree. We were

eyeball in eyeball to each other. I didn’t knew what to do so I wanted to shake hands and

say thank you for the wonderful. But he just looked at my hand, started smiling and then

laughing and said: ‘You’re too cute.’ He took the hand and pulled me close to him and

hugged me.

Sweet dreams for me.



The next days we had so much fun together. He showed me most of his special places,

where he spend his childhood, things usual tourists never would see. It was amazing and

the time past too fast! I always felt that he tried to come closer to me but I didn’t really want

react of his tries. OK you know in the deepest of my heart I wanted, but I knew it wasn’t the

right thing. So I always stopped before more happened! It was so hard to resist him … but

it was really sweet that he treated me with respect! He stopped when I wanted to stop!

Was just two days two days to go before I got the get back home. We spend the whole day

at the beach and swam together. It was magical but especially this days so hard for me to

resist him.

We were together in the water and suddenly he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him

very close! He starred into my eyes came closer and tried to kiss me! I didn’t know what to

do! I was shocked! Don’t know how and why I did it but suddenly I plunged and escaped

his kiss. I know … usual girls would think I’m crazy … but I couldn’t kiss him! I didn’t want

to feel that pain when I was away from him … but I felt it was too late. I already fell for him

… butterflies all over my tummy!!!

When we got out of the water he passed me my towel and began to smile with a bright

shiny smile and said: ‘You know what?! Tonight we have our first concert here on Hawaii

this year! And I want you to come with me!’ ‘Really? This would be awesome!’ ‘Yeah?!

Great … I guess you wanna change your clothes before?’ ‘Ahhh no! I’ll gonna go in my

bikini!’, I said laughing. He giggled and said with his typical flirty smile: ‘Ok sure! Why not?!

Wouldn’t be such a bad thing!’ ‘Hahaha for sure! For you not! But yes I wanna change!’, I

flirted back. ‘OK! I’m sorry but then we need to hurry!’

So we went back to my hotel and he came in with me … I didn’t ask him for that … so was

at the first moment a little bit confused. But then he just sat down at the sofa and just

chilled. Even though I felt how he followed my ways through the room with his eyes! On

one way it felt pretty good but on the other hand … BRUUUUNOOOO please stop it!! Then

I got ready and he took me to his house! I was really excited cause I never thought that he

would show me his private life that much … We arrived and he get out of the car. I stayed

there cause I didn’t know what to do at the moment … should I get out or not?! But then he

turned around looked at me, smiled and came back to the car. He opened my door and

said with a cute smile: ‘Common cutie! Don’t be so shy! Come with me!’



I smiled back with a shy smile and said: ‘Are you sure?’ He nodded and took carefully one

of my hands and helped me to get out of the car. When we arrived at the door he stopped

looked at me and checked out if I’m ready … I still smiled that shy smile. We came in and

he screamed: ‘Someone at home???’ Suddenly his mum came out of the kitchen and said:

‘Bruno?! You here? …. Uh hello who’s that beautiful girl?’ ‘This is Nila’, he said. ‘I met her

in New York and now here again!’ ‘Uhh then e komo mai’, she said. ‘Thank you!’, I

answered and was smiling when I saw here face! She was definitely wondering that I

understood what she said, even though Bruno. What they didn’t know was that I have

some friends in Germany who moved from Hawaii to it and so I know some words. I

stayed with his mother in the living room and waited there for him. She’s pretty cool! Now I

know exactly where he got his wonderful character from. 10 minutes later he was ready,

we said good bye and went back to the car directly to the venue! It was amazing! Such a

big hall and I was allowed to watch the concert from the backstage. And like everything it

passed too fast, too. I don’t know what the other boys of the band were thinking bout me

but they were very nice to me. After the show he wanted to go in a restaurant just with me.

I was like OMG again … even though we spend the last two weeks together. But this was

a special day … And especially cause of this he gave everything to flirt with me … and I

felt that I got his full attention. But this just reminds me that this wouldn’t have a future …

and this was so sad … but even though I tried to enjoy it! After that we wanted to go to the

beach again but when we sat in the car he saw how hard it was for me to keep my eyes

open … I just heard him saying: ‘It’s OK sweetie … even when you’re sleeping you look

beautiful!’ I thought it was just a dream. But then we arrived, I fell already fell asleep. He

got out of his car and came over to my side, opened the door and took my arms and put

them around his neck. At this moment I opened my eyes a little and said sleepy: ‘I’m so

sorry Bruno! But this day was too long …!’ He answered so gently: ‘Shhh … it’s OK …

come close your eyes again …!’


PART 10:

He went into the hotel in the elevator he was looking for my key … then he brought me in

my room and laid me carefully on my bed, took of my shoes and my jacket off and then he

wrapped me into my blanket. I felt how he leant over to me and then his lips touched my

forehead. Even I was so sleepy I twitched again … I just heard him whispering: ‘I’m so

sorry beautiful … sleep well and sweet dreams!’ Then I heard him walking to the door. He


switched the light off whispered again ‘Good night sweetie!’, went out and closed carefully

the door.

When I woke up the next morning I thought it was just a dream … but it was REALITY!!!

My last day started and that made me so sad … not even the fact that I had to leave

Hawaii. It was that I had to leave Bruno and had to go back to reality. I started to put all my

clothes in my bag and then I met, for the last time, Bruno. We spend a wonderful day

together. The leave-taking was so hard and sad. He hugged me so tight. He starred at me

for a little while and I could see how his eyes filled little with tears. Then he asked: ‘At what

time gets your departure?’ I told him that it will be at 10 am … He hugged me again looked

at me and I know exactly that he was wondering if he should kiss me or not! But I’m happy

that he didn’t do it. He just tried to smile …

When he was gone I went back into my room I laid down on my bed for a last time and

little tears were running down my face …

The next morning I got ready for the departure and then went down to eat something. But I

couldn’t really eat so I went back to my room and took a last view from my balcony! Then it

was time to go … I took my baggage and went down into the lobby … I thought I was

dreaming … Bruno stand there and waited for me. I started smiling and couldn’t stop. Him

either. He came over to me, hugged me and said laughing: ‘And you thought I would let

you go that way…?’ He took my baggage and went with me to his car and brought me to

the airport.

I only had 15 minutes left till my flight started. Now was the time for the real leave-taking. I

looked at him and tried to scan every little detail of him … his shirt, his pants, his favorite

hat, his beautiful eyes … everything! He hugged me again that tight like last night and

whispered: ‘Good bye beautiful! I’ll never forget this weeks!’ I couldn’t say anything cause I

don’t wanted to cry. I just hugged him back. A last look at each other and then I turned

around and started to leave him.

Suddenly he ran for me the few meters I left and grabbed one of my arms. He pulled me

close to his body, looked into my eyes and said: ‘I’m so sorry baby but I can’t let you go

like this! I can’t stand you anymore!’ Then he wrapped his hands around my neck and

gave me a passionately kiss!!! I was in shock but at that moment I knew it was the right

thing! He looked again at me and hugged me. Then he took his hat off and put it on my

head and whispered during holding one of my hands: ‘I wanna see that hat again! I

promise you I will!’ A last kiss on my forehead, a last look … then I went into the plane with

a bright shiny smile …