Chapter 1+2+3

17/05/2011 07:43

 Chapter 1


It was a dark and stormy night, when I went to sleep. I didn’t know if it was the thunder or the thought of Jamie but I couldn’t get to sleep. I turned and turned in my bed. Apparently I was making so much noise that Chrissie (one of my roomies) knocked on the door. “Are you alright?” she asked. “I’m fine, I think.” “If it’s about Jamie we can talk about it.” “No thanks, I’m fine!” I yelled a bit. “Seriously, you need to get over him.” “I know, it’s just so…....  I don’t know.” “Well if you wanna talk, just come to me.” “Yes, I will… Relax!” As I said that Tina, my Golden Retriever, looked up at me from the end of the bed. She had that innocent look in her eyes. I just couldn’t ignore her. I called her up to me and started to pet her. Eventually I fell asleep with Tina on my stomach.

The next morning I woke up of Tina’s cry. She needed to go for a walk. I got her leash out of the hall and attached it to her collar. She was so pumped up. It made me smile.

“Hey, where are you going doll?” Isabella (my other roomy) asked.

“What…” I said a little startled, “I’m going for a walk with Tina. Why do you want to know?” “Just being curious….” “I know you, there’s something!”

She was lucky that Tina really wanted to go. Else she would’ve told me everything. While I was walking through the park, there were boards of Bruno Mars everywhere. Then I remembered that I would go to his show with Chrissie and Isabella tonight. “Damn.” I said. “It totally slipped my mind!” Everybody looked at me. I felt my cheeks turning red. I needed to calm down and just think for a second. ‘Should I go to his show? If I go what should I wear?’ And all of that kind of questions went around in my head. After 10 minutes I walked home. Tina walking next to me with a stick in her mouth. I was almost home. “Auw!!”  I turned around and saw that the stick had scratched somebody’s leg.

“Oh my God, are you alright?” I asked. “I’m so sorry.  Bad girl, Tina!” I gave her a little tick on the nose. “I should’ve taken the stick from her.” I looked at the wound. It was a small bleeding wound. “It’s okay.” The guy said. “It isn’t your fault.”  “No, I’m so sorry, really.”  He gently toughed my arm and said that it really wasn’t my fault. I looked at his face. “Hey, you’re Bruno Mars.” I said a bit surprised. I quickly covered my mouth. “Oh my God, I’m sorry that just came out!” “Relax it’s alright, you’re not the first one to say that.” He gave me a smile and petted Tina. I smiled back. “I really should go now. My friends are waiting for me.” “Yeah, by the way are you coming to the show tonight?” “Yes, with 2 friends, our personal birthday gift to each other.” I smiled. “Hope to see you there, maybe chat a bit more after the show… Is that cool with you?” “I’ll need to ask my friends, I don’t know if they got anything planned.” “Alright then… I’ll see you at the show?” “Probably, I guess.” “See you at the show then… Bye!” “Bye!”  ‘Oh my God, I just talked to Bruno Mars.’ I thought. ‘What will Chrissie and Isabella say… Aaahhh!! My thoughts are taking control again!’


Chapter 2


Finally, I got back home. I opened the door. Isabella and Chrissie were watching at me like I did something wrong. “What’s up?” I asked. “Where were you? We were so worried about you!” “Sorry, it’s just that something unexpected happened.” “What happened then?” Isabella asked. “Nothing… Really.” “And why do you still have that dog? I thought we agreed on doing it away?” “WHAT?!?! When?” “The day before yesterday, remember? Oh no wait you don’t remember… You were too DRUNK!” “I’m sorry…. Again...”

I had those problems more often after the break up with Jamie.  “Alright, I’ll ignore it for this time.” “Okay, thanks, but can we keep her, please??” “I don’t know, what do you think, Chrissie?” “Nah….”

She stopped listening a long time ago. I look at her with begging eyes. Being the youngest, well 20 isn’t that young, but it can come out handy. They all feel sorry for you.  “Alright, you can keep her, but just for this time…”  I heard in her voice that she rather had Tina away.  “But Camilla, why were you gone for so long?” Chrissie finally spoke. “I want to keep it a surprise, but knowing me I can’t keep it a surprise, so….” “Tell us! Now you got us all pumped up!” “Alright, this sweet doggy…”

Chrissie interrupted me.  “Yeah, yeah, we know her now, just tell us!”

“I was busy… She is the one who caused all of it! You guys should thank her!”

“Thank her for what?” “Let me tell the story then! Could I continue?”

“Yes you could, now tell us!” “Alright then, so I was walking with Tina. She was walking with a stick in her mouth as usual. Then all of the sudden I heard an “Auw” so I looked around.” “And then.. Tell us, tell us!”

“Alright, the first thing I saw was a scratch on a leg. I said that I was so sorry for what she did.” “Continue, continue… You got us hooked!”

“So I looked up at the guy, yes it was a guy, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

“Who was it, who was it? Come on tell us! We’re getting impatient!”

“Alright, relax.. So I looked up and the guy whose leg was scratched by Tina was… BRUNO MARS!!” “What?!?! You’re serious?” “Hell yeah!” “And what happened then?” “Well, we talked a bit and... we can meet him after the show, if we want!!” “Aaahhh!!!” They both screamed. “No way, you’re so lucky! You talked to him!” “I’m sooo gonna look what I’ll wear!” Chrissie said.

‘She has always been worried ‘bout her looks.’  “You know what, I’m gonna choose right now! I need to look at my best!” She ran up the stairs. “Wait for me!” Isabella yelled. The only thing I did was sigh. But I didn’t want to stay behind so I followed them upstairs. I grabbed my denim shorts and a shirt with the line, ‘Maybe I’m just a cute fool’, on it. The concert started in 3 hours and we were already done. ‘A bit early…’ I thought.

We decided to watch some TV. Just as I put the TV on, there was a knock on the door. We all wondered who it could be. I walked towards the door to open it.


Chapter 3


I opened the door. I was surprised to see Bruno at the door. “What are you doing here?” I asked surprised. “Who is it?” Isabella and Chrissie asked at the exact same moment. “Don’t we say ‘hi’ these days?” he said joking.

“Hahaha… ‘hi’ now what are you doing here?” I said, while still being surprised. “Hey, we asked who’s there?” “Just a friend!” Bruno said to them without showing himself. “Yeah, and who is ‘just a friend’?”

“None of your business!” he said a bit loud.

“But back to the question, what are you doing here?”

“We, well I, wanted to pick you guys up. I thought it would be fun… You know, hang a bit, chat a bit… The usual stuff. Does it seem like a good plan to ya?”

His eyes begged like a little boy, who can say no to that?! “Okay, it’s fine with me. By the way… Who is ‘we’?” “Ooh… Sorry, should’ve told ya. I was talking about my friends and partners.”  “Okay, I’ll ask Chrissie and Isabella.” I leaned a bit back. “Hey guys, you fine with going now?” “What?! Why now?” Isabella asked. Bruno showed his face.

“Because we, I mean I, came to pick you guys up.!” he said.

They both screamed so freaking hard that I thought the neighbors would come and complain.  “So are you fine with it?” he asked. “If we’re fine with it… We love it!!” “Okay then… Are yall ready to go?” “Of course we are!” they both said. “And you, doggy girl?” “Doggy girl? Why are you calling me doggy girl?” “Cause I don’t know your name and when we met you were walking with a dog.” “Alright, I could get in to that… Okay, I’m in.” “Let’s go then!” Bruno said. While we walked to the tour bus, Bruno asked:

“But tell me then, doggy girl, what’s your name?” “My name is Camilla, Camilla Rodriquez.” “Camilla Rodriquez, hmm, sounds exotic. You also look like you’re not from here. Are you?” “First this, why do you need to know so much ‘bout me, huh?” “Well… ‘Cause I’m just being curious!” We got at the bus. He let us go first, just like a real gentleman. When we were inside, there were a lot of introductions. “These are Camilla, Chrissie and Isabella.” Bruno said. “Hi.” The three of us said. “Hey, I’m Phil and these are Phred, Jamareo, Kenji and Eric. The rest is already at the show.” “Hi!” they all said at the same moment. They started to laugh about it. We started to drive towards the concert hall. Everybody was talking with each other. Bruno and I were the only ones who were quiet. “But Camilla,” he said all of the sudden, “I asked you a question. Am I gonna get an answer?” “I don’t know yet.” I said teasing. Everyone started to laugh because of Bruno’s face. “Why don’t you know yet?” “Cause I don’t know if I can trust ya.” “Good one!” Phil said. “Tell me, please…..” “Only if you answer this question...” “Ask me!” “Why do you want to know everything about me and nothing ‘bout them?” “Well…. It’s just that… uhmm…” “Aw, he likes you!” Jamareo said. Everyone laughed, except Bruno and I. His face turned red and I gave him a sweet, but innocent smile, knowing they’re just teasing him. “But could little ol’ me get an answer, please?” “Kay… My dad is from Brazil and my mom from the Philippines. But I was raised here.” “Wow, those places are very separated!” Phred said. “Nah… you’ll get used to it. It’s not that bad.” “You know.. I like girls from the Philippines…” Bruno said a bit flirty. “Oooohh…” Everyone said, making Bruno blush again. “But can I ask you a question now?” “Uhmm… Sure.” “How did you know where I live?” “Well.. Uhmm.. Don’t creep out but I let somebody follow you…” “What?! Why?” “Because you didn’t act like all the other girls that I meet. They scream and ask for pictures and stuff…. You don’t. Why actually?” “Well, my brothers are producers so I spoke with a lot of celebrities.” “Really, that’s cool!” Jamareo all of the sudden said.  It seemed like the trip lasted forever, but we finally arrived.