Chapter 1+2+3

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Chapter 1


“Amber get up!”yelled Katie


Amber look at her clock it was only 6:43am.”what?Its only 6:43am”Amber said to herself.

Amber got up and ran downstairs.


“what are we having for breakfast?”Amber asked


“toast” Katie said


“okay but where is the jam?” Amber asked


“you had it all yesterday so you’ll just have to have butter” Katie said


Katie put the toast on a plate then takes a piece off and  gives the rest to Amber.

After Katie gets the dog lead and gives it to Amber


“again ! Why can’t you take Missy out. I’ve took her out all week!”Missy tilts her head


“well wanted her” Katie  said.


“fine” Amber said.



10 minutes past so Missy and Amber started to walk back home from the park. Amber saw that Missy had a stick in her mouth. So Amber took the stick out and threw it across the grass. Missy ran to get it. Amber looked at her phone for any miss calls.


“ouch!” yelled a man


Amber look and looked at the man. She then realized that she threw the stick and it hit the mans head. So she ran over to him.


“I’m soo sorry...... do you want me to take a look at it?” Amber said


“no no its fine” the man said as he lifted up his head.


Amber look at him he looked familiar but she couldn’t think who it was.


“hey your......” Amber yelled


The man covered her mouth and said “yeah im Bruno Mars but please don’t shout it out paparazzi will find me!”


“oh sorry.... I’m amber by the way”





“well Amber that’s a really pretty name” Bruno smiled



“thanks” Amber smiled back


“are you coming to my concert?” Bruno asked


“yes why wouldn’t I?” Amber said 


Then Bruno's phone went "hello" Bruno said  "oh okay i'll be there right away"

"im sorry Amber but i have to go" Bruno said with a sad face


"oh... well i'll see you at the concert" Amber said


Bruno gave her a quick hug and ran off


"bro who was that?" Phil asked


Bruno jumoed into the car "thats Amber" he said


"oh she's hot!" Phil said with a smile


"hey! she's mine!" Bruno yelled


"ok ok" Phil said


"look who's inlove" Eric said laughing .Bruno went red



"I'm back" Amber shouted


"where were you?" Katie asked


"at the park" Amber said while running into her room


"Amber" Katie shouted


"I meet a guy ok?" Amber whispered


Katie sighed "get ready because we are leaving in an hour" 


"what why that quick?" Amber said


" it will be busy there"


There was a knock at the door. who could it be? Amber thought to herself."i'll get it" Amber shouted


She opened the door. she was in shock


Chapter 2


“Bru...Bruno” said Amber in total shock


“Hey I was just wondering if you would like a lift to the concert and then we can get to know each other?”


“Amb who is it?” Katie yelled


Oh no she thought


“is everything ok?” asked Bruno


Amber snapped in to reality “umm yep it is”


Katie walked up to the door to see who it is her jaw dropped as she saw it was Bruno Mars


“ummm... hi” Bruno said and Katie screamed


“sorry about her” Amber said looking down at the floor


“nah it’s ok i get it all of the time”


“wha...what are you doing here?” Katie asked


“Seeing if you want taking to the concert” Bruno looked at Amber and smiled


“well... if its ok with Katie then....” Amber said


“say yes!” Katie whispered


Amber looked at Katie


“it’s a yes then” Amber smiled back at Bruno


“great we better get going we don’t want to be late!” Bruno said in a rush


Amber and Katie grabbed their things and locked the door


Bruno opened to car door for the limo and let the girls go in first. As normal Katie goes in first then Amber then Bruno


“hey” everyone said


Bruno sat next to Amber. She started to turn red because he was so close


“so want to get to know each other?” Bruno looked into Ambers eyes


“sure.... what do you want to know?”


“well how old are you?”


“im 25” Amber said


“how long have you been a fan?” Phil asked


“umm about a month” Amber said


“cool” Phil said looking at Bruno


“wow the view is amazing” Amber said smiling


“it sure is” Bruno said looking at Amber


She turned around at saw he was looking at her “i meant outside” Amber laughed


“nah that’s nothing compared to you” Bruno looked into her eyes


 Amber looked into his. They got really close to each other


“we’re here” Phil shouted


Eric laughed




Amber and Katie watched then get ready. Then everyone arrived


“sound check 123” Phil said


They played lots of songs


“for this song i sure would do anything for this girl and she’s here in the audience!” Bruno said pointing at Amber


She smiled at him and blew a kiss. He pretended to catch at put it in his pocket


When the concert was over a bodyguard came over and told Amber and Katie someone wanted to see them


“Amber look its Bruno” Katie pointed to him


Amber looked and smiled she looked at Katie and said “you like him don’t you?”


“no” she turned red


“okay then you love him don’t you” Amber smiled


“hey your the one who was about to kiss him in the car! so you love him”


“yea well he’s hot and sexy who wouldn’t love him?”


Amber heard a laugh for behind her so she turned around


“oops” Bruno said


“did you urmmmm....hear any of that?” Amber asked


“well... do you want me to lie?”


Amber shaked her head


“yes i did” Bruno smiled and moved her hair away from her face



Chapter 3


“so... whats going on here?” Eric asks


“nothing” Amber said


Bruno laughed and looked at Eric


“she was saying that she loved me” Bruno whispers


“ahhhh which one?”


“this one” Amber points behind her


“hey!” Katie put Ambers hand down


“bro have you asked them yet?” Phil came up behind Bruno


“asked up what?” Katie said


“oh.... I’ll take that as a no then”


“do you wanna come out for dinner with us?” Bruno asked


Amber looked at Katie “sure”


Bruno screamed out “yes”


Amber laughed with Phil


“when are we going?” Eric said


“in about 15 minutes” Phil said



“guy oh and gals are we ready to go?” said a bodyguard


“yep” Phil said


Bruno picked up his guitar “lets go”


“oh and you might want to wear these” Bruno said as he passed Amber and Katie a pair of sunglasses


“what why?” Amber said


“you’ll see”


They all got out of the building and paparazzi were everywhere. The cameras were flashing


“oh i see why” Amber quickly put on the shades


“ahhh I can’t see” Katie yelled


“put the shades on then!” Phil said


They all got into the limo


“it’s cold in here” Amber said


Bruno took off his and put it over her



They arrived at the hotel


“gosh how many people are there?” Amber said


“loads” Bruno said looking around


Katie stood next to Phil “ummmm is everything okay?” Phil said


“yeah everything’s fine”


They all sat at a table inside and looked at the menu


“see anything?” Bruno asked


“a lot of words” Amber smiled


Phil laughed


The waitress came over “have you decided what you want to order yet?”


They all ordered food. Amber looked around and she saw someone “oh no” she said


“is everything alright?” Bruno asked


“well.... yea everything’s fine”


The waitress came over and gave her a note. She opened it and her jaw dropped


“what is it?” Eric asked


She shook her head


“Amb you can tell me right” Katie said


Amber got up and went into the bathroom. Then Katie followed


“what is it?” Katie said


“its of Edward he wants to get back with me” tears came to her eyes


“Edward isn’t he your ex boyfriend?”




“how did he give it you?” Katie got a tissue for her


“the waitress came. Edward was sitting on the table behind you”


Amber wrote on the back of the note it said “just leave me alone i don’t want anything to do with you again!”


Katie and Amber walked back to the table Amber passed the note quickly to Edward and she want to the seat


“are you okay?” Bruno asked


“yeah im fine” Amber smiled


Bruno put his arm around her and gave her a hug


“thanks” Amber whispered



They all finished. Amber saw Edward looking at her so she mouthed to him “leave me alone!”


Edward mouthed beach to her “i love you”


Amber got upset “i need to get some fresh air im sorry” she said


Bruno looked at her as she walked out to the poolside


“you were totally checking her out” Phil laughed


Bruno looked at him then followed Amber