Chapter 1+2

18/02/2012 16:29

Count On Me Prelude

Dad he’s a nice guy you’ll like him. And like the protective father he is he said “Sadie I don’t know about this one he’s different. I replied and said “I know that’s why I like him. Stop worrying dad I’ll be fine.” Then finally the door bell rings and I instantly got butterflies. Then dad says quietly “I’ll get it.” I was so happy but nervous. I couldn’t believe I was about to go out with the guy of my dreams! I’ve liked him for about three years now and we’ve been good friends for so long and we finally get to try being something more!!! I only wish my mom could be here to see me..

Then I heard my dad yell for me to come down and I realized that this is the moment that I’ve been waiting for…


Chapter 1

As I was walking down the stairs I saw his eyes widen as he started to smile. I tried to hide my nervousness and got the guts to say “Hey Bruno” “Hey Sadie..You look..great” I blushed and said thanks My dad stepped in and said “Have her home on time and never leave her side” He replied and said “Yes Sir.” Then my twelve year old brother Travis runs in and says “Yeah! If you hurt her I’ll be forced to you!” Then I gave him the ‘stop’ look and turned to Bruno and said we should get going. He nodded and I said bye to my father and brother and we headed out. Bruno was eighteen and I was seventeen so he was able to drive us

He took me to a movie in town. We both dressed casually. I wore skinny jeans and my favorite Beatles shirt. He wore his black jeans and his Thriller shirt with his fedora. While we were in the car “Hey Jude” came on and without noticing we were both singing along ‘Hey Jude dont make it bad take a sad song and make it better remember to let her into your heart then you can start to make it better’ As the song went on he stopped singing and said “from all these years of knowing you I didnt know you liked the older stuff.” I said “Well of course we wouldn’t have the music we have today if we didnt have the older stuff” “Sadie well I guess there are some things that I dont know about you but I’ll find out sooner or later” This time I couldnt hide my smile. Neither did he. When we got to the movie theater I reached to open the door and he said “Wait! I got it!” And he got the door for me and it felt twelve times better than it did in my dreams!! When we got inside he told the cashier two tickets for the green lantern and he payed for them! ( I know most people are used to this but it was my first date and it was all new for me!) The truth is I really didnt want to see the movie..I just wanted to spend time with him. When the movie was over he asked me how I liked and I paused for a couple seconds and we both laughed and I asked him how he knew and he said “I can just tell these types of things” and I did a girlie laugh without noticing it

On our way home we laughed about how we were the only older people there. When we got to my house he opened the door for me again but this time me grabbed my hand! When we were at the door I told him that I had a great time and we should do it again. He leaned in and kissed me!!! That was my first kiss!! He said I’ll see you later Sadie” with a smile on his face. I walked inside with a huge smile on my face and my dad said “He got you home on time. He might be a good guy after all..” “I told you so!” I said in my little girly voice. After that night I felt like I was on top of the world…


Chapter 2

On Monday the day I usually hate I was really excited this time! When I got to school my best friend Melany ran up to me and said “How was the day how was it did you hold hands? Did he kiss you? I’ve been dying to know!!!!” “Whoa there dude slow ya rool…I don’t kiss and tell! We both busted out laughing  I told her everything from the date to the car ride to the kiss.

“You must really like this guy! You cant stop smiling. Hmmm I wonder…Bruno Bruno Bruno” my smile grew bigger and bigger each time she would say his name.

“Stop!” we were both laughing now “Mel I cant stop thinking about him..I mean I think about him even more than I used to..Here he comes!

“Hey Mel…Hey Sadie!”

“I’ll leave you too alone..I’ll talk to you later Sadie…Bye Bruno.”

“So! I’m glad you had a great time Saturday.” He started

“Yeah it was awesome!”

“Well I guess we’re sort of dating now…I have something for you..”

I’ve been waiting for him to say that for so long now..I couldbt wait to see what he had for me..but then she had to come by us..Raven. Man I hate her! She always tries to bring me down! We used to be friends but then when we got to high school she changed and started acting really mean..she said she was too cool now to spend time on the past..GOD I HATE HER…

“Hey Bruno!” She said really perky and cheerleader like. “I heard that you are gonna be preforming at the dance Friday”

He was looking down the whole time..and that really made me happy(:

“Yep I am…Just a few numbers and that’s it..”

“Are you going wi—

“Well I guess I have to give you what I have for you later…I’ll walk you to class”

“I would love that…”

“Let’s go babe” ( :

After class ended there he was waiting to take me to lunch. XD

“Thank you for what you did before” I said

“Yeah no problem I won’t let anyone come between us…Oh yeah! I have something for you!”

“What is it?” Then he pulls a little box with a purple ribbon tied around it and I really wanna know what’s inside it!

“As your boyfriend I promise to not hurt you,not to lie, to defend you no matter what..Will you wear this promise ring?”

“YES!” It was a grey ring with the words ‘I promise’ on it AND I LOVED IT! This day could not get any better! Now all I really want him to do is ask me to the dance..

When we got into the lunch room Melany and Dylan (Bruno’s Friend) were waiting for us.

“Hey guys!” Dylan said



Melany and I went to get out lunch while the guys were in an in depth conversation about finding out who she is and what she said.

“So how’d it go with Bruno after I left?”

“Ugh! Raven showed up”

“Seriously! What did she want with you?”

“She wasn’t so caught up with me she was talking to Bruno the whole time..”

“I’m sorry girl..How did he react”

“He looked down the whole time!!”

“He really likes you..did he ask you to the dance yet?”

“No…but he will soon..look at what he got me!”

“Ohmigod! THis is so guys are really gonna go far”

“Yeah I think so too..” When we got back Dylan and Bruno were still talking but when me and Mel  sat down Bruno said

“Hey I forgot to ask you..Do you wanna go to the dance with me on Friday even though I’m preforming I would still have some time for a few dances”

“Yeah I’d love too.” And that by far might have been the best day ever…well after the date of course!


When I woke up I knew that this would be an awesome day..

Being able to be with my awesome boyfriend during the school day

Getting my hair and nails done with Mel

Then finally going to “A Night to Remember” to  dance the night away with the people I care about!!

After I came downstairs My dad starts with me again

“Now this Bruno boy is he being nice to you? Does he still talk to you? What kind of name is Bruno anyway? Do I have to have a ta—”

“DAD! Why can’t you be like Travis he’s ok with Bruno why can’t you?”

“Because I’m your father and I have to protect you”

“Thanks dad but your protection isn’t needed now”

“Ugh..Fine have a good day at school”

“Bye dad”

When I got to school I saw Mel talking to Dylan and she was ascting really shy..and that only happens when she likes someone..

“Hey guess who I’m going to the dance with??”


“Yeah how’d you know…were you stalking me?”

“…Yes” We both laughed

“I really like him…so are we still on for after school?”

“Of course I wouldn’t miss it for anything”

“Have you seen Bruno anywhere?”

“No he’s usually here by now” but then I felt strong arms coming around my waist

“You miss me”

“Hell yeah”

“Let’s go to class so we dont run into that bitch”

that made me giggle..

I was suprised I could actually focus during class. Usually when I like a guy I can’t but I still think about Bruno yet I can still manage to get good grades.

After class I had three classes before lunch one was with Mel the other was with Dylan and the last one all of us were in the same class so I was sort of ok with leaving Bruno.

During the class with all of us in it was Study Hall. And we usually mess around the whole time..except today because Raven was staring me down so I decided to flirt with Bruno the whole time and after about 15 minutes she looked away XD

After that happened the day flew by! When Mel and I went to get our hair and makeup done we just had small talk because I could hear the nervousness in both of our voices…I SIMPLY NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DANCE!! IT WAS FINALLY TIME FOR IT!!!


I rode with Bruno to the dance he was wearing what he was wearing here

I was wearing a cute little gray pink dress. Bruno’s performances were amazing. He did Dirty Diana and even though I dont really like the song he sang Baby

After he did his final song he ran off stage and came to dance with me..there were A LOT of slow songs so we got to dance close to each other and he got to sneak a few kisses in XD When the faster songs came on he hung out with his other guy friends and I was with Mel..We were having a great song when I turned my head and I saw her with him…GOD I WANNA KILL HER!!!!!