Chapter 1+2

01/06/2011 21:50

Chapter 1


Almost Prom.


Tamilla looked at Bruno, her eyes lit up, "Of course, I will, I'd love to go to the dance with you." she smiled brightly and looked up at his dark brown, glossy beautiful eyes, she inhaled his cologne, it smelled so good.

Bruno smiled, "Great, I'll see you then, Tamilla." he kissed her cheek. Tamilla's cheeks turned red, and she bit her bottom lip, and smiled brightly, she walked back home, and layed on her bed. Tamilla walked downstairs and talked with her mom, about Prom, and the dress, and her hair.

Tamilla was in her bedroom, drawing, and singing, Whenever she was happy, she'd sing, and  draw how she was feeling, she drew the words perfectly on the paper. Her mother walked in with a beautiful white dress, it was a little above her knees, and it was strapless, it had pink mixed with it, it sparkled in the light, and white high heels to go along with it, she smiled big, "Mom, It's Beautiful, thank you." she hugged her mother tightly, "It's beautiful." she said softly.



Prom Night


Tamilla put the beautiful strapless dress on, it complimented her curves, she then slid her feet into the high heels, and smiled big, then did her make up, and then her hair, she had it straightened at the top, and going down, it curled. She smiled big. Her beautiful blue eyes, looked into the mirror, she bit her lip, and looked at her mother, "How do I look?" she walked towards her mom. Her mom smiled, "You look beautiful, Sweetie." her mom kissed her cheek, Tamilla smiled, "Thanks, Mom." she kissed her cheek back, tamilla had braces, which she hated, so she never smiled with her teeth, she heard a knock and Tamilla walked up to it. It was Bruno Tamilla smiled, "Hey, Bruno." Bruno was amazed, "Hi, you look-- Beautiful." Tamilla blushed, "Thank you, Bruno." she giggled. Bruno and Tamilla waved goodbye.

Bruno helped her in, and then got in and they drove to the party. Everyone was dancing and talking. Nobody was wearing their shoes, so Tamilla took hers off as well, Everybody stared at Tamilla like she was weird or like they didn't know her. She looked down and Bruno took her hand, "Come on, let’s dance." Tamilla nodded and they began to dance, after that they walked around the beach, "You're a really good friend, Bruno." Bruno smiled, "You too."



5 years later. LA


Tamilla was pissed, "FUCK YOU!" she said and ran outside, her eyes watered, and she sat out there, Eric came out and sat next to her, "Tamilla, what's wrong?" Tamilla looked down, "It's Bruno! Ever since he became 'Bruno Mars' he has forgotten all about me! I swear, I just feel like moving back to Hawaii, and never look back." Eric sighed, "I'm sorry, Tamilla." Tamilla just looked down, "Eric?" Eric nodded, "Yeah?" Tamilla bit her lip, "I wanna go back to Hawaii..." Eric looked at her. "Tamilla, You can't leave Bruno, he'd be broken!" Tamilla got up, "Then he'll know how I feel!" She ran to her car and began to drive to the airport, "Bruno! BRUNO!" Eric ran inside, "She's leaving!" Bruno dropped his cup, "What? Who? Why? Where?" Eric, looked worried, "Tamilla, 'cause you won't pay attention to her, and she said Hawaii." Bruno looked at him, "No, No way." Eric nodded.



Chapter 2


Bruno jumped up. "I gotta, I gotta get her!" Eric nodded, "Alright, let’s go."

They all got into the car and Bruno drove to the airport. When they got there they all went looking for her. No sign of her. Bruno turned seeing a plane go flying off into the sky and he broke down. He fell to his knees and wanted to cry, but he didn't. "Tamilla, I can't believe she's gone." Phillip looked at him, "I'm sorry, Bro." Eric looked at him, "Just go to Hawaii."

Bruno nodded, "Wait, I, I am busy..." Eric sighed. "Well wait until next week, you get a month off." Bruno nodded. "Alright.. Now I'll just try calling her." They all nodded and left.




Tamilla looked at her phone and sighed, "I'm getting a new number, Lisa." She looked outside the window. Brooklyn, it's so beautiful. Tamilla wasn't even 21 and she ran off to Brooklyn. Tamilla looked at Lisa her best friend. "Lisa? I need a new style, and a new number. Can we go do this tomorrow?" Lisa smiled at her best friend, almost like a sister, but neither had a sister, "Yeah, of course we can. I have the money. Let’s dye your hair black, get you in shape and get you.. a new phone." Tamilla smiled big, and hugged Lisa. "God, I love you, you're the best, Lisa!" Lisa giggled, "I know, now come on. Let’s head to bed, You have the guest room, it's a couple rooms down from mine." Tamilla nodded and walked upstairs and set her suitcases down. She fell onto the bed and sighed, looking at her phone. Her wall paper was her and Bruno, and the guys. Some of her other pictures were her and Eric, her and Phillip, her and Kenji, her and Phred, her and everyone. She looked down and almost cried. She lied and said she went back to Hawaii. 'How selfish am I? I got mad just 'cause he didn't pay attention to me? I'm a idiot.' I thought. 'No I am not! Bruno made me do this!' and that's what she settled with. Lisa had kids, both babies, a girl and a boy. Tamilla always took care of them as Lisa went to work.




Bruno took a plane to Hawaii and knocked on her old home. It was Tamilla's Mom. "Hey, Bruno." Bruno smiled. "Where's Tamilla?" Tamilla's Mother raised her eye brow. "I don't know what you're talking about Bruno. She left ages ago, with you..." Bruno got confused, "She left me 'cause I didn't give her enough attention, and she said she was going back to Hawaii, or she told Eric that." Tamilla's mom got worried, "Bruno! You lost my daught--" she stopped and thought, "Tamilla, she has a sister. I mean, it isn't really her sister but she always called her a sister, Lisa, she lives in Brooklyn." Bruno nodded. "I'll get her." Tamilla's mom waved goodbye and Bruno and the guys left to Brooklyn.




Tamilla, Lisa, and the babies were at the mall. First they got their hair dyed together and then they bought a bunch of clothes, Tamilla's new style wasn't her at all. She had red Nike high tops, that she wore with about everything. She had black skinnys and a black shirt, gold braceletes and a necklace, that was a heart, it said, 'Lisa & Tamilla'. She smirked, and Lisa wore the same one. They left with the babies and the babies got new stuff as well. Tamilla got a new phone it was full keyboard and it was black. She sent the old pictures on her phone to the new one and through the old one away. Tamilla and Lisa went home and slept for a bit. Then Tamilla woke up and got dressed with her red Nike high tops and black skinnys with a white shirt, a red little coat, she curled her hair, and took a walk around Brooklyn. She bumped into a boy. It was Bruno. He looekd at Tamilla "I am so sorry, Ma'am." Tamilla shook her head, "It's fine, sir." She began to walk away, but Bruno grabbed her. She got scared that he might know it was her. He shook his head. "Can I buy you coffee? For the whole bump into you stuff." he smiled. Tamilla got lost in his beautiful dark brown eyes. "Um, Uh, yes." Bruno nodded. "Great, follow me, Ma'am."  Tamilla followed and walked in with him. He got her coffee and they joked. She knew who he was, but he didn't know who she was. Her hair and her outfit changed her, so he had no clue it was her. Tamilla saw it was dark and it was 7 she promised to watch the babies at 8. "I'm sorry. I gotta go sir. Thank you for the coffee, though!" She ran off, before Bruno could catch her or ask her what her name was. She was gone. He sighed and got up and met the guys. "This girl with black hair, red Nike high tops and beautiful blue eyes. I gotta have her! We're staying here." The boys laughed. "What? We can't stay too long and you know that." He nodded. "I know, we're going to find her!"




Tamilla walked in almost 8, babies were asleep. Lisa was getting ready, she had a date. "Thank god you're here." Tamilla laughed, "Of course I am! You can count on me like 1 2 3." She remember Bruno and bit her lip. "Alright, I'll stay here then. Lisa, have fun." Lisa nodded. "Bye Tamilla! Be back soon." Tamilla nodded and sat down. She turned the tv on and watched it until one of the babies came walking to her. It was Austin, the boy, of course. Tamilla smiled and picked him up. "Hey, sweetie." Austin smiled. "Hey, Tamilla." Tamilla giggled. "How'd ya sleep, buddiee?" He thought. "I slept okay." Tamilla nodded. "Wanna watch tv, with me?" He nodded so she laid back and then Alana woke up and watched tv with us, after a while they all fell asleep.




Bruno walked down the street asking everyone if they knew her. Then stopped by the coffee shop, where they were. "Hey do you guys know a girl black hair, curly, red Nike high tops?" It was another friend of Tamilla's. "Who, Tamilla?" Bruno smiled big. "Yes! Yes!" He thought of Tamilla and wondered why he never said it was her. Her friend Camilla looked at him. "Okay, she lives with Lisa, the apartment is; Blue Crystal, the number is B28, alright?" Bruno nodded and ran to the apartment, to B28. Tamilla woke up and answered it. "How'd you know I live here, Sir?" She acted like she didn't know him again. Bruno saw the kids and looked at her. "Are they yours?" Tamilla nodded, acting stupid. "Yeah, why?" Bruno laughed. "Are not, Tamilla why are you acting like you don't know me?" Tamilla sighed, "Sit down, and they're Lisa's. Look, you weren't giving me attention and I told Eric I wanna move and never look back at you..." Bruno sighed, "Tamilla, I'm sorry, please." He hugged her tightly. Tamilla sighed. "I know Bruno... I just want you to spend SOME time with me, you know?" She sighed. Bruno nodded. "I swear I will, I promise please, come back to L.A. with me?" Tamilla bit her lip. "Alright, I will..." She smiled and kissed his cheek. Bruno nodded and took her hand. Tamilla looked at him. "But I have kids to watch for now." Bruno nodded. "I'll watch them with you." Tamilla nodded and they sat down together smiling.