Chapter 1+2

15/06/2011 20:20

Chapter 1: About Myself and my family

Hey, my name is Alexandra Tegan Armstrong, but my family and friends call me Rebel as nicknamed by my dad and uncles to being a naughty toddler. I am 21 years old. I live in Oakland California with my mum Adrienne, dad and 2 brothers Joseph Marciano and Jakob Danger (dad’s crazy idea). My mum is technically my step mum because my biological mother abandoned me to my dad when I was born.

This may come to a shock to some of you but my dad is Billie Joe Armstrong, yes the front man of Green Day. My uncles Mike and Tre’ along with Britt, Stella and Brixton (uncle mike’s wife and kids), Ramona and Frankito (uncle Tre’s kids).

I have auburn hair and my dad’s green eyes but I dyed my hair blond to be different. I’m 5 foot 3 and I drive a black Range Rover 2009 model and a black and red 1965 mustang that I got for my 18th birthday from mum and dad.


Chapter 2…Work!!

My alarm clock rang at 7 am. I got out of bed and took a shower. Got dressed in my skinny jeans and the Ramones band shirt, wore my black converse grabbed my bag and went downstairs.

“Morning mum and dad.” I said.

“Morning Rebel, coffee?” Mum asked.

“Yes please.” I said.

“So what you up to today, the studio or the shop?” Dad asked.

You see I own a shop called Radical Rebel which was my clothes shop and also worked as a un-signed producer/lyricist. At the moment I am working on my brother’s album and the Foxboro Hot Tubs album for my dad. I also tour with my dad if Jason can’t. I am musically talented but I love the guitar most. I can play piano, drums, bass and violin and of course the guitar. I have around 70 guitars which you can find in my studio which is found in my room following a door which looks like another walk in wardrobe.

But my shop will always be my pride and joy.

“Shop. But I got to go. Call me if you need me. Love you both.” I said kissing them both on the cheek.

“I might pop in later, I need a dress for the VMA’s.” Mum said.

“Cool. See you maybe later then.” I said. I walked out of the house and walked to the ‘stang. Started it up and drove to work. I parked the car and headed to Starbucks and ordered two vanilla lattes, then walked to the shop to find it a bit busier than usual especially at 8 am.

“Special delivery to Lucy Warsaw, Love from Starbuck’s.” I said in a London accent.

“What’s up homie.” She said in her Bronx accent.

“How’s it going?” I said getting behind the counter.

“It’s been good so far. Mostly male for a change.” She said.

Lucy is an African-American woman, 20 years old from New York. Once upon a time she was Green Day’s merch girl but I stole her for my shop because of her bubbly personality.

“What music should I put on?” she asked me.

I just shrugged. When I heard know your enemy begin to play I looked at her.

“Seriously Lu Lu.” I asked.

“Need my Green Day fix since you deprived me off it”. She said.

“You’re the one who wanted to come when I asked.” I said.

“True. You want another Frappe?” She asked.

“Sure but this time actually bring the damn Frappe. I know it was a boy so next times don’t lie.” I said. Last time she “forgot” to get the Frappe (she was chatting up a guy).

Holiday began playing and I began singing/mumbling the lyrics.

“Excuse me miss, do you mind helping me out please.” A tall chubby African-American asked me.

“Sure, what can I help you with.” I asked.

“Well it’s not actually for me Per Se’ but for my friend as he can’t come to a conclusion on whether he should buy the outfit or not.” He said.

“Sure. So not a fan of shopping I gather.” I said.

“How did you know?” He asked.

“My uncle Mike has a mini episode when my dad and I stop to shop.” I said.

“So what’s your name little lady?” He asked.

“My name’s Alex but you can call me Lex or Rebel. And don’t call me little.” I said.

“How old are you?” He asked.

“21. So you haven’t told me your name yet.” I said.

“My name’s Philip Lawrence but you can call me Phil.” He said.

“Phil, come on man I need your help.” The other guy yelled.

“I’m coming, don’t get you pants in a twist, and I found help.” Phil said.

I saw what he had on. He had a white shirt and black dress pants on.

On the rack I saw a blue shirt and a hat.  Grabbed them and handed them over.

“Try them on.” I said.

“Oh you’re good.” Phil said hi-fiving me.

“Rebel, Your dad and Frappe are here.” I heard Lucy yell.

“I’m coming.” I said back.

“Your Frappe will melt.” She answered.

Holy Jesus of Suburbia, I said I’m coming.” I said.

“Sorry about that. Got to go.” I said.

“Cya.” Phil said.

“Yo pops what’s up?” I said.

“I need socks cause Tre’ stole them.” He said walking away.

“That or they were torn and mum threw them out.” I said to Lucy.

She laughed and went to serve a customer.

“Hey shopping spree done?” I said to Phil and the guy he was with.

“Finally.” Phil sighed in relief.

“So what is actually your name”? I asked the guy.

“Peter but you can call me Bruno.” He said.

I saw my dad giving me funny looks from behind.

“So it was nice meeting you Rebel.” Bruno said paying me for the clothes.

“You guys too. Have a nice day.” I said.

“So who do you want a date with?” My dad said.

I just shook my head.