Chapter 1+2

25/07/2011 17:22

Chapter 1

I stood at the bus stop waiting for the late bus. I was in a rush to get home, because at 8:00 pm on a Friday night the last place you want to be is alone on the streets while these self-proclaimed 'gangstas' walked the roads looking for a fresh piece of meat that they can have their way with. 

I wasn't scared though, because I can defend myself quite well. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a couple of Kids around the age of 17 or so walking closer to me. I was ready for whatever the outcome of tonight would have been. I wanted to ignore them and keep an eye out for the bus, but then I heard them talk.

"Hey... look over there... Damn I'd tap that"

I rolled my eyes and let out a deep breath. I knew they were talking about me because it had no one else on the street. I sighed with a breath of relief when the bus pulled up in front of me and the hissing sound of the doors opening filled the air. I went in and took a seat. A few eyes were on me at first, but then they went back about minding their own business.  The only seat left was next to a man. His Fedora hat rested on his face while his head was bent backwards. I guess he was sleeping, so I just made my self small, in no attempt to wake him.


The ride was pretty quiet, except for the music playing on the radio of the vehicle. The song was nice,I've heard it before, 

"I'd jump on front of a train for ya

You know i'd do anything for ya "

I didn't know who it was from though.... all I know is that, my friends kept playing it every now and then. But whatever. The Bus came to a stop when most people started filing out. I looked across to the sleeping man next to me.

"I wonder if this is his stop" I thought to myself. Softly, I poked him and I watched he shook awake and took off his has.

"Huh?" He turned to me with quizical hazel-brown eyes,. I couldn't help but just stare at them.

"I'm sorry to wake you, but I was just wondering if this was your stop." I asked him softly.

He looked around." Uhh.. nope. Thank you though. That's really niece of you." He smiled a georgous smile at me, showing off his perfect perly white teeth.

I smiled back at him, "No problem"

"So you do this often?" He tried making small talk. What the heck, I was bored anyway.


"Come up to strangers wondering if they missed their stop?"

"Actually, I was just being nice... and saving you the inconvience of being later than you already are to wherever you're going to." 

"Ah... what makes you think I'm late?"

I giggled and made an open gesture "Late Bus"

"Oh right" He laughed " But I'm not late. I've gotta be there by 9:00. So I'm pretty early."

I didn't wanna question his personal life, so I didn't ask where he was going. " Ah, Puncutal, I like that."

He smirked at me. " I'm Peter by the way"

I stuck my hand out in gesture for a handshake "Kayla"

"Nice to meet you Kayla, pretty name by the way."

"Thank you... I'd love to stay and talk Peter, but this is my stop." I said as I hit the button having the bus pull over.

"I hope I can see you again" He called out to me while I walked out. Before I could respond, the doors closed and the bus took off. I absent-mindedly waved good bye and headed home.


When I got home, I couldn't help but think about this Peter guy. He really was cute, perfect smile ,perfect eyes,  sexy olive toned skin. Beautiful. I set my bag on the couch and headed to the kitchen.

"Kayla you're amazing... Just the way you are" My friend and housemate Ashley sang while she came up and hugged me from behind.

"Well look at who's in a good mood tonight" I smiled as she went to the cupboard to get two glasses. I went to the fridge and took out the half full mug of O.J

"I know right... she's a freakin Bru-natic" Emily another house mate came into the kitchen with us.

"Hey Baby" She hugged me." Why'd you get here so late? You had us worried."

"Sorry... Steve held me back a couple extra hours... He says I had a lot of paperwork to do" I poured the juice in each glasss and put the mug back in the fridge.

"I thought you finished all those." Ashley stopped singing for a while and pulled out her earphones.

"I thought so too... but it turns out, Candice is so much on Steve's 'good side' that he gives me more than  half of her work to do while she goes frolicking around doing God knows what."

"That's not fair. You should quit"

"Yea, Emily's right... You're way to talented to be there anyway!"

"No guys, This job pays pretty good, and we're ok right now, but  I don't think me quiting is the best thing for us."

Emily sighed."But they still shouldn't treat you like that. There's gotta be something you can do."

I looked at her." A few extra hours a few times a week won't Kill me... I just hve to learn to deal with it. Let's not kill the mood huh. Where's Trini?"

"She's on her PSP again. She won't ever get off that thing." Ashley laughed and sipped her juice. 

"It's like she's socially retarded or something"

"I heard that you little troll!" The high-pitched voice of our final house mate Trini was heard from the bottom of the stairwell. 

She made her way towards us with her eyes glued on the small screen infront of her. Surprisingly, She paused the game, gave me a quick hug and went right back in. We all laughed at her utter childish antics.

Suddenly, Emily spoke up with a 'bright' idea.

"Hows about we go on vacation?"

"Why? and where"

"Well we've all been kinda stressed out lately, Ashley at the firm, Me, at the hospital, Trini just got laid off... and you Kayla, being screwed by your boss, and his mistress... I just thought we;d get away for  maybe about a week. "

"I'm in" Ashley said

"I've got nothin to d so whatever." Trini said still locked in her girl-gamer mode

"Well Kay?" Emily looked at me with her puppy dog eyes. I hate her for always persuading me to do things.

"Fine" I smiled as Em and Ash did the Happy dance.

"But where should we go?" Trini said surprising le putting down the game. I raised a black eye brow at her.

"Battery died" She said casually. I shook my head and chuckled

"I've got the perfect place." Ashley said with a sly look on her face.

"Ohh...Kay...." Emily streched."When should we leave though?"

"Hows about in one week... then we should have enough time to be prepared" Trin suggested.

"I agree... so we all set? in one week we go to Ashley's surprise place?"

"Yea... guess that's it. Oh and Ash, we all know how wierd you can be, so please no disgusting places" Emily said then Ashley playfully smacked her on the arm. 

"I'm gonna hit the sack guys. I'll see you in the morning" Emily said as she got up.

"Yea Imma go to bed too.  Thank Goodness tomorrow's Saturday! Night guys."

"Night" They said simultaneously

"Ginx" They said again and laughed.

I shook my head and the 23 year old children in the kitchen and headded off to bed.

Chapter 2

Ashley's P.O.V:

We were half way to L.A I just couldn't wait to see Bruno Freakin' Mars in concert. He's so awesome. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the devil, seeing as how sexy he is.  Anyway, we've stopped at a gas station for fuel and stuff to munch on 'till we get there. I've got a high metabolism  so yea... that's gonna be alot.

Kayla and I were still picking out stuff, when I saw him... yes... HIM

Oh my GOD! I wanted to freak out. I wanted to run up to him and kiss him and ask for an autograph and rape him and-- TMI??

I decided to play the 'bump in' game. Where I'd meet him with out looking psychotic. I waited till Kayla was getting our 'Slushies' ( She didn't need to meet him! she doesn't even know the lyrics to his songs. Or his favourite colour... Or his underwear size... which is very big by the way... uhh.. so I've heard...)

It didn't take long before we 'bumped' into eachother. 

"Oh gosh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." I smiled at him. Does he really think he can disguise himself with just a hat and glasses? What does he think this is T.V?  People are much smarter than that in reality dude.

"Oh, it's ok... It's just as much my fault. I didn't see you either"

"Nah, it was all mine. I'm Ashley by the way."  OH MY GOD! this is so not happening! some body pinch me!!! NO! never mind.... 

"I'm--" He started.

"I know who you are... I've been a fan of yours since  'Nothin' on you' You're a really great singer." 

He laughed. " Thanks. So I guess I'll see you at the concert?"

I beemed. " Yupp... front row baby!"

His smile widened. " Ok then ... great. Oh are you with anyone?"

"Uhh, yea I am" I could see his smile falter a little. " My friends." It came back again" Emily, Trini and Kayla"

"Kayla?" His eyebrows raised a bit. 

"Uh, yea. Kayla. She's probably waiting for me right now." 

"Oh, well then . I'll see you at the concert." He pulled a ball-pointed pen out of his pocket and wrote something on my hand. " Hopefully, I'll see you backstage. Just show this to the guards." He smiled at me, and I smiled right back.

" Oh of course I will." 

" Okay. I'll see you. Nice meeting you Ashley." He turned walked away.

"Oh believe me baby, the pleasure was all mine." I shamelessly said under my breath and went to find Kayla. 

Just as I thought. She was standing in the line, looking around for me. I jogged up to her, and took a slushy from her.

"Where have you been?" She said to me.

" Just looking around."

"Oh,... found something you like?"

"Oh yea... very much."

"Did you get it?"

"Sort of..."

"Sort of?"

"Yea, sort of. I got it, but I didn't get it."


"...Nothing... let's just pay for these." We were  2 people away from the cash register when out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Bruno get in line with his best bud- Phil. I'd like to meet him too. He sounds cool.

"Could you guys move any slower?" Emily came up to us.

"Go stand in the corner" I said to her.

"Up yours Ash."

"God you two are embarassing." Kayla sighed.

"And you 'wuv' us." We both said in a baby voice and pinched her cheek.

She shook her head and sighed. " Whatever."

Emily and I laughed.

"Ok chickas, the S.U.V's filled up k... so hurry up."

"Didn't I tell you to go in the corner?" I smirked.

"And once again, Ash, I'm telling you... up...yours!" she said and left.

"Finally," I sighed as we approached the cashier

"Did you get Trini's Reese's pieces?" I asked.


"Good cause you know she'd have a hissy-fit"

"I know."

We paid for our stuff, and went to leave. Before I could walk out the doors, I just had to throw Bruno a wave. Not very surprising, he waved back with a smile gracing those lucious lips. Oh.MY.God.


Kayla's P.O.V

We drove out of the Diamond Hotel, dressed and ready to take on the night. Ashley kept rambling on about how great this night is gonna be. She's gonna get us back stage and all that. She really shouldn't get her hopes up... it's a bad thing. 


"We got in!" Emily screamed. We took our seets and waited for the concert to start. We were at the Gibson Amphitheater at the Universal City Walk  I think. The lights went down and then we couldn't hear ourselves think with all the female screams that filled the air.

When he came out, My eyes widened to the fullest extent. He looks just like that Peter guy from the bus... holy chizz. It WAS Peter from the bus. How could I be so freakin obvlious. He scanned the first few rows and the smile on his face grew when he they passed me.

Oh... Shit!


Bruno (Peter)'s P.O.V

The crowd was going crazy. Before I said anything,I took a look at the first row hoping to fine a familar face- I found two. 


What are the odds that they would have been sitting next to eachother. Kayla, the nice lady I met a few days ago... and Ashley, the energetic woman I met a few hours ago. It was really sureal. 

"You gonna keep staring into space, or are we gonna give these fans what they came to see." Phil said to me.

 I kept my cool and started the show. I wonder how this night would end.


Ok, lovers. Quick authour's note here. ( Yes I hate these too) I'm not American... I'm not Hawaiian.. I've never even been to Hawaii... and America, I've only been there about twice. Both times, I stayed inside my cousin's room playing his video games. ( I'm a girl by the way) Yes.. my life does suck. But I've had this wierd obsession for Bruno Mars lately. I can't help it. This is my first story, so please go easy on me.