Chapter 1+2

07/08/2011 22:35

 Chapter 1


Kiara or what I call myself as kay. She's 17 years old, she was a american-indonesian descent and she's studying graphic design, right now, she's in indonesia but never speak their language cs her first language was always english. She has 1 little bro, and 1 big bro. She loves her family. Kay's mom have a lot siblings, like 7 (its true tho), and that makes Kay got a loot of cousins and nephews. And her dad's got 2 siblings. but mostly, Kay played with her cousins from her mom's siblings. When she's 15, she got accepted to a college so she start her univ early at that age. Time pass by, she turned 17 and the school gives her a scholarship to study in America, Australia, Singapore, China or Korea and she have to make a decision about where she wanted to be..she decided to go to Singapore as her mom says, because her mom was afraid if her little baby daughter will be somewhere far away from her mom. So yeaa, singapore was the most closest ones..



-at the airport-

"Please mom don't cry. Singapore is waaaaay too near from here, I can go back here evry month like 2 days a month" Kay giggle. My mom cried even more, and so was my dad. I was their baby, they sometimes treat me like a real baby, which makes me feel annoyed by them. "Listen honey, I want you to take care of yourself, be mature in making decisions and of course in everything. I don't want you to get in trouble. Always contact us!" My dad says, mom nodded. "Oh and remember if you do have a bf, tell me! And mmm clean your bedroom! Got that kiddo?" Dad giggled, I laughed and nod "of course dad I will! Haha". "Kay kay kay, when you get bwack fwom singapo pweash buy me lots of lots of lots of candwy.." My brother, Reggie, pleading with tears and puppy eye; he's 3 btw. "mmhm baby, but remember, don't be naughty while I'm away okay?" He nodded and we hugged and I kissed his cheeks. Reggie is so cute, I feel like biting his cheeks, he's my best baby brother. "Take care sis" my brother, Chace, said. We hugged too. It was the final call, I had to leave, for the last goodbyes and hugs, I cried then I went in to board.


it took 1 hour and 30 mins to Singapore, I landed, I sleep all the way from Indo to Sing. I got off of the plane and I took my luggage and take taxi. I've rented the apartment and damn its big. I was scared at that time to live alone in a big apartment, but somehow, I'm happy, being alone in my OWN apartment without having preached by my mom when I got home late or turn the music out loud or whatever I do my teen things. I pack out my clothes from my 2 luggage and put it in my closet, I arranged it as organized as possible. Cs my closet in my Indo house is like, blaaaah I can't even mention that as my closet or piles of trash

dumped in there. I cleaned the whole rooms in my apartment, then I took a nap like half an hour. Its 7.45pm. "Damn I'm hungry!" I groan. I just got here, and guess what, no food! ...obviously duh. So I went out buy some groceries, and stuffs that I should have in my apartment, and I do a little exercise there, shopping!! I got home and put my shop bags and the groceries down at the counter of my kitchen, and put and organized them.

For this 2 days, I'm having my lazy day, and mostly shopping before its time for my 1st orientation at school.


Chapter 2


It was my first day orientation. I'm excited, I get to meet new friends. There, I see Jess, she's alone, looked confuse. I came up to her and says hi, introduce myself, she does too. We talked and laughed. I knew there's something in her that she's somehow have a lot in common with me. So yes I spend time with her, and she's my best friend and god I loveher to death. We share the same jokes which sometime gets weird when people tried to listen to our joke, but who cares, we have a very high humor, that's it! Lol.

A month pass by. I'm doin university stuffs, assesments, sleep late at night or should I say morning.


August 12, I'm heading to school. While we walk. there's a billboard that catch my eyes. I look up at the billboard and it says BRUNO MARS CONCERT at 6pm, Aug 15. I'm reading that out loud, I was with my bruno-mars-obsessed friends cs Jess can't make it, apparently she's sick. There's 2 of em. "Oh bruno mars concert at 6 on 15" I said. "Fuck?! Really? Oh my gosh" 2 of my friends says, Daniella or Dee [she's 18, blonde hair, from the US, love bruno mars very much, every night she would check any new videos and news about him] and one more, she is Abbey [18 too, light brunette, american-germany descent and a fan too] I must say that I'm not that big fan like dee or abb. But I love his music, and I think he is so talented, and that's that. Up until I'm standing infront of the schools building, I feel like my ear is so damn hot its burning, cos they can't stop talking about bruno. So the whole time I was walking, quiet, listening to them and now dee and abb's voice saying oh my god is stuck in my head.

Its lunch, "soo abbs, kay I'm thinking, we should definitely go to bruno mars concert!" Dee says, with big grin on her face. "Duh, of course I'll come!" Abbs add. "I don't know if I can but umm.." I said "really?! Girl you must be sick not to fall in love with him" abb cuts me. "Dude, I love his voice, but idk IF I can. Jess should come! I'd say I can come for mmm 70%. Okay?" I said, I dialed in jess' number. "Please please please comee, its no fun without you Kay" they said. I put my 'oh please I know it' face to them, and they laugh. "Hello there jessie, how are u?"

"I'm getting better, I guess. How bout you? And any assessments?" "Nope, we're free from that ASSignments at least for 2 weeks. We should be celebrating for this no-assignments hahahaha-oh btw, abbs and dee are crazy, they were askin me to come to bruno's concert. Do u wanna come?" "Damn, really?" "Yuh-uh on 15" "shit! Why 15?! My mom just called me to go back home in Australia for a week!" "Whaaat? And you're telling it to me now?" I pretend to cry. "Hahaha she just called me, and you called me right after my mom called" I sigh "hmm iguess that would be a no then. Hey talk to u later okay?" "Alright, cool. Bye!" "Bye". I hung up. "She can't go" I said to dee and abb. "aah too bad!" Abb said. "If she can't go, you should! No more BUTs and AWWs" Dee said, Abb nodded agreed. "But dee..." "Shush!" They cut me talking and they leave me alone..

*Abb and Dee got their tickets except me. I cant believe it Bruno Mars ticket are sold out in 3 hours. *

Aug 15. Its 11am in the morning, I was cooking, I made myself a nice beef cheese omelete. I learn cooking from my mom and dad, they’re like pro chefs, at least for me, but for real, they can cook, nice one and tasty. I finish cooking, so I eat em. Its taste so good, and im proud of myself. I was drinking and *BOOM BOOM BOOM* a really hard knock on the door. I choked and then I coughed, till a single tear came rolling down on my cheeks, i was shocked. I run to my door, and peek, it was Abb and Dee bangin on my door. “geez, are you trying to kill me? I choked, damn you both! Whats goin on?” I say. They burst out laughing, “really guys?” I said. “ok stop, we just came here to take you out for shopping before its time to meet my lovey dovey hubby, Bruno Mars” Dee said. “Yup yup, come on Kay, I need you to hurry” abb added. “huh? W-w-w-wait, I don’t have the ticket, I cant go” I said. “well at least come with us, pleaseee, we need your advice for tonight’s dress. Pleasee kay” and all of a sudden they beg “kaykaykaykaykaykay” they keep repeating on calling my name. “ ey calm down bitch haha aight, just wait here okay, do whatever you want here, im changing my clothes first, k?” I said. I change my clothes to a denim short shorts and a tshirt, I put my lo top brown vans shoes and I let my hair down. And off we go.

So we went to the malls, buy some dresses, flat shoes. I bought more converse and vans, I love sneakers, and I bought tshirts and shorts. Abbs and Dee bought dresses and flat shoes, and high heels. Each of us have at least 4 bags except for me, I only have 2 bags of shopping bags. We were about to head back to my apartment, I was walking backward cs im talking to and laughing, make jokes with my friends. And I bumped to a random guy, idk who it is. Abbs and Dee gaped.