Chapter 1+2

01/12/2011 13:00
Chapter 1

“Boom. ” I wake up instantly. It was thunder.


Oh great, I think to myself. Driving to school during a thunderstorm, what a great way to start off the day.


I get out of bed and try to find my way to the bathroom. It’s 6am and it’s still pretty dark out.


I stumble upon some shoes. I really should clean up around here.


I make my way to the bathroom and realize that the power is gone. Taking a shower in the dark is going to be fun I guess.

I take my shower and hurry to get dressed. I don’t want to be late, after all, I am a student teacher.


On my way out, I grab an apple and head out.


It’s raining cats and dogs. I live about an hour drive from the school I was assigned to. I get into my car partially soaked and start my daily commute.


It’s just going to be another regular day. I was wrong.


Chapter 2

“We are having a severe thunderstorm in effect and visibility is at it’s lowest this morning, drive safely.” The meteorologist on the local radio station is completely accurate.


The rain continues to pour, I don’t think the windshields help. Everything is blurry right now.


As I continue to drive carefully, I change the radio station to Kiss 92.5.


“This ones for you and me, living out our dreams..” Oh gosh, how I love Bruno Mars’ voice, it’s so..perfect.


At that moment my phone rings. I am hesitant to see who it is, it’s bad enough driving without both hands on the wheel, but this weather just makes it worse. I pick up my phone anyways.




“Hey Mel! It’s me, Chelsey.”


“Oh hey Chelse. What’s the matter?”


“Oh nothing really, just wanted to know if your up to hangout with me and Josh this evening, say dinner than movies? ”

I honestly don’t want to go, since Josh and I (her boyfriend) don’t really get along, but Chels is my bestfriend.


“Sure” I say.


“Great! I”ll pick you up at seven. See ya!”


“See ya."




“Mel? What was that?”


"Oh god! I totally just bumped into the car infront of me..I dented the rear end of their car! "


“Are you ok?!”


“Yes I’m fine, I’ll talk to you later. ”


“Alright. Hope everything goes well. ”


With that I hang up. I get out of my car to see if the person in the car is fine. It wasnt a big accident, but we obviously needed to talk.

A big man gets out of the black van. He looks sort of like a bodyguard.


“I -I am so so sorry about this. ” I can’t believe im stammering, but I feel really guilty for denting his van.


“Miss, you really should be aware of your actions, I saw you not paying attention on the road road through the rear view mirror, you were talking to someone?”


“Yes, I’m sorry. I don’t usually do that. ”


“Well, luckily it’s not a big deal, it’s just a dent that could easily be fixed. But what If it was worse? What if you had hurt Bruno Mars?”


“I’m so sorry. ” Wait, did he say Bruno Mars?


The other person who was inside the car steps out and walks up to us. It was Bruno Mars.