Chapter 1+2

06/02/2012 12:00
Introduction & Chapter 1


Maybe things would have been okay if we were still together. Who knows really? Things weren’t going too well between us anyway but i see a side of him that i’ve never seen before. He was so cold. I just knew i had to leave him. I gave him all i had and more and he hurt me. Now i think it’s best to give each other space. Find a new i guess. I’m not gonna lie, it’s going to be hard to leave what we ‘once’ had, but i’ll love him forever whatever happens …

*3 years ago*

My phone rings. It’s Peter (Or Bruno as he likes to be called) I answer it with a sad tone to my voice. “Hello.” “Hey Laila. Are you okay?” “Yes i’m fine Bruno.”I lie. I’m still upset from the argument we had just a couple of hours ago. We’ve been arguing for the last month or so and that’s all we seem to do lately. No love anymore. I can’t take it. I’m hurting too much to carry on. “Look Laila, i’m sorry i really am. I shouldn’t have shouted at you like that. I was wrong. Listen baby, i got some news that will put a smile back on your face.” “Oh really?” “Yeah i have. I can’t wait to tell you. Imma stop by at our apartment now. I’ll see you soon.” “Okay. See you in a sec.” I guess i should be happy but i’m not. As he’s about to make me smile i’m about to knock his off his face.

Bruno gets to our place and i straighten myself up before he buzzes up. I make it look like i’m okay when inside i’m really not. He presses the buzzer.“Hey Laila, lemme up.” I open the door for him and he makes his way to me. He is smiling away as he walks towards me. Seeing him smile would useally make me feel better, take away any bad thoughts about him out of my head, but nothing. I’m still going to go through with this. We need to talk. Bruno grabs me and kisses me on the lips. I can feel his happiness but it doesn’t feel right for me. When he pulls away, he grabs both of my hands again and looks me in the eyes. “So guess what just happened to me?” I pull a confused face.“I, I don’t know.” Bruno shakes his head and laughs. “So while i’m out my phone starts ringing and i answer it. I’m all like, the hell is this?” “Riiight” “So this guy on the other end of the phone says to me and tells me he is from Elektra records and they want to sign me up … They WANT to sign me Laila. Ain’t that great? No more selling my things for money. No more writing and producing for other artists. Just focus on me and MY music now. Man this is just great. I MADE IT!” Bruno is so happy. He picks me up and spins me around. Don’t get me wrong, i am happy for him i really am. Bruno does deserve this. He has worked SO hard and did things he didn’t really want to do, sacrafised his life and now he has got what he wanted. To be signed. I see all the hard work he would do just to be noticed and its finally paid off. Bruno looks at me. “Baby aren’t you happy? Aren’t you happy for me?” I place my hand on his face and smile. “Yeah, yeah i am. After all the hard work you have done, you deserve it. Congratulations. I really am happy for you, it’s just … us, i’m not happy about.” I walk over to the window and just stare out of it. I hear him come up behind me and put his arms around my waist. “Baby what do you mean you’re not ‘happy’ about us? I don’t get you?” I stay looking out of the window. “We’re not the same anymore.” Bruno turns me around. “What are you on about? Yeah we are baby. What makes you think that?” “Bruno, we’re not. Let’s face it, all we do now is argue and it always ends up with me either crying and running out or you getting annoyed storming out, going to a bar and coming back wasted. Now tell me that we are still the same?” Bruno looks at me and takes my hand. “Baby let’s not do this now. We gotta celebrate. Let’s talk and sort this out later. Don’t ruin the good news.” I release my hand from his and walk away from him. “Look i don’t mean to rain on your parade but i want to sort this out now rather then later.” Bruno looks agitated. “Okay then. What do ya wanna sort out Laila huh?” “US. Why things aren’t the same and how we keep arguing.” “Look, every couple argues. You get mad and i get mad. I say i’m sorry and you say you’re sorry. We kiss, make up. Done. Back to normal.” “But Bruno, how many sorry’s can i take from you. You say it ALL the time and how wrong you are.” “So you’re saying you don’t trust me anymore Laila?” “I didn’t say that.” “Well yeah you did. How many sorry’s can you take from me is basically like saying, dude i don’t trust you.” “No Bruno. It isn’t that i don’t trust you…” “Oh really? Then what is it you’re saying Laila?” “I’m just saying that sorry’s are just not good enough anymore. I kinda don’t see the love anymore.” Bruno is real angry now. He walks up to me and grabs me.“You don’t see the love…Here’s the love.” Bruno Kisses me so hard and everytime i move away he keeps going till i finally push him. “BRUNO. STOP.”He stares at me. “What? There’s the love. Do you see it now? Oh of course you don’t ‘cause you will only see it when i get money coming in again right? You’re just in it for the money you little bitch.” “What are you talking about Bruno. I, I…” “Don’t give me that shit Laila. You were with me JUST so you could share the money I make.” I’m crying now. “Why are you being like this Bruno. You know DAMN well i’m not with you for that. WHO was there for you when you ran out of money? ME! WHO was there every day and night helping you out? ME! I just wanted to know what happened to us but it’s clear to see now that we are over .” Bruno sarcastically laughs at me. “Yeah that’s ‘cause i’m such a bad boyfriend. Ever think it was you and your bitchy ways Laila that made us argue. Whatever. I’m done with you. Do what you want, i don’t care. I don’t need you bringing my life down. I can do better then you.”

Wow. I didn’t think he could be that low and hurtful. Without saying anything to him, i run to the bedroom, grab all of my clothes and bits as much as i can and pack them in a bag. I wipe my face and run out of the door. I need to be away from him as far as possible. So i call for a taxi and head to the airport…


Chapter 2

The buzzer of my alarm goes off. I get up at 8:00am, same routine everyday but this day is different. They need my assistants in the studio as we have some new guys who want to hire out the studio and i need to be there to fend to their needs incase they want anything. Yeah i work as an assistant for my manager who owns the studios. I love it. It’s my perfect job, plus you get to meet new musicians and mingle with them. What’s not to like about that? I turn off my alarm and head to the bathroom to get ready. Seeing as it’s people who i haven’t met before working in the studio, i’ll put some effort into the way i’ll dress. I put on black leggings with my t-shirt stripey dress and my half waisted blazer jacket. I do my hair and make up simple. Wave my hair and just put foundation, mascara and abit of blusher on. I’m good to go. I quickly make myself some breakfast, toast will do for now. I put on my black studded boots, find my keys and bag and head out off to work.

I get a text from my boss Dan saying: ‘Laila dear, the new guys are here already. Talk about eager to work huh. They are nice guys by the way. Could you please get 3 coffees and 1 orange juice. OH and get yourself whatever you want. Thanks Doll.’ Looks like i’ve got my first orders from Dan and the new guys. I just hope they are not divas because that would drive me insane. I text Dan back: ‘Okay Dan, i’m on it. I’ll see you in about 10 minutes.’ I get into my car and head off to the coffee shop. WOW the que to get the drinks is long. Good job my boyfriend works here and he always knows im in a hurry. Joe spots me and guides me through the que. “WATCH OUT. V.I.P COMING THROUGH. WATCH YOUR BACKS.” Damn he uses that line everytime and i get embarrassed everytime. I just awkwardly smile as i walk past the people lining up paitiently who look at me as to say ‘Oh not that bitch again whos in a hurry.’ I do feel bad but i guess you gotta take advatange of the fact that someone you know works here and can get you served within seconds. We get to the counter and i gently punch Joe on the arm. “Hey! whatcha do that for?” “Thats for making me do the daily walk of shame… AGAIN.” “Oh right, okay, want me to make you que up then?” Joe starts to push me. “Noo wait, im just kidding.” Joe laughs and kisses me on the cheek. “So what can i get you today my lady?” “Oh Joe pleeease. Please don’t say that and can i get 3 coffees, 1 orange juice and a skinny mocha latte please.” He laughs. “Sure. Coming right up.” Joe hands me my drinks and as i go to pay his boss Mark says “Nope we can’t accept your money. You’re our special guest. They on the house.” I smile and look at Mark. “Aww i can’t do that…” “I insist Laila. Now run along to work or you’ll be late.” “Yes sir.” I salute Mark and quickly kiss Joe. “See you later baby.” I run out the door and head to the studio.

I get to the studio and grab everything out of my car. I realise i can’t open the door to get into the studio and someone opens it for me. Without making eye contact i say “Thank you.” and go straight into Dan’s office. I push his door open with my hip. “I’M HERE AND SO ARE THE DRINKS.” “Why hello Laila. Glad you could make it and my gosh you are happy.” “Whaaat, i’m always happy. Service with a smile right.” “Thats my girl. Have you said hello to the guys?” “No not yet, i’ve just got in.” i joke with Dan. “Okay then, let’s go introduce them to you. I’ll grab the 2 coffees, you take the others.” “Lets go.”As we walk into the room Dan introduces them to me. “So guys, here we have Laila. She will be here to help you as well as me. If you need anything, just call on Laila.” I turn around to greet the new guys. “Hey hey, it’s nice to …” I stop speaking with a shocked expression on my face. There staring at me are three guys but one of them stands out the most to me. Curly hair hidden under a hat, gorgeous brown eyes and a half smile that kills me everytime. I’ve seen this face before. It’s Bruno. I haven’t seen him for ages, well since 3 years ago. Who knew we were to meet again, but like this. Dan looks at me. “Erm Laila. Are you, are you okay?” I shake myself out of it. “Umm yeah i’m fine, it’s just i, i know these guys.” Dan looks at me happily. “You do? Well how about that. Small world huh? Right in that case i’ll let you guys catch up then. I’ll be in the office if you need me. OH and Laila?” “Yes Dan?” “Be nice to them.” I roll my eyes at him. “I’m always nice.” I laugh at him. As Dan walks off i ask the guys who has what drink. “Sooo, who wanted the coffees then?” Phil and Ari stand up and both say “Me.” They both walk over to me to get them. They both hug me, Ari first then Phil. They both say “It really is nice to see you again Laila. We missed you. Glad you are working with us again.” I tilt my head and smile. So sweet of them. “Aww guys, i missed you’s too. I say let the fun times begin again.” We all laugh. Phil looks at Bruno then to me. “We’ll leave you two to chat. Catch up.” I grab Phil by his arm. “No no, you guys don’t have to go. Stay here.” Phil looks at me as to say ‘Bitch please, y’all NEED to talk’ I just mumble “fine.” under my breath and Ari tells Bruno “We’ll be in the other room dude.” They both walk away and leave just me and Bruno in the room….