Chapter 1-3

08/02/2012 19:28

Chapter 1

The first day of School. Fuck it. It's gonna be full of shitty lesson and fucked over teachers. "Urghh..." I say as I reach over to my alarm clock on my bedside table. A random radio station was playing one of my favorite songs. "Well... Good start so far" I said to myself as I walked over to my dressing table and looked myself in the mirror. Urghhh.... My long brunette hair was wavy, the way I hated it. My hazel eyes fresh from sleep and my skin, brown from.... well brown from my mom I guess. She's half black and half Puerto Rican. My dad WAS half Spanish and half Asian but we tend not to speak much about him. He was my past and Trovult High is my future. As much as I hate it, it is. I'm going to have to be mature and keep strong for my mom. She says seeing my smile keeps her going throughout the day. So I'm not going to stop smiling. I'm gonna smile for her sake and also mine. I grab my towel and make my way out of the room to the bathroom. The shower in my room is out of order so I keep smiling as I make my way to the bathroom next to my mom's room. As I'm about to step in she walks out of her room.
"Hey hun. First day of always a biggie. Dress to impress I say. You can use my MAC Factor makeup if you want?" Aww.. that's my mom. Sweet, caring and always acts and looks.WAY younger than she really is. She's always on trend. I can talk to her about anything. She's my Best Friend Forever.
"Thanks mom. You really are the best!". I make my way into the bathroom successfully without any interruptions. I quickly take a shower and brush my teeth. 'The shower in my room might not work but I think it'll be easier for me to be get ready there' I thought to myself as I unlocked the bathroom door. 'Thank fuck I'm an only child. I can't stand this whole sharing shit'.

I step in to my bathroom and set up my straightners to sort out this lame excuse for hair. After I straighten them, I go in my mom's room for makeup and my her tips on my outfit.

"Hey ma, can I use your makeup and what do you think I should wear?" I said holding up a denim skirt and a pair of skinny jeans.
"The skirt is a bit much on your first day. You ain't going to a fashion show babes! I suggest skinny jeans, my red plaid shirt and your black Vans."
"Thanks ma. Now how about this makeup. I was thinking to just go with a smoky eye look, scene as It's my first day and all I don't wanna be known as the girl that just plasters on piles and piles of makeup just because she's insecure. I'm not mom, I'm perfectly happy with myself. You know that right?"
"Yes ofcourse you are hunny. I know that and never let anyone else's opinion cover the fact that you're a clever, independent and beautiful women. Only a hater will say otherwise. Just keep your head held high and never let nothing or no one ruin your chances to make it big. Your gonna be a famous singer one day baby girl I know you are but until then, you got school to worry about. You control your future babygirl, you".
"I love you mom. You know that right?"
"Yeah ofcourse I do hunny. Let's get you ready before your late and miss out your chance to pick out the cutest boys!" She nudges and winkes at me. Omg, my mom will never grow old.

I finish my makeup and slip on my Vans and shout goodbye after grabbing my keys, lunch money and bus fare. I run out of my front yard and across the road to the bus stop. Trovult High is on the other side of Waikiki beach so the bus ride is going to be LOOOOOONG!!!


I slip on my headphones as I controlled my iPod. I decide to play some tunes from Chris Brown's F.A.M.E. album. I didn't notice I was singing to Deuces that loud until I got a tap on my shoulder causing me to turn around.

"Excuse me but you really have a beautiful voice. That's one of my favorite songs!"
"Err.... Thanks?"
"I'm Bruno by the way.." He said as he extended his hand for me to shake.


Chapter 2

Bruno. Weird name. He was a little taller than me, with a head full of dark brown curls, dark chestnut brown eyes and natural Hawaiian tan skin.
"Hey.. I'm Fayy!"
"Beautiful name for such a beautiful girl". He winked and said "Do you mind if I sit next to you?".
"Oh no.. go for it." I moved my school bag from on top of the seat next to me so he could sit down.
"So.. what brings you here?" He asks whilst looking at me.
"Going to school. First day and that shit."
"Really? What school?"
"Trovult high. You know there?" I was hoping he didn't so I could talk about it more. I really wasn't.much of a conversation starter.
"Trovult High? Yeah I know there. It's just a couple of stops after my school. I've got a couple of friends there actually. So, what made you chose there?"
Fuck. Why did he have to ask me more questions? Fucking hell.
"I didn't really have a choice. My mom said that's the only school that specializes in a variety of different music. So you know, I really don't mind it to be honest."
"Oh that's cool! You like music?"
"Yeah. I'm tryna make a living out of it. It was always my dream to become a famous singer."
"Wow! That's awesome. Me too actually. I kinda wanna move out to LA after I graduate."
"What school do you go to then?"
"Roosevelt High. It's okay but it could be better."
"Oh okay. Do you think you could sing for me?" Okay. That was a bit forward but I at least gotta hear what I'm up against right?
"On the bus? You for real?"
"Well.. I kinda did"
"Yeah but you didn't know did you?" He gave me a seductive smile. Well, at least I thought it was.
"Okay okay fine. But I ain't gonna let this drop until you sing for me though."
"Okay fine. Meet me here..." He pointed out the window to a music shop on the highstreet. "After school at 5:30. You better be there."
"Oh believe me I will!"
A couple of minutes passed in silence before Bruno finally said,
"Well, I guess this is my stop. See you later Fayy. I WILL see you later, you know that right?" He raised an eyebrow. Man, this boy got me good!
"Uh huh. We'll see so keep walking son!" I said as I tried to keep calm as I watched him walk off the bus. He waved at me through the window. Damn, I seriously can't be falling for this guy.

A couple of stops later, I get off the bus. I walk around to the school gates and just brace myself for a fresh new start. I walk into the newly built building and make my way to the front office.

"Hello. I'm new and would like to collect my timetable please?"
"Sure. Your teacher's know you'll be arriving so they'll help you when you get to class."
"Thank you." I take my timetable and try and find my first class on my timetable. MUSIC: ROOM 83. 'Music. Now that's what I'm talking about!'

I ask people around and I finally make it to room 83 before the first bell. 'Let's see what this school has to offer me.'
I make it to class and there isn't a teacher in the room and only a couple of students. I sat down in an empty seat and just stare into space thinking about how my life would be if I really did make it big. Would I have to change EVERYTHING about me? What if I'm not good enough? Would I have to leave Hawaii to go to LA like Bruno? Bruno. Damn he was sexy. He was cute and very flirtatious. I guess I like that in a guy but he wasn't overly flirty that it just looked like he was just out to get some. It looked like he genuinely cared. I can't wait to see him after school.

A tap on my shoulder interrupted my thoughts.
"Oii. You're in my seat!"
I turned around to see a dark boy with dreadlocks. His whole mood changed as he saw my face.
"Excuse me?"
"Your new right?"
"Yeah. And??"
"Is your name Fayy or something like that?"
"Yeah. How the hell did you know that?"
"I'm Phredley. Bruno's friend.  But people call me Preesh." He extended his hand for me to shake. Wow! I guess news travels fast here.


Chapter 3


Okay so music class was completely whack! This Preesh person was talking to me like we were long lost buddies or something. Don't get me wrong, he's really nice and fun to talk to but I really hoped that this school will help me in my future career and not get me high on the popularity chain. Well at least It's better than being nothing. I'm not complaining though. He introduced me to his other friends, Jamareo, Phil and Kenji. They're really nice but I don't know them that well so I can't exactly judge them right now.

After lessons we all went to lunch to get to know each other more whilst eating in the canteen.
"So Fayy, Why did you choose Trovult instead of Roosevelt?" Kenji asked.
"Well I needed a school that specializes in music to help me later on."
"Really? You wanna be a musician or something?" Phil added.
"Well I wanna become a singer. It's always been kind of a lifelong dream. So why are y'all here"
"Singing that's awesome you know. Well we're in a band. Bruno's the lead singer." Jamareo said.
"Then why isn't he here? I'm sure you told me that his big brother graduated from here right?"
There was an awkward silence. They just looked at each other. Probably thinking if they should reply to the question or not.
"Umm... i think you should ask him. It's kind of not in my place to say. But he was here once though. That's all I think I can say."
"Oh. Okay". I thought I shouldn't say anything more about that because the awkwardness was really overwhelming. I'm not very good in these moments so I decide to speak up.
"What lessons y'all got?"
"I got math" Kenji said.
"Advanced music" Jamareo added.
"English" Phredley said.
"Science" Phil stated.
"Well I guess I'm with you then Phil. Mr Conrad right?".
"Yeah. He's an awesome teacher. He owns the music shop on the highstreet too. He's like a friend to us. I'm sure he'll love you!"
Phil seemed pretty sure that he was going to like me and I hope he did.

The bell for the end of lunch rang and the whole school rushed out into the halls. ROOM 109: SCIENCE. I hope it doesn't drag. With Phil by my side I'm sure the lesson will fly by.

Phil was right. Science was awesome. Mr Conway really did like me. He was really nice and I told him that i'll be at his shop later today to hear the band and if they're lucky, to hear me sing too. He was grateful that I wanted to come because his shop hasn't really been doing well. He told me that's why he took teaching as a second job. I'm surprised he's actually a very open teacher. Teachers normally don't give a fuck and teach the shit they have to and dish out detentions like its sweets. I never really liked teachers but he was really nice. I can see myself starting to enjoy this school and the teachers and its only my first day.

4:00 and school just finished. Damn.... one hour and a half left. OhMyGod! I don't even know why I'm freaking out. He's just a guy. I say bye to the guys and say that I'll meet them at the music store later.

I turn the key to the front door of my house and step in to be greeted by my mom with a warm hug. As I let go from her embrace we start talking.
"Hey honey, how was school?"
"It was good."
"Just good? Fayy I know when you're lying."
"Okay okay.. IT WAS AWESOME!! The teachers are really welcoming and even though I started mid-year, I've got quite a lot of friends. Mom they're AMAZING! And I even met this guy-" Shit. Shouldn't have said that.
"Wait did you just say guy? Aww honey tell me EVERYTHING!"
"What? No mom. It's nothing. He's just a guy I met on the bus this morning and was really friendly. He shares the same aspirations as me and he wants to meet me in Marvin's Music Store on the highstreet. It's no biggie."
"No biggie? Babes you for real? What time you gotta be there?"
"5:30" I said between my teeth. Urghhh I knew she was gonna make a HUGE deal out of it. 
"Okay It's 5 now so you better start getting ready. Your dinner is on the stove by the way."
"I'm not hungry!" I shouted as I dashed for the stairs.
What to wear? I don't wanna be over the top because I'm sure he'll notice. After minutes of mentally arguing with myself. I decide on casual because after all he seemed to like me when I went dressed casually to school so why not? I put on minimal makeup to not look so 'Nicki Minaj-afied' and slowly walk downstairs trying to walk without tripping over my untied shoe laces. I sit on the last couple of stairs to tie my laces and look up watching my mom walk towards me.

"Be careful sweetheart. Don't fall too fast and too hard. Don't let your guard down until your 100% sure he's the one."
"Mom please. We're just friends. Nothing more." She was right though. I couldn't get him out of my head. I only met him once but I felt like I've known him for a lifetime. Eww that's cheesy. Snap out of it Fayy! Fuck sakes! There's no such shit as love at first sight.
"Okay darling but promise me you'll be careful. This isn't the first time." Why does she have to remind me? I try to push it to the back of my mind and do what I always do in Pisstaking situations. Crack jokes.
"HaHaHaHa! He's not a wild bear mom!.." and its true. He isn't. But I looked at the worry in my mom's eyes and became serious again. ".. but yeah mom. I promise. I love you"
"Love you too babes. Now go. I know you gotta keep him waiting but not too long hun!"
I run out the door to see the bus coming down the road. I sprint across the street to the bus stop just before it gets there. I climb on the bus and who do I meet? I swear this was planned. Speak of the fucking devil.