Chapter 1-3

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Chapter 1

«Hey babe, wake up». I grumbled something and grabbed my pillow. Let me sleep. “Baby, really, wake up, I’ve got a surprise for you”. I suddenly woke up at the word ‘surprise’ and saw the gray eyes of my boyfriend starring at me. Al smiled and gave me a cup of tea. “Wow, you brought me breakfast in bed, it must be a good surprise” He started to laugh and his blonde medium straight hair moved. God I was addicted to his hair. I tasted the tea and nearly spited it. It was disgusting. I smiled to Al, pretending it was good but carefully put it away. “So you’re waiting me to throw my tea in your face or are you going to tell me what’s happening?” He smiled. “Right, you know Rod?” I nodded “Well his girlfriend dumped him yesterday. But he was supposed to bring her to a concert tonight. He didn’t want to be alone to go to a Bruno Mars concert so he gave me his tickets” “Bruno Mars? This dude who sings Grenade and Just The Way You Are? It seems nice” I said. Al frowned “I thought you would be more excited” “I am. It’s just that I’ve got a lot of work and going to a concert tonight is not gonna help me” I explained him before kissing him on his cheek.


I gotta to work” I shouted from the bathroom. “You wanna have a waffle?” Al yelled back from the kitchen. I didn’t like waffles but I knew he cooked them and I didn’t want to vex him. “No thanks” I simply replied while I took my jacket, my keys and my helmet.

I jumped on my bike but before going to Buffalo (NY)  where I was a New Era’s caps designer – I stopped at a Starbucks to buy a mocha. Al was adorable to make me a tea but it was absolutely disgusting.


I was leaving a dollar tip when suddenly … BOOM, someone bumped into me and split his hot coffee all over me “WHAT THE FUCK ???” I yelled “Oh my Gosh, I am so sorry …” The dude who just burnt me was small and had curly hair. He really looked sorry but when I was angry, nobody could stop me “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” “Okay, look, I’m really sorry …” “THAT WAS MY FAVORITE SHIRT YOU DUMBASS” (That was actually a lie. I didn’t give a fuck to this shirt) “I’m really sorry then, I’ll buy you a new one” “YEAH YOU BETTER DO THAT!” “NOW LISTEN TO ME ! I APOLOGIZED, I WAS NICE TO YOU AND PROPOSED YOU TO BUY YOU A NEW SHIRT. I THINK I’VE GOT THE RIGHT TO BE TALKED LIKE I’M NOT SHIT!”

I was surprised that Curly Hair had such a loud voice but I was too pissed off. “YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE??? AN ASSHOLE!”


Curly Hair glared at me. He put his hand and his pocket and threw me two bills of 50 bucks in my face. “There is 100$ to buy your fucking shirt bitch” Before I had the time to slap him, he left the Starbucks.

You already home? Oh … What happened?” Al just came out of the shower. “A stupid ass split his coffee on me” I explained “You know him?” “I don’t, I was at a Starbucks” Al freezed. “You were at a Starbucks?” “Oh please Al” “I was just asking why you were at a coffee shop whereas you just drank a tea” His voice was cold. “Constance, answer me!” Oh God … He thought I was with another guy. But I just couldn’t tell him his tea sucked. “I was hungry and bought a muffin” I tried to explain “I proposed you a waffle ten minutes ago !!” “DAMN ALEX! I don’t like waffles and you know what? Your tea SUCKED. I said it now. Satisfied?”


I slammed the door.


I couldn’t focus. Al and me never fight. I was just supposed to drink a mocha, go to work and Al would never have known anything.

Fuck you Curly Hair ! I tried to remember how he looked like. He was wearing a black leather jacket. His curly hair was messy. And he was small. That’s all I can remember. I was too focused to yell at him.


“… And I was just wondering if we should rather have the original logo on the back. What do you think?” “Shmmm … What? Oh sorry Melly, what did you say? I wasn’t listening” Melly half smiled – half sighed and put down the cap she was holding. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

At this very moment, I wanted to hug her and tell her how much I loved her. Melly was the best best friend you could ever have. She knew when something was wrong, listened to you and gave you the best advices. She was tall and had long blonde beautiful hair. She was the sort of shy girl that every boy liked.


Al and I had a fight” “Why?”

I quickly explained her the tea, Curly Hair and waffles.

Well, don’t worry about that . He wanted to know why you were at a Strabucks because he cares about you. It’s better to have a caring boyfriend than a stupid jerk. And I’m pretty sure he will realize you lied to him because you didn’t want to hurt him. Tonight, everything is gonna be forgotten” “I hope … We were supposed to see a Bruno Mars concert tonight … I hope I didn’t screw up everything” “You’re going to a Bruno Mars concert? That’s awesome! He will sing some love songs and Al and you will be back together like before” “Awww, thank you my Banana for comforting me!” She laughed at the nickname I gave her when we were 15. Mine was Monkey. We went back to work.


Al? I’m home!” I put a bag on the table. It was chocolate lollipops that Al loved. I really wanted to make up. “Hey love!” He arrived from the kitchen, a towel on his shoulder. He was wearing a straight jean and one of his random tee-shirt. “I … I wanted to apologize” I softly said looking at the floor. “That’s alright babe. Everyone has his little secrets. That’s not a big deal if you don’t like my tea or waffles” “I didn’t want to hurt you” “I know” “I bought that for you” I showed him the bag. When he discovered the lollipops, he just hugged me tight. I smiled of happiness. Our routine was back “Al, I can’t breathe” We both laughed and I put my head on his chest. He was so much taller than me!

We ate french food that Al had cooked (Thank God it tasted good). It was time to go. I just dressed like always. Jean, an old sweatshirt and my khaki jacket. Bruno Mars, there I go!


There were already a lot of people when we arrived. We weren’t late but we weren’t early neither. Al’s friend had bought tickets on the floor. So, we were just in the middle of the audience and I couldn’t see much. I hated to be small. I could hear some noisy girls at the front shouting ‘Hooligans’ and other stuff. Crazy girls. Ten minutes later, Mars finally arrived with his band.


There was a guy who was wearing squared glasses, another with long dreadlocks. Oh my Gosh! My ex-lunch lady was playing drums for Bruno Mars! Then I realized it was a guy. Failure.

The dude at the bass had the coolest hair and I really wanted to touch it. A tall slim Asian guy was smiling and waving to the crazy girls at the front. Finally, there were three dudes at the back that I couldn’t see much.


Mars was exactly dressed like I saw in some magazines. Vans, skinny jeans, stripped tee-shirt, Ray-Bans and a fedora hat. I tried to see his face a bit closer but there were too many TALL people in front of me.


He started to sing a song about death. I heard some people telling ‘The Other Side’. Then Just The Way You Are came. He sang about ten songs and I was really surprised cause he sounded great in live. You know, there are very few people who can sing properly without autotune shit. Well, Bruno Mars was one of those people and I totally respected him for that.

He also was funny. After singing Grenade, someone threw a fake grenade to the guy with squared glasses. Bruno had a sort of reflex and caught the grenade. After that, he started to sing “I’d catch a grenade for Phil, throw my hand in a blade for Phil …” It was really funny and I wondered if Phil and Bruno were together. They seemed very close, like … there was a bond between them.

My favorite song was definitely Top Of The World (Alex had find the program). It said that if you worked hard, something good would happen to you.


Mars ended the concert with Talking To The Moon. He gave all his heart to this song which gave me goosebumps.


Everybody claimed him and I was surprised to be one of the people who were shouting it was great. Al whistled him. Then the audience began to say “Another! Another!” and I joined them with pleasure.

Suddenly, Al lifted me and I found myself on his shoulders. The view was a way better! I could see Bruno properly now. His skin was tanned and he had perfect white teeth. He thanked the crowd, took off his glasses and his hat because he was all sweaty.


I was still cheering him when I realized he had curly hair. The exact messy black curly hair in the Starbucks. I tried to convince myself it couldn’t be the dumbass dude but I would have recognized this curly hair anywhere.


Then I realized I was on Al’s shoulders and that Mars could see me. Damn, I yelled at Bruno Mars. I treated him an asshole and dumbass. He could put me in jail, make me homeless …


Totally panicking, I shouted to Al to put me down. He was surprised but he slowly took me down. Released, I quickly glanced at Curly Hair – thanks God, we would never see each other again – but at this exact moment he locked his brown eyes in mine. The five most long seconds in my life passed.

He raised his eyebrows and I knew he knew.


Chapter 2


Oh God, oh God …


Our eyes were still locked and he smirked.




My face must have shown that I was really panicking because he started to laugh. Damn I wanted to slap him in the face … But I was so terrified. “Alright people, alright!” Bruno said rising his hand “You wanna hear another song? Alright, I’m gonna do one more but it isn’t one of my song” He did a sign to his band and grabbed his mint green guitar. I realized I was still on Al’s shoulders and quickly went down. “What happened?” he asked. “Nothing, don’t worry” I lied. “So …” Bruno started “This song is for someone I met today and well … ” He laughed and looked in my direction.


I wake up every evening 

With a big smile on my face 

And it never feels out of place. 

And you’re still probably working 

At a 9 to 5 pace 

I wonder how bad that tastes


My mouth went wide open. He was really singing this song for me? Or at least about me?


When you see my face 

I hope it gives you hell,

I hope it gives you hell 

When you walk my way 

I hope it gives you hell,

I hope it gives you hell


People started to sing with him and I suddenly wanted to leave the room.


Al, I need to go” “Wait, why?” “Al, please, I feel sick” “Oh, I see, let’s go” My head hurt me but we started to walk through the crowd. I suddenly heard the girls at the front go hysterical. Bruno has left the scene and was now singing on the ground. He hugged some fans, waved at others but he was clearly going to my direction. Oh God, oh God. I don’t know but in less than 30 seconds, Curly Hair was standing in front of me.


And truth be told I miss you 

And truth be told I’m lying


He had a big smile on his face and was slowly approaching me, like he was tasting the best revenge ever. I wondered why there was a space between the other people and us. Why were we the center? Oh dear … Will this song ever end?


When you see my face 

Hope it gives you hell,

Hope it gives you hell 

When you walk my way 

Hope it gives you hell,

Hope it gives you hell 

If you find a man that’s worth the damn and treats you well 

Then he’s a fool you’re just as well hope it gives you hell 

Hope it gives you hell


We went closer again and again and I could even sent his skin. I couldn’t believe Bruno Mars was humiliating me in front of 500 people. I could already see the videos on Youtube tomorrow in my head. My life was ruined. Only because of damn Curly Hair.


When he finally ended the song, he kissed my hand and smirked to me. All the people started to cheer him and half of the girls went screaming. I was so shocked that I couldn’t move and Bruno rapidly went back on scene. He waved to someone, thanked all the people once again ans quickly disappeared. ‘Babe, are you alright?’ No Al, I wasn’t alright but I just grumbled something something like ‘Let’s move’ Most of the people were staring at me and I looked to the ground. I felt so ashamed.

Unfortunately, I bumped into someone. This time, I didn’t shout at him like I did with Curly Hair. Imagine, it could be Justin Bieber! I bumped into a giant bumpy guy who was bald. He was clearly the type of guy who never smiled. ‘You gotta follow me, miss’ ‘What? But what have I done?’ ‘Just follow me’ ‘Tell me or Al’s gonna beat you done’ I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to threaten that enormous bald dude. I mean, Al was muscular – he was a surfer – but like … In David and Goliath, he would totally be David. Thank God, Al would not be murdered tonight by Bald Man because the latter answered : ‘Bruno asked you backstage’ ‘Bruno Mars?’ I stupidly asked ‘Nope, Bruno Samartino!’ said Mister Serious sarcasticly. I clearly didn’t want to go backstage and meet Bruno Mars. This time, I wouldn’t be the boss like I have been in the Starbucks. ‘He told me that if you didn’t want to go, he would think that you are a coward’ added Bald Man. That Bruno clearly understood my character; he knew that I was the kind of girl who could get angry very easily and there I go again, the fact he treated me coward made me furious. ‘Fine, I’ll follow you’ I groaned. ‘Er … I’ll wait for you outside’ said Al. He knew I was going to yell.


I followed Mr Serious though few corridors and I started to hear some laughs. He eventually opened a big door, and there stood Bruno Mars and his band. They were all laughing but stopped when they saw me. ‘Oh! Hello Miss Coffee!’ Bruno waved at me. That was the moment where I was supposed to slap him in the face, yell at him and throw him my bag in his balls, but instead, I froze and started to get nervous in front of all these guys. ‘So, you became speechless now?’ asked Bruno with a smile that made me want to kill him. ‘No’ I articulate. ‘Ahhhhh good! Did you know you looked a lot of more nicer when you’re not yelling?’ I just stayed quiet, absolutely shameful.


Settle down bro, no need to make fun of that lady, it’s pretty clear she regrets it’ The Phil guy got up from his seat and glared at Bruno. Oh God, this guy was so nice. ‘Thank you’ I thanked him shyly. ‘No need to sweetheart. Sometimes, Bruno can be a big ass’ Then, he hugged me while Bruno groaned something. I smiled at Curly Hair and he started to sulk. ‘Even my best friend is against me’ he said to himself. He knew I was winning this round. His friends liked me.


I’m Philip Lawrence, this is Phred, Eric, Kenji, Kam, Jay and Dwayne’ I waved at them and they all started to talk to me at the same time. They all looked so nice and a bounded family. ‘What’s your job?’ ‘I’m a designer for New Era Caps’ ‘Really? That’s awesome’ said Jay with a huge smile one his face.


Then, a very tall dude walked to my direction. He had big muscles, but not like Bald Man had, he was REALLY muscular. He had black hair and his skin was tanned. ‘You’re really a designer for New Era caps?’ he asked me. ‘Sure I am ! See that?’ I showed him a snapback Melly made for me that I always snap around my belt. ‘That’s a cap my best friend made for me. I can create any cap, as long as I make good benefits’ I said, proud. ‘Hum, this could be interesting. I am Ryan Kamora, Bruno’s personal assistant. I was thinking about making some Bruno Mars’ merchandise caps some times ago. Do you think New Era would like to make a limited Bruno Mars edition?’ I thought about his proposition quickly. Justin Bieber made his own limited New Era caps once and we won a lot of money with it. Maybe it could work with Bruno Mars. People liked him a lot, or at least, they didn’t hate him. ‘Mmmm, why not? It could be a good idea. But first, I gotta talk to my boss’ ‘Heyyyy, wait a second!’ said Bruno ‘I didn’t even say I was in’ ‘Oh come on Curly Hair, you’re afraid to work with me? That’s why you’re not up for this?’ I asked him while laughing. Mars frowned, gave me the I-Hate-You-Bitch look and finally said ‘Of course I am not scared of you, okay I’m in’ I smiled and grabbed my Blackberry. I didn’t have to argue that much with my boss, Lary, he has always liked me and I never disappointed him. After a ‘Yeah sure, go with it!’, I smiled and said to all the band : ‘You just have a contract with New Era caps’ Everyone seemed satisfied, except Bruno who has started to play the guitar with anger.


Chapter 3


-Excuse me, do you know which album is Bruno Mars’ one?


A girl who seemed to be 16 years old showed me a yellow album. I paid it, not even looking at it and rapidly left the Walmart.


Yeah, I know what you are going to say. I bought Curly Hair’s album. I feel pathetic. But I really wanted to hear this song again, Top Of The World. I felt very close to this song.


Hey Monkey! How was your night?” Melly was smiling to me. “Absolutely terrible” I sighed. She raised her eyebrows and I showed her how I was in the middle of about 10 videos on Youtube today. “You mean that Curly Hair was Bruno Mars?” “Yup, Bruno Mars is an arrogant fool” “You know what? That doesn’t even surprise me, like, you always end up in weird situations haha” “That’s not funny. And you better prepare yourself. Bruno Curly Hair is coming in the day” “WHAT?” I rapidly explained the trade with New Era and then, I don’t know why, but Mel became hysterical. “BRUNO MARS’S COMING AND YOU JUST TELL ME THAT LIKE YOU’RE GOING FISHING ??? ARE YOU DUMB?”

I blinked. Bruno was a normal person for me. I mean, he burnt me with his coffee, I treated him an asshole, he sang me a song in front of 500 people and we were going to work together. We had a sot of mini war and I loved to tease him. I didn’t know if I liked him or hated him but it was pretty clear he became someone in my life. Which was very strange. I have started to feel this feeling for Al after 5 months.


When is he coming?” Melly asked me. Her voice was anxious. “Hum, I don’t know. You know, he’s a star now. He does what he wants whenever he wants. But he promised to come today” My best friend took her laptop and started to type like crazy. “What are your doing?” I asked “I’m googling Bruno Mars” “Wait what? Why? Mel, we were supposed to eat!” “We were indeed. Until you suddenly told me that BRUNO FUCKING MARS IS COMING TO WORK WITH US!” “I don’t see the point to google him !!!” “How do you want to work with someone if you don’t even know him Constance?” She had a point but I became upset. I was supposed to have a nice lunch with my best friend but she preferred to learn about Curly Hair’s life. I felt very lonely. Then I realized it must what have Bruno felt yesterday when Phil came to hug me and all the guys talked to me.


I didn’t want to argue with Melly so I grabbed my helmet and my jacket. “Where are you going?” she asked me, a bit worried. I could feel that she was also hurt. “I’ll just buy some junk food and I’ll come back. We can eat together then even if you will be googling Bruno Mars


I was queuing at a McDonalds when my phone rang. It was Al. I decided to do not answer. I hated to hear someone’s voice through a phone. I could answer any text … But a call, hell no. Then, I felt very angry at Curly Hair. Since he appeared into my life, a lot of things were disturbed. I was realizing that Al and I didn’t know really each other. Alex should have known I hated phone calls, waffles and other non-important stuff like this. It wasn’t important but this is what I liked in a couple. I think you become close to a person when you get interested to random stuff they like or do.