Chapter 1-3

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Chapter 1

Before you read this story I want to give a few warnings. The way my mind works is different than everyone else. Some of these chapters will probably upset some people just by the topics discussed between the two main characters and the supporting characters that WILL include addiction, rape, religion, politics, as well as many others. This story will also contain graphic sexual content similar to book porn that I know some people will be squeamish about. I will give fair warning on each chapter that contains this content. These are ADULT characters and they WILL be participating in adult situations. If you cannot handle that kind of content then I’m sorry this story is not for you. I am trying to break my habit of long chapters so these will be kind of short. I am not the fastest updater in the world. You will very rarely get more than one chapter a day and if you do REJOICE! Most of the time you will get a new chapter every couple of days depending on how I feel. I hope you will give me a chance to exploit my talent for writing because this honestly is the only one I have. With that being said…ENJOY!

Nikel sat crossed legged on their bed, a pile of pictures of the two of them splayed out beneath her. She wiped the falling tears from her face as she held her favorite picture of them in her hand. A small sob escaped her lungs and she clutched her chest. She missed him so much that it literally pained her to even think about him knowing that she will never get to see him again.

She lay back on his pillow and pulled his favorite shirt over her head breathing in his scent. Memories of their relationship began to cross her mind causing the tears to fall faster.

In the middle of June 2010 Nikel and her best friend Jonah were getting ready for their beach trip. They both had the weekend off and decided to spend it basking in the summer sunlight. Nikel had been ready for ten minutes when she called out for Jonah to hurry up.

“Come on Jo! I’d like to get there before the sun sets!” She shouted.

“Yeah, Yeah. I’m coming!” Jonah said coming down the stairs. Nikel couldn’t stop herself from cracking up at the sight of her friend “What?” Jonah asked.

“We’re going to the beach not a single’s bar!” Nikel said between giggles.

“Hey you never know when you are going to meet the love of your life.”

“And apparently you are ready for your wedding.” She said with a laugh looking at her friend who was wearing a white sundress over her bathing suit, a semi-eccentric up-do and very flashy jewelry.

“You can never be too prepared.” Jonah said swishing her hips as she walked out of the door. Nikel just followed her.

They circled the parking lot at least twice before they were able to park. They grabbed their bags out of the back before walking towards the crowded beach.

“Why are their so many people here?” Nikel asked. She kind of had this aversion to people that made her not like to be around too many at one time. Seeing so many people at the beach made her skin start to crawl.

“I don’t know.” Jonah replied. “Maybe the President is in town.”

“I highly doubt the youth of today would really care if he was here.” Nikel said side stepping a sandcastle and ducking from a flying football.

“I don’t know Nikel! It’s Saturday, there’s not a cloud in sight and it is at least eighty-four degrees out here. Now shut up and enjoy today because neither of us know when we’ll be able to do this again.” Nikel sighed and continued to search for a spot for them to sit down narrowly avoiding being tackled by some guys playing football. She gave Jonah a look and Jonah just hooked her arm with Nikel’s and began walking towards and empty spot.

They set their towels down on the hot sand and Nikel began putting sunscreen on her body. She didn’t want her tan skin to get much darker than it already was.

“Hey Jonah. Can you put some on my back?” she asked her friend.

“Yeah.” Jonah replied grabbing the bottle and kneeling behind her friend. Just as she started rubbing the lotion on Nikel’s back a group of guys passed them.

“If that ain’t the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen.” One of them said. Nikel just shot her middle finger in the air flipping them off. “Any day, anytime baby!” the same guy shouted causing Nikel to flip her head around to the side seeing the group walking away. One of them, she assumed he was the one that was talking, waved at her before turning around and joining his friends that were headed to the volleyball net. However, Nikel couldn’t take her eyes off of the guy that was walking backwards wearing very bright baby blue board shorts that had green flowers on them a white fedora and a sly smile. He winked at her as he continued walking.

Jonah finished putting sunscreen on her friend’s back and just before she went back to her towel Nikel grabbed her wrist.

“How do you feel about a game of volleyball?” Jonah looked over the net seeing five very sexy guys tossing the ball around constantly glancing back at them.

“I’m game.” She said with a small smirk getting up and starting to take her dress off. Nikel put her hand on Jonah’s arm.

“Wait until we get over there. They want sexy? We’ll give them sexy.” She said hooking arms with Jonah and walking over to the boys.


Chapter 2


One of the guys noticed the girls coming towards them and alerted the rest of the pack and they turned towards the girls and smiled.

“Hey boys!” Jonah shouted as they reached the net. “You guys got room for two more?”

“Yeah sure!” They al agreed at the same time. The girls went over and introduced themselves.

“I’m Nikel and this is Jonah.” Nikel said to the group. I tell guy with dreads stepped forward and introduced the group.

“I’m Phred, spelled with a P-H not an F. This is Phil, Eric, Ryan and over there is Bruno.” he finished off pointing to the guy in the bright blue shorts talking up some tall blonde girl. Nikel felt a brief moment of jealousy towards the blonde and didn’t know why. It’s not like she had any claim on him or anything. “Hey Bruno!” Phred shouted over to him causing Bruno to look up from the paper he was writing on. “Come over here!” He handed the girl the piece of paper and touched her shoulder before jogging over to where everyone else was.

“What’s up?” he asked when he reached the group. He nodded to Jonah and looked Nikel up and down with a small smirk. He stuck his hand out to the girls “Hi, I’m Bruno.” They both shook his hand and Nikel furrowed her brows at him.

“You know you look very familiar. I just, I can’t seem to figure out where I’ve seen you before.” Bruno just smiled.

“Think about it. I’m sure it will come to you.” He still hadn’t let go of her hand and started rubbing circles on it with his thumb.

“So are we going to play some volleyball or should we have to wait until the two of you stop mentally fucking each other?” The guy introduced as Eric asked. Nikel dropped her head as she felt her cheeks begin to warm. As everyone else started walking over to the net Bruno let go of Nikel’s hand and ran after Eric jumping on his back attempting to tackle him to the ground but only succeeding in hanging on his back like a monkey.

Everyone cracked up as Bruno dropped back to the ground loosing his footing and falling flat on his ass. Nikel walked over to him still giggling and helped him to his feet. He dusted himself off and grumbled a “thanks” to her.

“So, was it you that was shouting out like an idiot?” she asked him as they walked to where everyone was dividing up into two teams.

“Huh? Oh no that was Ryan.” He said looking down.

“Are you alright?” she said noticing that he looked a little pissed.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He said with a smile on his face. Nikel just nodded and let it go assuming that he was just embarrassed.

“Okay so someone is going to have to sit out, or keep score.” Phil said to the group. Phred was the one to volunteer to sit out saying that he thought he messed up his ankle during the last game they played. They split up so that Bruno, Phil and Nikel were on one team and Eric, Ryan and Jonah were on the other.

They played a normal game of volleyball except every now and again Bruno and Eric would intentionally spike the ball at each other hitting the other in various places. Everyone began to feel a little awkward as the three on three match turned into a one on one.

“I’m glad I’m not in their family.” Nikel heard Phil mumble.

“What the hell are they fighting about now?” Phred asked from the ground. Phil just shrugged his shoulders.

“Your guess is as good as mine.”

“So much for brotherly love.”

“Wait. Those two are brothers?” Jonah asked standing at the end of the group next to Ryan.

“Yeah.” Ryan answered. “Eric is Bruno’s older brother, and they’re always doing shi like this.

“So they just get in fights and arguments with each other for no reason?” Nikel asked watching the boys tossing the ball back and forth over the net staring each other down.

“No, not always.” Ryan said “There’s usually a…decent reason. This time must be damn good because they look pissed.”

Phil and Ryan tensed up seeing the sly look on Eric’s face just before he threw the ball straight at Bruno hitting him square in the nuts. Phil, Nikel an Jonah ran over to him to see if he was alright and Ryan stayed close to Eric just incase it escalated any. It was a good thing that he did because as soon as Bruno caught his breath he began charging at Eric only to be held back by Phil and Nikel. Ryan and Jonah kept Eric back when Eric saw his younger brother running towards him.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO?” Phred came over yelling seeing both Bruno and Eric struggling against their captors.

“Ask him!” Eric yelled nodding towards Bruno.

“It’s none of your fucking business Eric!” Bruno shouted to him.

“You’re my brother! Of course it’s my business!” Eric shouted right back.

“Will someone just explain what the fuck is going on here?” Phil asked. Bruno finally wriggled himself free and just shook his head walking away from everyone. “God damnit.” Phil mumbled beginning to follow Bruno. Nikel put her hand on his shoulder stopping him.

“Let me.” she said. She ran after Bruno grabbing his arm when she finally caught up to him. He didn’t know it was her and threw her arm off of him almost smacking her in the face. He turned around and stopped almost instantly. They didn’t say a word to each other and just stared each other in the eye. Nikel could sense that he was on the verge of loosing it so she wrapped her arms around him holding him tightly to her body. She felt his arms wrap around her body and squeeze her tightly as he placed his head in the crook of her neck.

“I need help.” He whispered against her skin. “I’m in trouble and I need help.” She brought his face to hers looking him in the eye.

*“What kind of trouble?” she asked. He sighed and looked away from her.

“I don’t want to get you involved. I don’t even know you but I do know that I don’t want anything to happen to you.” He released his hold on her and took a few steps back. “I’m in bad shape Nikel. You should stay away form me.” He began to turn and walk away from her when she grabbed his arm turning him back towards her.

I decide who’s good for me to be around and who’s not. I make the decisions in my life and I accept the consequences that follow graciously.” She finished in a whisper softly pressing her lips to his.

Nikel fell asleep that night with the memory of their first kiss crossing her mind.


Chapter 3.1


WARNING! This chapter contains graphic sexual material not suited for all readers. Read discretion is advised. (I’m chopping this chapter into 2 parts because it’s getting pretty long and I can’t wait to read your reactions any longer :D)

The next morning Nikel awoke with a smile on her face. She stretched her arm out expecting to feel him lying next to her only to become deeply saddened when she only felt the coolness of the sheets. Her breath hitched as she felt herself start to cry again. She wondered how long she was going to feel this way, how long the pain was going to continue.

The photos underneath her legs crinkled as she trudged out of bed. She went into the bathroom and turned on the shower letting the water warm up. She didn’t dare look in the mirror knowing that the woman she would see was not her just the ghost of the woman she once was. Mindlessly she stripped herself of the clothing and stepped into the shower. The scalding hot water brought on an onslaught of new memories taking her back to the time when they had first made love.

Bruno and Nikel had been dating for about a month and a half and she kind of surprised herself for not sleeping with him when they first met. The two hadn’t really gone out on many actual dates since they made it official but the few that they had gone on Bruno made sure to make them as memorable as possible.

Knowing that neither one of them could hold out much longer Bruno decided to make this night extra special. After a failed attempt at making dinner for the two of them he pulled a Mrs. Doubtfire and ordered dinner to be delivered just before Nikel showed up. He took extra care to make the house look as nice as possible, with a little help from his sister. He moved the couch as far back as he could leaving a huge space in the middle of the living room. He laid out pillows all over the floor creating a pallet and placed a few around the coffee table that he was going to use as their dinner table. There was a shit ton of candles all over the place that he knew it had to be a fire hazard but felt that it wouldn’t look good without it.

There was a knock on the door just as he was lighting the last candle and he blew out the match walking towards the door. He looked out of the side window and saw Nikel wearing a short black dress with a black lace shawl wrapped around her shoulders and strappy black heels. He thought she looked absolutely beautiful and began to think of some…impolite things involving the two of them.

She knocked on the door once more pulling him out of his daydreaming. He took a deep breath and put a smile on his face before opening the door. Nikel leaned on the doorframe and looked at Bruno with a small innocent smile.

“Hey sexy.” She said. He just chuckled.

“Hey beautiful.” He replied grabbing her hand and spinning her around before pulling her into a hug. He pressed his lips to hers intending to keep it sweet but failed miserably the moment he felt her tongue brush against his bottom lip. He pulled her inside and slammed the door closed. He guided her to the pallet and gently laid her down on the pillows. He moved his lips to the underside of her jaw slowly kissing down her neck gently suckling and nibbling on the soft flesh. Just as he began caressing her thigh inching his way higher and higher he felt more than heard Nikel’s stomach grumble. “Hungry?” he asked with a smile.

“How’d you guess?” she ask with a giggle.

Bruno pushed himself off of her and helped her sit up. He stood up and went into the kitchen to grab their plates. Walking back into the living room he held them high in the air to be sure she didn’t see what was on them.

“A gourmet dinner prepared and served by yours truly.” He said placing the dishes on the coffee table. Nikel busted out laughing falling back on the pillows at the sight of the two slices of pizza on her plate. Watching her crack up Bruno himself let out a couple of laughs along with her.

Earlier Bruno had made a big deal about making a full out three-course gourmet Italian dinner made by a world-renowned Italian chef. When Nikel’s laughter died down a bit she sat up clutching her sides. She let out a few more giggles before taking a deep breath to calm her self.

“Oh my goodness. That just made my day.” She said. She took a large bite of the pizza moaning at its deliciousness. “World world-renowned Italian chef Papa John did a great job on this dinner. It’s absolutely delicious.” She continued to scarf down the pizza from her favorite pizza place even getting second until the entire box was empty.

Finally with a full belly Bruno took their plates into the kitchen and dumped them into the sink. He walked back into the living room seeing Nikel leaning up against the couch with her head thrown back and her eyes closed holding her stomach. He smiled walking over to her and sitting down next to her.

“Full?” He asked picking up the remote control from the couch and turning on the TV.

“Yes. I’m stuffed.” She groaned placing her head against his shoulder. “What are we watching?” she asked.

“Oh just some romantic movie I came a across when I went shopping today.” He said with a smile as the intro to “P.S. I Love You.” came on. He looked over to her when he heard her gasp seeing her eyes go wide and a smile grace her lips. He knew it was her favorite romantic comedy and incorporated it into this night wanting to make it as special as possible.

In the middle of the movie Bruno looked over to Nikel and brushed the back of his fingers across her cheek wiping the tears that began to fall. This was the only romantic movie that made her cry and he was hoping to use that to his advantage to win some romance points. She turned her head towards him and smiled at him and he smiled back at her. Her eyes shifted from his eyes to his lips and back as they slowly began to lean into each other. Bruno paused just before their lips touched parting his and brushing his tongue very lightly against hers. Her breath hitched feeling the soft organ touch her bottom lip and felt a shiver run down her spine.

Bruno slid his hand under her hair and tangled his fingers in the hair at the nape of her neck pulling her against his lips. As their kiss began to get more intense Nikel sat up on her knees pushing Bruno further back on the couch placing both hands on either side of his face and delving her tongue deep into the warm crevice of his mouth taking control of the kiss. Bruno grabbed her hips and pulled her onto his lap so that she was straddling him and ran his hands up her thighs pushing her dress up over her hips. He removed his lips from her mouth and began attacking her neck causing Nikel to throw her head back with a moan.


Chapter 3.2


WARNING: The following contains graphic sexual content that is not suitable for all readers. Reader discretion is advised.

She bent her head down and sucking on his neck while slowly grinding against him feeling his cock grow harder beneath his jeans. Bruno gripped her hips pushing her closer on him spreading her legs farther apart. He reached up behind her and unzipped her dress pulling the straps down off her shoulders exposing her bare breasts. He pulled back when he didn’t feel a back strap to her bra and cupped her breasts pulling one into his mouth rolling his tongue over the hardened nipple. She suppressed a moan and reluctantly pushed him off of her before standing up in front of him. She pushed her dress off her hips letting it fall to the floor leaving her in only her black silk thong.


Bruno looked on in awe at how beautiful she was. She curled her index finger repeatedly beckoning him towards her. He stood up not taking his eyes off of her and reached his hands out to her hips only to have her push them back down to his sides. She stepped forward towards him caressing her fingers across his chest before walking a circle around him never taking her hand from his body. A sly smile graced his lips when he felt her stop be hind him and take his earlobe between her teeth.

“Take your shirt off.” She whispered before continuing back around to the front of him. He crossed his arms grabbing the hem of his shirt and pulled it up over his head. She ran her ran her fingers down his chest feeling his muscles twitch at her soft touch. She smiled at how soft his body was pleased with the change from the hard bodies of the muscle freaks that she usually went out with. He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him and pulling her face towards his. He began kissing her again and grabbed her thighs picking her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Never breaking the kiss he carried her all the way up to his bedroom.

When he reached the top of the stairs Nikel started reaching down towards his pants and was able to unbutton them. He pushed the door open with his knee crossing the threshold before closing it with his foot. He walked over to the foot of the bed and laid Nikel down on the soft sheets. He began kissing down her chest across her stomach to her hips. When he reached the hem of her thong he looked up at her to see her eyes following his every movement.

He smiled at her never taking his eyes off of her before dipping his head down and taking the fabric between his teeth and pulling it down off of her hips. He threw it across the room then ran his hands up and down her thighs before grabbing her knees and pulling he legs apart. He settled himself between her legs hooking his arms under her thighs placing them over his shoulders before skimming his nose along her thigh. He lapped his tongue out gently tasting her center before diving deep within her folds. He rolled tip of his tongue around her clit inserting one finger followed by another inside of her, curling them slightly searching for that spot to set her off. When he felt her hand grip his hair more tightly and her hips buck beneath him he knew he found it. He began pumping faster and started to suck on her clit causing her to scream out his name. He smiled against her as she began to get louder and louder screaming and moaning his name and other expletives. He was proud of himself for taking his time and pleasuring her.

Her breathing was starting to speed up and he knew that she was close. He pumped his hand even faster and soon after he felt her walls clamping down on his fingers. He quickly removed them lapping up her juices. He crawled up on top of her and began kissing her neck and rubbing himself against her through his jeans. She didn’t like the feeling of his jeans against her skin so she started pushing them off of his hips. He kicked them off and threw them across the room somewhere before kissing her deeply and grabbing his member and placing the head at her entrance.

“Wait! Wait!” she said through their kiss putting her hand on his chest and pushing him slightly.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. He prayed that she wasn’t having second thoughts about this because he honestly felt as if his balls were going to explode if her waited any longer.

“I…I wanted to do it in the shower.” she admitted with slight hesitation. He looked at her with a face that was 63% relief and 37% shock.

“Really, in the shower? You don’t want to wait to do that until we’ve gotten comfortable with each other or gotten used to how many times we do it?” at this she laughed because he sounded as if her were pleading with her to have sex with him at least five times a day.

“I’ve never done it in the shower. So I wanted to try it.”

“We could end up in the shower. I really can’t wait until the water gets warm, baby. I just can’t it hurts.” He whimpered placing his head against her neck. She giggled at how helpless he was pretending to be and pushed him off of her.

“Shut up you big baby and get your ass in the shower. It’ll be good I promise.” she told him hopping off the bed and walking towards the bathroom. She went over to the shower and turned the water on to the highest heat setting and turned around seeing that Bruno was nowhere to be found.

Walking back towards the bedroom she spotted him sitting on the edge of the bed slowly stroking himself and staring her down with a sly menacing smile on his lips. She immediately stopped in her tracks at the doorframe eyes going wide. Just before she was able to take a step backwards into the bathroom he bolted off of the bed and charged towards her. He reached her from behind just before she was able to jump into the shower and started attacking her neck with kisses. He pulled her close to his body pressing his member against her ass caressing his hands all over her body.

She turned to him and pressed her lips to his with a burning desire as she slowly backed up stepping into the shower. She leaned against the wall continuing to make out with him as the right side of their bodies were being pelted with scolding hot water. He reached his hand out towards the shower knob and turned the heat down a bit. He removed his lips from hers and stepped underneath the water soaking his hair and body underneath the water flow before switching places with her. She moved out of the water just enough so that it was still pelting her back and pulled his body against hers. She began kissing on his neck smiling up at him before slowly making her way down over his chest, across his abdomen, stopping when she was face to face with his rather large cock.

She stuck her tongue out licking all the way from the tip to the base before wrapping it around the underside placing her lips on the top and sliding back down to the tip. Bruno watched her every move with bated breath and ran his fingers through his hair suppressing a moan as she ran the tip of her tongue in circles around the tip and sucking lightly on it. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft softly stroking it before taking as much into her mouth as she possibly could. She pushed it all the way to the back of her throat gagging a little but continuing to push until she reached the base. Bruno’s breathing became very labored as he felt her throat constricting against his cock and groaned loudly the sound echoing off of the walls. She pulled she pulled back but never completely taking her mouth off of his dick and taking a deep breath through her nose. She used bother of her hands to pump his cock while sucking on it at the same time causing him to grunt and moan running his hands through her hair gripping the roots.

He was getting so into it that he started thrusting his hips forward face fucking her trying to get his cock as far down her throat as he could with every pump. She moved one hand down to his balls rolling them around in her hand before taking them into her mouth. He threw his head back gripping onto her hair tighter.

Just before she could get her mouth around his dick again he reached down and gripped her shoulders pulling her up to her feet so quickly that they almost slipped and fell. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him gripping tightly onto his neck tightly as he pressed her back against the wall. He slammed his lips against hers kissing her deeply delving his tongue deep within her mouth as he reached between them grabbing his cock and placing it at her entrance before slamming it deep within her. She threw her head back hitting the wall feeling his cock all the way inside of her pounding her so hard and pushing so deeply hitting her spot every time it wasn’t long before she came crashing down hard around his cock. It was so strong that her legs almost instantly turned to jelly and fell from his hips but he grabbed her legs before they fell. He hooked his arms under them placing his palms against the wall continuing at the same pace.

“Oh Bruno.” she moaned out placing her head against his shoulder. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” she screamed out in time with his thrusts feeling herself reaching the mountain peak once again. “Bruno. Fuck Bruno. I’m gonna cum, baby I’m gonna cum.”

“I know baby, just let go.” he said breathlessly and with a few more thrusts she plummeted down the mountain in blissful pleasure. “Yes, just like that baby. Just like that.” He said closing his eyes and throwing his head back feeling her clamp down on her clamp down even more tightly.

He slowed his pace setting her back on her feet before pulling out and turning her around and bending her over. She placed her palms on the wall as he pushed himself back inside of her.

“Mmmmm.” She moaned out. He began trusting slowly being making sure that she felt all eight inches of him. He ran his hands down her back gripping her ass tightly before releasing it and smacking it as hard as he could before slamming back into her.

He went harder and faster and impossibly deeper into her. He thrusted and pumped and worked her deeper than ever before, before he knew it she came down hard on him once again pulling him closer to his limit. Feeling his balls constrict he pumped even faster knowing that he was coming close to his peak. The faster he went the louder the bathroom got as her moans, whimpers and screams got louder and louder with every thrust he made. He leaned forward and reached around to stroke her clit wanting her to cum with him.

“Fuck, baby. I’m almost there.” He moaned in her ear. “I want you to cum with me.” he began stroking her even faster and she could feel herself getting closer and closer until finally.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” They screamed out in unison as the sound reverberated off of the bathroom walls.

Bruno placed his head against her back breathing heavily as they both tried to catch their breath. He moved his hands up onto her shoulders and squeezed them before straightening up and pulling out. As soon as he was out she stood up and turned to him reaching around him and turning the water off. They looked at each other and smiled before cracking up in a fit of giggles.

“Now was I right? Or was I right?” Nikel asked tapping on his chest with her index finger. Bruno just smiled and nodded his head.

“Yeah you were right. I’ll give you that.” He leaned down and kissed her. This kiss was different from all of the others it was soft, it was slow, and it was sweet. It was the kind of kiss that you see in the sappy romance movies, the type of kiss that girls all over the world dream of receiving at least once on their life. It was the type of kiss that turns a girls legs into jelly, the type of kiss that sends chills running down her spine.

When they released Bruno heard his phone going off in the other room but ignored it getting out of the shower and grabbing a towel. Nikel was about to grab for one as well when she felt Bruno rubbing the towel across her body drying her off before wrapping it around her. He grabbed another towel and doing the same to himself. He stepped behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist before heading out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom.

When they reached the bed Nikel removed her towel and ran it through her hair trying to get most of the water out before crawling into his bed. Bruno went to the bedside table grabbing his phone and noticing that he had 10 missed call and 15 new messages all from the same person. His heart began to race wondering what they could be calling him about because he knew he wasn’t supposed to go on another run until a buyer called him and the phone has been silent. He turned to Nikel seeing her lying on her side looking up at him with a satisfied smile on her face.

“I have to make a quick phone call. Is that okay?” he asked her. She just nodded her head rolling on her back under the covers and stretching her arms over her head. Bruno leaned down and kissed her lips before pulling on a pair of boxers and walking out of the room.

He walked down the stairs to his in home studio on the other side of the house locking the door behind him. He searched for the number and pressed send hearing it ring twice before a female voice came in on the other end.


“What’s up?” He said quietly.

“They found us. We need to move everything now!” She said in a rush.

“What? How did they find out?” he asked.

“Adrian.” Bruno tightened his grip on his phone releasing it quickly when he heard a small cracking sound.

“Fucking son of a bitch.” He mumbled. Bruno knew that it was a bad idea to get Adrian involved with their business, but Grayson thought that since he was a dirty cop it would be beneficial to have someone on the inside looking out for us. “I told you fuckers not to bring him on.” he said in an angry whisper.

“I know, I know. We’ve already taken care of him.” She said. “We just need everyone to help us move everything into the trucks so we can relocate.”

“Shit.” He mumbled looking at the door. “I’m kind of in the middle of something and I can’t-“

“Damn it Bruno! Just tell her you had a family emergency or something. It’s not that big of a deal if she hates you for it, you’ll find another skank to fuck tomorrow.” She told him cutting him off.

“Actually it is a big deal seeing as she is my GIRLFIREND and not just some random hoe I picked off the street. You know what just take care of things over there. I know you have enough people there to get things done without me.” He growled beginning to get angry..

“Charles is not going to be happy about this you know he looks to you to take charge in this sector.”

“I know, I know I-“ he sighed deeply. “I’ll talks to him just make sure everything is taken care of over there.”

“Okay. I’ll text you when we’ve moved.”

“Alright.” He said before hanging up. He placed his phone on the keyboard and rubbed his hand over his face. He knew he needed to get out of this business and just stick to making music like he originally wanted to do but he was just too far in to even attempt it.

Sighing heavily he opened the door heading back to the bedroom only to be stopped by Nikel standing at the foot of the stairs wearing only one of his T-Shirts. They smiled at each other when their eyes met and Bruno leaned against the banister resting his arm on the railing.

“Hey beautiful. I thought you would be asleep by now.” He said looking up at her.

“I couldn’t sleep without you.” She replied. He looked down towards the ground and Nikel reached her hand out caressing his cheek pulling it back up to eye level with her. “Is everything okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, yeah everything is fine.” He nodded with a furrowed brow. “Come on. Let’s go to bed.” He said wrapping an arm around her waist and walking with her up the stairs.

They reached the bedroom and Bruno opened the door letting Nikel walk in first before closing the door behind him. Nikel crawled into the bed and curled up under the covers just before Bruno crawled in behind her wrapping his arm around her waist.

“Goodnight baby. I love you.” He whispered kissing her on her cheek.

“I love you too.” She replied. She could feel how tense his body was and instantly knew that there was something wrong but she tried to put it to the back of her mind and fell into a restless sleep.