Chapter 1-3

28/01/2012 20:59

Chapter 1:

“Faith, what the hell dude let’s go we are gonna be late for work”

“Ok ok ok, dang let me grab my blazer”

We are usually always late for work so today for the first time in a long time I was trying to get us on time. Faye has been my Bestfriend for the last 5 years. We are currently living together in LA and we are just saving money to get a big appartment because we share a studio right now. We both work at this clothing store part time. Our manager has a stick up his ass. All weve been trying to do is work go to school save money. And live our Dreams. 

“Hey sorry Ben, we wont be late again” I said sarcasticlly.

“You girls are getting on my last nerve with this being late stuff”

“Sam dont even apoligize to him anymore hes such an asshole” Faye said quietly under her breath to me.

“See you girls later, close up on time tonight”

“OK  Mr. BOSS MAN” Faye and I said 

“So do you wanna go out tonight, because I really wanna wear that new green dress I got” Faye was always excited to wear something new, She just always had to make a statement every time we went out

“Yeah you can leave early to start getting ready since you take FOREVER”

“hahaha jokes jokes ok thats fine with me” so Faye had left 45 mins earlier so they could make it to the club on time to get in for free. 

10 minutes before the store closes….

Samantha talking to herself: “Gosh tonight better be fun, I really wanna have a good time and maybe meet a nice guy..(DING DING).. what the hell…ugh were almost closed…who wants to buy something right before we close…like you dont even have time to try anything on…

“Hey miss, sorry I know your about to close and all but I really need some help”

“(wow hes cute) Um ok what can I help you with” Sam was startled by this charming young man but at the same time pissed because she needed to get everything finished before closing….

“Well I was busy at work all day today and its my girlfriends birthday and before I go home I need a gift for her, now she loves dresses so I need a dress for her.. You are about the same size as her could you PLEASE help a brotha out…

“Yeah sure I have the perfect dress…What do you like to see her in though..”

“Anything sexy”

“hahahaha” Sam smirks… (This guys is too adorable)

“Would you mind trying it on for me so I know it’ll fit her” Bruno said in a quiet voice

“um, yeah, sure why not” 

“WOW that looks great PERFECT ill take it” 

After Sammie tries it on, Bruno ends up buying the dress…

“Have fun getting the dress on her, lol” 

“Thanks sweetie, I really apprecite it, If I need anymore help, Ill come straight to you, What was your name, oh wait i see.. Samantha”

“But you can just call me Sammie or Sam” I say with a huge grin on my face 

“Ok well thanks again Sammie, I catch ya around”

Sammie got out of the store in time to get home get dressed and go out for the night with Faith.. They went to this local club that was always fun… They got a lil drunk and ended up catching a taxi home..

The next morning at work…

“Damn dude Im not drinking again when we have to work” Faith said with her Ray Bans on and no make up…


“Hi welcome to Scarlets, do you need help with anything” Faith said to the guy walking in the door with a dress in his hands

“um yeah, is Sammie working today”

“Why yes she is, hang on one sec let me grab her” Faith ran to the back of the store where Sammie was stocking 

“hey theres this really cute guy out here asking for you”

“What. Shut the hell up. move” Sammie shuved Faye out the way 

“Heeeeyyyy, What are you doing back, Howd last night go” Sammie said to Bruno with a weird look on her face because she seen that he had the dress he bought last night in his hands….

“Um yeah about that..Im going to need to return this dress…”

“Did it not fit right..( I was just saying that to be nosy, I kinda got the vibe that something didnt go right)”

“yeah well, I came home and I guess I was a little to late for the ‘Birthday Sex’ with my OWN girlfriend because she was fuckin some other guy in OUR bed”

“WHAT well give me that dress, im sorry, damn, why would she do something like that”

“Well her excuse was…. Im never home” Bruno said looking down and passing the dress over the counter…I gotta go but it was nice seeing you again”

“hey.. wait ( No what am I doing, he just broke it off with his girlfriend) Do you wanna talk more later and get some coffee” Sammie said with excitement but was nervous at the same time, because she never ask guys to go out..

“yes, beautiful.. I would love to…” Bruno said with a smile on his face 

they exchanged numbers and said there goodbyes for the moment..

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT” Faye came in yelling at Sammie 

“what, calm down”

“Who the hell was that sexy piece of ass”

“lol that was that guy I was telling you about last night that came in the store”

“Oh, damn girl hes a keeper, hes hella fine, do he got any friends”

“get out of her faye, its not like that he just broke up with his girlfriend last night because the hoe was sleeping around with some guy, and he got her a dress so they could go out for her birthday and he goes home to see that.. how fucked up right”

“Welp somebody needs to show him what hes been missing” Faye said bumping Sammie on the arm

“Ok yes, now get outta here stooge”

“Ok promise your gonna try with this one, he seems really worth it”

“I Promise i’ll give it a shot”


Chapter 2:

“I hate this dress its ugly” Sammie said while looking in her body mirror 

“Here punk, just throw on this belt, now go your gonna be late” Faith threw a silver belt at me as i ran out the door 

I always changed an outfit before I went out on a date, It was just something I always did, But this guy was different I wanted to impress him, Weve been talking on the phone and meet up for lunch once before this date. I think I really like him but he just got out of a realtionship when I meet him so I know he wants to take it slow and so do I, So tonight I need to remind myself to GO SLOW.

As I walk down the stairs there he is with his beautiful brown eyes, and that cute lil button up plaid shirt. Gosh hes so sexy “Hey there”

“Hey beautiful, WOW you look wonderful” Bruno said with a huge grin on his face 

“I try I try” i said laughing 

“Well damn girl you sure as hell didnt have to try hard, You passed the test with flying colors”

Bruno took Sammies hand and led her over to passanger side of his car and opened the door and let her in. They took off and arived at Pacific Dinning Car downtown LA. It was Bruno’s favorite spot.

“This place is so nice” 

“Yes and its also a great place to take that special someone to and share one on one time with her since shes always busy” Bruno said while pulling Sammies chair out

“Sorry I dont mean to put you off, I just always want to take it slow with a guy, But you especially, I mean you just broke up with her and I want you to have enough time to feel ok to date someone else, Because when I date someone i want….”

“I know you want all of them…..”

“How kno….????”

“I can read this lil thing about you, and its not often that I see that in a girl”

“Like what is it”

“Like i can tell that youve been hurt and its hard for you to fully open up to me, look baby im over her and i wanna get to know more about you, I wanna get to know everything about you. I want to know your fears, dreams, goals, all of it, Just all of you”

“I want to be able to share all of it with you too” Sammie said looking down at her half eaten plate of pasta

Bruno and Sammie kept on sharing things about each other throughout the rest of the night….

“Are you ready to roll” Bruno said as he threw his napkin on his empty plate….

“Yes, im getting a little sleepy and now im full too. Thanks alot” Sammie said sarcastically

“Ok Mrs. Im only gonna have a salad, and gets pasta and wings and a milkshake”

“Hey woooh woooh woooh woooh wooooooh, I was hungry…so what”

“Its ok, I like how your yourself in front of me, stay that way please, because many of the girls ive been with before always act shy and then they come out the closet later”

“Welp nope thats not me, not this chick” Sammie and Bruno walk out the resturant laughing 

As Bruno drives Sammie home:

“Could you see yourslef dating a guy like me”

“What do you mean ‘A guy like you’ “

“A guy that wants to be with a girl like you”

“hahahha Bruno your to funny”

“No, im being serious here, So far I like everything about you, It doesnt hurt to take a chance”

“Im not saying I dont want to give it I try I just hate rushing into stuff, and having a bad outcome…Lets do this…’

“Ok..what… Be friends… thats fine I know your gonna say that..”


“No, thats what I wanna be with you and thats what we are now, But imma make you mine soon, I dont have a thing to worry about, your gonna be under my spell”

“Your to cute, ok Bru well see about that”

They pull up to Sammies appartment, Bruno walks Sam up to her door,

“Well I loved hearing all of what you want to accomplish in life and like I said earlier I’m gonna make you fall under my spell”

“Ok I hear ya on that Bru, I love this crazy side of you. I wanna see more of it”

“You can, and will…*Bruno goes in for a kiss, as he raps his arms around Sammies waist and pushes her lightly up against the door,and kisses her*

“bru…wait…” Sammie says in between kisses

Bruno pulls back “Ok so I had a wonderful night, You are very Beautiful but I gotta go, Ill call you in the morning… and Bruno walks off laughing…

“WHAT THE HELL” Sammie said with a confused look on her face

“I was joking I wouldnt just leave you hanging in the dust like that”

“I was about to throw my damn purse at you as you were walking away”

“Oh so I see Im irresistable”

“No, I can leave right now….But I like your company, and that kiss was nice”

“I seeeeee, Ok well I am gonna start heading home, So i did have a wonderful night though” “Ok well just call me later” Sammie gives Bruno a big hug as she inhales his scent and thinks to herself how she never wants to let him go

“Bye sweetie….. Bruno waves bye as he walks away “Bye…Goodnight” Sammie says as she waves bye and shuts the door

As Sammie shuts the door she slides her back down the door and sits on the floor with her hands running down her face and her purse in between her legs And a big smile on her face……


Chapter 3:

Why me, and why this Bruno dude. Man hes oh so perfect. Hes sweet and I have no idea why Im falling for him so fast. I cant begin to explain all the feelings that im feeling right now, people would think im crazy. “Hey what the hell are you sitting on the floor for” Faith said laughing. “My feet were killen me” “Ok and the couch is right there dumb ass” “Hey wooohh wooh man ok ok, thats not the reason” “Dude youve gotta stop lying thats gonna catch up to you one day” fay said with a serious look on her face “Hey its not even that seriuos” “But one day Sammie one day it will get you in trouble” “Im tired as hell im goin right to bed” So i threw on my pjs and got straight in bed. I had the morning shift at work in the mornin so lucky for Faith who gets to sleep in. 

Man why did I just kiss that girl, shes gonna become an emotional wreck, Dammnit im gonna get her all tied up in a love triangle, I really need to make sure that im over Lina, I dont want to hurt anybody. I could really see myself with a girl like her for some reason. There is something about her but I cant put my finger on it yet.

Ding Ding”

“Hi welcome to Scarlet’s” I hate working here with these rude ass customers who never say anything when they walk in the damn store. “Hey there” “Hi” who is this guy, does he know what type of store hes in, one that doesnt sell clothes for his ass. “Wow your very beautiful, whats your name” “Samantha” “Could I call you Sammie” “Samantha is fine” I didnt like everyone calling me Sammie or Sam I dont  know why and he seemed weird walking in the store coming right up to me and talking “Sorry, Im Kameron I play music at a club with a few friends and we were just passing out flyers for our opening night of the club, it just got remodeled so we were trying to get a lot of people to come, is that ok if I leave a few flyers in your store” “Um yeah im sure Ben wouldnt mind, hes the boss man” “Ok, so am I gonna get to see you there” “when is it (while sammie looks at the flyer) yeah um about that im prolly workin till 11 that night so by the time i close up i might not be able to make it” “ahhh your gonna drop the bomb on ya boy, i was a lil turnt up to get to know ya more, you should just bring some friends and show your beautiful face” “Ill think about it, after I close the store that night” “Ok well imma let ya get back to yo grind” “OK it was nice to meet you” “You too” Kameron said while he looked Sammie up and down. See this is another reason why i also hate working here, there are so many guys that come in here just to look at girls or sell a damn demo cd or an e.p. gosh get outta here. “ring ring ring” why is he calling me “hello” “hey how is work going for you sweetie” hes so sweet “Um its going ok, some guy just came in here about a flyer for some club re opening” “Oh yeah I heard about that, do you wanna go” “Um, Yeah we can go, we close at 9 so I can be ready and we can make it there by like 10:30” So as you can tell I lied to that Kameron guy about closing but whatever I didnt wanna go right off the bat “Ok well in the mean time what are you doing later tonight” “I can have you come over and we can watch a movie” “ok sounds good”

“Bye” “See ya” So she wants me to come over tonight, Yeah that could only mean one thing, No Bruno shut up, Shes not like that I dont even noe why I look at her as even being like that. Well let me get in the shower and take my happy ass over to her place. 

Bruno pulls up to Sammies:

“Knock Knock” 

“Hi, Bruno, your a lil early” “You didnt tell me a time silly face” “Oh I didnt” “Ohhhh you must of got me mixed up with some other guy” “Hey NOOOO there is no other guy, im talking to you” “Ok I was just trynna make you laugh” “So are you hungry at all, i made tacos if you want me to plate you up on really quick I can” “Hell yeah I aint gonna turn down no home cookin from a cutie pie like you” “Your such a cornball dude” “Whatever”

So she cooks, ahhh man hell yeah shes such a keeper, i needa know everything about sammie like right now, I have to get her to fall in love with me.

Just look at that face, and those eyes hesssss soooooo BEAUTIFUL”Sammie” “oh… hey…yeah…sorry” “What were you doin” “Um….nothing I was thinking about something” no tell him sammie your such a liar its not a big deal just tell him you were thinking about him “I was thinking about you” “ME” “Yes” “and what about me” “I was just looking at your face and how flawless you come off to be, I mean I know everybody has there issues but you just seem to not have any” “Yeah well Im farrrrrrrr from that, Can we change the subject, lets talk about you and your beautiful skin and legs and hair and teeth and mind and soul” “Awwwwwwww” how does he always know how to make me feel all bubbly inside “How do you do that” “Do what Sammie” “Make me feel….” “What, make you feel loved???” “Yeah, thats exactlly what it is” “Like I told you before imma make you fall under my spell, and BOOOOOM I gotcha” he put his arm around her waist and turned her back onto the couch and laid her down and starred into her eyes.

“You have these eyes that are to die for, you just dont understand what it feels like to look into them” “oh Burno stop it, dude get outta here with that” “Hey why every time I compliment you, you have to shoot me down with a joke”…. What can I do to make her feel at ease she needs to relax “i dont know, well I do, I just want to take it slow and not jump to something im gonna regret” we both sat up and she started playing with her nails…. “Girl we are both grown here so lets have this conversation now and get it out of the way” Gosh shes so beautiful in every way, please say what I want to hear………