Chapter 1-4

18/02/2012 20:05

Chapter 1
Penelope’s POV
My alarm goes of and it’s 8 o’clock. I get up and get ready for work, to make a fashion statement you have to dress to impress. The Chanel fashion show in Brooklyn is where I’m heading.
Dream come true. I hear my mobile go off I look and its Jessie.
I answer
“hey girl” Jessie shouted
“Heyy” I answer back
“what you doing?”
“getting ready”
“the Chanel fashion show!! I forgot sorry!”
“no worries doll it’s cool”
“See you tonight then”
“yeah……. Wait what??”
“you already agreed no taking it back!”
” but jess…”
“I’ll be at yours at 9 be dressed and ready”
“dressed and ready for what??”
” going out. No BUTS”
“err.. Okay”
“good. See ya”
I haven’t been out for ages. That bitch just tricked me, I’m going to get her back.
After I was ready I picked up my handbag and made my way to the   Fashion show of a lifetime. I have to make sure all the outfits fit the models properly then do their hair and make-up.  

I get there and there’s loads of cars. This is going to be a busy day.  I get out of my car I accidentally hit another car with my car door.
I turn around and I see this guy with a hat on and he’s quite short. 
“I’m so sorry” I say 
He takes his ray bans off and I see brown eyes.
Amazing brown eyes to die for, why would he hide them?
And why is a GUY at a Chanel fashion show?
“it’s alright” he flashes a smile and I couldn’t breathe I just smiled back like a lunatic. He started to laugh.
“erm got to go. Later”
I start to walk away.
“what’s your name?” he shouted
“what’s yours?” I shouted back
I start to walk away again. 
Bruno’s POV
“bye” I whisper
No words. At all. 
Penelope’s POV 
I get in and make my way to the dressing rooms. I get my make-up kit out and start doing the models faces, my manger Louisa called me into her walk in closet 
“Yes miss?” I say being as polite as possible 
“Penelope, try this dress on” she said handing me a dress
” no chatting back chop chop now”
“in here?”
“Noo at home. Yes in here silly”
I take my clothes off and put the dress on.
“perfect. Go look in the mirror”
I turn around and I couldn’t believe  what I saw. That’s me in the mirror and I look beautiful. The dress was a simple black one -shoulder maxi dress with tiny gems on the side. It was stunning.
“your going on the run way” louisa said as I snapped back to reality.
“noo way”
” you have to”
“no I don’t 
“yes you do”
“no I don’t”
” if you want your job, you do”
” that’s not fair….”
“life’s not fair”
” who’s going to do the models make up?”
“our back up make up artist”
” your first up”
” don’t be shy,bye now Pia”
“that’s your new nickname” 
“what ever” 
I walked out. I can’t believe this is happening to me. 
I get my hair and make-up done and talk to the other models. 
“SHOW TIME” louisa shouted 
Shit shit shit. I go to the front if the line I hear the presenter talking then The music came on and I was queued to walk out. The models taught me how to walk and I started to walk down the cat walk.
Bruno’s POV
As if phil dragged me here with his girlfriend. I look up from my phone and see penelope. She defines b e a u t i f u l.
 I couldn’t  help but stare, we locked eyes and she started to blush and I smiled. 
Penelope POV 
He is looking at me, oh lord. When I got back stage I took the dress of watched the rest off the show and made my way to my car. 
“PIA!” louisa shouted 
“come to my office tomorrow”
I got in my car and drove home. It was 5:00 and I had a lot of time left till I had to go out. Tonight is going to be amazing.



Chapter 2
 I sat down and watched some tv while I ate my pop-tarts. It’s coming close to 8.
What to wear.. What to wear. I take our about 17 dresses then I look back and I notice one dress in a Chanel bag. I take it out the bag. I totally forgot I brought this! 
I jump into the shower, put on my dress, did my hair and make-up and by that time it was 9. 
Jessie is always late. 
15 minutes later I hear my doorbell ring I grab my clutch put on my black platform heels, locked my door and went into Jessie car. 
“YOUR LATE!” I asked 
” SORRY! “
We arrive, show our ids and walk in. 
The music loud, everyone’s dancing Jessie is already grinding up on some next man and I sit down at the bar. 
I turn around and this guy, looking all drunk. I turn back around and ignore him. 
Then he squeezes my butt. 
“WHAT THE FUCK” I scream
“calm down.. And dance with me” the drunk man says 
“don’t touch me”
“just one dance..” he starts to push himself on me. 

Bruno POV 
Having a shot for my worries, one shot for my pain, one shot for my troubles, then I hear shouting.
I stand up and I walk towards the girl shouting to realise its Penelope. This guy is all up on her and she’s trying to push him off. 
“OI” I shout 
The man turns around 
“I’M NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND” Penelope shouts 
“get off her. Now”
“or what short man? Going to have a little race? Midgits always win”
I couldn’t hold it It in I just punched him. In the face.
Penelope POV 
He’s on the floor. 
I look up to see brown eyes 
” you okay?” 
“I’m fine thanks”
He starts to walk away and I feel like he’s leaving with half of me.
He turns around
“stay. Please”
” okay” he smiles at me. 
“oh and call me Pia”
“nickname of mine”
“brunos my nickname. My names Peter..”  
I started to laugh. Peter. 
“what’s so funny?” he asked
“nothing.. Peter!” 
He started to laugh 
“ermm you want to leave??” I asked
Brunos POV
Did she just ask me to  her house?? Who would say no?
I want to rip her dress off right now. 
“ok” I answered 
Inside I’m secretly screaming like a little bitch. 
I snap back to see she’s already at the club door 
“coming??” she smiles
I walk up to her and we walk outside.
Penelopes POV 
Did I just ask him over to my house?? 
Fuck. I must seem like a little hooker or something..but it’s just something he does to me. Intoxicating me with his presence. I caught him looking at me and smiling.
“you know your beautiful right?”
“really Peter?? That’s how your going to hit on me??”
“it’s the truth though… Just the way you are”
“keep on dishing out the cheese Peter” 
” but it’s nothing but the truth”
“what ever Peter”
“and stop calling me Peter!”
“okay… PETER!” 
He stood still.
“what?” I asked 
He started tickling me. 
“stop stop” I was in hysterics 
“say your’ll never call me peter” 
“il.. Never.. Call you…… Peter…..stop …. Now please”
He stopped and we locked eyes. It was such a magic moment. One of those once in a lifetime fairy tale moments and we just couldn’t stop staring at each other. He started to lean in to kiss me and I closed my eyes just before our lips made contact. 
Brunos POV 
I softly peaked her on her lips and she grabbed my jacket and pulled me closer to her. Then it started raining. But all I could do was look in to her eyes the same way she was looking into mine.
What is she doing to me??
Penelopes POV 
It was raining all around us but we just couldn’t stop staring at each other. My heart skipped a beat and a half leaving me breathless. He leans in to kiss me again and I gave in again. I just melted in his arms. We were soaking wet but at this moment we didn’t give a fuck. 
I was smiling. I was happy and it was such a beautiful moment. Is this all a dream? 
What is he doing to me??
When we  finally stop kissing and I turned to see the moon full and bright and I know this is always going to be our moment. Even if I’ve only known him for a few hours. This is our moment and nothing is going to change it.  
“I’ve only known you for few hours..but..”
“.. it feels like a lifetime”
“yeah.. It does”
“let me take you out”
“.. On a date?”
“ermm.. Okay”
“pick you up at 8 tomorrow”
“oh okay”
He turned around and walked in the opposite direction. 
“you don’t know where I live or even have my number”
He handed my his blackberry and I put in my address and number.
“Bye” I said and called a taxi because I came in jessie’s car.
when I got home it was 12 o’clock and I’m so fucking tired. I put on my pjs and climb into my empty bed when I heard my phone go off I looked to see an unknown number.
‘good night Pia , from
Bruno x’
After that I fell asleep with a smile in my face. 



Chapter 3 

Brunos POV

When I woke up the only thing that was on my mind was taking a tablet for this stupid hangover. I turned in my bed hoping penelope was in there.  I really don’t understand my self.  I get up go to the kitchen and make so pop tarts because I can’t cook to save my life and I’m so lazy. I just want to lay in my bed. My phone goes off bit I don’t feel like picking up my phone so they should just leave a message. Penelope  POV  After I texted Bruno, I went into the kitchen and made myself some pancakes.  I’m such a fucking loner. I look at my phone still no reply. I can’t help put think that I have seen bruno before. ******************************************

It’s so fucking cold. My leather jacket wasn’t thick enough and the train was taking fucking long. My iPod was slowly dying and I am losing my mind. Someone was tapping their foot and its annoying. I turn my music up and ignore the guy next to me. Then he starts humming. This guy wants me to kill him.

“do you mind!”

“erm.. What?”

“the humming, the tapping. Please stop”

“oh I’m sorry” I turn back to my iPod and start playing a stupid game.

“errm.. Are you listening to 50 cent?”

“yeah, his my jam”


Awkward Pause

“do you dance”

“pardon me?”

“dance, like this”

he started dancing and it was hilarious! 

I was dancing around like an idiot at a train station in Brooklyn. Unknown girl got up and she started to dougie and I have to be honest she was awesome.  I started singing  “teach me how to dougie, t-t-teach how to dougie” and her red nikey high-tops where standing out when she was moving her feet.  She had a gold top on, black jeans red nikey high tops and a leather jacket. “you are a amazing dancer” I told her. “so I have been told” she said flipping her hair. Then the train came.  “bye” “bye……….. Wait”  She was gone and I don’t even know her name. She was just somewhere in Brooklyn  ********************************************

Bruno’s POV 

I got up, I’m just a lazy git. I looked at my blackberry and i had 2 missed calls from phil and a text from penelope. Phil is going to kill me. I looked at Penelope’s text message. ‘can’t wait till 8, see you soon’ Shit I forgot. I called phil


“okay sorry calm down”

“we need you at the studio” 

“I can’t today..”

“Bruno you….” “sorry dude.. I’ll make it up to you please… Its important”

“this one time Bruno”

“thanks OI I gotta go see ya later”


Its only 11am 9 hours till I have to get Penelope. I got planning to do.

Penelope POV

9 hours. I called Jessie  “PENELOPE!”Jessie shouted 



“Oh shit. You where having a good time I didn’t want to ruin it”

“im coming over give me half an hour”

“okay see ya”

 It’s been an hour and Jessie finally shows up.

“Heyy girl”


“don’t you want to tell me something?”

“errmm…. Like what?”

“THAT GUY YOU LEFT ME FOR!! Did you have sex? Hot streamy drunk sex?” “NOOOOOOOOO! I barely know him”

“is that why you where kissing him in the rain??”

“are you stalking me??”

“no but I came out to see where you went and you were just ….there”

“okay I kissed him..”

“then you had hot steamy drunken sex in the rain.”


“don’t lie to me Pia!”

“what ever jess”

“you love me really”

“that’s what you think” I whispered  We sat down and Jessie started telling me about this guy.

“he is amazing”

“yeah yeah sure”

She is getting on my nerves now.

“he told me I was beautiful”

“yeah what ever that’s what they all say”

“you can let me dream at-least!”

“okay.. What could I wear”

“for what?”

”..a date..”

“with who?!”


“who’s Peter?”


“he’s name is… Peter!”

Jessie started laughing 

“and you have a boys name”

“It’s uni-sex bitch!”

“takes one to know one”

Jessie starting running up the stairs. I ran after her we spent hours picking out a dress then it was 6. “JESSIE I HAVE TO GET READY” “GO IN THE SHOWER THEN!” I went in came out. I put on my make up and left my hair down.  I after Put on my dress on and looked at my locket, it was old and silver and it had a key next to it. I touched it and I started to cry. Good thing my make-up is waterproof. ‘I miss you’ I whispered 


I ran down the stairs put on my heels, grabbed my clutch and my bag.

“have fun. Be back by 10!” Jessie shouted as I got into Bruno’s bentley.



Chapter 4 
“you look beautiful” Bruno told me 
“please. Enough with the cheese!”
“you like my cheese, it’s a Hawaiian thing”
“it’s a hawaiian thing” I mimicked him.
When we arrived to god knows where we sat at a table and it was just us and at this little italian restaurant and we  started talking.
“tell me more 
 about you?”
“ermm.. What do you want to know?”
“where your from, your family. You get the idea”
” well, I’m from Texas… My mother was mixed raced and my dad was mixed race too.”
“when can I meet them?”
” you can’t..”
“I have only known you for 2 days”
He started laughing.
I started to laugh too, I couldn’t help it his laugh is contagious. 
“tell me about you?”I asked changing the subject.
“I have 4 sisters and a brother. My mum and dad spilt up. I came to LA to become a recording artist , I’m a producer at the moment. That pretty much is a summary”
“when can I MEET them?”
“hold up girl, it’s only been 2 days!!”
We started laughing together and talked about other things.when we finished it was 11. We got into his car and stopped right outside my door. Jessie’s car is gone, oh well.
“we’re here”Bruno said 
This is kinda awkward. We got out of the car and he walked me to my front door.
“do you want to come in?” I asked 
“yes please” he started smiling.
He came in and sat down on my Sofa. 
“I’m wanna stay the night?”
“erm.. Sure”
I went up-stairs put on my cheeky money pjs and called Bruno.
“I got some boy tops  from my friend and some boxers shorts”
“why do you have boxer shorts?”
” ‘cause their sexyy”
Bruno started laughing and put them on.
“you are overly sexy now” I said 
” I always was” he said winking at me.
“Ohh I know” I whispered. 
“you can sleep on the pull out sofa”
“okay” I left Him downstairs. I went under my covers and then I hear Bruno 
“I’m lonely” he said with a pouted sad face that I just gave in.
“come in here then” 
 He got into the bed and I turned my light off. I turned my back to Bruno and somehow his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I could smell his beautiful scent and I soon fell asleep.
It was dark and I was running.
Just running to that voice i was hearing
“come to me Penelope”
“MOTHER” I repeated.
I kept running till I hit something. But there was nothing there . I just couldn’t get past it,like It was a glass window and I was looking though it.
“no daddy don’t go” I heard my younger self say.
“I got to princess. I’ll be back. I promise”
“okay daddy”
I started screaming from behind the invisible glass 
He couldn’t hear me as i screamed and cried 
“no daddy don’t leave me” I whispered
“stop being silly penelope” I heard my mother say to my younger self
“he’ll be back soon”
If only she knew. 
The image though the glass switched and I looked around 13 
“where you going mum?”
“to see your dads grave”
” at 12 at night?”
“yes darling, no one will be at the cemetery. Go back to sleep, I’ll be  back before you wake up”
“okay mum”
the thing is. That day she left and she never came back.
And all I could do was scream and scream. I looked at my watch and it’s still December 15th.
Brunos POV
I woke up to the sound of screaming. I turn around to see Penelope all over the bed. Screaming In her sleep.
I started shaking her till she started to open her eyes.
“its just a dream” I said pulling her face into my hands and wiping the tears off her face.
“just a dream” she repeated as her voice broke.
“tell me about it in the morning go back to sleep baby girl”
I said and pulled her closer to me like I’d never let her go.

I woke up with Penelope beside me, I bent down and kissed her forehead. My phone started ringing and I looked at the caller ID.
“hello?” I whispered as I made my way to the bathroom.
“Heyy babbby” Chanel said 
“Heyy. What’s up?”
“our dinner date is tonight. Remember?? Im in my way to yours anyway”
“why?” she sounded hurt 
“cause I’m at the studio and no one can come at this Time”
Penelope POV
I heard bruno on the phone.
“baby I got to go”
He was he talking to?
“I love you to baby, I can’t wait till tonight” 
Oh I see how it is.
Bruno came back into the room and I acted like I was sleeping and he lye down an put his arms around me.
“who are you seeing tonight?” I asked 
He jumped, I must have scared him but he had a fucking nerve to sleep in MY bed. Put his arms around ME and his got a girlfriend.
“.. Erm… Just a friend”
“a girlfriend, why didn you tell her you sleep at a another girls house and kissed her?”
“don’t Penelope me Peter”
“come on…”
he’s words really hurt me .  Deeply, so much I wish me and him were going out.
“I see how it is” I whisper. I’m so stupid to think someone as great as him would like me. So very stupid.
“penelope., I didn’t mean it”
“yes you did. Just do me a favour and leave” I said in a broken whisper 
He started to pick his stuff up 
“Penelope.. Please don’t let me leave like this” 
“you made your bed. You lay in it” 
“buts are for losers. Just leave Bruno. I’m just another cheap hooker” 
“I didn’t say that”
“didn’t need to”
“I’m only going because I respect ladies”
“so I’m a lady now Bruno? That’s fucking nice. Leave now”
He went downstairs and out the door. I just collapsed on my bed, making a waterfall.