Chapter 1-4

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“Anela are you done?” Yeaah i’m coming “Hurry up I got to pee!” Ok, jeez i’ll be right out “I don’t even know why you put that crap on your face it’s just work” Shut up Kai.. “You shut up” No you shut up! “Kids stop fighting and get dressed” Ok mom.. I opened the door and stook my toung out to Kai and the bastard just flipped me off but I still loved him.. I put on my jean shorts and a tank top and took my surfboard out of the garage while the breaze hit me as I put the board in the back of my truck, I turned on the radio listening to some songs while singing along..silently let’s face it I wasn’t Beyonce I parked the car and walked over to the sea.. “Alena you’re late!” Sorry, wont happen again “It better not! You’re sister is here she’s waiting don’t go to far ok?” Yeah, ok.. I took off my top and shorts keeping on my black bikini I saw her sitting down playing with the sand, Hey sweetie “Hi Alena” Did you tell mom you were coming? “Yeah” Ok let’s go, I ran to the water and got in till the water came up to my waist she swam over and I helped her on the board, You ready? “Yep!” Ok now lie down and wait for the waves to come you know how it works right? “Yeah it’s cool it’s not my first time” Ok be carefull “I will” She surfed almost perfectly I knew she had talent she was only nine and did a better job then I did.. “Anela can I go over there?” She pointed at the black zone we used to call it that cause only the best surfers could surf there and they didn’t always come back in one piece.., Sweetie no that’s too dangerous.. 


“Oh come on please?” I sighed, I don’t know.. “I swear i’ll be carefull..” Ok..but i’m keeping my eye on you.. “Ok” I didn’t take my eyes off of her she was doing a really good job, Great job sweetie! I smiled seeing her surf was amazing she had such talent “Anela!” I turned around seeing Kenji stand there, Hey Kenji.. “How are you doing beautiful?” I’m good just surfing with Halia “Oh where is she haven’t seen her in a while ” I turned to face the water to call her but she was gone I started looking around and my heart was beating like crazy.. I saw a surfboard but she wasn’t on it I started swimming hearing Kenji call my name but I had to find her I dove under water looking as far in the water as I could but I only saw rocks I came back up for air and looked around me I went back and swam deeper till I saw her long black hair I started swimming trying to reach her put the waves pushed me against a rock leaving a cut on my shoulder I tryed to swim to her but she was already out of my reach.. I came back up and saw Kenji swim towards me “Anela what the hell?!” It’s Halia Kenji she’s under water oh my god!” I started crying and he went under water that’s when the pain hit me I saw blood in the water and saw it driping from my forhead but I didn’t care.. 


I looked around me and prayed she was ok I saw him swimming towards the coast with her I rushed to her side and he laid her down on the sand I did mouth to mouth but it was too late..a two minut conversation and my irresponsible behavior cost her her life.. God please no! Oh my god.. Halia please wake up please I put my head on her little stumock and the years kept rolling on my face I heard the peremedics come and they grabbed me pulling me away “Miss you’re injured we have to get you to the hospital” No! I have to be with her please! “Miss please you’re losing blood” They put me on a bed and rushed me into the ambulance I looked next to me and Halia was lying on the bed she was white and looked..dead I heald her hand and started singing a song she loved I didn’t care if they heard.. And slowly I felt my eyes close and I blacket out the last thing I remember is looking over at her seeing blood all over he little face.. I just killed my baby sister, I don’t think i’ll ever forgive myself..I woke up lying in a hospital bed and saw Kenji sleeping in the chair next to my bed. Kenji.. My voice was weak he woke up and instantly heald me close to his body and hugged me “It’s ok” I pushed him off feeling the tears roll down my face, I killed her Kenji how is that ever goign to be ok? “You didn’t know Alena nobody thought this could have happened to her” My mom, my brother where are they? He looked down as if he didn’t want to tell me.. They don’t want to see me… “Alena i’m so sorry” I shook my head and put my head in my hands, I deserve it I deserved to die not her.. “Alena don’t talk like that…” What happened? He told me she had died under water and I couldn’t help but cry images of her calling for help and me not saving her would haunt me I put my head in my hands and cried my mother would never forgive me she loved Halia so much.. “Alena..” I looked up seeing my mom standing there tears running down her cheek “What have you done?” I put my head back in my hands and cried even more I heard her walk over to me “Look at me” I stood up looking her in the eyes “You are no longer a daughter of mine for all I care you died along with my sweet Halia!” 


She walked out the door and dissapeared and I felt like someone ripped my heart out and walked away with it Kenji hugged me “You can stay with me it’s ok” Everything was fine this morning..And in one day I’ve lost it all.. “Alena it’s been three days i’m so happy you woke up but I don’t know what to say Alena i’m so sorry” I shook my head,I’m not I don’t want to be alive I deserve to die.. what am I going to do? “Stay strong Alena if there’s one person who can get through this it’s you and don’t be talking crazy like that understood? ” I don’t know Kenji..Just get me home I need a drink.. “Alena” No Kenji I can’t deal with this pain anymore.. He sighed “I’ll get the docter..” He told me I could leave but I had to be careful cause of my shoulder and I had broken my arm and the cut on my forhead didn’t look too pretty.. I checked out and we walked over to the car when his phone started ringing he ignored it but it was working on my nerves, Just pick it up.. “Sure?” Yeah.. “Hello?…No I can’t…Cause i’m with a friend….No man i’ll come tomorrow…dude no!..” His jaw dropped and he stared at the phone.. “That bastard hung up on me” I looked straight ahead and got in the car, Who were you talking to? “Oh just a friend he’s coming over but you just stay in my room i’ll make it quick” Ok..We arrived and I went to his room and opened the door that lead to the small terrace I felt the cool Hawaiian breaze hit me and this place reminded me of everything I needed to get away.. “Alena you want to say hi?” Do I have to? “No ofcourse not” I sighed, I’ll just say hi and go to bed.. “Ok” I followed him to the livingroom and saw a guy sitting down on the couch he was beyond attractive but I wasn’t in the mood for this.. 


“Hi” Hey.. I put on a fake smile and shook his hand “Bruno” I’m Alena.. “That means angel right?” I nodded, yeah.. “It fits you” Thank you.. “Something wrong?” I felt tears coming again and he looked confused, Excuse me.. I ran to the bedroom and closed the door and threw myself on the bed burrying my head into the pillow and crying untill I was all out of tears.. I heard a knock on the door and just ignored it I wanted it all to go away and for all of this to be a bad dream I closed my eyes and wanted to sleep and not wake up ever again.. He opened the door I felt him sit down next to me “You hungry,” I shook my head “Alena it’s been seven months and you barely eat..” I’m just not hungry.. “Get up” No.. “Alena how long are you going to be like this?” Till I die.. “ALENA” KENJI I DONT WANT TO GET UP OK JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE, He looked at me in pure shock but I just wanted to be left the hell alone..”Alena what happened to you is something nobody should go threw but do you really think Hali-” DONT! Don’t you dare say her name.. I cried yet again it was like the only thing I could do “I’m sorry but Alena please let’s just go and take a walk” I want a drink.. “Alena no the only thing you do is drink sleep and cry.” And now i’m gonna drink and cry atleast I aint sleeping.. He gave me a look and walked over to the closet picking out an outfit “Here put this on” It’s summer.. “No it’s not you have been in a drunken coma for the last seven months.” I lightly chuckled and it felt weird..It seemed ages since I laughed, Where are we going? “Studio” Really I don’t want to be around people.. “Oh so now you’re going to commit social suicide” Why not? The nights came back to me the first month I tryed to kill myself several times but Kenji would always stop me or bring me to the hospital and I hated him for it but i’m glad he was there god knows I would be in long gone if he wasn’t.


“Let’s roll babygirl” He picked up his keys and did a little spin “How do I look?” Awesome.. I looked in the mirror and I jumped back a little, Holy shit.. “You still look beautiful” Oh yeah I look breathtaking… He chuckled, we got in the car and drove to the studio he opened the door and started yelling and dancing with some guys “Hi pretty lady” I saw a guy wearing black framed glasses and he was smiling from ear to ear, Hi.. I smiled politely and he just hugged me I was kinda shocked but it was sweet.. They all said their hello’s and I poured myself a drink and sat down watching them create music.. “Yo where’s Bruno?” “I don’t know man he was out with some girl last night” “AGAIN?” “Yeah, I swear that boy is going to fuck till he drops” They started laughing and I couldn’t help but let out a small laugh but it just didn’t feel right yet.. “Hi..” I looked over to the door and that guy was standing there he was wearing a shirt with some jeans nothing too special but he pulled it off like no other.. “Bruno take off the glasses” “No” “You’re hungover aren’t you” “Yes” He was texting and looked up at me “Hey you’re that girl” I have a name.. “Yeah I know” He made a face like he was thinking hard “Alena right?” I nodded “How have you been” Great.. “Oh wow we just met and you’re already lying to me..” I chuckled, I could do better “Well I get this feeling it’s personal so if you want to talk i’m here if you don’t..well I hope you’ll be ok” I smiled, Thank you I will.. Kenji sat next to me and put his hand over my shoulder and gave Bruno a look. He threw his hands up in self diffense “Alright, alright” He got up and went outside I frowned a little he made me feel comfertable. “Alena he’s a nice guy but just stay away from him, ok?” Why.. “Just promise me” I nodded, ok, I really didn’t want to but after all Kenji’s done for me I would not dissapoint him for a guy.. The day went by fast and I felt better hell it was alot better then sitting in a room and cry the whole time..


“Alena let’s go” Don’t you want to go out with your friends? “No it’s cool i’ll go another time “I shook my head, no go really i’ll be fine you have done enough Kenji go have some fun “Sure?” Yeah it’s ok go ahead.. “You wanna come?” Seriously? I don’t even have a dress.. “We’ll go home first I know you got that black one” Damn. Ok.. He smiled and ran over to the car like a little kid “Get in!” We drove to the house and I took a shower did my hair and make-up it had been a long time since I did this.. I put on the black dress and grabbed my heals “Woah you look stunning Alena” Thank you Kenji.. “Ready to go?” Yeah i’m done.. “Ok then” We went downstairs and the guys were sitting in the car waiting, You didn’t tell me they were waiting I feel bad.. “Oh it’s cool they didn’t mind.” He opened the door for me I tryed to sit down without revealing too much.. I’m sorry I made you guys wait.. “It’s ok sweetie” I smiled and he smiled back that smiled damn I think stars would be jealous.. “You look beautiful by the way” Thank you Bruno “UHUM” I looked over at Kenji and so did Bruno he gave us both a look and we busted out laughing “Ok you three shut the hell up” Sorry.. We drove to a club and the line was so long I didn’t even know if there was an end.. We are going to have to wait forever.. “Nah it’s cool Jam’s cousin owns the place we can get in without waiting” Oh cool.. We were walking towards the entrance and I was talking with Phil “Oh my god the sister killer gets to go inside and we have to wait?” I froze I couldn’t believe she said that I turned to face her and walked over till I was inches away from her face, If you ever talk about my sister again I swear i’ll kill you.


Chapter 2 


"Oh like you killed your sister?" I slapped her so hard she fell I felt this anger inside of me and the need to just slap her some more but I felt someone grab me "She's not worth it" Kenji.. I want to go.. "Oh come on just for some bitch who doesn't know shit" Please.. "Kenji i'll take her you go inside man you deserve it" "You sure?" "Yeah" He looked at me and all I could do is just look down and feel the tears roll down my face "Is it ok if he brings you?" I nodded and started walking to the car and it was all getting too me the day she died was repeating in my head her long black hair the ambulance everything.. I fell to the ground and started crying right there in the middle of the parkinglot I felt someone hug me and I knew it was Bruno "Please don't cry" I shook my head, she was right I killed her.. "What happened.." I started crying even more I wanted to just dissapeare and be left alone "It's ok you don't have to tell me.." Her name was Halia.. she was nine and my little sister.. I went surfing with her I began crying more and he just heald me tighter "Keep going" She asked me if she could surf in the black zone and I said yes I kept my eyes on her the whole time Kenji came and I started talking with him..when I wanted to go get her she drowned.. I remember the ambulance I heald her hand and sang her favorite song ..she died. "Oh my god.." I put my arms around his neck and hugged him tighter I needed this right now.. "It's not your fault Alena don't think that please.." Yes it is! I should have never let her go it's my fault I should have died that day not her! "Please don't say that.." I want to go home Bruno..please "Ok let's go" He helped me up and we started walking to he car not saying a word he just put his arm around my waist "I don't like seeing you cry" I'm sorry... "Don't apoligize I totally understand but it's just..I just met you but I really care and it hurts to see you cry" I felt this warm feeling inside, That's sweet I care about you too Bru... "Really?" Yeah I do it's just something about you.. "My sexiness?" I laughed, Yeah it's probably that.. He gave me a cheesy smile and opened the door, Thank you "Your welcome" I sat down and checked on my make-up..shit.. "You look beautiful" No I look like the fucking grudge.. "A pretty grudge though" I smiled, right..


Something about her smile, wow it just made me warm inside she was beyond beautiful and seeing her cry like that made me want to freaking kill that girl but I wasn't a kind of guy to put my hands on a women. "Thank you" I frowned, For what? "For being here.." I always will.. "Bru I really like you.." YEAAAHH!!, Oh I like you too Alena.. "But why did Jam tell me to stay away?" He said that? Fuck you Jam. "Yeah but why?" I don't know.. "Bru please don't lie" I kinda have this bad...habbit. "Oh really?" Yeah.. "And what is it?" I kinda loose, She sighed "I know your type" What do you mean? "You know you fall in love you date you have sex she gets boring you move on" Damn you really get to the point don't you? "Why waist time with small talk?" I chuckled, Exaclty.. "Don't do that to me.." What do you mean? "Bruno I want to give this a try but please don't leave cause I wont be able to handle it" I wont. I said that alot but this time I really ment it, just something about her made me feel.. I don't have the right word.. Just good, She made me feel good. 


I can't believe I just said that. I would have never told a guy I'm into him but he made me feel comfortable so why wait and waste time like I said before.. "So you want to go home?" Yeah.. You can come upstairs we can watch a movie or something.. "As long as I'm with you.." Oh my god you're so cheesy.. "Would you just let me have my moment?" No. He gave me a look and all I could do was laugh "So you still live with Kenji?" Yep.. "When did you leave home?" I didn't really leave.. "What do you mean" My..uh mom didn't want me to live there after, you know.. "That's terrible.." Let's just talk about something els.. "Yeah alright" I sat down on the couch and put my head back.. "You that tired?" Yes.. "So what are you going to do when we go to LA?" What? I frowned I had no idea what he was talking about.. "Kenji didn't tell you.." Tell me about what? "Were going to LA next month you know you have a better shot making it over there then in Hawaii.." Yeah.. I guess i'll have to move out.. "Come with us" What? That's crazy i'm 18 I can't move to LA "Well what is keeping you here?" Well..nothing I guess but I don't know if the guys would like that.. "Fuck them I want you too" I smiled, you're so cute.. "Cute? You mean i'm sexy?" Cute and sexy.. "I aint got nothin on you tho.." I smiled, he kissed me softly, I pulled back.. What was that for? "I just really like you.." I bit my lip, I like you too.. I kissed him again now a little harder and suddenly he slipped his toung in my mouth, shit. He pulled back and frowned "Girl what the hell are you going?" I'm sorry I don't know how to frenchkiss that well.. "You're so cute" I put my head in my hands and giggled..i'm so embaressed. "Don't be I'll teach you" How are you going to do that? "Practice...Alot. I laughed and he kissed me again, "No girl look just go with it don't think so much.." I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.. "Damn it's kissing not math" Shut up.. I put my hand around his neck and pulled him closer and took his advise and I think it worked.. "Oh hell yeah you're going to be just fine." I laughed, we started making out and he pushed me so I would lie down on my back, He kissed my neck and I felt him get hard.. Bruno wait no not now.. "Ok.." I knew he was dissapointed, I'm sorry.. "Don't be really, it's your first time isn't it?" I nodded "It's ok babe" He called me babe.. that sounded right. He leaned back and put his hand around my shoulder "Whenever you're ready" 


She was slowly falling asleep, I couldn't take my eyes off her I was kinda dissapointed she wouldn't go any further but I totally understood it was her first time and she probably wanted it to be special..I don't know why girls make such a big deal out of this but I respected her and I wouldn't make her do something she didn't want to do. "Bru i'm tired.." Oh ok i'll leave and let you go to bed, I slowly started getting up when I felt her grab my wrist "No, stay with me.." You sure? "Yeah you're not going to rape me or anything?" I laughed, I wouldn't call it rape you'd enjoy it too much.. "Oh my god you're so full of yourself!" I laughed and grabbed her hand, let's go.. We opened the door and she jumped on the bed and burried her face in the pillow, "I love my bed.." 


He chuckled and lied down next to me kicking off his shoes "You want me to get you your Pj's" He was so sweet.. That would be great.. He got up walking over to my closet and picking out a black tank top with some sweatpants, "here you go" He put them on the bed and went outside, what a gentleman.. I put them on and put my hair into a messy bun, You can come in.. "Look at you all sexy" I laughed and lied down closing my eyes I felt him put his arm around me but I didn't mind I liked it.. "I like this Alena" Me too.. "I coud get use to it" Same here.. After that I fell asleep only to be awoken by Kenji.. "THE FUCK" I jumped up almost falling off the bed and so did Bruno, What the hell Kenji! "Why is he in your bed?" We were sleeping jeez.. "There's a perfeclty good couch" Kenji i'm eightteen I can take care of myself. "Ok fine but if you end up getting hurt don't come running to me" Fine. "Fine" FINE!


I sat there watching them fight and I hated the fact that it was about me, damn they were talking about me like I wasn't even their.. HEY HEY WILL YOU BOTH SHUT UP? They looked at me in mock horror she shook her head and got up "This is all bullshit!" She slammed the bathroom door, I felt bad for yelling but they would have kept going forever.. "Man I told you to stay away what the fuck!" Don't start Kenji.. I got up pulling up my pants "What do you mean, Bruno you know you'll hurt her and I care way too much for her to let you" I wont hurt her ok? And honestly this aint any of your business. "Oh so you can come and fuck all my best friends and it aint my business hu?" Yeah exactly. "Well fuck you" Kenji would you shut the fuck up? "No I WONT YOU'RE SUCH AN ASSHOLE" Kenji shut up man.. We were really getting in eachothers face and I didn't like it at all.. "You come in MY house and sleep in MY bed with MY best friend wich I told you to stay away from and know you are talking shit to ME? You're a fool Bruno" Just get out my face Kenji.. "Guys stop oh my god!" She came and seperated us "You are both acting like children, Kenji I am eightteen I can take care of myself and I don't need you to watch my every move and Bruno I think its best if you go.." What? "Just go i'll call you ok?" Ok.. I kissed her passionately when she pushed me back "Stop!" She chuckled and grabbed my hand walking me over to the door


I had fun.. "Me too" He embraced me and kissed my forhead "Let me take you out" I would love to but not today, ok? "Ok babe" He pulled back and kissed me softly, "Bye" Bye.. He left, The smile on my face felt good and it felt right now maybe I was finally getting over Halia.. "Im out" Kenji grabbed his jacket and left so fast I didn't even had time to respond I knew he was upset but this wasn't any of his business. I took a shower and closed my eyes the water felt so good against my skin and all I could think about was Bruno and him holding me, Snap out of it Alena.. I grabbed a towel and rapped myself up and walked to the bedroom changing into a little blue dress and some heals I curled my hair and put on a little lipgloss, Done.. I grabbed my phone seeing a message from Bruno 'Miss you already' I smiled he was so sweet, damn I was falling for him.. I walked to a locale diner and sat down at the bar "What can I get you?" A cup of coffie please.. "Coming right up" I looked around and saw a guy stare at me I smiled politely "Here you go" Thanks.. I took a sip and saw someone walk over "Hey" Hi.. "How are you?" I'm good.. "So what's your name pretty lady?" I smiled and turned to face him, I'm dating and not looking for anything so please leave me alone. "Woah I just asked your name" I sighed, Alena.. "Pretty name for a pretty girl" Oh my god. I got up walking towards the exit and felt someone grab my wrist "Dont walk out on me like that!" I'll do whatever the hell I want I pulled but he wouldn't let go "I just want to talk" I looked at him and saw Bruno standing behind him walking over to us he looked pissed. Dude let her go" "Oh so this is your little boyfriend hu what are you going to do about it?" He punched him and the guy fell and started bleeding and soon they were fighting.. "Bruno stop please!" I tryed pulling him off but he was way to strong, Bruno I love you! He stopped and looked at me in shock "What??" 


Chapter 3 


I let the guy go not even caring what happened and grabbed both her hands and kissed her softly, I love you too. "Bruno.." Don't please..Even if you don't feel the same way just stay with me. "I love you" I smiled and kissed her again holding her closer to me we pulled back, "Let's go get something to eat" Alright.. We went to a little Italien place not letting go of eachothers hands at all. "May I take your coat?" Sure.. I gave her my coat and she walked away not even looking at Alena "She did not just do that." I chuckled, Calm down babe she probably just forgot.. "Yeah forgot.." She came back looking me up and down, I wish she would stop before Alena really lost it. "Follow me" She showed us our table we sat down still holding hands "May I take your order?" Sure i'll have the spaghetti and a coce please.. "Ok, you?" She didn't even look Alena in the eyes, it was going down now. "Oh well first of all you could pop your fucking eyes back in your head and stop checking out my boyfriend and if you do that you can bring me the same thing got that?" I looked at her in shock.. And so did the waitress she just walked away to the kitchen "What?" That was hot. She laughed "Oh my god" We talked and I saw her come back with our food she put my plate in front of me and just threw Alena's in front of her like she was a damn dog. "Oh fuck no" She got up and wanted to go after her but I grabbed her hand tight


"Please don't.." I took a deep breath and nodded, Ok i'm sorry.. "So you called me your boyfriend.." My eyes widened...hmm..oh yeah..I kept looking at my plate playing with my spaghetti "You don't have to be ashamed I love being called your boyfriend" I smiled, Well get use to it. He smiled back damn his smile could make me shiver.. We finished dinner and he put his arm around me as we walked home "This was fun" Yeah it was.. "So have you thought about what I said?" I don't know Bru L.A is a big step.. "Alena please come I wont go without you" Bru no I can't let you give up your dream for me "You are my dream.." I stopped walking and he looked kinda confused.. I put my arms around his neck looking him in the eyes before I leaned in to kiss him, his lips felt so good against mine "You've improved babygirl" I laughed, I was taught by the best.. "Oh hell yeah" He pulled me closer kissing me again but harder this time "Soo you'll come with me?" Bru.. "Alena come on what keeps you here.." I don't know Bru this is my home.. "And mine too but were grown ups now we can't stay here forever..." I know..You're right, His face was priceless "So you'll come?" I nodded, ok Bru.. He kissed me again "I love you" I love you too when are we leaving? "Next week" Damn that fast hu? "Yep" Bruno? "Yes baby?" Sing for me.. "Sing for you? "Yeah I'm dating you and i havent even heard you sing.. "What do you want me to sing?" Surprise me..


If I told you I was perfect I'd be lying girl if there's something i'm not doing girl i'm trying I know I'm no angel, no. But I'm not so bad, no no no no, You should know there's beautiful girls all over the world I could be chasin but my time would be waisted they got nothing on you baby..


"Oh my god Bruno your voice is incredible.." Oh stop it.. "No really you're like an angel." I'm nothin compared to you.. "Yes you are you're beautiful" Beautiful? I'm Handsome and Sexy.. I'm not beautiful i'm a guy babe.. "No you are beautiful in every single way I love everything about you.." We'll talk in two weeks then we'll see if you think the same. "I will" I smiled, I love you so much.. "I love you more Bru" I doubt it. We walked home and I kissed her goodbye I didn't want to leave but I wasn't in the mood to handle Kenji right now I snapped out of my thought when my phone started ringing, Hello? "Bru.." What's wrong Phil? "She's here.." Who? "Chanel." Oh shit well send her away I don't want to see her "She wont listen to me man get your ass over here and deal with her i'm not in the fucking mood to handle your crazy ass ex's .." Ok i'm coming bro "Alright" See ya.. I walked home expecting world war three but it was normal she was sitting on the couch texting, I closed the door and went over to the bar and poured myself one bigass drink. "Still being a drunk?" Still being a whore? "Bruno I didn't come her to fight" Then why did you come? "I miss you" 


I made myself some soup and watched tv, wow time was going fast now that I think of it I havent seen Kenji it's getting late.. I'm going to call him. "Hey" Hi.. "What do you want?" Kenji where are you? "I'm out" Out where? "At a friends place" Oh when are you coming home? "I don't know" Kenji are you still mad? "No" Kenji.. "Yes" Oh come on.. "Alena let's talk when i'm home ok?" Alright, bye.. He hung up, I sat down at the bar reading a magazine to pass the time, Ugh i'm going to bed. I got up and walked to my bedroom, I lied down and fell asleep almost instantly.. I woke up and looked at the time..8.25 why am I up? I got up and got ready, I went to the livingroom and there was nobody there..Normally Kenji slept on the couch since I had taken his room but he wasn't there I picked up my phone and dialed his number, no answer.. I tryed calling him again but he wouldn't pick up why the hell was he making such a big deal out of this? I just pushed it to the back of my mind.


Chanel this is wrong.. "No it's not Bruno" She started kissing my neck and I felt her trying to unbuckle my belt, Chanel stop. She sighed "Why?" I'm seeing someone.. "So?" I'm not you Chanel. I walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed putting on a shirt "Bruno please I need this" So what whenever you want sex you come knocking on my door i'm not a fucking manwhore Chanel. "No I need you I want you back Bruno I know what I did was wrong but just please forgive me." No Chanel I'm in love and you're not the one I love just leave please.. "Fine but i'll be back." She walked out the door...damn I messed up. I looked at my phone and Alena had called over ten times, I called her back "Hello?" Hey babe "Why didn't you answer my call?" I was busy sorry "It's ok have you seen Kenji?" No why? "He's been gone from last night i'm getting worried" Probably met a girl don't worry, you want to come over? "Oh sure i'll get dressed" Alright babe "Bye" Bye.


I put on a pair of skinny jeans with vans and a simple sweater, I was still thinking about Kenji god I hope he's alright I walked over to Bruno's it wasn't that far so there was no need to drive and the fresh air was doing me some good.. "Hey babe" He kissed me moving aside so I could come in, I sat down on the couch and he joined me putting his arm around my shoulder "Babe?" Yes? "I missed you" You saw me yesterday "I know" Well when your famous and you'll be touring all the time you will get used to not seeing me alot "I'll take you with me" Promise "Pinky swear" He heald out his pinky, God he was so cute I kissed his cheek "Nu-uh none of that" He grabbed my face pinning me down while kissing me passionalty, I pulled back for air but he wouldn't even let me catch my breath he started stroking my stumock and moving his hands up "Bruno.."


Ok so this part is a little...dirty so if you don't like it just skip this part :)


I sighed..I got off her regretting my sigh she looked sad "I'm sorry.." Don't be babe whenever you're ready "I am ready I'm just scared.." Of what? "You know maybe i'll do something wrong.." Babe you don't even have to do anything.. "What do you mean?" I got closer to her kissing her neck, Just go with it.. "Bruno..go slow" I nodded and pushed her back kissing her neck and taking off her shirt we were really starting to get into it and then my fucking phone started to ring "You got to be kidding me right now" Ignore it. I kept kissing her but the ringing just wouldn't stop "Bru just get it" Fuck my life. I picked up kinda angry? HELLO? "Woah what's your problem dude get yo ass over to the studio" I'm kinda in the middle of something. "I don't care get over here" Phil man come ooonn "What are you doing" I'm with Alena.. "Ohhh I get it ok man be here in a hour" Thanks man.. "Alright bye" Bye.. 


Who was that? "Oh Phil" What was it about "Babe forget him let's just have fun?" I smiled, he got on top of me kissing my neck and colorbone, he had taken my shirt and pants off so fast I didn't even realize it. I tryed unbuckling his belt but the damn thing just wouldn't come off i heard him chuckle..damn "Babe you are so cute" This aint cute. "Yes it is" No it's not I can't even take your damn pants off oh my god. "It's ok...alot of people have trouble doing that." I gave him a look and he just laughed "Ok i'll handle it" He took off his pants and shirt, my jaw dropped his body was beyond perfect "Babe you're staring" hot. He busted out laughing but I was serious...damn. He got on top of me ..again. And pulled off my underwear I was a little uncomfertable and I guess he felt that "Babe don't worry I love your body" We were kissing when I felt him trying to enter me it hurt a little but I survived. "That's it babe" All I could do was moan his name damn this felt so good, Bru.. deeper.. His eyes widened, "Ok babe" He spread my legs making him go deeper, OH SHIT.. This felt beyond incredible he kissed me but I kept moaning in his mouth "Babe cum for me" I bit my lip feeling a climax coming, I let out a huge moan, "Fuck yes." He went faster, oh my god.


Babe get on top "What?" You know, babe you know what I mean "But what if I like..hurt you" You wont hurt me come on.. "Ok.." She got on top and started riding me she was kinda hesitating at first but she picked up real fast. Damn are you sure this was your first time, holy shit.. I threw my head back and she went faster "Babe am I doing it right?" GOD YES. She went faster, I climaxed..hard. She kissed me "I have to go" No stay here.. "Bru what about Ke-" Alena it's me and you not me you and Kenjiok? He has to stay out of our damn business. "Bru you don't understand" What don't I understand? "He's been there for me all the time when Halia died and I had nowhere to stay he was there and he always was i'm not abolut to leave him." Fine go then. I pulled up my pants and went upstairs I was kinda pissed. 

I sighed, I wish he would understand.. I got dressed, Bruno come down here please... He came downstairs fully dressed "What?" I'm leaving "Bye" Oh so it's like that hu? I was getting a little emotional he just took my virginity and second after he's acting so cold. "Like what? I said bye what the fuck do you want?" Nothing Bruno I want nothing from you, I walked out the door and took the bus home, I was so angry at him how dare he talk to me like that..bastard. I got to the appartment, I was not in the mood for talking at all I opened the door walking straight to my room, I heard a knock.. "Alena?" Hmm.. "He hurt you didn't he?" No... "Alena" We just had a fight.. "About?" Nothing Kenji.. "Alena come on you know you can talk to me" About you. "What about me?" We had a fight about you, I wanted to come home to see if you were here and then he got mad cause I wouldn't stay.. "Alena.." I looked up at him and he kissed me passionately.