Chapter 1-5

22/03/2012 19:09

Chapter 1:
Hi I'm Abrianna Smith. 15. Live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I'm Eric's best friend! (In this story Eric is only 2 years older than Bruno) I've met ALL of his sisters but not his 'one' brother. I heard that 'he's ALWAYS busy'. I mean he is in my grade, he goes to the same school! Anyway I'm walking to Eric's house when *bump*

"Oh sorry" a tan guy with an afro said looking up only to look right back down at his handheld game. For the split second I saw his eyes I knew who he was. It's who me and my best friend call "The Jerk". Why? He dumped her 3 days ago after a year of dating and is already going out with someone else. 


"Yo calm down I said i'm sorry!" He then mumbles something under his breath.

"You think that solves everything huh? You break someone's heart and think when you just say "sorry" everything's okay?! No" I see his face break out into a crooked smile and before I got the chance to wipe that smirk of his face Eric walked out.

"Oh hey Eric so when do I meet your brother?" I look back at the jerk and he smiles again but in an evil way. I shake my head in disbelief "No. no no. Eric? THAT is your brother?

"Surprise!" He says walking over to us."A meet Peter, Bruno meet Abrianna." He said pointing to one another. Bruno gives him an irritated face. He looks at me and smiles.
"I'm Bruno."

"I thought you were Peter?"

"Call me that and I won't answer" I cross my arms and roll my eyes but dont really know why.

"At least try to be friends." Eric says looking at me

"WHAT?!" Bruno laughs. "Shut up Peter!" He stops laughing and gives me a death glare. Meanwhile Eric laughs. We both look at him. "Kids, immature kids, try to get along"

"That'll be easy," Bruno says "she has a crush on me!" My mouth drops at his words.

"Eric I do not!"

"Do too!" Bruno says.

"Do not!"

"Do too!" I see Eric slowly leave.

"Do too" Bruno says again.

"NO! I do NOT!"

"C'mon every girl does"

"First you are way too conceded and 2nd "every girl" doesn't cause I dont"

"Don't lie" He said lightly touching my cheek. It felt like he shocked me. I move his hand from my cheek.

"I don't and don't touch me." His eyes get big.

"You REALLY don't like me?!"

"Duh! Earth to Peter!"

"Wow thats a first!" I roll my eyes. He is so cocky. His eyes light up.

"I can make you like me." he said

"I doubt it!"

"Give me a.... month and you will love me"

"Is that a challenge?" I ask. He shakes his head. "You can try" I say then shake his hand.

"Oh Can I? Great! Pick you up at 7 so be ready!"He said then winked turning around to run.

"WAIT! THIS IS NOT A DATE!" I scream running after him.

"I KNOW!" He yells.

"WAIT!" I don't know why i'm chasing him anymore but I am. He turns aruond running backwards to say "Catch me" and wink. He turns back around and runs faster. D*mn he runs fast! I chase him for about 10 minutes then stop in my tracks "WOW!"......


Chapter 2:
I'm standing at the beach and there was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen! The mixtures of pinkish-purple, yellow, orange, and a hint of blue, he sun almost floating on the ocean. I must have been standing there a while, frozen. I slightly jumped when I saw someone snap their fingers in my face. I turn to see Bruno smiling holding in a laugh. "You okay?"

"Yea it's just so beautiful" I say shaking my head. He crosses his arms.

"Falling for me already?" He smiles

"No. I was talking about the sunset. And stop doing that!"

"What?" He says with a little laugh


"It's only because i'm with you!"

"Oooh shut up!" I walk to the shore. It's nice hearing that kind of stuff but this is just a game right? DUH! I started thinking of a lot of things and didn't notice how cold it is. I also didn't notice Bruno was sitting next to me. I notice when I felt his jacket on my shoulders. I thank him and wrap it around me. The sky was now just pink and purple I though to myself looking up. There was a silence between us. My brain wondered off again. "huh?" I said after I noticed he had said something.

"I saaiid," he said playing then turning serious "do you really think i'm a jerk?" I frowned then remembered what I said earlier.

"Weeellll.... you hurt my friend pretty bad, I stand up for her and I always have her back. Boys don't come in between us." He looked at me and frowned "Who?"
"Have you had too many girls to remember Carol?"His face went straight. "Oh. Carol" I noticed how close we were. I moved back but not because of how close we were. I wanted to see his whole face clearer. He looked sad and started playing in the sand with his hands, not making eye contact. 

"Tell me."


Chapter 3:
"Tell me" I whisper but loud enough for him to hear me over the waves and wind. The wind was blowing my medium length dark brown hair everywhere. I put my hand on his arm for him to feel comfortable around me. Then after about 30 seconds of him not saying anything, I gently lift up his chin. I looked deep into his tear-filled eyes and saw sorrow, pain, misery, but also love. After a long time of silence, I gently wipe away the single tear that escaped and ran down his soft, cold cheek.

"It's ok. Please" He looked me in the eyes a little longer then spoke under the already dark sky.

"I'm sorry, I feel like such a wimp cr-" I put my finger over his soft lips and "Shhed" him

"Boys can show their emotions. It doesn't make you any weaker, but you know what does?" He shook his head no. "Holding it all in" I got up and dusted myself off. Then I reached out my hand. "Now lets walk home. It's getting late." He grabbed my hand. Another small spark I chose to ignore. 

"Then you can tell me!" We started walking. He took a deep breath and started talking.

"She was my first love... she was everything I needed." He said. Love at 15? I thought to myself. I still listen attentively.
"I fell for her hard and I thought one day I would marry her,"

"Marry?" I whisper almost inaudible 

"Yes, marry. We even talked about our future," He said turning to me. I raise my eyebrows.

"Like..." He turned his head forward again.

"Like... We would get married out here and move out to L.A. to pursue my dream of making it big in the music industry 'cause I know I can't make it big out here. Then when I do I can take a break to be with her and we would buy a big house with space to store stuff and enough rooms and space to run 'cause we would have 5 kids. They'd need enough room and they would have enough money for everything they need and more. But when I do need to go on tour they could visit me sometimes and I would get them whatever they want..."

"Wow.." I said surprised at his detail answer. "T-thats awesome" I say looking at him smiling.

"I know" He says still smiling. I knew it would be harder than he thinks with the touring and everything but I didn't want to say that.

"Then I took her to meet my family.." His smile dropped.

"W-what h-happened next?"


Chapter 4:
"What happens next?" He looks away into the street. 

"My-" He says almost inaudible. I put my hand on his arm for comfort. He clears his throat and starts again. " My mom... didn't like her. She said she's a bad influence on me. She said she changed me. I would sneak out to meet her, not listen to the rules, and my grades dropped. My mom said if my grades didn't come up at the end of last year she would stop me from seeing her. My grades didn't come up so I told her I had already broken up with her. Everything was fine till... Alishia moved here" He looked up and I looked at him confused. "My girlfriend" He said then looked at his hand slid down on top of his. I blushed and moved my hand away quickly.

"Sorry." I looked down.

"What?" He chuckled. "You act like its such a big deal. We didn't kiss!" He said and looked up at me. we made eye contact and it went silent for a second.

"Sorry." I say looking down again.

"Stop saying sorry!"

"SOR- um ok?" He laughs again but the smile slowly sinks.

"Sooo where were you?" I ask.


"Ok you don't HAVE to."

"Really?" He asks hopeful

"Not today but someday."

"Thanks" He says sarcastically 

"Your welcome!" I get up and put my arm out. I don't know why but this time I want to feel that small spark. "lets go home!"

"Ya know I can get up on my own?" He says giving me a questioning look.

"Oh." I put my arm down and look at the ground, not wanting him to see me blush again. He pushes my chin up with his hand. There's that spark! I smile.

"It's cute."

"What?" I say confused. 

"When you blush." He says smiling at me. Our faces were inches away from each others. I get kinda scared when he starts to lean in. We can't kiss! At least not yet!


Chapter 5:

He whispers "Lets go home." an inch or less in front of my face and backs up smiling. He starts to walk off and I try to fix my mixed up, confused brain "Wait!" He says turning back around. "You wanted me to kiss you!" He points his finger in my face.

"What? NO!"

"Then move." He says with a smirk on his face.


"Because we have to walk home"

"I dont want to!"

"Why not?" He say, the smirk never leaving his face.

"Because this spot is comfortable." I say assuring him

"Oh really?" He says walking closer to me. 

"Yep." He walks until his eyes and nose are all I can really see.

"Well you know what I want?" He whispers to me.


" A k-" is what he started to say. I know he's not gonna say kiss! I just know it. But what if he does? "-c-cupcake" He says it all slow and I can feel his warm breath on my neck. "So lets go home!" He starts to walk away again. 

"What the hell!?" I yell after him. He turns around but keeps walking.

"Ahh so you do want a kiss!"

"No! You're just so weird!" I say catching up to him. "UGH! You confuse me so much!" I say walking past him. I turn around to say something "A-" he's not there. I get kinda scared because I don't like being by myself outside at night. I know its kinda kiddish but I am. I turn back around and scream.

"OW! My eardrums thank you!" Bruno says.

"Bu- how'd you- but-" I put my hand over my racing heart. "Bruno dont EVER do that again 'cuz next time I won't hesitate to hit you upside the head with a pipe!" Just then some adult comes out of a house. Bruno pulls me behind a wall.

"Did you have to scream so loud?" He whispers while watching the grown woman look around.

"It's your fault!" I whisper back. All of a sudden he starts laughing. "It's not funny!"

"No. I know. I just didn't know I could make you scream so loud." He say still laughing. I slap his arm. "Ow!" He complains.

"Oh stop being a baby!'

"It was just a joke!"

"A dirty one!"

"Psh! I've heard worse!" I look at him kinda wanting to know but kinda not.

"Oh?" He looks at me and sees my expression.

"Oh I'm not telling you!"

"And why not?"

"Cuz you're a girl!"


"Oh look the lady's gone a look at time time! gotta run!" He says looking at his wrist.

"You don't even have a watch on!" I yell after him. 

"Goodnight!" He yells back. I hurry and go home. I sneak up to my room because it's 15 minutes past my curfew. Where did the time go? I replay everything in my head till I un expectantly drifted to sleep...