Chapter 1-6

07/04/2012 19:56

Chapter One


Everyday I am sitting here wondering whether or not I will ever be happy again, but always fail at getting the answer..


I am a college student and my name is Chasity I'm 25yrs old, tan skin, long black hair and what the majority of guys would say a body to die for, but I don't think so. I don't really associate with anyone I guess you can say that I'm shy or whatever. as I was walking towards the study hall I hear some loud obnoxious guys talking and laughing like people aren't in there trying to concentrate or study, ugh! I continued to walk pass them when one of them gently grabbed my wrist and guided me back to where they were. I wasn't in the mood to actually talk to him but I must say he was very sexy with tan skin also, million dollar smile and them eyes omg his eyes are gorgeous..


Guy: hey uhm are you from around here? 'cause I've never seen you before. 


Me: Uh Y-yeah I am, why'd you ask?


Guy: I don't know, but what I do know is that you're so beautiful, what is your name?


Me: Look I really don't have time to chat I'm gonna be late for my class I'm sorry, but nice meeting you..


Guy: I'm bruno *he winked at me biting his lip*


Me: see ya later bruno 


Bruno: wait I didn't catch your name


Me: *turned around walking backwards* I never threw it * I smiled at him and walked away*


wow he is such a hottie but I'm afraid to give my heart to someone else but he's got this vibe that it's hard to figure out like he's blocking me from figuring him out. once I made it to my class I sat at my lab table and as soon as I turned my head bruno was sitting right next to me smiling that beautiful smile


Me: what are you doing here?


Bruno: Uhm I have this class


Me: Is that right? *squinting my eyes*


Bruno: and I will be your partner for the rest of the semesters. don't that sounds good? you and me partners maybe even close partners *staring into my eyes with one eyebrow raised*


for some reason I felt like a lump of jello and my heart felt like it was about to jump out  of my chest fro the way he was looking at me


Me: Hmph!! *seductively looking him up and down*


I didn't realize it until he said something breaking me out of my trance


Bruno: like what you see sexy?


Me: you're one of a kind sweetheart


class began but I couldn't pay attention to the teacher because all I could do was think about bruno who was sitting next to me staring at me from time to time and when I did look at him he would bit his lip chuck his head up at me. this man is too much... after I finished all my classes I headed to my car to go home when I saw a note on my window shield,I opened it and it read: 


Hey beautiful,


I can't and I won't let you get away from me so here's my number and don't think about not calling me 'cause I will blow your phone up


Me: how the hel...


oh and don't worry about how I got your phone number 




he just won't give up will he?


Chapter Two


After I made it home I threw my bags and keys on the couch and headed for the kitchen to find something to eat and check my messages, cool didn't have any that was important so I didn't have anything to worry about. I walked to my bedroom to get in the shower letting the hot water soothe my tired body. once I got out I put on this: 


no sooner than I got in the bed bruno is calling me. ugh, I really don't feel like talking to anyone right now I'm so tired, but I guess it wouldn't hurt so I answered it.


Me: Hello bruno


Bruno: hey sexy you must have just gotten in bed?


Me: Saywa? how'd you know that?


Bruno: I just know and you sound a lot more relaxed than you were today


Me: *looking out the window* MmHmm, so what's up!


Bruno: you really want me to answer that? 


Me: you know this convo could end anytime you know with just one click lal


Bruno: I'm just kidding girl! look I called to ask if you had anything planned for tomorrow?


Me: yes I do actually, why?


Bruno: Oh, because I was wondering if we could get lunch together after class but no need to go on with it since you're busy and all *sounded sad*


Me: *rolled my eyes and sighed* has anyone ever told you, you were a brat? I will go to lunch with you


Bruno: for real? I mean *Ahem* yeah so uhm I will see you tomorrow sweetheart


Me: K bye!


Bruno: Bye


I can't believe I just agreed to go with him when I don't even know him but I mean it could mean making new friends being that I didn't have any. What should I wear? I wonder what he's going to look like tomorrow? okay chill out chasity it's not even a date and we're not even together so I need to stop worrying about that. after wrecking my mind over and over about my and his appearance and going to lunch with him, I finally fell asleep.


Chapter Three


The next day I woke up and brushed my teeth, going to the closet to find something to wear and I was having a pretty ruff time, but I decided to dress in something light with some soft colors since it was going to be a beautiful sunny day today so I decided to wear this:


once I finished I headed to school and straight to class seeing Bruno sitting in the chair talking to some girl until he saw me and sent her on her way leaving her looking at me with a snobbish face, whatever! 


Bruno: hey chaz *he said with a huge smile*


Me: hey brunz *lol*


Bruno: I'm really liking what you're wearing right now, so springy


Me: *gave him a dull stare* Really Bruno? springy? I wonder about you sometimes and besides it was a beautiful and I wanted wear something light and colorful


Bruno: and to impress me 


Me: What!?! no I did not *Lied* 


Bruno: right, I mean we're just going to McDonald's


Me: fine with me * I shrugged my shoulders*


Bruno: *looked shocked* what!?!?! I mean for real you wouldn't mind going there?


Me: I mean why not I don't discriminate when it comes to food as long as I eat that's all that matters


Bruno: I love you!


Me: lol what?


Bruno: I mean most girls would want the fine dining and champagne but you, you are so making me fall for you even more


Me: ooookay well lets pay attention to the teacher and we can talk more at lunch time


Bruno: fine with me sexy *winking at me*


after we finished our classes we headed to takami riding in his car since he insisted on driving being a gentlemen. we pulled into the parking lot and my eyes lit up seeing that we were in a high end sushi restaurant..


Me: why did we come here?


Bruno: because I wanted to make sure you get a taste of some real sushi


He got out and opened my door holding his hand out for me to take and once I was out he held his arm out wanting me to interlink my arm with his 


Bruno: shall we my lady


Me: lal you're something else


as we walked in it was huge and the decor and lighting was beautiful. the Waitress lead us to our table...


Waitress: welcome takami would you like to try any of specialty wines this afternoon?


Bruno: how bout the pinot grigio-verduzzo


Waitress: okay I'll bring that right out to you


Me: you could have just got me water you didn't have to get that


Bruno: 'cause that's what I had a taste for * he smiled*


the waitress brought the wine and we finally ordered and once the food finally came we dug in and it was amazingly delicious. she brought the check and I was a bit shocked at how much the bill was and pulled out my credit card until I looked up at Bruno who had an irritated look on his face


Me: why are you looking at me like that?


Bruno: what the hell are you doing?


Me: Um, I'm getting my card and pay for it, why?


Bruno: put that back in your wallet and don't ever do that again as long as you're around me okay?


Me: oookay *placing it back in my wallet* it's just that I'm...


Bruno: I'm not other guys so don't worry about it I gotcha


Me: well thank you for this lovely lunch brunz


Bruno: anything for you chaz * he smiled* so off to your car and I have to get to the studio and work on this second album..wait all this time I have been around you, you haven't even acknowledged who...


Me: I know who you're but in my eyes you're a human being just like me and shouldn't be treated any different


Bruno: let me get you back to your car before I take your adorable a** home


Me: lmbo omg okay let's go then handsome


we made it back to the college parking lot and he walked with me to my car


Bruno: well I guess I'll see you later or can I call you later * he bit his lip*


oh my god he bites his lip so sexy and them lips I just want to kiss them right now


Me: yes I will see you and yes you can call me later


Bruno: cool well I guess I'll call you later then *about to walk away*


Me: *gently grabbed his hand* thank you Bruno for lunch I really had a nice day with you


Bruno: *kissed my cheek* anytime beautiful


and with that he got back in his car and drove off. omg he kissed my cheek and his lips were do soft I wished that was my lips though, but this day has been the best day and I am always gonna remember it..


Chapter Four


After taking my shower and getting comfy in my bed my phone rings and I think to myself this man don't be playing and why in the hell is always when I'm about to go to bed? 


Me: *answered it* how it that you manage to call me at the same time everyday and when I'm about to get in the bed?


Bruno: because I'm the man and I can do that, what you got on?


Me: excuse me? lol


Bruno: I'm just messing with ya girl *lying*


Me: you don't have to lie, but nothing if that's what you want to hear 


Bruno: damn, but stop playing you got me all excited woman


Me: ahahaha sorry! Hmm it's that easy huh?


Bruno: is what that easy?


Me: don't pull my chain here you know what I mean boy


Bruno: hell yeah to be honest just simple touch or the way you look and you will see what's up


why in the world am I having this conversation with him right now and I'm lonely and getting sexually frustrated just thinking about how big it is and can he work the middle good oh gosh chasity snap out of it..


Bruno: hello are you still there?


Me: oh ahaha yeah I'm here so um when do you expect to have your next album out?


Bruno: hopefully by the end of this year, you a fan huh?


Me: I'm not gonna say 'cause then your head will be swollen by tomorrow from all the praises that I will give you because you're so amazing and talented and sexy and a big inspiration to all your fans including me, damn I wasn't supposed to tell you all that lol


Bruno: You just did! wow you really feel that way about me? I mean I hear it all the time but I never heard it from someone that I like, damn I wasn't supposed to say all that, yet!


Me: Awww you like me bruno?


Bruno: to be honest I have been liking you since the day I saw you walking down the hallway at school. I mean you're so beautiful and smart, sexy, etc. It's just something about you that's not like the rest of the girls I have met and never worked out


Me: why didin't it work out? I mean you're so sweet


Bruno: thanks but it's a long story and I really don't like talking about


Me: oh sorry. 


Bruno: it's ok sweetie but look I have to go but what are you doing saturday?


Me: nothing, why?


Bruno: because I want to take you some where if that's okay with you


Me: sure that will be fine


Bruno: great! so um I'll pick you up say around 2-2:30pm


Me: okay that's cool


Bruno: okay and don't get all sexy on me this time


Me: lol shut up you know you like it


Bruno: hell yeah. well talk to you later then chaz


Me: okay brunz K bye!


Bruno: bye!


Ahhhhhhhhh he is just so ughhhhh damn sexy and funny and just grrrrr I want him. I have never felt like this with any guy I have dated which was only two and they were douche bags of course, but bruno he was something different and new and I wanted that badly. 




I got up early to get some cleaning and laundry done before I left with bruno to go somewhere he wont tell me.I get dressed in something comfy like he told me: 


and exactly 2:00pm bruno was pulling up into the drive way getting out making his way to my door ringing the doorbell


Me: well hello there 


Bruno: *looking me up and down* 


Me: Ahem, up here


Bruno: didn't I tell you not to get all sexy on me? see now I don't know if we gone actually make it to where we are going 'cause I just want to hold you right now


Me: in due time now lets go


Bruno: okay


I thought I would tease him by walking pass him brushing myself up against him and doing a little model walk to his car..


Bruno's P.O.V


I drove over to chasity's house and once I got there I was all but surprised at where she was living I didn't expect it to look like this. I mean I didn't think it would be bad but this is beautiful. I turned the car off and got out fixing my clothes before I approached her door. once I got there I rang the doorbell and maybe a minute later she aswered the door and I wanted to take her down right where she was standing. damn she looked so damn good with her pink on looking like some bubble licious making me want to chew up all her bubble gum *I know corny right* but she looked so sexyyyy! she closed the door and walked pass me making herself lightly press up against me *calm down bruno not minnie me* but that didn'the help when I saw her switching her a** to the car, dayum this girl is seriously getting to me right now..


Me: are you just gonna sit there and stare or are we gonna leave?


Bruno: oh yeah um lets go then


I want this girl and today I am going to make sure I do without a doubt and I can tell she feel the same #LEGGO


Chapter Five


During the ride to where ever he was taking me the radio began to play:


I started singing along but could feel bruno's eyes on me watching me move my body slowly to the music and then hearing him mumble something under his breath


Me: Did you say something?


Bruno: Uh nothing, nothing just was thinking out loud 


Me: okay. sooo still not gonna tell me where we are going?


Bruno: Nope


Me: Fine


the ride became silent again until we pulled up into a marina and I was thinking and getting excited at the same time "are we going sailing?" I said to myself


Bruno: earth to chaz *waving his hand in my face*


Me: oh haha sorry just got lost in my thoughts


Bruno: okay come on 


he got out the car and opened my door for me holding his hand out to help me. as we were walking I felt awkward for some odd reason and then it hit me that he was walking behind me instead of being side by side so I made a complete stop and he ran into the back of me


Me: did you get it all?


Bruno: huh .. what?


Me: you were back there for so long did you get the image instilled into your mind for when you go to sleep?


Bruno: ahem idk what you're talking about


Me: Mmhmm *turned back around* should have taken a pic, it would have lasted longer *wink*


Bruno: okay turn back around


Me: No! lol


we get to the sailboat I guess that we were about to get on, it was huge and beautiful just breath taking. we got on and he lead me under the boat looking like this:


Me: oh my gawd bruno this is so sweet thank you *kissed him on the cheek*


Bruno: anything for you sweetie


Me: you're quit the romantic huh?


Bruno: well you know *shrugging his shoulders* I try


Me: well you're doing a pretty good job at it


Bruno: thanks. shall we *placing his hand on my lower back and the other out towards the table


Me: Lets


we sat at the table and talked and interrogated each other until we were finished and walked to the front of the boat and sat down enjoying the sun shining over the crisp blue water. it was then when I felt bruno sit closer to me putting his arm in the back of me


Bruno: can I be honest with you?


Me: sure, go ahead


Bruno: I really like you chaz and I want to be more than just what we are now I want there to be a me and you, an us as one. wanna make you happy, I want to be that one that can make love to you and make you feel like you're in heaven, I just want to hold you in my arms, I want to be your everything.


Me: wow brunz you really feel that way about me? 'cause I damn sure feel the same way


Bruno: I wanna kiss you


Me: what's stopping you?


and with that we shared our first kiss on a beautiful sunny day 


Chapter Six

We sat on the boat while I laid in his arms watching the sunset. I must say this has been one of the most happiest moments I have ever experienced well not really. I was once in a beautiful relationship with this guy who treated me like his queen never have he ever mistreated me or disrespected me, but then we find out that he had cancer and he died a month after finding out. bruno reminds me so much of him it's almost crazy, but I just hope that he is actually the one for me. finally the sail was over and he took me home..

Me: Thank you so much bruno for this lovely evening 

Bruno: you're welcome chaz anything for you

I leaned over and gave him a soft and short sweet kiss and opened my door to get out, but he stopped me before I pulled the handle

Bruno: Oh wait! *Getting out the car* where are my manners *opening my door* sorry about that 

Me: lol it's okay brunz

He walked me to my door holding interlacing his fingers with mine

Bruno: I want to tell you that I will be busy for the rest of the month. I got a show in vegas this week and then an interview, but I will call you when I can though is that okay?

Me: it's fine with me you don't have to run your schedule by me I understand you're a busy man

Bruno: *smiled* and that's why I like you

Me: ahaha whatever brunz but I'm getting a little tired and want to lay down soooo I will see you later 

Bruno: okay well um.. *walking up to me only inches away from my lips* I guess I'll see you later then *lightly kissed me*

Me: Mmm I guess so *lightly kissed him back*

Bruno: *kissed me passionately* damn, you making me not want to go home girl

Me: well in that case you bets be going then huh?

Bruno: oh it's like that? aha okay I'm going to remember that the next time *he winked*

Me: MmHm okay bye brunz

Bruno: bye chelz *getting into the car*

I waited til he left before I went into the house and started jumping around like a little kid. I headed straight for my messages and to my surprise my bestfriend from london called me saying she would be in town next weekend with her fiance, wow fiance? man I need to step my game up lol!! before I would call her I took a shower and wrapped my hair. I grabbed my phone and called her up to see what was up.

?: What's up hoe bout time you called me back geez

Me: sooorrray! I was um...I was on a date

?: OMG what?!?! hopefully he's not a douche bag like the last one 

Me: No, he's different, omg carly he took me sailing and had lunch ready for us on the boat and everything and we sailed until the sun set annnnd shared our first kiss.

Carly: Awww that is so sweet, but still he better not hurt you or I'm gonna have to do my signature move on him

Me: Ohhh no you won't 

Carly: yes I will and you know I will

Me: Carly you did that to brad the last time and he ended up with a neck brace 

Carly: well ahahaha he shouldn've did you wrong you know I got your back chel

Me: yeah I know, but anyway you're gonna be down next weekend I can't wait. it's been awhile since we've seen each other and went out and dance on some tables lol

Carly: hell yeah I'm ready! soooo have done firetruck with him yet?

Me: I just met him a couple of days ago, ain't ready for that yet

Carly: Oh well bish you was talking like yall been knowing each other for awhile

Me: no we haven't but I can see us getting a bit far  in the relationship though. he's definitely a keeper.

Carly: If you say so, but either way I'm happy to hear you happy again I won't have to hear about how frustrated you're anymore

Me: OMFG I was not telling you anything like that hoe, you were

Carly: Aha nooo I didn't I'm an angel

Me: *FacePalm* 

Here we go again. after spending the next hour catching up and her telling me about her fiance I decided to call it a night and within minutes I was sound asleep.