Chapter 1-7

11/02/2012 12:57
I’ve lost it. I’m a supermodel, but my heart skipped a beat, when I saw a guy on the corner of my eye. He’s name is Bruno. Bruno was the best songwriter ever, he kept on telling me that, I don’t need to put on a pile of make-up to look beautiful. Oh gosh, I could have seen it. He’s the right one for me, but I just couldn’t tell then. Now, that I could. I can leave Jesse, but I can’t. Why are these two guys sooo damn cute? They both, make me fell so dumb. Jesse, he’s the one that could love a girl, that could love a girl that has an ugly face, but a beautiful soul. Bruno, he loves a girl for, who she is. I love that. Those boys are irresistable. I love Jesse, he’s cute. But, it’s Bruno that make my heart melt. I love the way that he says my name. Lyne, Lyne, Lyne, Lyne. He says my name, like this… Lay-Knee. I love the way that, he always jokes around. He made a joke about a phone call, with CeeLo.

“He’s so huge… Like a human pigeon,” he says.

“Bruno, don’t make fun of CeeLo. He’s awesome,” I say, smiling.

I don’t know, who I should love anymore. My head says “Jesse,” but my heart says “Bruno.” God, Lyne Aubren. Just pick a boy, already. Pick between, Jesse and Bruno. But, it’s just too hard. I can’t be myself, any longer. I need a break from all of these dilemma. Oh, how about Hawaii? No, Bruno’s from there. New York? Uh no, Jesse’s from there. I know. I’ll go to London, then to Sydney, the Paris. I’m eighteen, I could do it.

“I have to go,” I say.

Bruno and Jesse looks at me. I sighed, and hesisated to tell, the both of them. The reasons, why I’m going.

“I can’t tell you, why? But I have to go,” I say.

“Lyne, just go.”

“Like she’s care, what we both think of,” Bruno argued.

I left the hotel lobby, and ran out. Not interested, at what the paparazzis are all asking me. I got in the car and drove off, to the airport. Knowing them, at least one would follow me, to Paris.


After leaving them in the studio. I didn’t head straight to the airport, the nearest airport. I went home. I saw my dad and my mom on the sofa, talking about making me, stop modeling to become the, so called president of a record label. I engored it for a while. I ran to my room and grabbed, the Gucci suitecase. I ran back to my car, and drove to the airport. That’s what actually happened, after I told them.

I got into the plane, and headed off, far away from them.

“See you in Paris,” I cry, in my heart.

At least, I’m the one. Whose leaving and not them. I would try, to help them out, with a song, but now. I’d rather be gone. On the plane, just before it took off. I wrote a verse, and sent it, to the boys. I wrote: “You think that you’re so fly, ‘cause you caught my eye, when we first started dancing on the floor.”

I admit it. It was hard to not see their face, so I packed myself. “Departure: Recharged” and “Doo-Wops & Hooligans” for the voices, that kept me going with life. I know, I know. It’s stupid, but atleast… I have a walkman to play the CD’s on. I have to say that, he can make my heart melt. I don’t even know, who he is yet.

When I arrived in London, a group of paparazzis and fans, were all waiting for me, to say something about the boys. I engored it. They kept on screaming and taking photos of me. I realized, I have to say something, now.

“Hey! Guys, what’s up?” I say, smiling.

“Lyne, are you gonna be on a music video, mate?” a photographer ask.

“No, not really.”

“How ‘bout Bruno and Jesse, any plans for a white weddin’?” ask another.

“No, not at the moment,” I say, thinking of them.

I posed with fans for pictures, and signed some pictures, but I kept myself in the distance of keeping them, in my head for any longer. Gosh! I wish, this stops now.  I know, I can change myself for one, but I can’t for the other.


I wrote this one, so there’s a connection between. The Sugababes and Bruno Mars, which is of course, Lyne Aubren and I did it, so Doo-Wops and Hooligans came out, first and Sweet 7 came out, a year later.

I went to the studio, to visit my friend, Keisha Buchanan — from the Sugababes, to find out, what was going on.

“Keisha, I heard about alleged backstage catfights, press junked tantrums, bulling, denials, fall outs, and attacking a superstar, singing sensation, like yourself. What’s his name, Garley Something?” I say.

“It wasn’t like that Lyne,” she reasoned with me. “And his name is Gary Barlow.”

I wanted to scream at her, but she’s my friend. I can never want more from her. When Heidi and Amelle came in, the room. I was shocked not to see, Mutya and Siobhan again. I mean, I’m friends with the lot of them, but it was something. We were like sisters, you know.

“Wow, the first time, I saw you guys. It was with Siobhan and Mutya, then Heidi came in the picture,” I smiled, lightly.

“You remembered that,” Keisha laughed.

“Yes, ever since,” I claimed.

“How ‘bout me?” Amelle asks.

“On the 6th album cover when I came back here again. I asked Keisha, who the girl was? and she was like, oh… That’s Amelle,” I remembered from the last time.

Now, they’re recording their 7th album and wanted to 5 more songs. They jumped to a smile to record a song written by the Smeezingtons. I flipped out, and a catfight, rolled out.


The catfight settled down, and I agreed to bring them over, but with only 250 pounds, in their pockets. They agreed and wanted to know, why I will only give 250 pounds, just to survive in London.

“I need to know, If he would do anything for a girl like me,” I laugh.

“Oh, great plan, then let’s go somewhere expensive and make them pay,” Amelle says.

“Too much, Amelle.”

“Yeah, I was kinda hoping that they would do anything for anyone.”

“Ok, fine. Let’s do that.”

Amelle. She knows, what I have in mind. She’s like a mind reader, but not really. A few hours later, I called Bruno.

“Hey, bitch. What’s up?”

“Ok, I’m good,  I’m not your bitch, ok.”

“Fine, So. What. Do. You. Want?”

“Ok, a few of my friends, over here in London. Well…”


“Well, they want you guys to write a couple of songs for them, and I’m giving y’all 250 pounds to spend, enjoy,” we hanged up, and I had a change of feeling, about this.

I had things. I thought was amazing, at first. I knew, I was not myself when I was with one, and I was all the right things, with the other. I don’t know, what to do when he gets here from L.A. I just want to know, if he likes me for who I am. I knew, how to handle a no when it’s coming up. But this time, I wasn’t so sure, if he’s even coming. I mean, it’s an apportunity to release his album in London, and other places. I don’t know, anything, anymore. I called him, twice but he didn’t pick up. This time, I called him again. He picked up.

“Hey, Bruno. What’s up?” I say.

“You called me, two times today. What’s wrong, Barbie?” he say, joking around with me.

“Nothing, Ken.”

“Hahaha, you’re such a comedian, Lyne.”

“Ha! Yeah! And so are you, you little hawaiian devil.”

“Ok, I’ll have to go, and meet you there.”

“Fine, go!” I smile. 

Damn… damn… damn… Moi got a crush on Bruno, oh no, that wasn’t supposed to happen, this early. No, no, no, no! NO WAY! I mustn’t do this to myself. Well, maybe a little bit, but damn I could, if I want to. When the girls walked in with their assistant, Keri Jones.

“Who were you talkin’ to on the phone, Lyne?” Keisha asks.

Damn, Keisha. She asks way too many questions about the Smeezingtons and my recent phone calls and text messages.

“Uhh.. Ari. We always joke around about Bruno and Janelle,” I lie.

“Wait, whose Janelle?” Keisha says.

“Wow, Janelle is just amazing, girl,” I say, to her about Janelle Monae.

“Whose Ari?”

“You’ll find out, pretty soon, dear.”

I wanted to tell her that Ari wasn’t Ari on the phone, but I couldn’t. She’s gonna flip when she find out, the truth about me and my life, right now.

Today is the day. When I… Bruno Mars, comes to Londontown, to make some music, with some Ladies. I don’t know, if Lyne is going to flip out when I kiss one of them, girls. Nothing is really going on with me and Lyne, so I can kiss a sugababe, If I wanted to.

Londontown, I’m going to have my album released in Londontown. Londontown, Londontown, but this town always changes. Wait, did I just freestyled in my head, right now.

I took a taxi with Phil and Ari, to the studio. Where Lyne thinks, she is. As always, you can’t trust her, when you really need her to tour, you around, London. I mean, she’s cute for a Puerto Rican, bitch. I’m Puerto Rican too, but she’s just so rich. A rich bitch, wait I should write a song about a girl, like her and pretend, it’s written with emotion, and not for fun.

“Fuck you,” I sing to myself.

Damn you, Lay-knee. I’m not going to lose to this game, your playing. I’m just going to play along, like I always do. Yeah… I’m talking to myself, damn.

“Ready, boys and the joker?” I say, joking around.

“So, I’m the joker now, Lay-knee,” he say, crossing his arms.

“Yes, and go. Keisha and the Sugababes, are waiting in studio b for you lot,” I say, dragging Bruno to Studio B.

Studio B, the recording studio, that I was in yesterday. Typical Tuesdays, just begun when Bruno thinks his the hottest thing, that ever walked on the planet. If the planet is not strucked by global warming, then he’ll be the hottest thing, that ever walked on the planet. The planet is very huge, so he can’t be the only hottest thing that ever walked on the planet.

“Keisha, this bitch. Right here, well… He’s name is Peter Hernandez,” I say, mad.

“Hey! No one calls me, Peter… Anymore,” he argues.

I rolled my eyes.

“Ok, fine. You can call me, Peter. Anytime, you want, Barbie.”

“I ain’t no Barbie, and Bruno just write some music, and everything would be fine.”

“Wow, Lay-knee. You’re such a hood talker for a Puerto Rican.”

Keisha couldn’t help herself from getting involve in an arguement, between anyone. She said, “You’re Puerto Rican, Lyne.”


“But you sounded so American.”

“Really? I sound so American, I mean I can talk in the Puerto Rican accent now.”

Bruno heads towards the keyboard, and starts to jam out, by himself. Ari nugde me, to make me look at Bruno, but I resisted his offer, to watch Bruno, jam out. Phil, he starts to join Bruno. I know, how funny Phil and Bruno are. I tried to stop myself from laughing, but I’ve got to laugh.

“Stop, stop, stop… Falling in love with him, Lyne,” I say to myself.

“Lyne,” Bruno smiled.

“What?” I ask.

“I wrote talking to the moon for you,” he mouths.

Phil looks at Bruno then, at me. He mouths, “it’s so true.”

I wanted to cry, but I left him in the studio.

I actually imagined him doing this, and click. I have to write it down.

I felt a tear drop fall, like raindrops on puddles. I want to go back into the studio, to have some fun, with lyrics and music.

“Hey,” a voice calls.

I look up, and saw Bruno’s hand, reaching towards my chin. He kneels down on both knees. I felt the feeling of that first. He leans towards me, to kiss me. I stopped him. Before he could.

“I don’t know, anything, anymore, Bruno.”

“You don’t have to know, anything to be my girl.”

“You. Want. Me.”

“I want all of you.”

“I don’t know, Bruno. Jesse is still my boyfriend, and I can’t do that to him.”

He stands up.

“Wait, where are you going?” I ask.

“Lay-knee, forget about the day, I wanted you. Forget, that I ever love you. Forget, that I wrote a song about you, and I should really, forget you.”

I stand up, to give him a hug, but I whispered in his ear, “I fuckin’ love you too.”

“Oh, I really hate your fucking ass, right now.”

“I can live with that,” I say, smiling.

“If you let me, call Jesse.”

Uh Oh! I haven’t made my mind up, yet. I can’t be just Bruno. Jesse is still my boyfriend, but I want Bruno, like he wants me. Motherfucking, fudge balls. I need sometime off, and that means no boys. Well… Bruno is an exception. My only exception.

“Kiss me.”

“Now,” he moans.

“Yes, now.”