Chapter 1 - What am I doing here?

03/06/2011 19:24

What am I doing here? Asking that.. where is here? I get up to try and find a way out, but I look around and there is no way out. I begin running around the white walls trying to find my way through when suddenly I begin hearing things.

“Raina? Raina...” It was ringing through my ears, I kept trying to run towards the voice, but I could never reach it. “Raina!” They yell at me and that’s when I wake up! I’m gasping for air and I reach up and find myself wrapping my arms around my mom’s neck. “Sweet heart, it’s okay! We are leaving soon, and you can get out of this place.” I let go of her and the doctors come in and take out the IV and the rest of the cords around my arms. When they finally leave me alone my mom passes me my clothes and I begin to get dressed. The jeans must have shrunken in the wash because I remember them fitting me before hand, I take my plain pink shirt and slip that over my body and put my hair up and leave.
         I can’t believe I can finally leave this horror house called a hospital, “Can we go? Now.” My mom leads me out of the hospital and into a cab where it leads us to the airport and we end up sitting on the first flight to Hawaii. “Why Hawaii?” I ask my mom who seems to be busy texting on her phone.
         “Hawaii, a new start. Maybe you could try and not be scared? I know that was awful but we just needed a new place to start off from.” My mom holds my hand and I lay my head on her shoulder. “By the way, here. Take this.” She gives me a plastic card and it has someone’s name on it, but my face. It’s an ID card.
I turn it over in my long fingers and look back to her, “Tatianna Oberski? That’s the best you came up with?” I begin laughing and my mom pushes me to the side.
         “You don’t like it, you can be found again.” she says completely serious. I take it back from her and hold it close to my heart.
I shake my head and say, “No! You didn’t let me finish... that’s the best you came up with, because the name just rolls off my tongue.” I smile at her and she chuckles at me. For the rest of the flight from New Jersey to Hawaii I sleep and my mom keeps a hold on the ID cards. When I finally here the flight attendant announce that we were about to land in Hawaii in five minutes so I stretch a little before getting ready to land and look at my mom who was pointing out the window to the islands of Hawaii. ‘New person... in a new town, with new people. I can do this.’’    
         I walk out into the terminal and go down to pick up my luggage with my mom and once everything was together we pull up a cab and it drives us down to the city and we stop at our new apartment. I get out pull out all our luggage and head up the steps of our new life. It actually wasn’t so bad in the apartment. There were people walking around, they were welcoming, and very attractive. My mom and I get into the elevator, she presses 7 and it stops on 5 where a tan, curly brown haired guy walks into the elevator and looks at me. Me!
         “Never seen you two around here. I’m Bruno.” He says looking at my mom and then back at me smiling. That smile could kill, it killed me that’s for sure.
         “I’m Elayne Oberski. This is..”
         “Tatianna Oberski. Hi.” I say quickly and extend my hand to him. He didn’t take it. Instead he hugged me!
He lets go, “This is Hawaii. We hug, not hand shake.” He chuckles and hugs my mom also. I nod my head and give him a goofy smile. When we land on 7 my mom and I step out and he waves to us. “Hope I see you both around.” Bruno smiles at us once more and the doors close on him. I was still stunned by him that when my mom called out for me to get going I jumped a little.

“Oh right, sorry! I was looking at the uh... painting.” There was no painting but I didn’t really care, I was still focused on Bruno. I get into my apartment and drop all the luggage on the floor. I see my mom on the bed getting ready to crash from the jet lag.

“School is in a week. We’ll go school shopping... so---” she fell asleep and I’m guessing she was gonna say soon. Since my mom was asleep I decided to give it a shot too. I woke up the next morning at 11 and see my mom already dressed and applying makeup. “It’s about time. We are going shopping. Today. Now. Get up.” she smiles at me and I felt so comforted by the idea of just my mom and I. I get up and take shower and look through my luggage for something. I pick out a pair of black short shorts and a cute strapless blue top with prints all around it. I sit down in front of the mirror and begin applying my makeup and let my hair just loose. It’s a wavy black, the color I had dyed it two months ago.

“I’m ready.” I tell her as I slide on a pair of sandals. she gets her bag and we are off to the elevator and down to the lobby. When we reach the lobby I see Bruno there with a girl. My spirits lower as I watch him kiss her cheek all cute like and give her a big hug. She leaves the lobby and gets into a cab as he catches me watching him. I look away and blush and keep on walking with my mom to the bell man.

“Hey.” I hear from behind me. It’s Bruno and his voice is like chocolate, delicious.

I brush a stray hair away from my face, “Hi.. how are you?” I ask trying to sound happy even though I just saw him kissing some other girl.
         “ Great! You two going out?” he asks me and my mom answers.
         “Shopping. we need a new wardrobe.” she looks at me smiling and then pats my back. “Let’s go. Nice seeing you Bruno.”
“Bye Bruno.” I say all shy like as I wave bye to him.
“See you both!” He turns around and heads to the elevator. We walk out into the fresh Hawaii air, that smells more like a heavy wave of pineapple perfume as an old woman with a dog walks past us like there isn’t a care in the world. We walk down the sidewalk, and I feel like I’m back in New Jersey. Except it’s sunnier, and the people look happier. We walk into the first store and come out with three new shirts for me, and two pairs of new shorts for my mom. I feel so lucky to have a cool mom, she’s older but she acts like a 20 year old.
         By the end of the day we come back with for me, seven new pairs of bottoms, twelve new tops, three new shoes, and new make up. My mom, four bottoms, seven tops, three new shoes, and more make up.
         The days go by fast in that first week and it’s Saturday now and I’m going up to the pool area to get an even better tan before school. I put on a new bikini I got a couple of days ago and grab a towel up on the deck. This new life is really so much easier than my old one. I like it more also. I look around and see some others just swimming around so I just jumped in and started swimming around. I feel a hand on my arm and gasp as I turn around to see it’s only Bruno.
         “Woah! My bad! I know not to scare you now.” He starts laughing his hot laugh and I realize that he has no shirt on. He is amazingly cute! To cute for my eyes that I have to dunk underwater and scream a little.
         “No it’s ok! I’m just a little jumpy.” He pats me on the shoulder and we swim for awhile just chatting about nothing really.

         “So you’re going to school on Monday?” I nod my head and smile. “What school?”
         “Ellis High School. It’s close to here… like ten minutes. Do you know it?” I ask him hoping he wouldn’t so I could talk about it... just to get something more going.
         “Do I know it? I work there! I’m Mr. Mars... the science and music teacher! We’ll be seeing each other there!”