Chapter 10-12

18/02/2012 14:54
Chapter 10:

That was the most amazing night of my life, I never knew anyone could care about some one as much as he cared about me. Its still unbelievable that he has me feeling this way so fast, we’ve known each other for a while now but I still cant believe the feelings between us, I really hope they are mutually and not just physical, but i know Bruno and he would never be like that. I wonder if he’s awake… “Bruno” Sammie whispered in Bruno’s ear… “Bruno..hey..hey Brunooooo” “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” “get up sleepy head” “damn what time is it” “9” “shit its 9, damn i gotta meet the boys at the studio so we can finish the recording, fuck, come on I gotta take you home” “I can stay here and you can just take me home after you get finished, im not gonna snoop through your stuff” “Its not that, I trust you, but are you sure you wanna stay here, it might take me longer than 3 hours” “Its ok Bru, ill stay here, I dont mind” “Ok well, you can wear some of my clothes my sweats are in the closet and heres a t-shirt for you, and the towels are…” “I know Bru, the towels are in the bathroom I got it, go get outta here before your late” 

“Ok im going” I didnt want her to think just because I was leaving in a hurry that last night didn’t mean the world to me “babe, before I go I wanted to say something” “Huh?” “I dont want you to feel like im just up and leaving you” “Bruno, stop just stop right there” Sammie pulled Bruno in by his shirt and gave him a passionate kiss “Now go before your late we can talk about this when you get home” mmm when I get home, that sounded good coming from her, hearing her say the words WHEN YOU GET BACK HOME that made my heart melt, I know that she has something that is worth holding onto, unlike half these girls I even talked to in the past “Ok bye, ill let you know how everything goes in a few hours” 

As much as I wanna snoop, I don’t have it in my heart to do it, but it doesn’t hurt to look at his photo album.. Sammie begins looking at the photo album that’s left in the living room on the coffee table… “Wow he has a big family, they are all into music, just like him, I see where he gets it from…wait what’s this…” a picture fell out of the album.. it was a picture of Bruno dressed in an Elvis outfit posing like him. “OMG, hes so adorable, but hes gotta lot of explaining to do with this picture hahahaha” 

Damn it the guys are going to kill me, one thing that we always promised to each other was that we would try not to let our relationships affect our work ethic together because when one of us fell we all fell together and I always seemed to have the relationship issues, so I would always try to be on top of my shit when it came to being on time at the studio, damn it man… “Hey guys sorry im late” “Its cool we all had a long night, so we are sort of tired too” “Ok, well good then we all want to get out of here, so lets get this shit recorded” The boys wait for Kameron, James and Dwayne to get there and then they finish the recording for Just The Way You Are… “So I think we shouldnt use this one at the carnival, I wanna save it for more of like a single to put out” Ari said to Bruno  Bruno:”Yeah I get what your saying” Phil:” We need more catchy songs like stuff with big hooks to add to the album” “Lets get what we wanna use for this carnival now and worry about the rest later” So the boys discuss what songs they wanted to do for the Carnival and they finished up around 6 after rehearsing for it as well… “Alright, I will see yall here on Saturday morning, then well kill this carnival right quick” all the boys started laughing…

Bruno calls Sammie on his way home…. “Hello” “hey beautiful” “hello Mr. Sexy” “hahah to funny..My apologies for being so late” “Your not late, we didnt have anything planned” “well em em little did you know, im Bruno to tha mothafuckin Mars, I gotta a lot of plans with you baby”’ “Babe really where the hell did Mars come from” “I have no idea, ha wait I know because ya boy is out of this world baby” “Bruno STOP, you are fuckin ridiculous” “What, whatever that shits cool, watch Phil’s gon like that shit then imma rub in in yo face ha” “Ok Bruno MARS” “Ok SAMMIE, im pullin up” hes so cute, thats why I love this man, because he can be himself around me and not care about what I say to him, if he likes something then he sticks to it, he knows whats best for him…..

Bruno Mars, mmm that does sound good as hell, that’ll work, thats the name I can use for the Carnival PERFECT, got it! “Honey im home” “Nice jokin around” “come here I missed you” I grab her and pull her into my arms, she looks so sexy in my clothes, damn thats such a turn on “Bruno” “Yes Sam” “About last night” “You wanna talk about it” “Yeah, I do, ok like was I good” “hahahahahah” Sammie punches Bruno on his arm “Hey, that’s not funny im not laughing here, this is a  serious manner” “Babe, if you werent good, i would have kicked you out of my bed” “ahhhhh WHAT” “Im joking you were amazing, your touch, the feel of your body next to mine, the look in eyes, the sounds you were making, everything” “Ok, just wanted to hear that I knew what I was doing” “Ok wow you aint no pro” “hahah Bruno funny, hey i gotta get going so can you take me home now” “yeah, but you dont wanna stay another night witcha boy” “I do, but” “But nothing, come on, Ill let you pick all the positions?” “Bruno really, ahhh, you kill me lets go silly” So they leave and he drops her off at home…

Chapter 11:

Ok so tomorrow is the day! We’ve been rehearsing for the last 3 days for the show and now its here, im so nervous, the guys all came over for a dinner so we can just chill and make sure our minds are all on the right track “Hey Bruno, where’s Sammie” Kameron asked “She should be on her way soon she’s coming with her friend Faith” “Oh ok, just didn’t see her yet, I was wondering how you two were doing, ya know she’s always there at shows and stuff supporting you” “yeah bro, shes down for everything, I love that woman, but shes coming” I beginning to wonder why the hell he is always on Sammie’s case, did he know her before me or something, Ill try to remember to ask Sam about it later…. 

“Sammie, wait I dont wanna go” “Faith get your ass over here, were already late” “I cant let Ryan see me like this” “Faith you look fine, lets go” “Sammie NO, I look like shit” “Ugh you always do this, are you sure Ryan’s even here” “Yes I’m fucking sure” “im going without you” “Ok no im coming shit” Sammie and Faith walk in the door “THE PARTY HAS ARIVED” everyone turns and laughs at the girls, Bruno puts down his drink on the kitchen counter and walks up to her and pulls her in by her waist and kisses her on the neck… “Damn babe, well hello there” “I missed you, I wanted you to stay the night again last night” “I know sorry but I really had to get some paperwork done for work, boss makes me do all the paperwork” “Next time you are going to have to bring all that work over here and ill help you” “Its ok, i got it” “I want you in my presence as much as possible” “Awww, babe” Sammie goes in for a kiss…. while Bruno and Sammie are talking… Ryan comes up to Faith “Hey pretty woman” “Hi, Ry” “The other night was great” “Why, thank you I also enjoyed it” “When can we have another night like that” “MMm, hahaha, very soon” “Ok good” I knew Fay wasnt going to care look at her over there with Ryan mmm mm mmm that damn girl is crazy but I gotta love her shes my best friend 

“Ding Ding Ding” Phil stands on the couch and raises a glass and bangs on the side of it with a fork “em em em, On behalf of Bruno and Myself we would like to thank all you beautiful people for coming out tonight for our lil get togeta, We have been trying to get this show on the road for quite some time now and it feels like tomorrow is going to be the day”… Bruno jumps on the couch too “Thanks brotha ill take it form here… I would also like to say from the bottom of my heart that I thank each and everyone of you so much, for believing in me and us and having faith that we will become something the worlds been missing one day, I can feel this shit in my heart and deep in my soul, so thank you all, and last but not least, I wanna thank my girlfriend Sammie for being here by my side in these last few months and shes been inspiring me on most of my latest work, so shes the reason why we are gonna be attending the Grammy’s soon because Just The Way You Are will be a hit, So thanks Sweetie” “Alright now Bruno enough with this sobby shit lets get this fuckin party started” “Thats right, lets make this shit crazy, everybody have fun tonight” Bruno pulls Sammie aside after everyone starts dancing and drinking.. “Baby, you didnt have to say all that” “No, I know that but I ment it and I cant make the way I feel about you just blow away, the scent just floats in the air” “I love the way you describe everything, its so adorable, but cheesy” “I know you love me darling, now give me some of them juicy lips” “Bruno get outta my face” “KISS ME BABY” “Ok fine, blgh you taste like alcohol” “Yeah i hadda few shoots earlier the boys have been here for like 2 hours so weve been killen the bottles” “Ok but dont drink to much, the shows hours away” “babe, I got this Im good, lets go make you one of my specialty drinks” “And whats that” “follow me to the kingdom” What is this boy doing, I told him im not really a drinker, I just get scared of what can happen when I get too fucked up, im never been one to drink much anyways, but I am at my boyfriends house, ahh it feels so good to call him my boyfriend and to hear him call me his girlfriend, but anyways yeah im here and safe, whats the worst that could happen

I hope this isnt to strong for her, she can take it “Her babe, I like to call this Dancin Juice” “Dancin Juice eh” “Yup taste it” “Its good, not bad, now lets go dance” Damn shes so crazy and wild I love this side of her Ive never seen it before, well not like this, So she puts me up against the wall and starts kissing me, and ya boy cant resist but I am at my damn house, Im about 3 mins away from kickin everybody out if she keeps continuing like this, she then turned around and started grinden on me, damn shes killen me, we danced for about 5 songs, then she went back to make her another drink, I knew she was going to like them “babe, wa.. else.. do you hav.. planned tonig…” “Nothing everybody just having a good time, the party is over soon” “Ok imma.. sta..tha..nigh..” “yeah ya need to, look at yo ass, damn its only been 3 drinks” “Im a lig..weigh..” “Babe sit right here, imma go talk to Ari” 

Damn I cant believe I only had 3 drinks and Im fucked up like this, damn I didnt want him to see me like this so soon “hey beautiful” what the hell does he want, ugh “hey Kam” “Hows your night goin, I see you had one to many drinks” “No, im fin…” “What ever hapened to you calling me” what is this boy talking about I never said I would call him “I never sai.. tha…” “Yes you did, thats ok if you dont remember, Hey can I talk to you in private…outside” “No, we can talk here” “I cant barley hear anything, come on” ugh what does he want, he grabs my hand and walks me out to Bruno’s patio, gosh does this bring back memories of me and Bru’s first time “Wha.. do you want to talk to me about” “You know you are very beautiful and sexy and loving and caring” “Ok where are you going with this” he sat his drink down on the ledge and backed me up into the corner of the patio, to were no one could see, because the door was around the corner, and he shut the door behind him, he then put his hands around my waist and then started kissing my neck “Kam what are you doing, get off of me, If Bruno sees you hes gonna kill you” “No, hes not gonna know, because your not gonna say anything, you know you wanna let it happen so just let it” what the hell is going on, damn I knew he was starting to like me but i never showed him any attention and why would he do something like this knowing what Bruno just said about me, As much as I was trying to get outta his grasp I couldnt and I didnt want to ruin the party by yelling, so I kinda just stood there, it was so awkward and I wanted to knee his stupid ass in the balls so bad, but he was so cute and loving, even tho this was all wrong I didnt try hard enough to stop it “Please Kam, let me go” “Sweetie, its supposed to happen this way, just go with it” “No Kam, its not I love Bruno, Not Kam” he kept kissing my neck and he picked me up and sat me on the ledge, he then rubbed his hand on my thigh and I didnt know what to think anymore I wanted Bruno to come out here so bad, my phone started ringing and I pulled it out of my pocket so fast and answered it before Kam could grab it, and thank the lord it was Bruno…. “Hey babe where you at” “Im out on the balcony me and Kam were talking about his sister” “Oh ok ill be out there in a sec”… “Move stupid ass” “I dont know why your trying to fight it” “What the hell is your problem are you trying to ruin things with me and him” “I just dont see you with him, I see you with me” “WHAT, I havent even shown any like towards you, why are you doing this to me, im telling him now, when he gets out here” he grabbed me by my arm and pulled me up to his chest and covered my mouth with on of his hands “Your not gonna fuckin say a word about this, I will fuck everything up and blame it all on you” “let me go” he let me go and right as he did Bruno walked out…….


Chapter 12:

“Hey guys, we are all gonna chat real quick on tomorrows plans, so do yall wanna come join us” “Yes babe” “Yeah” said Kam while he went in the door before Bruno and Sam. What the fuck is up with this dude, I cant trust him for shit around her, hes gotta be trying something, he better watch his ass, hes talented and I need him on the crew but I cant have this shit “hey babe is there anything you needa tell me” “No, everythings good, he was telling me about this fashion show coming up with his sister in it and she needs a few stylist so, me and Faith are gonna go” “Oh ok well thats good its helping you get your name and work out there” I hope thats what was going on, I just dont trust that dude….

I didnt want to lie to him but I had to I didnt know what else to say, I really dont know what Kameron can do so I had to lie “Ok lets go inside, so we can get everybody out of here” “OK” Gosh I really need to talk to him about this, maybe I can just do it after the Carnival, I really want him to stay focused on his career and not this little situation I can fix it myself. 

“Ok everybody we need to get our rest for tomorrow and kill this performance, this could be it for us all, so I will see everybody bright and early at the studio for our last warm up before the show” “yeah all yall fools better be there” “Phil shut up” “I was just fuckin wit yall, im out I gotta beautiful pregnant woman to go home to” “Bye everyone thanks for showin love tonight” so everybody left and Sammie stayed and helped clean up a lil but she was still a lil tipsy from earlier…

“you dont have to help clean up babe I got it” “Ok I would finish helping you but my head is killen me” “Just go lay on the bed” awww how cute my mind is not all the way functioning right now but I know I heard him say THE bed awww he didnt even say MY bed, hes warming up to me and sharing his stuff already how cute “Ok, meet me in there when you are done” “Or I can meet you in there now and clean all this up later” “Ok sounds good to me” Bruno gave Sammie a piggy back ride to the bedroom and he sat her on the bed… “I got a question for you and dont take this wrong in any way” “Go ahead, what, ask me anything” gosh I hope this isnt about Kameron, I wanted more time to tell him “Its about…” “If its about Kam, no, there is nothing goin on, I did meet him once before the studio at the club we all went to the night you meet him, but other then that I know him as much as you do” “Ok, just asking, he was kind of making me worry a lil bit” “Worry about what honey” “losing you” “No, i dont have any interest in anybody but You Bru, trust me if I wanted someone else I wouldnt be spending all my nights and mornings with you, I love you and I wouldnt have said those words if I didnt mean them” “I love you too, now lets just get off this subject now” “Yes indeed” “I hope tomorrow goes as planned and all the guys have there heads on straight, this could be the day” “I know babe, and I’ll be there cheering you on right in the front” “I love how it hasnt been forever but you trust every thing I do and believe in me” “I cant really explain it, I just felt something different with you, from the moment I seen you” “ha love at first sight huh” “No not really Bruno hahaha” “That hurts” “Shut up, i didnt mean it like that” We kept on talking for the next 2 hours about what his plans were with his career and what I wanted to do with mine, as much as we both wanted sex tonight im glad we both held back because I didnt want our whole relationship to be based off of physical attraction because there was much more to both of us then that, and we ended up falling asleep in eachothers arms….

The day of the Carnival ……