Chapter 10-17 (END)

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Chapter 10


I wake up in a hospital bed with nurses and doctors surrounding me. What’s happening? I look around but I can’t speak or do anything. I look down and I see my body covered in blood. My baby. What’s happened to my baby!? I start to tear up and I realise Bruno isn’t here. Why have they not let him in here with me!? “Shhhhh sweetheart, we’re doing everything we can to save your baby” I hear one of the nurses saying to me as she wipes my tears away. “She’s losing a lot of blood. Shit” I hear the doctor say. Oh my God, please just let the baby be ok. I feel really light headed again like I’m gonna pass out. My eyes slowly close “stay with us Lex” I hear another nurse say as she places an oxygen mask over my mouth. How many people are in here with me? I try my hardest to keep my eyes open and just keep breathing. “Aaaahhhhh” I yell out, what the fuck is this pain, “How’s the baby’s heartbeat?” “It’s strong but it could go down, Lexii, we need you to try and stay awake for your baby’s safety” I nod and try to focus on my breathing. Next thing I know they’re injecting me with all sorts of things, I can’t help but cry, not out of pain, that’s stopped, but because of how scared I am, why have they not let Bruno in here with me!? I know he’d make sure I was calm. “Check the baby’s heartbeat and check hers again” The Doctor says. He looks up at me and says “You’re very lucky Lex, you and your baby are both safe” and he walks away. The baby is safe? Thank God. I feel faint again, what the fuck is wrong with me? Before I know it I drift off again…

I wake up and find myself in clean clothes; the nurses must have changed me. I look down and see my bump is still there I slowly rub my stomach and try to stop myself from crying. I can’t believe how close I came to losing him; the nurse walks in and says “Lex is it ok if we let your husband in?” I nod and within seconds I see Bruno rushing in with bloodshot red eyes, he must’ve been crying too. He takes my hand and kisses me on the lips, I pull away and start to cry again “baby please tell me he’s ok, tell me you both are ok” he says through his tears. I nod “yeah, me and the baby are both fine” he comes back up to kiss me but I look away before he can, he wipes my tears away and asks “what happened in here?” I shake my head and reply “I don’t know, I…” I can’t continue, I can’t explain to him how scared I was or how I looked down and saw all that blood. I just can’t. He just hugs me, then kisses my stomach and stays there. Eventually I whisper “What happened when I passed out?” he exhales, still looking away from me and says “You were on the phone. Yelling…  and I came down to see what the problem was, but as I got down the stairs you started to call my name, obviously I assumed the worse and I ran to find you, when I did you weren’t steady on your feet and you started to fall. Thank God I was close enough to catch you, you’d passed out, and then I just brought you to the hospital… I was so scared Lex, for both of you, you went all pale, and… When I got you here they instantly rushed you in to the room and I was by your side holding your hand the whole time even though I knew you couldn’t feel it, I didn’t care. They started saying stuff about the baby’s heartbeat being weak, and apparently you were bleeding, they then looked up at me and said how I looked like I was gonna faint, so they made me leave the room. I hated that, I fucking hated waiting outside, I didn’t know what was gonna happen. Eventually a nurse came out and told me that you were ok, but you were sleeping so I had to wait until you woke up. Baby I was so scared” and I feel his tears against my clothes, I run my fingers through his hair attempting to calm him. The truth is, I was just as scared as he was too. I will never get over that image of seeing all that blood.

After a while “I’m sorry” I blurt out through tears. “Oh baby don’t be!” and he kisses me and wipes away my tears, which is pointless because I’m crying like a fucking waterfall. “It’s not your fault, shit like this happens, as long as you both are alright then nothing matters” and he kisses my forehead. “You’re not in pain right?” I shake my head and he nods. Within seconds my mom and everyone else rush in through the door and try to comfort me, which actually helps me to perk up a little bit. I feel terrible for making Bruno feel like that, I feel terrible for putting the baby through that, whilst all the girls, including my mom try to comfort me, all the guys try to comfort Bruno. “Sweetheart don’t be upset about what happened, it happens to a lot of people” my mom says. For once in my life I just ignore her, I don’t think anyone can cheer my up right now. Not even Bruno.

Later on the nurse comes in and tells me that I’m fit enough to go home, do I really want to go home though? Bruno’s going to want to know answers and I can’t give them to him, I don’t want to think about it ever again. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry again. Why is my life so fucked up.



Chapter 11


As soon as we get home I rush upstairs to have a shower, Bruno offers to help but I decline. I don’t think I can have him touching me anymore, not until the baby’s born, maybe I’m just being stupid or something, but I can’t risk putting Bruno or the baby through that again. As soon as I’m done I get changed in to some sweats and get in to bed and just sit there. I still can’t believe what happened; I try not to think too much about it because I know I’ll just end up crying again. Soon Bruno walks in with a bowl, must be soup, holy fuck it smells amazing “Your mum bought you some soup” and gives it to me. Oh my God it’s amazing, I start to eat it and Bruno sits next to me on the bed and watches TV. Even though he’s watching TV I can’t help but feel that there’s an awkward silence, I know he wants answers, but I’m not giving them to him. When I’m done he places his arm around me and kisses the top of my head, he can feel the tension too, God I hate this. “I think I’m gonna go to sleep now” I whisper. “Oh, you want me to leave?” I grab his arm, “No, stay” he nods and helps me to lie down, wow my baby bump is so huge now. He goes to kiss my lips but I pull away before he can, he just kisses my bump instead. I turn to face the other side of him and eventually I fall asleep.

When I wake up, it’s morning, well it’s 1pm, that’s morning to me, and Bruno’s not next to me, but he must’ve slept next to me because his side of the bed is unmade. I get up and go downstairs, I feel terrible about last night, I feel bad about how I left things with him, but the thing is I’m not ready to think about it all again. I find a note on the table in his handwriting “Gone to the studio, be back later, stay safe, keep my baby safe, I love you both, the Brunz” The Brunz? God he does make me smile, I take out my phone and text him “I love you too” instantly he replies with a “:)” So I guess I’m home alone again today… *Knock knock* what the… I go to open the door “Hey Lex, can I come in?” “Sure!” and I instantly smile, “This is a nice surprise Phil” “Well I remember when Urbana was pregnant and how much she hated being on her own, and plus Bruno wouldn’t shut up about how bad he felt for leaving you alone, so I volunteered to spend some time with you, unless you want me to leave?” I roll my eyes at him and walk to the kitchen “I’m hungry” I moan. “Yeah me too, what you got?” “Spam, and lots of it, yuck” and we both laugh, “Hey you think we could get Dre to go get us some Mc Donald’s?” I say seriously. “Lex what is with you and Dre!? Haha is someone jealous that someone else is spending more time with their man than they are?” “ME!? Jealous of Dre!? Phil it’s the other way round, you know this!” “Oh my God, we gotta send Dre out now! He’s gonna be pissed!” “Hahaahahaha I know!” and I take my phone out and call Bruno, I put it on speaker “Hey baby” he answers, just hearing his voice makes my heart skip a beat. “Hey, is Dre with you?” “Yeah what’s up? You want me to send him out to get you something? Is Phil with you” “Yeah bro I’m here” “Awesome, Yo Dre! Get over here for a sec, Lex wants you to go get her some food” I love how he automatically knows I want food. “What!? Why do I have to go!? I’m your bodyguard, not hers!” we hear him yell in the back. “Put him on speaker” Phil suggests, we just start to smile at the phone whilst Bruno and Dre argue. “Well it’s either you go, or I go because I’m not letting my pregnant wife go out” Bruno says. “Well we all know you can’t go, you’ll get fucking mobbed, urgh, fine, what do you want?” I look up at Phil, he knows exactly what I’m thinking. “We want 6 Big Macs, 6 fries and just get us like 3 boxes of 20 nuggets” I say. “Yeah and I want a milkshake, with a diet coke and a regular one, you know, for my 3 Big Macs” Phil says through laughter. “Yeah! Me too, with like 10 apple pies, ooh and a muffin. You know what? Get us a few cheeseburgers too” “Yeah I want some Mc Donald’s too” “Me too” I hear Bruno and Ari yell. “You guys are kidding right?” Dre eventually says. “No she’s being serious, she’s eating for two now remember” I hear Bruno yell in the back. “You realise it’s gonna come up to over $100 right?” Dre argues. “So what? You’re not paying for it, now hurry up, the three of us are hungry” and we put the phone down, I look at Phil and we both start laughing hysterically. “Ouch, fuck” and I grab my stomach, Phil looks at me worried. “I’m ok, I guess I was just laughing too much, I’m gonna go lie down on the couch” “I’m gonna get a drink, you want one?” “No I’m good, I think I’m just gonna wait for my shake, coke and diet coke” I joke and I leave the room to go lie down.

I grab his Blackberry which he left on the table and start to go through his stuff. What is with them all and Blackberry’s!? Bruno has one, not that he can use it properly, Ryan has one, Phil has one, Jamareo has one, Eric has one, Mid has one and Phred has one! The fuck!? I need to buy them all iPhones… Ooooh, let’s see what’s happening on his twitter, wow he’s got a lot of followers, I might as well go through his mentions “What are you looking at….” he says as he walks back in, “Twitter” I say bluntly. “Hey Phil, who is this Barta girl and why is she spamming your mentions with her love for you?” “Hey! Don’t hate on my fans, I actually met that girl outside a show, man she was so sweet” “Yeah, Bruno’s fans are the best, although they do tweet me a lot asking if Bruno’s good in bed… Horny mother fuckers” Phil just laughs and sits next to me on the floor. “So Lex, what’s up with you and Bruno then?” “What do you mean?” “Things aren’t right between you two anymore, I can tell, we all can tell, what’s wrong?” and he takes my hand. God I love Phil. When I don’t speak, he does. “Like today, he came in the studio and he was so moody and depressed, we asked him what was wrong but he just wouldn’t say a thing, it sucks seeing him like that to be honest, when we just spoke with him on the phone now, he wasn’t all happy like that this morning, he’s really messed up, and you know what happens when he’s messed up, he doesn’t work and he can’t create music, and when he doesn’t do that, he just get’s even more depressed, it’s like a vicious circle with that tiny guy” the tiny part makes me smile. I sit up, and he helps me. “Phil, I can’t put him through that again, what happened yesterday was-I-I can’t even describe it, but you know what I mean, just imagine how scared you would’ve been if that had happened to Urbana, I was SO scared, Bruno doesn’t know that I woke up an-“ and as soon as I start to think about it my eyes start to tear up. I wipe them away and continue “And I saw all the nurses fussing all over me, I heard them say about how the baby’s heartbeat is weak and how mine was weak too, I can’t imagine to think what Bruno was going though outside waiting, not knowing, I put him through that, I can’t ever forgive myself for that” he squeezes my hand a little “Lex, things like that happen, there’s always risks, unfortunately it had to happen to you, it’s not your fault. Bruno’s not blaming you for anything, even if the worst had happened, he still wouldn’t have blamed you, that guy loves you so much and you love him, but you can’t keep shutting him out like that, it’s not fair on anyone” I lean back and close my eyes. I can’t deal with this. “You won’t let him touch you will you?” I shake my head. “One thing at a time Lex, just try speaking to him, I know you’ll both feel better”

*BANG* *BANG* That must be Dre with our food. I see Phil and Dre walk in with bags and bags of Mc Donald’s, even I can’t help but laugh at what we made him do. He looks at me “How you feeling after yesterday?” Dre asks me. “I’m feeling better thanks” and I grab a bag of food. “Yeah well, you wanna sort out your issues with Bruno, I can’t take him fucking moping around the studio anymore” “All right Dre, see you later….” and Phil pushes him out the door. Mmmmmm food. “Hey he forgot our cheeseburgers!” I moan. “It’s ok, here, have one of our 60 nuggets we got” We spend the rest of the day just talking, laughing and watching movies, Phil knows exactly what a pregnant woman wants, I suppose because of Urbana. At 6pm Bruno walks in. But goes straight upstairs to get changed first. I look at Phil and nod, he hugs me goodbye and leaves. “Hey where’d Phil go?” he says as he sits next to me, I pay attention to the fact that he didn’t even bother to kiss me. I hate this. “He left, baby we have to talk”



Chapter 12


You know the drill, there’s a little bit at the end that may make some people uneasy… Enjoy!

He sits next to me. Holy shit I really have to talk to him now. I look away from him and speak first “How was it at the studio?” “You know, the same old same old, it’s not the same when you’re not there with us” he says. Silence. An awkward silence. Great. “I’m hungry” I say after a while. He just looks at me like I’m mad “Uhh did you two not have enough to eat earlier? I heard your order Lex, which by the way was fucking hilarious to see Dre’s face!” “I know right! But, like, I’m, I’m not hungry-hungry, I just, I dunno…” “Let me guess, you crave a bacon sandwich right?” I slowly nod; he rolls his eyes and gets up to make me one. Well at least that got rid of him for a while, but what do I do now!? I’m always so fucking bored these days, I mean what fun things can pregnant people do? Nothing. God I’m so fucking negative these days too. Urgh, let’s see what’s on the TV. I flick through the TV until “No, I ain’t gonna comb my hair, Cause I aint going anywhere, No, No, No, No. No, No, No, No, No, Nooooooooo” SHIT. Did that just happen!? I grab my stomach and wait. Nothing… I turn the music up and. FUCK IT HAPPENED AGAIN! “BRUNO!! BRUNO COME FAST!!!” I yell in panic. “What!? What happened!? Are you ok!?” He says as he rushes in. With no bacon sandwich let me add. “The baby kicked!” “What!? No way! Where?” and I place his hand in the exact same place where he had just kicked me. We wait but nothing. Damn. “What were you doing when he kicked?” “Nothing, I was just watching TV, then your song came on and, shit! It was your voice that did it!” “What song was it!?” “The Lazy Song” “Ew, he’s not got good taste” Bruno jokes. “Sing something to him” “Uhhh, When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change, because you’re amaz- SHIT I felt it!!” he says with a huge smile across his face. He kisses me and kisses my stomach. “Ouch” he kicks me again, but this time harder. “That’s my boy” Bruno says as he walks away. Yeah he better come back with my bacon.

Finally he comes back and I eat everything, holy shit I do love bacon, when I eat it it’s just like having sex for me. Shit. And I start coughing because I just remembered that I told Bruno that we needed to talk, he starts to rub my back as I slowly stop coughing. “That good huh?” and I just nod. I put my plate on the table and turn to him. I need to get this out of the way “I’m sorry I’ve been off with you” he turns the TV off and turns to me on the couch, he just waits for me to continue, uhh.. “I’m sorry?” I say again. “Why are you so depressed? What’s the real reason for you acting like this?” and he grabs my hand. I start to tear up, shit, I’m thinking about it all again. “Lex, I need to know what happened, baby what happened in that room? Why won’t you let me touch you anymore?” he says as he comes up close to me. I exhale and look away from him. I stay silent, but the tears are still falling fast. He takes his hand and wipes my tears away. “Lexii” he whispers. “I can’t. Baby I’m scared, please don’t force me” and I kiss him but he doesn’t kiss me back. Shit. “Lex you can’t go on like this, what happened wasn’t our fault, you need to understand this, everything is fine, you heard what the doctor said, he said that you AND the baby are both healthy, that’s all that matters now” “Bruno you weren’t there ok!? You don’t understand how scared I was. I looked down and I was covered in blood. They kept on talking about how his heartbeat wasn’t strong. I thought I lost him” “But it’s not your fault! You need to understand this” and he kisses me again. I slowly pull back and look at him “but I was scared, I don’t wanna feel like that again” I say quietly. He leans in again to kiss me but I pull away before he gets the chance. He looks deep in my eyes and says “Then why won’t you let me touch you?” “Because I don’t want you too, it just doesn’t feel right anymore, I don’t feel right anymore” and I realise that I’m not making any sense. “Why else? You’re keeping something from me” he says bluntly. Fuck. “Because! Well, the last time we had sex, not long after it happened!” I blurt out. Oh shit I sound so stupid right now. “What?” he says confused. Well I’m not about to repeat myself if that’s what he’s thinking. “Lex, come on, that’s stupid, it has nothing to do with that! You know what they say right? That sex whilst pregnant is the best sex you’ll ever have” “Why do you want to fuck a pregnant woman anyway? you’re just sick” I say as I slowly get up and he helps me. “Lex you’re more beautiful to me pregnant then you were when you weren’t” “really?” I say surprised. He nods “mmhhmmmm, you’re carrying my child, no one else could have done that” “well I’m pretty sure someone else could’ve done that… You have crazed fans” I say “yeah we’ll I wouldn’t have wanted them to” he says as he looks at his phone. I can tell he’s upset. I decide to just go upstairs, have a shower and go to bed.

Eventually Bruno comes up and get’s in to bed too. He grabs my hands and plays with my fingers, especially my ring finger “You’re so close to giving birth now” he says. “I know, just over a month now” he nods. “You ready for the birth?” I shake my head, I don’t think anyone’s ready for that. “You’re gonna be in there with me right!?” I say worried, I don’t think I can do it if he’s not there with me. “Of course! I’ll be there holding your hand the whole time, maybe I won’t watch him being born, but I will be there, I wouldn’t miss my son being born for anything” he says with a smile. He leans in and kisses me again, I pull away but he just leans in and continues “Bruno, stop, I don’t want to” It’s like he didn’t hear me. “Bruno please” but I eventually start to kiss back. Shit. He pushes me back down on the bed and continues to kiss me, I try to resist him but I really can’t. Why is he doing this to me? Does he not realise what happened last time we had sex? “Bruno please…” I beg. He stops and I can just feel and hear him breathing. He eventually shakes his head and says in a low tone “I know you want it just as bad as I do” and he starts to kiss down my neck pulling my nightie up as he does. Fuck. But again I don’t stop him, I think it’s because we both know that I want to. And he knows me well enough to not listen to my bullshit and actually get on with it. He knows me so well and he’s so confident in what he knows. I feel his hands all over me along with his kisses making a trail, not long after my nightie is on the floor along with my underwear. Why am I not stopping him?  Within moments I feel him enter me. I gasp out of shock and because of the sheer pleasure, it’s been a while. He looks in to my eyes again as if asking for permission to continue, I unfortunately nod and he continues. Even though I’m scared as fuck I know, love and trust Bruno that everything will be ok. He can tell how scared I am though, but he goes slowly, which makes it all that much better. He starts to get fast but I just grip his arms and look at him, he stares deep in my eyes and takes it slow…



Chapter 13


Eventually I slowly open my eyes and see Bruno fast asleep; he looks so cute when he’s sleeping. I run my fingers through his hair to gently wake him up, lean in and gently start to kiss his lips, ever so slowly his lips start to move in to a smile and he kisses back, he’s still tired bless him. I pull back and whisper “Hawaii” “Do you know why I wanna go to Hawaii?” “Because you think I’mStressed” I say as I roll on to my back. “Yeah, but not just that” and he sits on my legs and places his hands on my stomach and rubs it slowly. “Yes because you’re stressed as fuck here, but, also, I just think it’d be nice for me, you know? Like I was born there, it’d just be nice for my son to be born there too, and obviously I’m not asking for us to raise him there, we both know that I’d never ever move ba-“ the baby just kicked as he was rubbing my stomach, “Ouch” he says as he shakes his hand. “That was your queue to shut up because I already said yes” “Yeah but he kicked me!” “We got a feisty one here” I say as I motion for him to get up off me. I jump in the shower, and go downstairs to eat whatever I can find. Soon he comes down the stairs on his phone “Ok, what time? What’s the number? How much is it? Private? Awesome, bye” I just stare at him from the table, I know what he’s gonna say. “Err, baby..” he says as he holds my hand, I place my head on the counter and say “hmmm…” “Wanna go to Hawaii today? In, like, 12 hours?” I shake my head because I don’t wanna go this soon! “Oh come on Lex! The next flight I could get was next week and who knows, you could’ve had him by then” I say nothing, he slowly lifts my head up and kisses me slowly, I kiss back. He pulls away and repeats “Please?” “Ok…” He smiles and makes the call to confirm everything.

I look at the time and realise we have ages until we need to go. “Baby I wanna go shopping” “Why? Once you have to baby you’ll be back to your old sexy clothes soon… uhh not that what you’re wearing now isn’t sexy..” “Shut up. I wanna go shopping for some baby stuff” “But I thought you already got everything, his room is all ready too” “I know, but I wanna get some more stuff, you know, I’m gonna need some clothes to take with us to Hawaii now too” and as soon as I say Hawaii he’s up on his feet. “Better call Dre” he says. Yuck, and I walk away to get ready. I’m so heavily pregnant now that I’m about to explode, my back fucking kills, I rest my head on the wall, close my eyes and just try to control my breathing, ouch it hurts so much. I feel Bruno come up behind me and start to rub my back exactly where it hurts. “You sure you wanna go out?” I just nod and he helps me get ready. When Dre arrives he makes us both sit down on the couch and stands in front of us as if he’s lecturing us, fool. “Right, here’s the plan. We drive up to the store, I’ll go in first and assess the situation, if it’s too busy then I won’t let you in, we don’t want anyone harming you or the baby Lex, and Bruno. Well we know how crazy your fans get. Now, if I think that th-“ “Or you could just call the store now and ask them if they wouldn’t mind closing for about an hour” my mom yells from the kitchen, what the… when did she get here!? “Mom?” “Yeah it’s me sweetie” “What ya doing here?…” “Well someone needs to help you pack, Lord knows you can’t in your position” that is true. “Yeah I’ll just call the store now…” Dre says as he dials. Idiot.

When we arrive at the store I see so many nice things for the baby, wow, whatever I see I throw in the cart. After 10 minutes of looking, Bruno decides to sit on the couch whilst I get the rest of the things, I look at him again and see he’s sleeping. Not surprising. I look outside the shop window and see that fans have gathered outside and they’re taking pictures of Bruno sleeping, no doubt they’ll be on twitter soon. “Hey this one’s cute” “What?” “This one. I mean, yeah, it’s nice you know?” Dre says. “Uhh yeah, we can get that one too” I say shocked that he’s being so nice. When we’re done, I go up to the counter to pay. She scans everything and the total is $600. Damn. I reach for my card and realise I left it at home, it’s ok though, me and Bruno have a joint account and he always carries his card around. “Dre could you wake Bruno up please? I need his card” “Sure… WAKEUPYOUCOCKSUCKERRRR!!!!” Dre yells, even me and the sales assistant can’t help but laugh at the way Bruno jolts and almost falls. He whacks Dre in the arm and says “Just remember who pays your fucking salary you jackass. You all done baby?” “I forgot my card at home, you have yours right?” “Sure” and he hands it to me, I chip in his code and wait for the receipt. “How much did it come up too?” he asks. Shit. “It doesn’t matter” I say trying to be as casual as possible. He snatches the receipt out of my hands and says “$600!? Alexis Hernandez!” “Awwhh you took his name!?” the sales assistant says. I smile and walk way. Alexis Hernandez, wow, I will never get used to that.

A couple hours later we’re all packed and ready to go, my mom helps with everything so I don’t have to do anything, man, I could get used to being pregnant. Bruno bought my mom a plane ticket too so she’ll be with us when I have him, Obviously Ryan’s coming and Eric and his wife are coming too, I suppose they, actually, I don’t know why they’re coming, oh well, it’s all done now. As we leave Bruno locks up the house, he turns to me and says “Next time we come back here we’ll have a little baby boy with us. “We’ll have a mini Bruno” I say. “No, we’ll have a baby Danny”



Chapter 14


The same old same old happens, we get to the airport, get on the plane and go to Hawaii. Wooo… Urgh, I suppose I should be happy, I mean I am only doing this for Bruno because I know how happy it’ll make him. “Smile” he whispers in to my ear. I snap out of my thoughts and give him a fake smile which he sees right through. “What’s wrong Lex?” “It’s nothing, I’m just so fucking uncomfortable, and tired, and hungry, and being on this plane isn’t helping anything” I moan. “We’ll land in- 34 minutes and I’ll buy you whatever you want to eat, I don’t trust aeroplane food” I try to move so I’m more comfortable but nothing, I feel like I could fucking pass out, Bruno senses this and instantly makes Ryan get up off of the couch and lets me lie down, how I fucking love these private planes he get’s. “What’s wrong?” Eric says as he rushes over, “The flying is making her even queasier, poor thing” “Let me get her some water” My mom says. “Let me get some cool air on her” Ryan says as he does something. “You know what!? I’m fine, now stop fussing over me!” I say and they all back away, except my mom, she knows never to take any of my bullshit. “Drink this” she says. “I don’t want it” “Tough” and she shoves the glass in my hand, I drink it and I instantly feel better. I lie back down and Bruno sits on the floor next to me, grabs my hand, and I slowly drift off to sleep. “Lex, sweetheart, wake up” I hear Bruno whisper, he lightly kisses my forehead and I slowly open my eyes. “We’re landing in 10 minutes” I just stare at him. “That means you gotta get up” he says. I can’t wait to just get to the house and go to bed. I get up and walk around for a bit, they say walking helps, I see Liam sleeping on the other sofa, God he’s adorable, I sit next to him and stroke his hair as he dreams, he looks so peaceful and happy, I can’t believe that me and Bruno are gonna have one of our own soon, a child of our own, one that we can raise how we want, one that will make all the right decisions in life, one that will have anything he desires, one that will have a happy child, unlike some. I feel Bruno’s hand on my shoulder, “I can’t wait either” he says. I get up and sit back in our seats as we prepare to land, Bruno just makes me drink plenty of water and constantly rubs my back to avoid it from hurting too much. We land and finally get outside to some cool night air; even fucking walking is difficult now. “I’m like a fucking blimp” I say out loud without even realising, man, I am tired. “No you’re not, you’re still beautiful to me” Bruno says back, I kiss him on the cheek and continue to try and walk. “Lex you wanna hop on my back?” Ryan says as he bounces around all over the place, man I hate him and his energy right now. “No… Me and the baby are good thanks” “Awwwhhhh come on Lex!” “No” “Man, you’re no fun when you’re pregnant!” “Excuse me!?” “Wooaahh! Ry, don’t anger the pregnant lady” Bruno says, he’s an idiot too. “Sooorryyy” and Ryan kisses me on the cheek and runs off. I look up at Bruno and he shrugs his shoulders and replies with “He’s home…” “Do you not have the urge to jump around like that?” I ask. “No, I’d much rather walk with my arm around you, you still hungry?” “Uhhh, no, I’m good, I think, yeah I’m good” “Are you sure?” he asks questioningly, “I don’t even know” I reply as I place my head on his shoulder, I wish I was making sense.

We get out of the airport and right on queue we see Bruno’s mom and sisters rushing up to us, they completely ignore Bruno and Eric and head over to me, within seconds I’m getting hugged and I feel everyone probing my stomach and telling me how big I’ve gotten, but how healthy I look. It’s nice, it definitely perks me up. Luckily there’s two cars so we don’t have to squish in to one, in one car it’s me, Bruno, my mom, Bernie and Ryan, and the others are in the other car. “How does it feel being pregnant Lex?” Bernie asks. “It’s different, very different, I just wanna have him and hold him” “Me too” Bruno interjects. “Can you believe you’re going to be a grandmother Katie?” Bernie asks my mom. She shakes her head, “No, I can’t, you’re gonna need to give me some tips” “You’ll be fine, you raised a wonderful daughter” “Yeah, I did raise a wonderful child” My mom says, oh if she knew about all the kinky shit me and Bruno get up to she’d definitely change her opinion about me. “Why are you smiling to yourself” Bruno whispers in my ear so only I can hear. I just shake my head. He must think I’m insane. We get back to the house and it takes me a while to realise that it’s not the old house where Bruno grew up that I was imagining. It’s the new beautiful big house that Bruno bought his mom when he finally made enough. I remember helping him pick it out; the one’s he wanted were so ugly, it makes me think how he ever found our beautiful house. We eventually go upstairs and as soon as I get in the bed I fall fast asleep. I don’t even think I kissed Bruno goodnight.

I wake up in the middle of the night, I want something but I don’t know what it is. I toss and turn until it finally hits me. Bacon! I need bacon. Well there’s no way that I can get up and make it myself when I’m this heavily pregnant. “Bruno, Bruno” I say quietly to try and wake him up. I gently poke him too. Nothing, what a surprise. Fuck it, I shake him vigorously to wake him up “Hmm, what? What’s wrong?” he says as he turns over so he’s not facing me. I lean over to his side and turn his lamp on. “Shit” he says as he covers his eyes. “Fine, what’s wrong?” he says as he eventually sits up with me. “I want bacon” “What!? At this time? It’s, uhh…. 4am, where can you buy bacon at 4am!?” “Well I’m sure walmart is open or something, they have walmarts here in Hawaii right?” “What!? Baby you want me to go to walmart now so I can buy you some bacon?” I just sit and wait for him to come to his senses. “Ok fine” and he gets up and start to put his sweat pants and a hoodie on. God he looks fuckable even though he looks like a tramp. “Do you wanna have sex or do you want bacon?” he says which snaps me out of my stare. “Bacon, def-well-no, bacon, yeah I want bacon” and he leaves all annoyed. Bless him and his cuteness. If he hadn’t had made us come here to Hawaii then he probably could’ve made Dre go out and get it or something. I suppose it’s not long now until I’m due. I’m just so fucking uncomfortable all the damn time, and I can’t stop moaning. I lean back on the bed and try to get comfortable. Wow, it’s so much better when Bruno’s not in the bed. I take up the whole bed and for once I’m actually comfortable. Slowly, my eyes start to close and before I know it I drift off to sleep. I wake up and find myself lying in the middle of the bed, wow that probably was THE best sleep I’ve had since I’ve been pregnant. I look at the time 11am, wow, but wait. Where’s Bruno? I look around and realise he’s not in the bed with me. What the fuck!? Did he go last night and get my bacon? What if something happened to him!? What if he never got to walmart because he got attacked or something!? What if he was so tired that he collapsed on the way!? What if he got sho-Oh wait. I can hear him snoring, what the fuck, where is he? I look around and see him lying on the floor next to the bed. I shake him slowly and he actually wakes up at looks at me “Baby get back in the bed” and he instantly does and he places his head on my chest and hugs me. Poor thing, he’s still really tired. “Why were you on the floor?” “Because when I got back you looked so peaceful and I didn’t wanna wake you” he says sleepily. “Did you get my ba-“ “Yes I got the bacon” he cuts me off. I kiss him on the forehead and go downstairs. I swear I’m gonna pop any moment.



Chapter 15


When I go downstairs the house is full as usual, all I ask is that people leave me alone to just sit, I’m really not in the mood for anything. As soon as my mom sees me she helps me over to the couch and starts to bring me some food, well I guess this is ok. “Where’d this bacon come from?” Bernie asks as she pulls out a packet from the fridge. Instantly I look away and bite in to my toast…  “It looks like it was bought recently, how weird” she says as she puts it back. “I think Lex has something to say” my mom says. Fuck how does she always fucking know. “Yeah, I really craved some last night so I made Bruno go out and buy me some, but by the time he got back I fell asleep, wait, he only bought one packet? Idiot” Shit, did I just call Bruno an idiot in front of his mom? Oh well, I’m beyond caring about anything at this point. Everyone sits next to me with a plate of food and we just talk about whatever, it’s nice. Eventually Bruno comes down wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, the way his shirtless body looks, holy fuck. My mom tugs on my hair to snap me out of staring; luckily no one noticed the way I was looking at him. I wish he’d put a shirt on though, just watching the way that his body looks, even from the back he looks am-ouch. She pulled my hair again; she gets up and whispers something to Bruno, I’m guessing she told him to put a shirt on because he instantly finds one and puts it on. Damn her, always ruining my fun. “Hey look, at what has randomly appeared in the fridge!” he says sarcastically. “Shut up, I already told them…” He comes over, puts his arm around me and sits next to me; I rest my head on his chest. This is nice. He takes my hand in his and I realise everyone is staring at us, how awkward. “Whatttupppp pregnant lady! And everyone else…” Ryan says as he walks in the house. “Bro did you take all the stuff like I asked?” Bruno asks. “Yupp, did it all, everything’s fine, and it looks like she’s about to pop so I did it at the right time” “Did what?” My mom asks. “I had to take all of Lex’s files and documents and stuff to the hospital so they know for when she has the baby” Ryan says as he grabs some food. “Hey, the baby has a name you know” Bruno says. “Sorry, for when she gives birth to Danny” he says as he shoves fruit in his mouth. As soon as he says gives birth I instantly squeeze Bruno’s hand, shit, I’m not ready to even think about that. He senses this and holds me closer to him. “What are your plans today then?” Bernie asks. “Nothing much, Lex can’t go out so we’ll just spend the day at home” Bruno says. “You didn’t wanna check out that new studio down the road?” Ryan asks disappointed. “I can’t, I’m not leaving her just in case”. Everyone starts talking with each other and I realise just how much in pain I really am, everywhere feels extra sensitive, and I don’t feel right either. I slowly position myself so I’m lying down; Bruno helps me so my legs rest over him. Ouch. I slowly and quietly say as I run my stomach “I think I’m gonna have him today” instantly everyone’s eyes are on me. “How do you know?” Bruno asks. “I. I just don’t feel right; I don’t know I can’t explain it…” “She has that gleam in her eye” my mom says to Bernie. “Yeah she does” as Tahiti, Bernie and Jamie agree, so basically, all the women that have had children agree.

Eventually everyone moves and me and Bruno are the only ones in the room on the couch. “Baby are you scared?” I ask him. He exhales. “I’m scared for you, because I know how worried you are, it’ll be fine though, I’m not leaving you, I’ll be there with you every second of the way, and just think about it, when it’s all over we’ll have a little baby boy of our own” This makes me smile. “I can’t wait to hold him” I say. “Yeah me neither”. “You sure you wanna be in the birth? Like, yeah, you sure you wanna be there?” “No, I don’t, I’d much rather stay at home and watch TV” he says as he gets up and walks away. “WHAT!?” “I’m just kidding Lex! Of course I wanna be there, I wouldn’t miss the birth of my child for anything” “Please don’t do that to me again” I say as I rub my stomach, idiot. “Sorry” he says as he walks in with a sandwich. Oh God, I know what’s in that. I slowly sit up and look away. “Oh Bruno, don’t eat that next to her, you know it makes her feel queasy” Bernie says as she walks in, slowly everyone joins her. “No mom it’s cool, watch. Hey Lex, you want a spam sandwich” “No, go away” I reply. “Ok then, he Danny, you want a spam sandwich?” I don’t even look at him but I grab half his sandwich and start eating it, oh God this is so disgusting, but it’s so good at the same time. “Aaawwhhhh!! The baby wants spam, how cute!!” Presley says. I ignore her and continue to eat the sandwich.  I finish it and drink some of Bruno’s coke to get this horrible taste out of my mouth. I hate him. He just sits there laughing at me. “You must really love spam for him to be wanting it that much!” I blurt out. “I do! I really do love it but you don’t let me eat it at home” “Urgh, that’s because it’s disgusting… No offence” “Hey, it is good meat!” Ryan says. I feel really sleepy now. Maybe I’ll just close my eyes for now…

“Shhh she’s sleeping, she doesn’t sleep much these days, she’s too uncomfortable” I hear Bruno say, but I can’t open my eyes, he’s right, I don’t sleep much these days. “Wow, she’s really gotten big since the last time I saw her” someone says, I’d recognise that voice anywhere, It’s Phred, but I still can’t open my eyes. So I just listen to them speak. “You ready to be a dad then?” Jamareo asks, they must all be here then. “I hope so” “Ahh there’s nothing too it bro, you’ll both be fine” As Eric says this the baby kicks really hard and it hurts, my eyes shoot open and Bruno rushes next to me. “That’s my boy” Bruno says as he helps me to sit up. Instantly Phred rushes over and hugs me and I happily hug him back, wow I’ve missed him. “Sorry I don’t have a latte to give you” he says. “Apparently I’m not allowed coffee” “Really?” I nod and lean back. Fuck, that’s not comfortable so I try to sit up again, shit why can’t I just be comfortable!? Bruno props a pillow behind my back as I try to relax, doesn’t work. “You ready to be a mom?” Phred asks. I nod. “Man, out of the three of us I didn’t think you’d be the first to get engaged, and then married, then have a baby!” and by three, Phred means me, him and Mid. “What are you guys doing here anyway?” I ask. “Me, Kenji and Jamareo were just passing through, we got a couple of offers to be on some tracks so we thought we’d stop by and see you before you burst” “I think I’m gonna burst tonight” “Don’t make a mess on Bernie’s couch Lex!” Ryan yells from somewhere. “We gotta go now” Phred says. “What? Already, no don’t go!” “We have to, we got a flight to catch, I promise I’ll be back soon to see you and Danny ok?” I nod and say goodbye to everyone. I look up at Bruno, “Baby I’m hungry” “What do you want?” he asks. Is he really that stupid? I just look up at him like he’s an idiot until he understands and walks away to make my bacon sandwich. “Here, I’m just gonna go upstairs and change my clothes, you ok on your own?” He says as he hands it to me. “Mmmmhhmmm” I say as I bite in to it. Oh God it’s so good, but I have a really bad cramp starting in my stomach, maybe if I get up and start to walk around it’ll go away.

I slowly pace up and down the hall but the pain is getting worse, shit, what’s happening!? Breathe Lex, just breathe. I go to take another bit until-*SMASH* the plate falls. “BRUNO!! BRUNOOOO!!!!” He jumps down the stairs and takes my hand, “What!? What’s wrong, are you ok!?” I shake my head frantically as I whisper. “My water just broke…”



Chapter 16

“Your, your wh- whaa?” he stutters. “MY WATER JUST BROKE YOU IDIOT!!” “MOM!!!! MOOOOMMM!!! KATIEEEE!! COME QUICK!!” He yells. “Ahhhhh, shit, what is this pain!?” “You’re probably having contractions sweetheart, come on, we need to get you to the hospital” My mom calmly says as she grabs my bag and goes to the door. Bruno helps me out to the car and the four of us go, it’s like hell on the way to the hospital, the pain is so bad that I feel like I could pass out. As soon as we get to the hospital I get put in to a private room and am told I have to wait for the doctor to come check on me. Fuckers keep me waiting for ages, but at least the pain dies down a bit. “How you feeling now?” Bruno asks. “Fucking amazing, thanks for asking” I snap back. “You want anything? Water? Food?” “Uhh yeah I’m kinda hungry, I didn’t get to finish my sandwich off at home” “Ok, I’ll see what I can do” and he kisses the top of my head and leaves. “If you bring me spam I swear I won’t fucking let you back in here!!” “Damnit!!” he says as he closes the door. “Lex, don’t snap at Bruno like that!” My mom says through laughter. “I don’t care, he got me in this position anyway” “Well it’s not like the baby was an accident, oh gosh, it wasn’t an accident right?” Bernie says all worried. “No, Danny wasn’t an accident” I say as I rub my stomach.

Eventually Bruno comes back with a sandwich, “What took you so long?” “I couldn’t decide on what to get you, everything has spam in it here…” I take a close look at the sandwich, yum, cheese salad. I look up at him “You want half?” he nods and takes the other slice. Just as I take my third bite the pain comes back, Bruno takes my hand and I squeeze as tight as I can to try and get rid of it, “ahhhhh” I hear faintly. I look up at Bruno and he’s got his eyes squeezed shut. Wimp. He shakes his hand out and says “Next time take my left hand, I don’t play guitar with that one…” “Imagine that pain but 100x worse!” and I continue eating my sandwich, and I snatch whatever’s left in Bruno’s hand and eat that too. He doesn’t deserve food. *Knock knock* FINALLY! The doctor walks in, “hi I’m the doctor, just call me Diane, sorry for keeping you waiting, we had another emergency we had to deal with, and I was sure that if anything happened then you would alert my staff” I heard none of what she was saying because the pain comes back and I can’t take it. She pulls the curtain around me and Bruno, “How often are these contractions?” she asks. “They’re not, they just come and go whenever, please give me something for it?” “I can’t sweetie, you’re not dilated enough, try walking around, continue eating and drinking” “How long until she’ll be ready to have him?” Bruno asks. “She’s almost fully dilated, so not long; I’d say about an hour or so, give or take. I’ll be back in half an hour to check back on you” and she pulls the curtain open and walks away. I turn to Bruno and kiss him, I pull back and say “Can’t I just have him now?” “Baby you’ve done all the hard parts already, 9 months you’ve carried him, you can wait another hour or so” and he kisses me back. *Buzz* *Buzz* Bruno’s phone goes off, he reads the text and starts laughing to himself, “What? I wanna read it too” Bruno reads out loud, “Ryan says, if she’s had the baby already and you didn’t call me to tell me, then ima hunt you down and shoot you, which isn’t hard because I know where you live.” “Oh make sure you tell him not to wake the others up, the last thing we need is a huge crowd in here” Bernie says, Bruno nods as he slowly tries to text back. I snatch it out of his hand, type it, and send it all within 5 seconds. “Hey, I’m getting better at this technology thing!” He says back. “No you’re not, your tweets still make no sense, half the time I don’t even understand them and I married you!” “Wanna go for a walk?” he asks. “Not really….” “Lex it’ll probably help with the pain” my mom says, but I just shake my head.

After about 10 minutes “Do you wanna go get some water or something?” My mom asks Bernie, she nods and they both leave. As soon as the door shuts I order Bruno to pull the curtains around us and I pull him close to me and kiss him hard, he pulls back breathless and says “Here!? NOW!? Lex it’s dangerous with your water already broke” “Shhhhhh, don’t fuck me, just touch me or whatever” and I pull him close to me again and move over in the bed to make room for him. “STOP FUCKING HER!!” Ryan says as he appears standing there, wow, I didn’t even hear him pull the curtain. “Wasn’t my idea” Bruno says as he raises his hands. Stupid Ryan interrupted us before anything good could happen. “How you feeling Lex? Horny I see” “Go away Ryan” he just laughs and lies down on the sofa. “Ok, maybe a walk would be good” Bruno helps me out of the bed and our moms walk in and sit with Ryan on the couch. At that moment the doctor walks in too “Good, I was just gonna come in here and suggest you both go for a walk, I’ll be in here to check on you when you get back” As soon as we reach the door. “SHIT! AHHHHHHHHH” And I almost fall to the floor but Bruno catches me. The baby’s coming.



Chapter 17

Bruno’s POV

I can’t believe this is happening right now, what do I do? As the doctors put her on the stretcher and wheel her down to the delivery room I walk right next to her. Her eyes are closed in pain and she’s screaming so loudly, why aren’t the doctors doing anything about it!? She moves her arm around frantically searching for mine, I grab her hand and she instantly squeezes it and pulls me close to her, she whispers “Don’t leave me””Never” I reply. She starts to moan again so I just squeeze her hand tighter, what else can I do? I see the tears falling from her beautiful face, I can tell how scared she is, and to be honest I’m scared for her too. I move the hair from her face hopefully giving her some more air and stare deep in to her eyes.  Without thinking I start reassuring her  “You can do this Lex, You’re doing so well, keep going sweetheart, and just keep breathing” I gently touch her face as I see her listening to me. I must be helping, I continue “You’re so amazing, wonderful and beautiful, everything is going to be ok, I promise” “Lexii… Lexii” the doctor says to get her attention. She tries to focus her attention on the doctor but she’s so weak, I don’t know how she’s going to get through this. “I’m going to have you start pushing now, okay? You can do this” the doctor says. Her face drops and I can see the fear in her eyes. I continue speaking to her “You’re almost done Lex, it’s almost over, just keep thinking about Danny” The nurses position her in the correct way, I try not to focus on them and try to just focus on Lex. “Bruno” the nurse says to me. I break my stare with Lex and look up at her. “You can move down for a better look if you want” I consider it for a second as the curiosity gets to me, but I decide against it, I shake my head and say “I’ll stay up here with my wife” and I kiss Lex’s hand, I said I wouldn’t leave her and I promise I never will. She’s started crying again, she looks weak too, we need to get this baby out of her, I wipe her tears away and whisper “Push” “Yes Lex, push” the doctor reinforces, she looks at the doctor scared “Bruno will count to ten whilst you hold your breath and push down as hard as you can alright?” She wants me to help with this too? Anything I can do to help Lex right now I’ll do “One” I start, she lifts her head up, holds her breath and starts to push, I gently rub her back as I continue to count. As I reach ten she falls back so hard that luckily I catch her and protect her head. “Lex you weren’t pushing hard enough” the doctor says. What!? It looked pretty hard to me. “But I was” she argues back. “Lex you have to push harder” “Baby you can do this” I say. She shakes her head as the tears fall faster “I can’t, I really can’t do this” I stare deep in to her eyes and say “Yes you can Lex, now come on, focus, here we go. One” She squeezes harder this time as I count and again she falls back as I catch her. “Much better Lex” the doctor says. Thank fuck for that. I see her eyes drop from mine and she looks down at her lower body, she’s all covered in blood, her eyes shoot open and I know she’s remembering the time when she almost lost Danny. I lift her head up so she’s staring in to my eyes again and say “Concentrate on me” she nods, as she lets out another painful scream as I start to count again and as she pushes. She must be almost done by now right? I don’t know how much more she can take, whilst her eyes are closed I let my eyes wonder back down and through all the blood, I, I can see a head. I wonder if the hole will stay that big… Concentrate Bruno! I can see a head! It’s my son finally being born, the love of my life and my soul mate is birthing my child right now. My heart starts to beat with excitement, I look back up at her and say “Lex I can see him, you’re almost there baby, keep going, you can do this, I know you can, shhhhh, just keep breathing, it’ll be over soon, you’re so incredible” and I comfort her even more. She’s nearly there, she’s going to do this. “Two more pushes and it’ll all be over Lex, you’re doing so well” the doctor says. Again she lifts her head up and pushes, her screams get louder and more painful but I just stand by her and grip her hand. She falls back but I lift her up for one more push, I start saying “One more Lex, one more” but I don’t think she can hear me over her screams. She finally pushes one more time and that’s it. She falls back but I guide her on the pillow again, my eyes leave her as I see my new born son in front of me, “You did it Lex” I whisper so only she can hear. She holds baby Danny in her hands and this time the tears start falling from my eyes, I could not be any more happier than I am now. I lean in and give her a slow loving kiss, I pull back slowly not removing myself from her face complete “I love you” I say, “I love you more” she replies. This woman will never understand my undying love for her, I simply smile back and reply “Not possible”

Lex’s POV

They say that birth is the most painful experience you’ll ever have. I thought that finding out that the love of my life, that my soul mate cheated on me was the most painful thing I’d ever experience. I was wrong and they were right. This was by far the worst experience of my life.

I hadn’t expected anything like this before, my stomach felt like it was being ripped to pieces. My legs would spasm at every chance they would get because of the severe twinges of pain that I felt throughout my whole body. My eyes would squint shut every once in a while as my voice was getting hoarse from the constant screams of moans bouncing off the walls of the hospital walls. Lord knows how Bruno is feeling right now, I reach my arm out trying to find his hand, and he instantly finds me and holds my hand tight. I pull him close and try to speak “Don’t leave me” he instantly replies “Never” I squeeze his hand as the contractions get worse. Surprisingly, this time Bruno doesn’t make a noise, although my screams may be drowning out any noises he may make. I’m scared and I feel weak, I don’t know how I’m going to get through this. As I grip his hand, he grips mine even tighter, tears start to roll down my face, not from the pain, but from being scared. He pushes the hair out of my face and stares deep in to my eyes telling me that everything is ok and that everything will be ok.

 “You can do this Lex” he says to me. “You’re doing so well, keep going sweetheart, and just keep breathing” he repeats over and over again, his voice sooths me so I just try to concentrate on his voice and my breathing. He strokes my face and continues “You’re so amazing, wonderful and beautiful, everything is going to be ok, I promise” My contractions are increasing and I start to shake all over, why won’t this pain stop!? I can faintly hear Bruno talking to me now, I can’t stand this pain. “Lexii… Lexii” The doctor tries to get my attention. I look up and try to keep my eyes open as she speaks “I’m going to have you start pushing now, okay? You can do this” she says. My face must look terrified as Bruno says “You’re almost done Lex, it’s almost over, just keep thinking about Danny” My heart starts to increase, this is really happening to me. I feel myself being pushed and prodded in all different directions but I don’t care, I just want him out of me now.

“Bruno” a nurse says, he takes his gaze off me and looks at her “You can move down for a better look if you want” he shakes his head “I’ll stay up here with my wife” and he kisses my hand and continues his eye contact with me. The tears are still rolling down my face, he gently wipes them away with his free hand and whispers “Push” “Yes Lex, push” the doctor says, I look up at her scared. “Bruno will count to ten whilst you hold your breath and push down as hard as you can alright?” I nod. Anything to stop this pain. “One” Bruno says, and I lift my head up and hold my breath and push like I was instructed. By the time he gets to ten, I fall back on the pillow but Bruno catches me and I fall back safely. “Lex you weren’t pushing hard enough” she says. “But I was” I say all teary and sweaty. I can’t do this. “Lex you have to push harder” she repeats. “Baby you can do this” Bruno says to me, I shake my head “I can’t, I really can’t do this” “Yes you can Lex, now come on, focus, here we go. One” Breathlessly I lift my head up and try pushing again until he reaches ten. “Much better Lex” she says. Thank fuck. I look down and see my entire lower body is covered in blood. Flashbacks of when I almost lost Danny come rushing back to me. Bruno lifts my head up and makes me look at him “Concentrate on me” he says sternly. I nod. The pain was growing inside me even worse, I felt a pushing and stretching and tearing as I continued to push over Bruno’s counting. Tears were flowing heavily now and I notice that Bruno looks down, a smile creeps up on his face “Lex I can see him, you’re almost there baby, keep going, you can do this, I know you can, shhhhh, just keep breathing, it’ll be over soon, you’re so incredible” “Two more pushes and it’ll all be over Lex, you’re doing so well” the doctor says. Right, I can do this. I lift my head up again and push as hard as I can, at this moment the loudest scream from the pain falls from my mouth as the pain below increases if that’s even possible. I fall back but Bruno pulls me back up and tells me to push one last time. I breathe in and do it all one last time. I fall back on the pillow and feel like I could pass out but I try as hard as I can not too. I can hear him. I can hear my baby crying, I did it. “You did it Lex” Bruno says in disbelief as they bring out new baby boy to us. I hold him in my arms and look at him in disbelief. He leans in and kisses me our faces linger just barely touching each others, I smile and finally feel complete. “I love you” he says. “I love you more” I say back, he shakes his head and replies “Not possible”

The End.

I wanna thank you all for reading, and I truly am done with this series now :)