Chapter 10 - A Day to Forget

21/06/2011 11:03

He sits down on a chair across from my bed and I sit down on the bed, “So uhmm.. what is wrong?” I ask him.
He clears his throat and and folds his hands, “It’s your mom. We got a call from a man saying a woman had been hit by car. Turns out she was crossing the street and it just happened, a wreck less driver. We Find her and take her to the hospital, she’ll be in there for awhile.”
            “Is she in a comma? What is wrong?!” I yell at him. He takes my hand and rubs it.
            “She’s alright.. but won’t be allowed out of the hospital for awhile. Now we needed to find out if you had anyone you could stay with and when we checked up on you guys it turns out you and your mother.. Raina Hussar changed your names. Identities completely. The only ones you have are your grandparents in Canada, your cousins in France and the rest are in the Bahamas. Except for one... your father.”  I feel my heart pumping, and I wonder if he can hear it to?  No.. not him.
            “NO! I mean... he’s in jail.” I try to look as upset as I can but he doesn’t seem moved, at all.
            “As police we are given special permission to allow a family member to be able to stay with a child until the other parent or legal guardian is ready to come back.” I shake my head quickly.
            “What if i get a legal guardian that I know my mother would approve of?”
            “Like?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.
I look around frantically and see a notebook on my desk, “Bruno Mars! He  lives on the 5th floor! He’s a teacher of mine! He’s old enough to be a parent for me! Please! not my father!” I beg to him on my knees. Which is kinda silly since it probably won’t make a difference. the police man looks around and sighs.
            “I’m sorry.. we have no other choice but your father. You’re to far in the school year to move somewhere new.” I nod my head and lead him out the door and we say our goodbyes and I run into my room and begin throwing things.. everything in my sight I’m screaming and tearing and throwing. When I finally finished it looked like a tsunami, a hurricane and an earthquake came through my room. I suddenly think of my mom and rush out of the apartment building and run all the way to the hospital. Basically 14 blocks away. I make it there and ask one of the nurses to show me my mom and they take me there.
            I walk in and smell that stupid hospital smell and I look around the small cubicle room. It has light blue walls and those hospital beds with all the buttons behind it and all the cords. those cords lead straight into my moms body and I see the machine which has her heart rate on it, I guess it’s normal? I’m no doctor so I have no clue. I step closer to her and take her limp hand in mine and watch her as she sleeps. I can’t believe this happened to her! I wonder where she was going? Or where she was coming from. Who was the ass who ran into her?!
            “Oh mom. Why? I wish you could understand what this means for me now? I know I should be thinking of you but seriously I think I’m in some deeper shit than you are right now.” I squeeze her hand a little. “He’s coming back mom.” I whisper in a frightened tone. “He’s gonna kill me. Mom!” I yell and get down on my knees and begin crying. “PLEASE! WAKE  UP!!” I yell louder. “You don’t understand how scared I am! He can’t come back! I’ll end up killing myself before you even have a chance to wake up!” I throw her hand back onto the bed and sit there crying. A nurse walks into the room with a doctor.
            “Are you alright ma’am?” he asks me putting a hand on my shoulder.
I shake it off, “Get off.” I stand up and look him straight in the eye. “Fix her. Help her! Do something quickly!” I walk out of the horrible hospital and to the apartment again. My makeup is probably running down my cheeks, and I look like shit. It’s like eight at night and I’m just getting back. I haven’t even eaten anything so I make my way to Bruno’s apartment.
            “Come in!” he yells. I walk in and he looks up at me from his bathroom mirror. He runs over and I take hold of his waist and just cry. He’s holding onto me and rocking back and forth. “What is up with you?” he asks me worriedly.
I just stand there in his arms until I feel him pick me up and he sits down on a chair with me sitting over top him, “M-mom is in t-trouble. She got hit by a car and she’s bruised up, cut up and in  the hospital!” I look into his eyes and see his worry digging deeper into him. “and now.. my f-father is coming back! He’s coming BACK! He’ll know our identities and all of it! Bruno.. I can’t do this...” Bruno sits there silently just rubbing my arm, not really knowing what to say to me.
            “Why don’t you live with me?”
            “Because the police won’t let me!”
            “And your dad is allowed out of prison?” he asks.
            “He’s under like I guess house arrest...” I guess Bruno keeps trying to talk to me but I end up falling asleep and when I wake up in his arms still I smile a little. I try getting up without waking him and I do it successfully... surprisingly. I sneak out and go up to my apartment. I open up my door and walk through to go and shower. Try and forget yesterday entirely. From someone catching Bruno and I, to my mom gettin’ hit by a car and finding out my dad is coming it was the worst day yesterday. I make i into the bedroom where I see a dark figure on my bed. I scream and it jumps up and puts it’s hands up.
            ‘It’s okay!” it yells. But it’s much to familiar to me. I feel my feet stepping back towards the way of the door. “It’s only me..” it flicks the lights on and it’s him. My dad.
            “Get away..” I say to him. He tries stepping towards me.
            “Please... Raina listen to me.” He sticks his hand out for mine and I turn around and run away.
            “No!” I say yelling at him as I leave the room. I run out of the apartment and back down to Bruno’s room and slam the door shut. I slide down onto the floor and my breath is heavy and I feel sweat beads rolling down my forehead and my heart racing at the speed of light. Bruno had jumped up when he heard the door slam and ran over to me. “He’s here! NOW! In my room!... Bruno.. I saw him. He talked to me.” I whispered the last part.
            “But they only told you over a day ago! How is that possible?!” i shrug bring my legs up to my chest and dig my long nails into my skin. I shut my eyes to try and not imagine him anymore. “C’mon we need to get out of here and there’s no way school is an option.” He tries taking my arm and pulling me up but I slap his hand away and pull my arm back to body.
            “You don’t understand! I can’t run away from this! I come back he’ll be there. I don’t go back he will still be there!” I yell at him. This time he picked me up completely even though I tried to leave his hard grasp he was to strong for me. I finally gave in and he put me down.
            “Let’s go right now.” We leave his room and he secretly takes me down to the very bottom part of the apartments where all the cars are and he takes out a pair of keys and I see his black car in a corner. We get in and he looks at me. “You’ll be okay.. I promise. I would never let anyone harm you.” He leans over and kisses my forehead softly.