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15/01/2012 19:18
Dear readers of Earth To Mars, I want to first say thank you so much for reading this story. All of your comments and love really make my day little do you all know. When I started writing this story, I didn’t expect that hundreds of people would actually read it. While doing this I really found my talent. I even changed my major in college to a writing one, so you can see how much it’s affected me. This will be the last chapter of this story and I still can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your life to read. You Hooligans are the best. FRIKIKIKI.

Love, Dre


I opened my eyes slowly and began to smile. I realized how good of a time I had with Bruno last night. He was really drunk and wouldn’t remember much, but I loved it. I listened to him breathe deeply as he slept. I slowly rubbed his hands that he had wrapped around my stomach. He started to stir and he shifted positions and I could feel him on my butt. It was turning me on, but I think we had enough sex last night for a little while. I laid there thinking about random things, like what I was going to wear today, or what we we’re even going to do. Today was a day to stay in I thought to myself. “Baby..” Bruno whispered in his sleepy voice. “Hmm?” “I love you.” I smiled to myself, I loved when he said it randomly like that. “I love you more.” After talking about yesterday we both had a shower together. We ended up having sex in there once again, because he just couldn’t control himself. I knew he did it on purpose.

We both got out and dressed in sweats and t-shirts. His hair was still a complete mess from yesterday. I made us both pancakes and Bruno’s eyes lit up when I put the plate in front of him. “Make me pancakes forever okay?” he said as he stuffed them into his mouth. I laughed, “Of course babe.” After we ate he volunteered to wash the dishes since I gave him a good birthday. I went into the living room and turned the TV on and watched some random show for 10 minutes before he came in. He came and sat right on my lap and held my arms down. “Bruno.. don’t start.” I laughed. “Start what?’ he said biting his lip. I tried to struggle away but, he held me tighter. “Where are you trying to go babe? You are MINE.” he said going in to kiss my neck. I laughed so hard as he did it in a way where he knew it tickled. Then he changed it up, and started kissing softly and it started to turn me on. I let a moan escape and he quickly looked at me, “Was that I moan I heard?” I shook my head quickly and he laughed. As he kissed me I got my hands free and went in to tickle him.

He smiled against my lips and backed away almost falling off of me. “You don’t wanna start this tickle war!” he said as in tried to dodge me. “Let’s go.. I’ve been trying to get you back anyway.” I said going for his thighs. We both laughed uncontrollably as we tickled each other. Soon both of us would be in tears, but I loved these moments with him. I finally pushed him off of me and made a run for it. I ran for the bedroom and he ran after me, I closed the door right in his face. I laughed so hard as I held the doorknob and he turned at it quickly. “Diamond.. stop.” he laughed. “Nope!” He stopped turning at the knob, “Alright you win… I quit.” he said in a defeated voice. I still held the door knob and smiled, I listened as I heard him walk away. I stood there for 20 seconds trying to figure out if I should let go or not. I did and I turned it to open it and he pushed it open and I screamed. I don’t even know why I fell for it, he was so sneaky.

He kissed me all over my face and tackled me onto the bed. “You fell for it!” he laughed. I shook my head, “So.” He lifted my shirt up and held my arms down all in the same second. I already knew he was going to start torturing me, but I wasn’t going to give in. He looked up at me as he slowly kissed my stomach licking in some places that really tickled. “Bruno please stop!” I laughed. “Say I win..” he said pausing for a second. I shook my head and laughed again as he got closer to my belly button. “Oh my god!” I screamed. “All you gotta do is say I win.. and I’ll stop.” he said laughing. I hated how much stronger he was then me sometimes. “Okay Bruno! OKAY YOU WIN!” I yelled as he started to link around it. He leaned up and smiled, “Hell yeah 4 for Bruno, 3 for Diamond. Came back on yo ass!” “Whatever..” I said as he finally let my arms go.

I looked away and pulled my shirt down. I crossed my arms for my chest and put on a fake mad face. “Aww… are you mad baby?..” he said in a baby voice. I quickly looked to him and he put his seduction face on. “You know you love me…” he whispered making me smile. “Yeah.. I do.” He leaned down and kissed me, “I can’t wait to make you my wife.” I smiled and shook my head, “Bruno… when you say things like that you make my stomach tingle.” He laughed softly, “But, I mean it.” “I know..” I whispered turning my head. He turned my face towards his, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing.” I lied. As much as I tried not to get emotional about it, him leaving was coming closer and closer. I didn’t want him and his sweet comments to leave me, I needed him by my side at all times. “Baby… please tell me what’s on you’re mind.” I took a deep breath, “I don’t want you to leave.” He shook his head, “But, I have too.” “I know..” I said holding back tears and fixing a curl in his head. He slowly crawled off of me without saying a word. I sat up on my elbows and watched him as he went to get his acoustic guitar from the corner.

He came back and sat on the edge of the bed, “Maybe you’ll remember this song… from when we we’re younger.. I’m not sure.” He started strumming a bit and nodding his head slowly. I scooted myself down until I sat right next to him. He started to sing, and his beautiful voice filled my ears,

Girl to tell you the truth.. it’s always been you..

I’m all about you… Oh girl… No one can do me the way you do..

It’s always been you.. I’m all about you..

I sat there smiling from ear to ear as he sang. I did remember the song, how could I forget it? I loved every piece of him from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, everyday was a new memory with him, that’s how you knew we had something special.

A week went by and it was the night before Bruno was set to leave for a month to tour with Travie McCoy in Europe. Just thinking about how far he was going to be made me sick to my stomach. We had, had sex so many times in this last week that I lost count. We both knew it would be really hard for us this next month. I just couldn’t imagine how tonight was going to be. He pulled me closer to him with his arm and kissed my cheek as we sat on the couch watching TV. “Babe I really didn’t know that you could get sick from that..” he said pointing to the TV and looking over to me. “Me either..” I said softly. I knew he was trying to make conversation to keep him leaving off of my mind, but it was on my mind and it wasn’t going away. “You alright?” he whispered. I nodded slowly, unable to form words. I was way far from alright, why couldn’t he just stay here? We made love later that night, and it reminded me of the time where he took me to see that star. It was actually a whole lot better then that.

The next morning I stood at the edge of the bed, folding a couple of his shirts and putting them into his suitcase. “Babe.. what time is it?” he yelled from the bathroom. I glanced up to the alarm clock, “10:39 Bru.” “Shit.” he said. I swallowed hard, only 20 minutes before he left. I knew I was going to break down in tears when he was finally leaving. I pushed the last shirt into his suitcase and zipped it up. I ran my fingers across his tag that read his real name and smiled softly to myself. He walked into the room and went for his hat rack putting his fedora on.  ”I just want to be on time babe.. you know how Dre is..” he said picking up one of his bags. “I know, it’s alright.” I said pulling his suitcase off of the bed. We both took his things into to the front door. My stomach grew tighter as he walked into the kitchen and got a bottle of water. I knew it was probably 11 by now.

I backed against the wall and watched him as he texted on his phone. He looked as if he was taking this fine, but I knew it was ripping him apart on the inside just like it was to me. A horn blew outside startling from my thoughts. We both quickly looked up to each other. And I started shaking my head quickly. He looked down and went towards the door. He opened it and gave Dre a signal that he was coming. He closed the door back and slowly looked up to me. “Bruno.. oh my god..” I whispered. He took me in his arms, “Babe it’s going to be okay.. I promise.” he said strongly. He ran his fingers threw my hair and I rubbed up his arms. He grabbed my face and looked me in the eyes, “We will make it alright?” I nodded slowly as he kissed me for the last time for awhile. I felt tears flowing down my face and I knew that they wouldn’t stop for awhile. The horn blared again outside and kissed me again, “I love you babe.” “I love you more..” He shook his head and pecked me on the lips again, “Not possible.”

We finally unlocked and he reached for his bag on the floor and I grabbed his suitcase. I wiped my face with my sleeve as we walked outside and I helped him load his things up. He closed the trunk and hugged me again, “I’ll call you.. as soon as I touch down alright?” I nodded, “Alright Bru.. see you soon.” “Very soon.” he said showing me his beautiful smile. We both walked on opposite sides of the truck and he went and got in on the passenger side. “Hi Dre.” I said softly. “Hi Diamond.. are you gonna be alright?” he said smirking. “I will be.. you just take care of my Bru alright?..” I said pointing over to him. Bruno smiled. “You know I will.. Alright.. we out..” he said starting the truck. I made the painful slow walk to the door and turned around as they we’re backing out. I blew a kiss to Bruno and he blew one back. I just couldn’t picture being here a month without him. I felt like running after the truck, but it would only slow them down. He would never leave my thoughts not even for 2 seconds, and I knew that I would be on his mind as well. I knew that he had a job to do, and I was not selfish at all. He was a amazing person, and I wanted the world to see that.

I slowly rubbed my hands down my jeans as we pulled up to Phil’s house. I felt like I was going to break down in tears at any moment. I was only being strong for her sake. I watched as Phil kissed Leiyah goobye and came and put his things in the truck. He jumped into the truck and I turned and smiled at him. “Brunz can you believe this shit, we going to London Town baby!” I laughed, “Yeah man it’s a dream come true..” I turned back around and looked out the window and waved to Leiyah as we backed up again. “Everyone else gonna be at the airport right?” Dre said. I nodded, “Yup.” I looked out the window and started to daydream. I missed her already, and it hadn’t even been 20 minutes. I hated that fact that going on tour mean’t not spending time with the people you love the most. She was my everything, and without her I wouldn’t even be going on tour right now. A month was a long time, but I made myself believe that it would go by quickly when in reality it would be the longest month in my entire life. We both would have to learn how to cope with this if we wanted our love to stay strong. I felt myself starting to tear up and I quickly wiped my eyes, I couldn’t let the guys see me cry. I heard someone calling me, but I couldn’t respond right now.

“Hello?! Earth to Mars!” Phil yelled into my ear. I quickly turned to him and frowned. “What we’re you doing? I called you 5 times.” I shook my head and looked forward again, “I was thinking man… just thinking.. I’m gonna miss that girl..”………..