Chapter 10

07/08/2011 23:40

10. Bitch

I was speechless. ‘Alissa what else can I say?’ he said looking up to me, the sun was going down and so he looked into the sun while he was trying to look at me at the same time. He closed one eye so he could still see me. Oh my god he looked so hot. I just wanted to kiss him all over and just jump on him and tell him how much I love him. I want to wake up beside him and whisper in his ear how much I love him. Cause I love him. I love him so much. He still looked at me. I took a deep breath. ‘I love you too.’ Bruno’s worried face disappeared  and he smiled at me. His smile, I love his smile. Everyone around him started to swoon.  Joelle pushed me aside ‘YOU!’ Bruno’s smile disappeared ‘Me?’  She laughed ‘GET YOUR ASS UP HERE’ I laughed. ‘Joelle..’  She looked at me ‘Wh…’ I laughed,  She laughed so hard. ‘OH MY GOD! I PUSHED YOU ON THE FLOOR!?’ She reached out her hand to help me get up again. ‘ARE YOU OKAY!?’ Bruno yelled. ‘I’M FINE!’ I yelled back. Bruno smiled. The crowd of people were gone. He really didn’t pay attention to it. I didn’t see him anymore. He must be on his way up then. Joelle smiled at me. ‘I can’t wait till’ you have cute little Bruno babies!’ I looked at her ‘WHAT!?’ I laughed. I know that Joelle expected me to explode and yell at her but…It didn’t bother me, It didn’t bother me because… I couldn’t wait for that either! Even though I don’t know him that well. I know him well enough to tell him I love him. I walked to the door and opened it. I saw him walking up the stairs and my heartbeat immediately went faster. He smiled and opened his arms for a hug. But I didn’t want a hug. I leaned in closer and I kissed him. His lips against mine felt so good. He kissed me with great passion and hunger. His lips were soft and my heartbeat went faster and faster. He put his hands on my love handles and pulled me closer as we kissed. The feeling I had was so intense. I never wanted this to end. We kept kissing and kissing. And I just naturally knew that Joelle was starting to wonder what was taking so long. Really, I couldn’t care less. He pulled away ‘I..I’m outta breath..’ he said panting. ‘Me too.’ I said smiling. ‘Well! I was wondering when it stopped. I was about to hand you guys a condom.’ Joelle…WHY!? Bruno laughed at her. ‘Hello sister in law!’ He said hugging her sideways. I laughed. ‘Not yet!’ he said quickly correcting himself. I knew she had to embarrass me just once! ‘Alissa…can I talk to you for a minute?’ Joelle looked at him. ‘A minute?’ The expression on his face was priceless. It looked like the expression cartoon figures would get when they get annoyed. ‘Or longer.’ He said shortly. ‘Joelle’ I said She looked at me ‘Yes sister dear?’ ‘FUCK OFF!’ I said. Bruno laughed. Joelle looked at me ‘..WELL! I’m just being protective…and annoying….Okay, I’ll call Jamareo.’ She said leaving us alone. ‘Jamareo?’ he said. ‘ Yeah…her new target.’ He chuckled ‘well, he’s a good friend of mine so…she better not break his precious little heart’ We laughed. He took my hand and walked me too my bedroom. This is how it was supposed to be from the beginning. But..that would be a little weird.

We sat down on my bed and he looked around. ‘Nice room’ he said smiling. I was still holding his hand while I was playing with his fingers. ‘Since everything Is out now..we have no secrets for each other right?’ he asked. ‘… not that I know of..’ he sighed ‘Well…I need to tell you something..’

My heart was beating so fast right now. I could sense from the look in his eyes that it wasn’t something good..or something he was proud off. I saw how bad it was killing him. I didn’t want him to tell me…I didn’t want to see him hurt. And after all, I haven’t told him about my dad either.

‘Baby…’ wow…did I just call him that? I didn’t hold his hand anymore and sat on his lap facing him to  comfort him. I hugged him. ‘You don’t have too.’  I didn’t let go of him. His hands were gliding up my back and he stopped in the middle of it. He pulled me closer to him and I was sitting on his….situation. My legs were out on the bed and I knotted my hands in his perfect black curls. The feeling he gave me was so amazing. He totally turned me on at the time. He was still rubbing my back and I was still on his…DICK! Okay Weiner, His Penis. There. I’m so not the naughty kind of girl but when I’m with him that changes. He wakes the puma inside of me. I rested my lips on his hair. He kissed my neck a couple of times and whispered ‘I love you’ Damn, you have no idea how much I want to fuck him right now. But I just couldn’t think of sex. One because it’s too early. Two because of what happened just yesterday, And three because I don’t know what he is going to tell me…maybe he has an illness on his balls. Oh god, my mind is being mean. I loved the silence. It wasn’t even awkward.  ‘I love you too..’  he sighed ‘Alissa I have too, or else you will come after it..’ I pulled away

He is so hot. Jesus. Why?  And how is THIS mine. My room was dark. And just when he leaned in for a kiss the idiotic sound of a doorbell ruined the moment. I heard Joelle opening the door. ‘Uhm..Hi?’ I heard her say. ‘Hey I’m Chanel’ Bruno froze. ‘You have got to be fucking kidding me’ Is what he said.

‘Ah, your ex.’ Bruno looked at me ‘How’d you know?’ I sighed ‘She is the one who told me about the accident.’ Bruno got mad. I could see him wanting to punch something. I got of his lap ‘Why did you guys broke up?’ He got madder. ‘She cheated on me’ And this is the part where I got mad. I opened the door and looked at the ugly ass 40 year old looking woman who was standing in front of me ‘You are Chanel? How did you know where I lived?’ I said madly. ‘Wow, sis…cool it’ is what Joelle said. ‘Listen..this all is none of your business. So I don’t know why you’re here, and I don’t want to know. I just want you to leave.’ She looked at me with her eyes widened. ‘I just wanted to help!’ I glared at her ‘No, you just wanted to make Bruno feel miserable. But you know, you don’t have the right to even do that because YOU are the one who cheated on HIM!’ She gasped ‘How do you know that!’ Bruno came out of my room. ‘Hello’ he said smiling. She looked at me mad. Joelle looked at her disgusted. ‘What’s with the make-up.’ Bruno tried to hold in his laugh. ‘I only put make-up on the blemishes.’ I laughed. ‘Honey, your face is a blemish,  so Joelle is kind of right.’ I said. Bruno smiled still trying to hide his laugh. He chuckled lightly. Chanel glared at him ‘Don’t look at him like that…you’re hurting him.’ She looked at me. ‘I so don’t want to help you anymore’ I got mad again ‘Did I ever ask you too!? Damn, how I want to jump on your face right now.’ Chanel looked at me rolling her eyes. ‘Oh whatever bitch.’ Bruno got mad ‘Don’t you talk to her like that.’ He said. Joelle laughed. ‘She was being nice to you! After she jumped on your face it would maybe look better.’ It was kind off sad how it was three against one, but the bitch deserved all the hate she could get.

I so wanted to hit her. So I did. And closed the door. I kind of hit her hard because she fell. I turned around and saw Bruno and Joelle laugh their fucking asses off. ‘Oh! I love you’ Is what Joelle said while trying to breathe again. ‘I can’t stand her.’  Joelle looked at me ‘I say this a lot but…I TOLD YOU SO! Oh and by the way, me and Jamareo are going on a date…wanna double?’ Bruno looked at me and I nodded. ‘Sure’ he said. I smiled at him. Joelle was so happy I liked the way she smiled when she talks about him. ‘YAY! I’m gonna call him again’ she smiled and left. When she left Bruno pushed me to the door and brushed his lips against my neck ‘You are such a bitch’ he said while kissing my neck. He got me so turned on. ‘I know’ I said while lifting his chin for a kiss. He smiled and let go