Chapter 10

04/09/2011 11:48


"You looks sexy! Like an ice cream on a sunny day" Bruno said after he stared at me for five minutes.
"Youre not going to eat me?" I laughed as I closed his door.
"My girlfriend is way to hot to be eaten." he smiled.
"You have a girlfriend?" My face changed. Bruno didnt tell me he have a girlfriend!
"Baby, my girlfriend is YOU!" he smiled.
"Oh, sorry." I walked towards him. He's laying on his bed.
"Youre so cute when youre jealous." He giggled.
"I'm not jealous!" my face turned red.
"Yes, baby, you're jealous. But thats okay. I'm your boyfriend. The one and only," he laughed so hard. "What brings you here?" he smiled.
"Can I sleep here?" i asked. I cant sleep alone after what I've been through today.
"Are you kidding me?" his face changed. But he looks cute in his boxer.
"Nevermind if-"
"OF COURSE YOU CAN! Youre my girlfriend !" he grabbed my arms and kissed me gently. I smiled. I love this moments. I walked out from his room without saying anything. I brushed my teeth and took my phone. I went back into his bedroom and put my phone on the table next to his bed. I lay next him. I looked at his face. I stared at those perfect lips, perfect nose, perfect eyes, his hair, looks even better when we fixed it. I cant stop staring and my mind flew to Paris. Suddenly, Bruno kissed me gently. I can feel his tongue inside my mouth.

"I thought you changed your mind." he said. "I thought you cant handle my sexiness," he winked at me.
"Well, lets see if you can handle my silence of treatments." I said and turned around. I closed my eyes and pretend I'm asleep.
"Silence of treatment? what's that supposed to mean?" he asked. I wont talk. "Baby?.... Silence of.... WHAT? Baby! Dont be like that ! I need to hear your sexy voice !.... Sasha? Please ! I'm sorry!" he said. I cant stop smiling. Suddenly I feel his hand on my tummy. SHIT!
"Bruno! Stop it!!!! Bruno!!!" i cant stop laughing i turned to him.
"I love the way you screamed my name." he winked at me. "Say you love me and you wont give me the silence of treatment EVER again!" he make a sad face. I sat on top of him.
"Okay, Bruno. I love you. And I wont give you the silence of treatments unless you.... cheated or whatever." i kissed him.
"Cheat ? Are you kidding me? I have my PERFECT woman over here !" he make a sad face again.
"Awww, sorry baby. Just... you know, Kevin said that he wont cheat on me and bla bla bla, but at the end, he cheated on me." I lay next to him. I tried to control my tears.
"Babe? Dont be sad. I'm your boyfriend now. I'll take care of you like always. I wont cheat on you. Youre my perfect girl. I love you. I wont ever try to hurt you okay? Mark my words. You knew me since I'm 5! Dont tell me you cant trust me for the past 13 years !" he kissed me slowly. I'm happy, after all this years, I've found Mr. Perfect. Even though he's always next to me. And I fell asleep in his arms, smiling.

I woke up at 6 am. I grabbed my phone and walked to the door. Suddenly I saw a box under his bed. I opened the box. I was shocked. Theres papers with his hand writings and pictures of me and him.

   "Its 24th December 2002. I cant stop thinking about her. Who knew I can kept this feelings for her since I was 8? I dont have the balls to tell Sasha I love her so much. She told me she have a date with Kevin. But she said he's not Mr. Right. If she's my girlfriend, I'll treat her like a princess. Tell her how amazing she is. I'll tell her how much I love her more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow. I'm not some kind of jerk who'll cheat on her. It takes time for her to open her eyes on me.  Seriously, I need her. I love her with all my heart. At high school, many girls asked to date me. I cant say YES. I waited for Sasha to ask me. But she wont. I'm her best friend. I think thats why. We lived together. But, we're just best friend. I hope someday she'll love me more than anything. I guess this is real love. I cant stop thinking about her day and night. I think of her before I sleep. I wonder if she thinked about me before she slept every single day. Her family, my family. Always said that we've found our soulmates since we're young and how wonderful is that. Everytime I wrote a song, theres always "Sasha" inside it. Yet, she doesnt realise it. I promise to love her for the rest of my life. -Bruno-"

I cant stop crying. I looked at the pictures. "I love you, Sasha" is written at the back of every picture. There's pic of me and Bruno kissed on the prom night. And at the back of it written "I love this moment. My first kiss goes to her. Its worth it. <3" I closed the box and put it back like no one touched it. I stepped outside and took a shower. I changed into a black pencil skirt and a white blouse. I straightened my hair and put some thin make up.  I cooked for Bruno some pancakes and scramble eggs. I covered it after i put it on the table. I went back into his room and kissed him goodbye without waking him up. I took my car keys and walked out from the building and drove to The MultiNadia building. I cant stop thinking about Bruno. I arrived at 8 am.