Chapter 10

29/11/2011 17:57

“Bruno we gotta leave, like, now” I say in a panic as I walk in to the bedroom to get changed. Bruno follows me in. “Why!? I like being in Vegas” “You know those papers that you have to sign before you release anything? Those long, long, chunky, double sided papers that you have to sign!? Well somehow, I forgot about them and we all need to get back so you all can sign them, otherwise your album will be delayed” I say as I try to fix my hair. I look at Bruno in the mirror and he sits down on the bed and starts to smile. WHAT THE FUCK!? “Uhhh, does this situation make you happy?” I ask confused. He looks up at me and says “Come here”  Why is he being so weird? I go over to him and sit on his lap. He looks at me and smiles “You really have no idea what I’m smiling right now do you!?” “No! I don’t, why are you so happy?” “Baby, it’s not the first time you’ve forgotten to get these papers signed is it?” “Well, no, I’ve forgotten a couple times before…..” He just looks at me “Does this situation not bring back memories for you!?” “What!? No! Can you just tell me what’s going through your brilliant mind!?” “When was the last time you forgot about these papers?” “Uhhh, I think it was for CeeLo’s album….” I stop and smile. I know what he means. He instantly kisses me and we both smile. “hmmm, now tell me the story” He says breathless. “Well, last time I forgot about sending these papers off, Jaq made me come in to the studio late to send them off. Like a perfect gentleman you came with me because you didn’t want me to be alone. It got late, we went for a walk, you gave me my beautiful tiffany key necklace *He reaches his hand down my top and pulls my necklace out, kisses it, then continues to listen to me* you then sang your song Talking To The Moon for me under the stars. And that’s when I realised just how much I loved you” I end my sentence and kiss him. “Then what happened?” He whispers.  I laugh and say “We made love in the studio, all night long, and everything felt perfect” I push him back on the bed and surprisingly he lets me. “Oh hell no. Get up, we got a plane to catch!” Ryan says as he walks in. I try to get up off Bruno but he rolls us over so he’s on top. “Go away Ryan” he says against my lips. “Bro, I’ll get Eric in here. He’ll pull you off her if he has to…” He finally stops and gets off me. Damit Ryan!

We all say goodbye to Vegas and board the plane. I just can’t wait to get back home.

As soon as we get back home to L.A, everyone goes their separate ways and we all agree to meet up tomorrow to sign everything, I’m so tired that I have no energy to look for it now. Me and Bruno go upstairs and as soon as my head hits my pillow I fall asleep. I that was probably the most relaxing sleep I’ve ever had. Nothing beats your own bed. And with Bruno right next to me it was just perfect. Although waking up and not having him next to me is something I hate. Why is he not next to me!? It’s not like him to be up before me, I turn and look at the time and see it’s 2pm. SHIT. No wonder he’s not in bed. I feel much better now, thank fuck I’m not sick anymore, I get up, have shower and decide to go downstairs to see if I can at least find the papers. I know I had them, but I don’t even know if they’re here or in the studio. I hear voices, I go downstairs and I see Midey and Jamareo joking about. Awwwhh they look so cute, Midey looks up and says in shock “Lex! When did you get up!?” “Errr, just now, why? What’s wrong? And why do I hear yelling?” I look around and outside I see Phred and he’s yelling at someone. Who is it!? I move closer to the door but Mid stops me, “What’s going on? Where’s Bruno and why is Phred yelling!?” I ask shocked. “Bruno went to the store for some cigarettes and Phred is outside, yelling at. Uhm. Jake” “WHAT!?” “Lex calm down ok! Phred is just telling him to leave, but it sounds like he won’t take no for an answer….” “Why is he here!? Unless…. Oh my God I’m gonna KILL Jaq! Why does he need to send Jake round!?” “I think he did it to make you hurry up, Lex as soon as he gets the papers and they’re signed then he’ll leave” At that precise moment Jake walks in. Fuck. Just looking at him makes me physically sick. I hate this guy. He looks at me and smiles, I wish I was wearing a thick jumper so he can’t see any part of me clearly, even though I’m in a pair of old jeans and a white top, I still hate the way he looks at me. He just looks right through me, like he’s staring at me naked or something…. fuck knows what I ever saw in him. Just thinking about how I ever had sex with him revolts me. He’s nothing compared to Bruno. Nothing……. “Hey Lexii! Long time no see huh, how you been?” He asks sweetly. “Fuck off” I say without thinking. “You heard her. Leave, she doesn’t need you around whilst she tries to find the stuff” Phred says. “Well I’m not leaving, I’ve had strict orders to stay until she finds it. Now go and look for it. Or you could stand here all day looking fuckable whilst I stare at you, it’s really up to you” I fucking hate this man. I walk away and try to find the papers.

Half an hour later and I still have no luck, and where is Bruno!? I’d feel better if he was here. “You dumb bitch, haven’t you found it yet?” He asks from the couch. “A little bit of respect in my house please you jerk” “Lex, I think the whole respect thing between us has sailed a long time ago don’t you think” “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” “FIND THE FUCKING PAPERS AND I WILL!” Why can’t I find them!? Everyone else is looking for them too and still nothing! I go in the kitchen to search in there. He follows me…. “Lex how’s that short guy you were seeing last time I saw you?” “His name is Bruno” “Yeah yeah whatever, you still with him? Or did he do the right thing and fuck you and run off?” “Do you ever shut up!?” “He fucked you and left! Didn’t he!? Remind me to buy him a drink later” “No he didn’t fuck me and leave! If you really must know, we’re engaged, and no, you’re not invited” “NO WAY! Do you love him? Is he rich or something? Is he a good fuck? Come on, let me in on the secret” “Shut up Jake. Just leave me alone and go away” “Why do you keep dodging my questions huh?” “Because my life is personal and you’re not a part of it anymore. If you really HAVE to know. Yes. I love him. I love him so much that I didn’t even think this type of love existed. And yes he’s rich, just like me, not that it matters because I started dating him when he had nothing. And oh yeah Jake. He is an AMAZING fuck, so much better than you. I’ll tell you why” “Urgh, don’t bother…” “He’s a good fuck because we don’t just FUCK. He cherishes me, takes his time with me, on our first time together we made love. On mine and your first time together we did it in some random person’s bed at a party because we were both drunk. He never pressured me either, YOU did. I hate you for that, I hate you full stop. I wish you’d just LEAVE. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH YOU ANNOY ME!” At that moment Bruno walks in to the house but I’m too angry with Jake to even notice. “OH and you don’t annoy me!? I’ve been here for almost an hour and still you’ve found nothing! What kind of a producer loses important papers!?!” “I don’t need this right now Jake. My life is stressful enough without having you in it. One of the best things that happened was when you disappeared!!” “Fuck you, as if your life is as stressful as you really make out. YOU HAVE NOTHING ELSE IN LIFE BUT YOUR WORK! AND YOU CANT EVEN GET THAT RIGHT!” Just as I’m about to start yelling at this jerk, I feel Bruno’s arms around me and him whispering “shhhhh baby” In my ear which instantly calms me down. I just inhale his sweet scent and calm down. “DUDE, watch your mouth around her! Or I’ll smash your face in again like last time. I found the papers. Come back in an hour and you can collect them.” Silently Jake walks out…. After a while, with Bruno still wrapped around me he says “You know, If we killed him then he’d never bother us again…..” I force a laugh out because I’m in no mood for Bruno’s jokes. At least I hope he was joking… He turns me round so I’m facing him and he kisses me. I pull back and ask “Where were you all this time?”