Chapter 10

30/11/2011 00:15

*A few days later - Sabrina's POV*


The last days were... I don't know somehow great, but somehow so weird. I mean it was great to be back together! I missed Bruno so much and now I feel whole again... I even don't know how I could live without him the last year! Since we're back Sammie changed a lot too. He sleeps so much better and seeing Bruno with him cheers my heart. But... this whole Kelly-thing is just like a big cloud that stays over us and darkens our light. I try to deal with it the best I can but it really worries me... whatever... today I get my last couple things back to our house, it's only a few books and some papers so nobody needed to help me and right now I'm driving back home again with Sammie sitting next to me, sleeping... he's so peaceful... we really have to get all that shit together for him. He deserves the best family...

I put on the radio silently as my phone rings...


*Bruno's POV*

"What?... Are you fucking kidding me? How could you keep shutting your fucking mouth all the time when you knew that you fucked her and could be the father too?... I really can't believe all this shit. I thought you're my motherfucking friend?! Damn you, Roger."

"Hey bru I'm sorry man you know I didn't fucking think all that time only about you or Kelly. You know the whole problems with my father. I just fucked her twice... I don't care about her anymore, man... just chill..."

"Chill? I should chill? Are you serious? Man I went through hell the last months thinking I destroyed everything I could have with Sabi... you better start caring about it 'cause you gonna be a father in 2 or 3 weeks... and now get out of here... I really can't see you anymore!"

"Ok ok I'll go. But I'd still work for you man, right? You know I need the job!"

"I don't know Roger. Just go. I'll think about it. But I don't need someone like you in my team... Brandon will call you." I say and shut the door after Roger went outside. 

I sigh deeply and try to calm down. All the time I thought that I'm the father and now I get to know all this... and Kelly she's just such a whore. Made me believe she's having my baby and loves me so much. Yeah right... what a bitch! I just can't believe that I believed all that shit... Before the anger fills me up again I decide to call Sabrina...

"Hey babe."

"Hey hun. What's up? How's it in the studio today?"

"Hmmm... fine. Where you at?"

"Driving on the way back home. What's wrong, baby?"

"I just had a talk with Roger... he admitted he had something with Kelly and looks like he's the father... crazy, isn't it? All the time they fooled me! Both! I hate them both so much... and I'm so sorry that you went through all that hurt for... nothing... I'm really sorry, baby... for everything! I love you! I kinda destroyed everything and you still stuck with me... you're unbelievable... I love you...and I'm so happy that we're back together... and I'll make everything up to you! I promise! ... I lov..."

"Bruno, Bruno... it's ok. I love you too and let's talk at home ok?! I'm driving now and talking on the phone... no good combination, right?!"

"Ok... sorry! I'll be at home in about 2 hours. Can't wait to see you! I love you!"

"I love you too. See you later!... Bye."


I put off the phone and sigh. I feel better now! So much better... I go back to the main room where they guys sit and wait for me.

"Hey there you are." Phil says. "So what's up with Roger? He's gone?"

"Guys... I really don't wanna talk about it now. I'll tell you tomorrow, but maybe it was his last day here today... he just doesn't fit into the team anymore I guess... but not now... let's just keep working on this song... I wanna leave in 2 hours..." I say, take the guitar and start playing the last chords we stopped at before Roger came. They all look at me and each other with a questioning face but I don't care... I'll tell them tomorrow and then they'll understand I hope. Nobody asks more questions and we keep on working.

After 2 hours we went a lot further on the song. I really have a good feeling about it! Maybe this gonna be the first single of the new album?! We already have 7 good songs. But this is the best in my opinion... I'll talk with Phil tomorrow about it... But now I just wanna go home to Sabi and Sammie. I miss them so much. And today it's officially the day they moved back into our house... So time to make them feel at home!

The guys wanna keep on working on the song when I leave. We say goodbye and I go.


*Sabrina's POV*

Oh wow, I thought. If Roger is really the father, then everything's gonna be alright. That would be awesome and we finally could re-start again and leave all the shit of the past behind us. That is all I want and need. Just normality, plain everyday life. No drama. No stress. Just pure harmony. Yeah that's what I want and deserve, I guess. Besides... No that doesn't matter. I won't tell Bruno. It would just upset him unnecessarily. I look at Sammie he's awake now with a cute smile on his face. I smile back at him as "Empire State Of Mind" comes up on the radio, I shriek, turn it up and sing along really loud. I feel so happy. I really kinda miss New York. Yeah we've been there just a few days ago, but that was only a weekend and much too short. I couldn't visit any of my friends. I think I'll go there in the summer holidays which start in a couple of weeks... We'll see, enough time to think and plan it...

I arrive at the house and unpack everything. After that I put some chicken wings and fries into the oven and they just got ready when Bruno comes through the door. 

"Hey beautiful." He says and gives me a big wet kiss. "Here that's for you." He holds a big bouquet of white rouses towards me.

"Oh wow. You shouldn't do, Brunz. For what?" I say back.

"Baby. For what?! Means you don't know??? It's officially now! Today is THE day you and me are back together in OUR house. We gotta celebrate that. I managed a baysitter. Josy should come in about an hour and then we go out." He say with a big smile while pulling me closer to him and kisses me hard.

"Really?" I ask kind of breathless when he pulls back. "But I... I cooked..." looking towards the oven but smirked a little bit, cause it's not really 'cooking'.

"Babes, that doesn't matter. We don't go eating anyways... and if we did, I would never let some good ol wings let get cold." He answers and looks into the oven. "Hmmm... they look ready, aren't they?"

"Hm I guess about 2 or 3 minutes and they'll done." I suggest. "You can sit down baby. I'll bring them." 

"Ok. Your wish is my command." He smirks, kisses me on my cheek, and give me a clap on my booty.

"Oh boy." I glance at him. "You and your songs." I laugh.

After eating I feed Sammie aswell, while Bruno showers. When he finished I shower too. I come out the bathroom when I heard the door bell. 'That must be Josy.' I think and go into the dressing room with a towel wrapped around. I put on a tiny black jeans and a red tube top and my favorite short-leeved jeans jacket. Then heading downstairs ready to go.

I find them all in the kitchen. Josy sitting on one of the barstools right at the kitchen island. She's looking at Bruno with a serious weird look. Sammie lies sleepy in his maxi cosi beside her and Bruno stands right on the other side with... I stop... with MY phone in his hands. Looking at it and turning his head when he hears me coming.

Before I gotta say a word. He says "What the fuck, Sabrina? Who the hell is Robert?"