Chapter 10

30/01/2012 11:00

I woke up still in Bruno’s arms and in the same position that we were in hours ago.What time is it? I thought to myself. I looked over to Bruno’s alarm clock. 4:24am. Shit. I wiggled out of his arms trying not to wake him. Success. Quickly, I threw my clothes back on and wrote him a note. 

Bru, Thanks for last night, I had a great time. Call me when you’re awake. 

xoxo -Karmin 

P.S. I’m taking this Mickey Mouse sweater. Im cold. 


A few hours later I woke up feeling way more rested than I did when I walked home from Bruno’s. I was still wearing his sweater. I buried my face in it taking in his scent. I loved it. I laid there thinking about what happened last night. Surprisingly I didn’t feel guilty or regretful. I enjoyed every moment of it. Sundays are usually my slowest day of the week. I never feel like doing anything. Even though I don’t have school anymore I still feel like laying around watching Lifetime movies and eating ice cream all day as if my week was long and stressful. I was looking forward to tommorow though. Im competing in a small surf competition that the city holds every year. Just for fun. I rolled out of bed and decided I would take a shower. 

I wanted to spend more time with Karmin. It’s like I can’t get enough of her. MY first thought waking up was her. When I was in the shower, I wished she was with me, and when I ate breakfast, I wanted to be sharing it with her. She really has me under her spell. I’ll call her now…. 

I sat there waiting for her to answer, but she didn’t. “Hey beautiful. I wanted to give you time to rest, so I didn’t call you right away. I miss you already. Maybe we can get some lunch? My treat. Talk to you soon..” 

I stepped out the shower feeling refreshed and energized. I noticed my phone blinking red. One missed call from Bruno and two text messages from Naomi. 

Kar, OMG call me. 

Ok ur taking too long. Me and Ryan hooked up last night, but he’s a year younger! Help me!! 

Bruno’s voicemail made me completely forget about what Naomi texted me. I’d love to have lunch with him. Being around him is like the best feeling in the world, plus, I really want to get to know every single thing about him. 

I jumped to the sound of my phone hoping it was Karmin. Why am I so attached to her? “Hello?” “Hey sorry, I was in the shower.” She said “Damn, I missed out!” “Shut up, didnt you get enough last night.” She said laughing “Oh I was going easy on you, you ain’t felt nothin yet.” “Oh really now?” “Round two later?” I said half joking and half serious. I heard her laughing again. She wanted it. “Anywayyyys, about lunch. YES. Im starving.” “Me too, i’ll pick you up when?” “Give me like…..30 minutes.” That means 45. I thought to myself. 

As I was getting ready I remembered that I forgot to text Naomi back. Ever since me and Bruno started talking I feel like I’m neglecting her. I hurried and got ready with 15 minutes to spare to call and catch up with her. “WHAT THE FUCK BITCH!” “I know I know, I’m sorry Omi!” She laughed which made me feel much better. I was hoping she wouldn’t be mad at me. “So what’s been up, we barely caught up last night.” “Weeeeeeell…” “What Karmin?!” “I lost it last night!” I said quietly. “Oh we’re just going to talk.” She said mocking me from last night. “I know, but he’s so damn sexy, I couldn’t resist!” “Your crazy Kar. Me and Ryan have been talking alot. I think I’m feelin him, ALOT!” “Are you interested in him or his six pack Naomi?” I said looking out the window “Both, hahaha.” “You’re crazy girl, but hey I gotta go, we’re having lunch today.” I said smiling. “Oh la la, Okay call me later, love ya.” “You too girl.” 

Before, I got the chance to let her know I was here she was already walking towards the door. She looked so good. I wanted do her right then and there. “Hey!” She said getting in the car. She leaned in to give me a kiss and I returned it. “Where do you want to eat?” She asked “Ummm, how about Sushi Sasabune?” 


“Welcome to Sushi Sasabune. How many in your party?” The hostess asked “Just two.” Bruno responded. She walked us to a table for two and I was looking around nervously. Chad has worked here for the last year and a half and I was praying he wasn’t working today. I squeezed Bruno’s hand unintentionally. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “Oh nothing, sorry.” I smiled trying to play it off. If Chad saw me he would think I’m just as much of hoe that he is for already having a new boyfriend. Whatever. I’m here with Bruno and I’m not going to ruin our time together. “You’re waiter will be with you shortly, in the meantime, can I start you two off with something to drink?” We both ordered a strawberry lemonade and waited to be served. “So did you enjoy last night?” Bruno asked me. “Very much!” I said. He smiled and leaned over the table to whisper something in my ear. “There’s ALOT more where that came from.” That did nothing but make me want to slam him against a bathroom stall and let him do to me whatever he wants. “What’s up man, how you been?” I heard a familiar say from a distance. Bruno stood up and they shook hands and he sat back down. I turned around to see who it was and just as I was going to introduce myself, I realized it was Chad. Shit…they know eachother?