Chapter 10-13

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Letting go of her hips I pull her jacket off, and then break our kiss long enough to pull her shirt over her head. Bending down I grab her butt and lift her up. Wrapping her legs around me, she smiles against my mouth and whispers, “take me to bed baby.” She takes off my fedora and tosses it at the couch as we pass. Running her hands through my hair she kisses me again. When we get to the room I put her down. Pushing her against the bed with my hips, I decide that I hate her bed, she would already be in my bed. But no we have to CLIMB into this bed, I am buying stairs for this bed.

Pulling his t-shirt over his head, I see his chest for the first time. Running my hands down his chest I stop at the button on his pants, when I kiss his collar bone he lets out a moan. After I unbutton his pants I step away, and climb onto the bed. Bruno kicks off his shoes and loses his pants and climbs up to join me. He pulls off my shoes and tosses them aside. Climbing on top of me, he spreads my legs and grinds against me. Kissing his way down my stomach, I can’t contain my moans, he pulls my shorts and underwear off, I pull my legs up and hook my toes into the waist band of his boxers, pulling them down.

Running my hands up her thighs, I get to the spot and find that she’s wet already, as I slip a finger in she lets out a gasp. After what can’t even be a minute she says, “Bruno, can we just skip foreplay, this one time? I need you baby, now!” She can hardly get the words out in between her moans. Without another word I slip inside of her. “Go slow Bru, it’s been a long time,” she whispers in my ear. She raises her hips and grinds with me, reaching one hand under her back I roll us over. She gladly takes over, riding me, somehow knowing exactly how I like it. “Do you like this baby?””mmmhmm,” is I can say. Gripping her ass and helping her go faster, I can feel her pulse around me. She’s close, letting out little moans, I lean up and flip her back on her back. “Nobody is here to hear you baby, let it out.” As I start pounding, I feel her relax and she lets out the sexiest, ”Oh, Oh My God, Yes just like that!” Her orgasm feels amazing. The faster I go the louder she gets. “Are you gonna cum again lace?” “Please, Bru, don’t stop.” I’m gonna cum soon, I can feel it building up, leaning down and kissing her again, I tell her, “I’m gonna cum soon, baby, can you do it again?” Biting her lip, she nods and raises her hips again. Leaning back, I grab her hips and slam into her, after a few seconds I can’t hold it any longer. I pull out and release on her stomach. After a minute I get up find a washrag and come wipe my juices off of her. “Sorry baby, let me run you a bath.”

Oh My God. First he fucks me like that, and now he’s running me a bath? Holy Shit! Getting off the bed, my legs feel like jello. Walking ever so careful to the bathroom, Bruno is bent over the tub, pouring bubbles in. “Wait, stop the water, I want to smoke first!” “You just read my mind.” I pull the blanket off the bed and wrap it around me. Bruno just follows me, naked. When we get to the door, I open my blanket and let him in. “Baby, that was amazing,” he sings to me. I just lay my head on his shoulder. I think I may need a nap after this bath, Bruno agrees. We finish smoking and head back to the bathroom. Starting up the water again, I climb in and wince at the soreness of my thighs. As if he read my mind Bruno climbs in behind me. Wrapping his arms around me, we settle back letting the water wash our sex away. “Babe, your squishing my balls.” I laugh as I slide a little lower in the water.


Waking up a few hours later, I’m naked and my legs are tangled around a beautiful man. That beautiful man is awake and looking at me. “How long have you been up?” “Not too long, but I’m starving, can we go get some lunch?” I can’t resist his smile, rolling on top of him I bite into his shoulder. “Oh, You wanna have sex again first?” “No, I just wanted to abuse you for a second,” I say rolling off him and climbing out of bed. Finding my clothes thrown all over the floor I slowly get dressed. “Lace, are you ok? You look like you’re in pain.” “I told you it’s been a while, I’ll be ok,” I say kissing him and then head to the bathroom. My hair is a hot mess, I plug in my straightener. Bruno comes in and unplugs it and then kisses my neck, “Just throw your hair up, the only person you need to impress thinks you already look amazing.”

Grabbing my jacket we head out for lunch, Bruno says he knows just where he wants to go but won’t tell me. We walk a few blocks and then stop at a pizza place, “I love this place Bru! The kids and I eat here all the time.” We sit at a table and give our order to the same girl that has taken care of the kids and I forever, but for some reason I can’t think of her name. “Look Bru, that cab has a flat tire and it’s still driving around,” I say looking out the window at traffic. “Oh No! Yer tires all flat and junk,” “Bruno, how do you even remember that, it’s like 8 years old.” Looking at me with a serious face he says, ”Awe, Did I do that?” “Here, lemme get my cellular out, call you a wrecker,” I respond to him in my best southern accent. “Look at you, trying to hate on my mad commercial skills, and then you come back with that! Oh, shoot. I got no phone. Cause I’ma pothole.” Then we both say at the exact same time, “Sooooooooooo, kay, byee!” Now were both laughing hard, if Bruno is laughing, you automatically start laughing. His laugh kills me.

We sit there for over an hour, laughing and eating. A few fans come up and ask for a picture or autograph, and he happily poses or signs whatever. When we leave he says, “Can we stop by the studio, I wanna grab my guitar?” “Of course babe, I actually want to hear you play. You are always asking me to play for you but you never have played for me.” “I play for you all the time!” “No I mean like really play. I want to see you get lost in it, like you tell me I do when I’m playing.” “I gotchu.”



Sitting on the couch strumming on his guitar, while I pulled meat out for dinner, Bruno asks me to quiz him on songs, “Give me some random songs, by anyone.” “Do they have to be recent?” “No, I actually would rather play older songs.” Not having faith in him, I grab my laptop, start it up and click to youtube. “What are you bringing this over here for?” “So you can look it up if you get stumped.” “Psssh gurl, just give me a song.” “Ok let me think for a second, I wanna stump you.” Walking towards the piano, I start playing for a minute trying to figure out what song I want him to play. Katy Perry just came out with a new song the other day, she’s the first that comes to mind. Walking back towards him, I sit down kiss his cheek and say, “Katy Perry.” “Any song?” “Any Song.” He thinks for a few seconds and then starts singing.

This was never the way I planned,

Not my intention

Blah blah blah

I kissed a girl and I liked it

The taste of her cherry chapstick

I kissed a girl just to try it



I get back up and go back to the piano and start playing “Ok babe, Ray Charles.” “Really?” He asks raising his eye brow at me. “mmhmm, I love his music.” He gets up with his guitar and walks towards me, as I start playing ‘Georgia on my mind’.

Georgia, Georgia,

The whole day through

Just an old sweet song

Keeps Georgia on my mind


When he stops singing I look up at him, he’s moving his fingers around on his guitar, but he’ not actually playing. “You get an idea?” “Ya, I was thinking about what you were playing before you told me to sing Katy. Play it again.” I don’t know if I really remember what I was playing, so I play around for a few minutes, and he keeps telling me it’s not right. Finally I play something he likes and he jumps up, “Stop! That one, play it again!” I play it again, and he motions for me to play it over and over, “Where is that from?” “I don’t know, I just made it up.” “Well keep playing, let it take you wherever.” So I close my eyes and start playing, after a minute I feel him sit next to me, so I open my eyes. “Phil, listen.” I didn’t realize that he was on his phone. He tells Phil that he’s going on speaker and then he picks up his guitar and starts playing with me, “Lace slow it down just a little bit, you’re getting ahead of yourself.”

Phil ended up just coming over. It was 3:30, Marvin wouldn’t be here till 5, so I still had a little time, but I didn’t realize that I was getting sucked into a writing session. My living room is being rearranged, Bruno has turned a chair around to face the piano and a side table brought over so he can write from the chair. After a few minutes, I excuse myself to the bathroom. When I come back Bruno asks me to play again, he’s mumbling to himself, but then he stops and starts writing. When he stops writing he says, “play that last part again, I want to sing this and see how it feels.” The words that come out are perfect and have almost an R&B meets Country feel.

There’s more to life than smiles and sunshine,

But even in the rain we’ll be fine.

“I’ll shelter you until the rain is gone,” Phil adds.

“Ya, I like that.”

If we should live a hundred years,

I promise you that I’ll be here.


“Bru, I have to stop, I need to get dinner started,” I tell him getting up, Phil taking my place. Bruno looks at his watch. “Wow we really lost track of time. Phil, Lacey has someone coming over for dinner.” Letting Bruno explain to Phil about Marvin, I head to the kitchen, I’m making Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. “Phil, you can stay for dinner if you want, I don’t want to rush you guys over there.” Bruno talks Phil into staying. They start back on their song, the piano is echoing through the house.


At exactly 5, I walk to my hall closet and grab the crutches, let myself out and head down the stairs to help Marvin through the gate. We leave his wheelchair next to the stairs and I help him up, like I do every weekend. When we get inside Bruno and Phil say hi and I help Marvin to the bathroom, his clothes are already waiting for him in there. After about 30 minutes he emerges, freshly showered and shaved, wearing clean clothes. He hobbles his way to the kitchen bar and sits down. Marvin is a man of few words. He is more of a watcher, but like every Friday, he Thanks me for the shower. Then spins around to watch the guys.

Dinner goes off without a hitch, Bruno actually gets Marvin to talk, something I have yet to accomplish except the normal pleasantries. Just like every week, as soon as we are done eating Marvin says Thank You and tells me he is ready to leave, Bruno offers to help him down the stairs. When he returns, I’m rinsing the dishes and putting them into the dishwasher. Wrapping his arms around my waist, he kisses my neck. “Baby, you have such an amazing heart. There are not many people that would do that for him, I feel bad for him, cause he’s such a nice guy.” “It’s weird, I never hear him complain about living in an alley, it’s like he almost likes it. I can’t help every homeless person, but for some reason, I’m not sure exactly why but he was important to my Grandfather. So I’m happy to help him.”

The guys go back to playing with their song. While they are busy, I excuse myself to clean the bathroom. After I get done I sneak to my bathroom and climb in the shower. Standing under the hot water thinking about my day, and the earlier sex with Bru, I hear the door open. When I turn around, there he is stripping his clothes off and opening the shower door to climb in. “Mind if I join you?” He says biting his lip. “Bru, what about…” “Phil? I sent him home.” He says interrupting me. 



When he gets close, I loop my arms around his neck, kissing him under the flow of the water. “I wanna go out tonight, babe, but first I want to have you,” He says bending down kissing my shoulder and then my collar bone, and my breast. Reaching up I grab a handful of his hair and pull his head back, kissing next to the stitches on his chin, then his neck and back up to his ear, nibbling. The small space of my shower makes his moan so much louder than it really is. Slowly I take my kisses south, when I get to his hipbone he lets out a little giggle. I look up and smile, bite my lip and then take him in my mouth.

Oh My God! Lacey, is making love to me with her mouth. She’s locked her eyes to mine and that makes it so much more intense right now. “Shit babe, Oh…oh…oh, shit!” Grabbing her chin, I pull her up, and kiss her, “I’m not going to last much longer with you doing that.” Running my hand down her leg, I stop at her knee, lift it up and wrap it around my waist. As I’m kissing her, I run my hand up the back of her leg, up her back, through her hairDropping my hand, I put it between us, play with her a little. “Bru, I need you, please baby.” I lower her leg, and turn her around, running my hands all over her, teasing her from behind, “Please Bru,” she says grinding into to me, teasing me with her butt. “As you wish, sugar.” Kissing her shoulder, I wrap one arm around her waist, and bed her over with the other. Then I have my way with her.


“Bru, you know those stitches are ready to come out.” I’m standing in front of the mirror, blow-drying my hair, naked, watching Bruno shave. “Well who do I go see to get them out,” He says, looking towards me. “Umm, hello, do you not remember how we met?” I head to my closet to get dressed, grabbing two skirts, I come back and hold them up, “which one?” “Flowers.” I slip on the skirt, a lace tank top and throw a cropped jean jacket on my bed as I head back to the bathroom to straighten my hair.

“Are you gonna take them out then?” He asks holding his chin up. I had to think for a second, cause I actually forgot what he was talking about. “Ya, let me get my scissors,” I tell him, digging under the counter for my first aid box. After sanitizing them and my tweezers, I tell him to hold still. Right as I’m getting ready to cut he jumps and screams, “You’re gonna cut me with those things!” “Bruno, you really think I would cut you with them? They have to touch your skin to get close enough to cut, I know what I’m doing shit head.” Finally I end up making him go lay on the bed with his head in my lap, he has 5 stitches, and before every one he screams! On the last one he says, “Okay, I’m gonna be brave on this one, I promise I won’t jerk this time.” So he holds his breath and squishes his face together.


The line at the door to the club is around the block, but we walk right in. Bruno is pulling me through crowds of people. Finally, we get to the back, a little seating area full of people he knows. He introduces me to them all, but I suck with names so don’t ask me who they were. Well I knew Phil, Ari and finally met Phil’s wife Urbana. Phil and Bruno got up to get us drinks, while Urbana and I talked kids, she has two toddlers! Oh how I miss that age some days!

Finally the boys get back with our drinks, I really have no idea what I’m drinking, whatever it is, it’s strong! Everyone is sitting around laughing, Bruno gets up to take a pic with some fans. After he comes over to me, grabs my hand and leads me away from our table to dance. After a few songs, I dance with Phil and Ari, Urbana dances with Ari and Bruno too. Sometime later Urbana asks me to go to the bathroom with her, and then we stop at the bar and grab another drink. When we get close to the table, Urbana spots Bruno, dancing with another girl.

As I walk past him, I do a little dance, and rub my hand over his shoulder, giving my ass a little extra sway when he follows me with his head. “Girl, you don’t care that he is dancing with her?” Urbana asks me. “No, he’s just dancing, you danced with him, I danced with Phil, there’s no difference. Look he’s keeping his hands up high on her back. He’s ok” “Ya, but you know me, and Phil its different to me,” She says watching them. After the song is over, Bruno hugs the girl, kisses her cheek and walks over to me. Urbana is throwing him a dirty look, “Urbie, what are you mean mugging me for?” She just shakes her head and ignores him, talking to Phil.

Getting on his knees, spreading my legs and wrapping them around him, Bruno is a feeling pretty good. I take his hat off, and put it on my head. Smiling at me he pops the brim down so it’s sitting right. Just then Ari comes back with shots. 3 shots in a row, has the room spinning on me now. Bruno kisses me and then opens my jacket a little and kisses my chest. The last thing I remember is my favorite song coming on and giving Bru a lap dance.


Oh shit, I’m gonna die. I haven’t drank like that in years. Rolling over I notice that Bruno isn’t in bed. “Brunooooo, Oh my god….” And then I’m dashing to the bathroom to get sick. “Babe, you ok?” He says sticking his head in the door, “Don’t come in here! And I hate you, I’m dying.” I flush the toilet, get up and brush my teeth, when I look in the mirror, I want to cry, my hair is sticking everywhere, and I have raccoon eyes. “Bru, please don’t look at me right now, I look like shit!” “I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen shit look like that, but ok.”

“Laaace, get in here!” I slowly make my way down the hall in my t-shirt and slippers. I managed to wash my face and pull my hair up, but that’s all he was getting out of me right now. When I get to the living room, he’s sitting on the couch, laptop in his lap, and a pissed look on his face. “What Bru, I need coffee.” “Just look,” he says passing me the computer. There on the screen is a picture of me and Bruno, he is carrying me piggy back, I’m carrying my heels and my skirt is riding up high, revealing my ass to everyone!



“Fuck, I don’t even remember that happening.” I sit down next to him, looking at him, he’s clearly upset. “I’m sorry Bruno, I didn’t mean to get that drunk.” “Why are you apologizing? We all got trashed. I’m pissed at them, not you. It wasn’t your fault.” Ok so it wasn’t my fault that the picture got taken, but it was my fault that I got drunk and let my skirt ride up like that, but on the bright side, at least I was wearing underwear! “Do you want coffee?” I ask him getting up. “Yes please.” God I feel like crying right now, do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to know that last night I was trashed and pretty much showed my ass to everyone, not to mention that Bruno has to answer for this now too. UGH

After my shower I feel marginally better, “Brunoo, come snuggle me!” I climb back into bed and turn the tv on, deciding that I’m going to watch some of this Roseanne DVD that we never watched the other night. Bruno comes in crawls into bed with me and snuggles up. “What do you need to do today, big booty?” “Who you calling big booty,” I say poking him in the ribs. Laughing and pulling away he says, ”That skirt wasn’t riding up, your big ol’ booty was escaping!” Rolling me over and slapping my butt, “I love it though, in fact, I think from now on I’ll just start calling you bootay. But really what kind of ‘Mom stuff’ do you need to do today?” “Nothing, I don’t feel like doing anything. I think I’ll lay in bed all day.” “Lace, if you’re trying to quote my song, you said that all wrong. Its, Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed.” “Well, Mr. Mars, thankfully I wasn’t quoting your song, so booyah.” “Well I need to run out and do a few things, get my tux and go talk to Phil about tonight.” I just look at him confused. “Shit I forgot to tell you, we have a charity thing tonight. It shouldn’t take me more than a few hours, and then when I get back, I’ll take you shopping.” “Bruno, I don’t need to go shopping. I’m not one of those girl that think shopping is fun, actually I hate shopping.” “Well I’m sorry, but you really need a new dress for tonight, and don’t give me that look, you’re going.”

After attacking me with kisses and tickling me, he leaves, promising to be back in a few hours, telling me to take a nap. I do just that. Even though we have only been together for a week, it feels like so much more longer. We are already finishing each other’s sentences, we have so much in common, but we are also so different. It terrifies me, I think I’m falling in love with him already! I know my children are, and he is so good with them, always playing with them, helping them, and never seeming inconvenienced by them.

I head straight to Phil’s, we planned to sing the song that Lacey started us on just yesterday. It wasn’t even finished yet. “Phil, are you sure we should sing this song? I mean, me singing this is basically telling Lacey that I love her.” Phil is looking at the picture from last night, looking at me he says, “Brunz, man I saw you with her yesterday, how do you feel about her? Because from what Urbana and I saw, y’all are head over heels in love already. Are you sure that you’ve only known her for a week?” “Honestly? It feels like I’ve been waiting for her my whole life.” “Well then you have your answer. All you can do is put it out there, and see if she takes it, but I saw the way she looked at you, she loves you B.”

We write the song in 30 minutes, deciding that it sounds best with just the piano. It’s a slow emotional song. We run through it a few times and Urbana gets tears in her eyes when she hears it. After that, I run to my apartment and grab my tux and dress shoes and head back to Lacey’s. I call her on my way up her stairs cause I don’t have a key. She lets me in, wearing only her Mickey mouse t-shirt and panties. It’s all I can do to keep myself from taking her right there. “Bootay, go get dressed, we need to go find you something for tonight.” I stop her from putting any makeup on, and then I wrestle the straightener out of her hands, finally after 30 minutes of pretend fighting, I tell her, “If we don’t leave in the next 5 minutes, I’m taking your ass back to bed, and we won’t have time to get you anything, then you’ll have to go in that skirt you wore last night.” Knowing that she has other dresses to wear, she just gives me a devilish smile.

Okay, so he won this round, I’m letting him take me shopping. He’s going to regret it though, I’m the worst shopper in history, I always make Dana come with me, everything in my closet, she has picked out! After an hour and half of trying dresses on, Bruno decides that he likes the black strapless dress, it’s above the knee in the front and has a long train in the back, it comes with a bright pink belt, he swears it looks amazing, he even buys a matching tie.


That night I walk the red carpet for the first time, with the most handsome man in the world. Urbana and I step back a few times and let him and Phil answer questions for reporters. When we get inside, we meet tons more people that I will probably never remember. I am the worst person when it comes to this stuff, he has picked the wrong girl to be on his arm for events like this. I have a death grip on his arm all night, but he keeps reassuring me that it’s okay. We sit down and have dinner, listen to a few people speak and then Bruno kisses my cheek and excuses himself. Phil follows him. After a few minutes I see him get on stage. “Since we’re at a charity that benefits single mothers, I would like to dedicate this song, to a woman that has inspired me so much, she is so strong and independent, and handles being a single mother with more grace than I ever thought possible. Oh and just for good measure, Phil would like to dedicate this song to his wife. The crowd is laughing and I can’t breathe, I’m sure he’s going to play Just The Way You Are, but when Phil starts playing the piano, he’s playing my song, tears start welling up in my eyes.

I don’t know what it is about you,

But something makes me wanna love you,

Today and forever and always through eternity.

Maybe it’s the way you tell me,

That you just can’t live without me.

Love like this was surely meant to be.

People say that love is blind,

But I think we’ve got it right this time.


Forever is never too long to love you,

Even if the world should stop I’d need you.

Baby when it comes to me and you

Forever is never too long.


Where you lead my heart will follow,

Cause we’ll have bigger dreams tomorrow,

Watch them all come true as time goes on.

There’s more to life than smiles and sunshine,

But even in the rain we’ll be fine,

I shelter you until the rain is gone.

If we should live a hundred years,

I promise you that I’ll be here.


Forever is never too long to love you,

Even if the world should stop I’d need you.

Baby when it comes to me and you,

Forever is never too long.


When he’s finished the room erupts with applause, tears are freely flowing and I’m trying to stop them from ruining my makeup. When he gets back to my table, he takes my hand and says, “Lace, I know it’s only been a week since I met you. But I meant every word that I just sang. I love you.”