Chapter 102

05/03/2012 17:02

Marla sat up in her bed watching Bruno lead Rosie toward her. He looked so tired. It’s only day one, babe. Suck it up. She thought to herself seeing Rosie’s hair all over the place wearing the most horrible outfit ever.

”Mom..I picked this….” Rosie said proudly.

”I know. Because I told you not to wear it.” she laughed pointing to the bright sleeveless shirt. ”It’s too cold.”

”But mom…I’m not cold…” she said. ”And dad let me.”

”Okay.” Marla smiled turning her arms to Rosie showing her the babies.

”Those are mine?” she asked.

”They’re yours.” she said to her daughter standing up with the babies sitting on the couch with the two of them.

”Look, Rosalia….” Bruno said moving her arms to hold one of the babies who was looking around quietly taking in everything while the other slept.  He held onto Angelo, who was awake looking at everyone.

”This is your brother, Rosie…” he told her sweetly. ”Make sure you hold onto his head like I am….” he told her guiding her hand to his head.

”Momma…why is his head smushy?” she asked touching his head.

”Because he’s still growing. Just like you…” Marla said smiling at her daughter moving her free hand to make sure his head didn’t fall.

”Mommm…I can doooo itttt….let go!” she whined. Marla pulled her hand away quickly.

”Okay…” she said reluctantly knowing that Rosie was holding him as tightly as she or Bruno would.

”Is Espanza’s head smushy too?” Rosie asked.

”Her head is the same way.” Marla answered.

”Can I see?” she asked,

”Give Angelo to your dad…then you can see…” Marla told her daughter watching him guide her hands to his arms. Marla watched Rosie’s eyes light up as she got closer to her sister.

”Espanza’s prettier than Anjello.” Rosie told her mother.

”What makes you say that, mija?” Marla asked her daughter.

”Espanza’s prettier because she looks like me.” she said triumphantly touching her sister’s head waking her up. As Rosie touched her Esperanza started crying shocked by the touch. ”I didn’t mean to make her cry….” Rosie said shocked almost about to cry herself.  ”I like Jello better because he didn’t cry…” Rosie said.

”You’re going to love both of them when we get home, mama.” Marla said taking Angelo back from Bruno as she held onto Esperanza who was starting to calm down.

”But she can’t cry when I touch her. That’s mean, mom.” Rosie told her mother.

”It’s okay, Rosalia. She cries when I touch her too.” Marla explained to her daughter. ”You cried when we touched you too.”

”Oh.” she said defeated. ”Daddyyyy..when do I get to play with them like Tessa?”

”Not just yet, baby. Remember when all Tessa did was sleep?” Bruno asked her.

”The babies have to sleep so their heads get hard.” Rosie concluded.

”Exactly.” Bruno answered.  ”So let’s go home so the babies can sleep.” Bruno told her taking her hand.

”Why? Mom isn’t coming with us?” Rosie asked shocked.

”I’ll be home tomorrow after school, mama…” Marla said sitting on the couch next to her. ”Remember when I couldn’t remember anything and I had to stay at the hospital to make sure everything was okay?”

”I remember that.” Rosie stated.

”That’s why I have to stay tonight. Just to make sure everything is okay. But tomorrow I’ll be home with Esperanza and Angelo…okay?” Marla reassured her.

”So Espanza and Jello come home tomorrow too?” Rosie asked.

”We all come home tomorrow.” she told her daughter.

”Okay mom. I love you.” Rosie said kissing her mother on the cheek walking to the babies. ”I love you too.” she said struggling to reach the top. Bruno picked her up helping her reach their heads. ”I love you, I love you, I love you.” she sang the same way Bruno would sing to her when he saw her in the morning.  Marla couldn’t help but laugh at her daughter. Bruno put her down watching her walk out the door. Bruno walked toward Marla leaning down to kiss her.

”I love you, momma. I’ll see you tomorrow.” he told her as he pulled away.

”I love you, Bruno.” she told him watching him walk away.

”Hang on, Rosie…” Bruno ran after his five year old daughter down the hallway.

”Can you give this to Marla tonight?” Bruno asked the nurse. She nodded her head putting it in her picket. ”And please, don’t forget.”

”I won’t Mr. Hernandez.” the nurse smiled.


Dear Marla,

Today Rosie saw the twins for the first time. She makes me laugh so much. I think she makes me laugh more than you do some days. She can’t say Esperanza. She says Espanza. And Angelo sounds like Jello.  I know I sound like a girl when I say it’s adorable. But it is. Mar, you’re beautiful too. You have the most amazing smile.  Mar, I love you.