Chapter 10

22/03/2012 20:02

I simply must show another amazing song that sets a cinematic type mood to the scenes.
It's called "Sleep (Solarstone Afterhours Mix) by Conjure One.
You should check it out and play it after Roxanne's concert in this chapter.


I brought the microphone up to my lips and took a deep breath, before singing my most favorite song that Bruno had ever written.

“I know your somewhere out there…somewhere far away.
I want you back. I want you back.
My neighbors think I’m crazy, but they don’t understand.
Your all I had.  All I had.
At night when the stars light up my room…I sit by myself…”

I was surprised to hear the band start up behind me.  They obviously knew the song themselves, and I turned around to them, smiling in appreciation before returning my gaze to the crowd, who waved their phones in the air, supporting me.

“Talking to the moon.
Tryna get to you.
In hopes your on the other side….talking to me too…
Or am I fool who sits alone…talking to the moon?”

I continued throughout the whole song, building up more momentum as I went, and when I finished, I saw the whole audience jump up and down, screaming louder than I had ever heard before.  It nearly brought tears to my eyes. It was a dream come true.

“Thank you so much Milan!” I blew a kiss to the crowd, “You all are my best friends.”

After the show, I did a meet and greet…which lasted longer than I expected.  So many of my supporters thanked me for being vulnerable and telling the truth.  A lot of them cried and confessed their own skeletons to me, saying I helped them to overcome being able to confront their own pasts.  I cried with them, it was like one giant therapy session.  I gave a lot of hugs, took a lot of pictures and signed a lot of things.  It reminded me of why I lived for what I did…moments like this.

When it was all over, I got inside the van, feeling cheerier than I did before.  I felt a release, like I was free and all of these chains were lifted from my mind.  Robyn entered the van and slapped me in the back of my head.

“Ow! I probably deserve that.” I said, rubbing the spot.

“Damn straight you did.  And you deserve this.” She leaned forward and gave me a huge hug, landing a kiss right on my cheek.

“Gross, you’ve imprinted me.” I wiped the deep burgundy color off and looked at my hand.

“Yeah yeah.  You had a lot of balls to do what you did tonight, I’m proud of you.” She smiled.

“Really girl, I could never do something like that.” Ashley agreed, hugging me as she climbed into the van too.

“It’s like something other-wordly posessed me.” I shook my head, watching Milan pass me by outside of my window.

“And it wasn’t four shots of tequila!? Ice cold mama, your ALL that!” Robyn jeered.  I shoved her and all three of us burst out into laughter.  There was a crackle in the sky and our faces dropped.

“Ugh.” I scoffed.  “This is not gonna be good.”

“This wig is human hair! I can’t get this wet!” Robyn exclaimed, tugging on her bright fire-engine red locks.

“I just got mine done.” Ashley whined.

“Fuck you hoes.” I pulled out my beanie and pulled it over my head, protecting my short honey blonde do from getting all frizzed up.  We shared laughter and conversation as the van pulled up to the back entrance of the hotel, and on three we all darted out, trying to dance between the raindrops and squealing with laughter.  Ashley managed to jump in a huge puddle, which sloshed up her leg and back onto both of mine.  I shoved her into the hotel lobby and doubled over, my stomach hurting from laughing so hard.

“I am so sorry!” Ashley wiped at my leg frantically, on the verge of her own teared laughter herself.

“Guys, people are staring at us.” Robyn whispered.

“Fuck em, let em all stare.  We’re only human!” I shouted.  Robyn rushed all of us back to the elevator, and finally we found some relief, taking deep breaths with huge smiles on our faces.

“This is my floor.  I’ll see you two tomorrow.” I said, hugging them both and leaving the elevator.  I was soaked, the time it took for Ashley to slosh in that puddle gave the rain time enough to soak through my beanie, sogging my hair.  All I was wearing was a white v-neck shirt and jean shorts, and both were soaked.  My brown cowboy boots were wet too, I could feel my socks getting soggy.  I walked down the open hallway of my floor, watching the rain pour on the outer balcony.  I opened my room and went inside, tossing my things down onto the nearest table.

I switched the television on, only to see an urgent news report on…in English surprisingly.  A small screen next to the newscaster showed what appeared to be a burning home, and people running around screaming.  Next they showed a church with a large group of people outside praying.  Confused, I wondered jokingly if the apocalypse happened to have started.

“Where was my invite?” I chuckled to myself, un-muting the television to listen.

“All religious communities are coming together to support the extermination of these new creatures.  Scientists are running tests on willing participants, trying to figure out how this phenomena has occurred.” The woman reported.  I furrowed my brow, what the hell was going on? I flipped the channel and another news report was on, a man interviewing someone on the street.

“Vampires! Fuckin vampires! The world is ending I tell you! What the hell is next!?” The man being interviewed threw up his hands in disbelief as people gathered behind him.

“Jesus….Christ…….they didn’t…….” My eyes widened as I flipped the station again.  I could have sworn my heart dropped down to my gut.

“We don’t kill people.  We get our fill from blood banks and animals.  Some of your most prized surgeons are vampires.  We just are tired of living in secrecy, we deserve everything that normal people have as well.  Some of us are genetically inclined to be able to withstand sunlight, those of us that are…are joining the workforce and helping to eliminate the deaths that happen in high-risk careers such as construction.” A man who was very well dressed, spoke eloquently in an interview.

A rapid knock at my door caused me to drop the remote and gasp, startled.  “O-one second!” I called, turning the television off.  I rushed to the door, ready to start freaking out with Ashley who was probably in the midst of a heart attack…when I saw the last person I expected to be at my door in Milan.

Soaking wet, hair curly and dripping with rain…there stood Bruno, shaking his head slowly, his eyes full of sorrow.  “I’m sorry Roxanne….I am so sorry.”

My eyes fogged with fresh tears and my actions spoke louder than anything my words could ever say as I passionately kissed him, my hands traveling up and down his body as his own hands gripped every part of my body they could.  He pushed me into my hotel room and closed the door behind him as we continued reuniting with each other hungrily.  I didn’t care that his fangs nicked my lips, my tongue, whatever got in the way.  I didn’t care! I wanted him and only him right now and nothing else.  I couldn’t believe he found me all the way in Milan.

I pulled down the front of his flannel top, pushing it off of his body slowly as I ran my hands up his muscular arms and to his face, admiring how he looked at me lovingly.  Our eyes met and I kissed him again as we got rid of each other’s clothes and touched every part of each other’s body.  I closed my eyes as his fingertips snaked from my hip up to underneath my breast…his gentle kisses upon my neck.  I clawed his back, completely engulfed in my moment with him.

“I love you so much.” He said, and I felt a droplet land onto my bare shoulder, I followed the trail back up to his face, to see the blood coming from his tear duct.  He really could not cry human tears anymore.

“I love you too.” I whispered, hugging him close to me as he slowly entered my body.  I can’t explain how right it felt when we connected…it was like the heavens opened up and sang choruses of praise for us getting together again.  Man, I had my bestfriend back, my soulmate…this was the Peter Hernandez that died that night, he really was back for good this time.  His slow, gentleness with me made me fall apart in ecstasy as he whispered sweet nothings into my ear.

“Please don’t leave me again. Please, I can’t–I can’t take it.” I cried quietly, my legs around his waist as he continued to feed me with his pleasure.  I clung to him for life, hoping this all wasn’t my imagination.

“Shhh…I’m not leaving you, I promise.” He replied, cradling my head.  My short sobs turned into sweet, quiet moans and every once in a while he would groan at the feeling of my nails digging harder into his skin.  Soon, we both brought each other over the edge, and as he climaxed, he bit into my shoulder.  I closed my eyes tighter, never letting him go and allowing him to feed from me.  He finished and licked at my needle-sized wounds, kissing the spot several times before he propped himself up on his elbow and ran his hand down my gashed and scratched up arm. 

I watched him with hazed eyes as he sunk his fangs into his own wrist, allowing his blood to course freely.

"It'll heal you, and it doesn't taste bad, I promise."

I held his wrist and ran my tongue across the bite, closing my eyes and expecting disgusting, bitter, metallic in my mouth…but I was met with syrupy sweet.  His blood tasted like a thickly sweetened unnamed syrup.  I couldn’t place the taste, but I felt the numb pain in my arm subsiding with every pull I took from his quickly closing wounds.  I felt him harden again inside of me, and when my arm healed up, my body tingled with a new…alive feeling.  I felt even more connected with him than I did before, if that were at all possible.  Goosebumps rose in all areas of my skin and I took in a deep breath, my lungs filling with his scent and his feeling.  My mind was crashed with all of the love he was feeling for me as he started up making love to me again.  It was like we no longer needed to communicate with words, we could feel each other and go off of that.

I never knew what the meaning of life was until now.