Chapter 10

16/04/2012 16:36
It's positif... He just stared at me and took the test, "Oh shit.." I frowned, oh shit? "I didn't mean it like that.." No, you did mean it Bruno if you don't want this baby we can work something out alright?! "Woah why are you getting so upset?" CAUSE THE FIRST THING YOU SAID AFTER YOU FIND OUT I'M CARRYING YOUR KID WAS 'OH SHIT'.. I was getting really emotional and I was upset "Baby I didn't mean it i'm sorry I do want this I want whatever you want, ok?" I don't want this Bruno but i'm going to deal with it and I'm going to love this baby when you descide what you want we'll talk. I went downstairs and threw the test in the trashcan, I ran outside ignoring the pain, I called the docter to tell him the test was positif.. "Hello?" Hi, it's me Alena I took the test..  "Oh and?" It's positif.. "As I thought Alena the pain you're having isn't normal so I want you to go see a docter about this it's most likely that you're having a risky pregnancy you'll have to relax not move around a lot and no stress what so ever ok?" Ok i'll go see a docter.. "Ok, Good luck" Thank you, bye.. I hung up. "YOU'RE PREGNANT?!?!" I jumped a litte and turned around seeing Presley, Tahiti, Jamie and Tiarah stand there, Shit you guys heard? "YES" I smiled "So you're really pregant?" I nodded.. "OH MY GOD I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS" They all hugged me and we talked for a while before Bruno came out, "You guys leave her alone she needs to rest" "We know she's pregnant" "What?!" "We heard her talk to the docter.. He rolled his eyes "Right.. doesn't matter come on Alena you need to rest" I got up and followed him to bed I changed but we didn't talk he got in bed I couldn't sleep I put my hand on my stumock and smiled a little the thought of a baby growing inside of me just warmed my heart I felt him move around, He put his arm around me and kissed my shoulder, "I don't want to fight ok?" I nodded and kissed him "I love both of you" I smiled, We love you too. He smiled and buried his head into my shoulder "I'm going to miss you so much.." I'm going to miss you too.." I knew his tour was coming in one week and it was a long one I havent been away from him for more then a month but five moths was one hell of a challenge.. We went to sleep and woke up the next morning saying goodbye to everybody I couldn't help but cry I was going to miss them all so much the way to the airport was pretty quiet I would put my hand on my stumock and smile I loved being pregnant eventhough these were just my first couple of days "You know I really want to see how you look with a belly" I chuckled, I don't want a belly.. "Oh come on I think belly's are cute" NO YOU DON'T "Well your belly will be" I smiled and kissed his cheek we got in the plain and took our seat "Babe when I leave i'm going to hire a bodyguard for you.." Why? "Cause I want you to be safe" Bruno..I don't like being followed by a guy I never met all the time.. "Oh come on I want you and Chalupa to be safe" I looked at him like he was crazy.. chalupa? He laughed "Yes that's the baby's name" Do you hate our child? He laughed "Oh come on it's cute!" No it's not. "Well call him whatever you want i'm calling him Chalupa.." Fine.. "You think it's a boy or a girl?" I actually want a boy.. "I don't know I would like to have a girl you know like a little prinsess." I smiled, You're so sweet.. He kissed me we talked about the baby and tour the whole time we arrived in L.A and drove home I smiled when we got to the house I missed being home, We went inside and I started unpacking..
"Babe start unpacking!" I'm not going to I leave in a week anyway... "Oh right" I called up the guys and invited them over I wanted to see them again, "Babee" I went upstairs and she was getting ready to leave, where are you going? "To see a docter I need some medication this pregnancy shit hurts.." You want me to come with you? "No the guys are coming have fun it'll only take about a hour.." Ok be safe "Alright bye" She left, I went to the kitchen and got out the burgers I turned on the barbeque and heard the doorbell, "Yoooo my man how's it going" Good Phil how you been? "Alright, alright" Where are the rest of the guys? "Oh their on their way" Alright, You want a beer? "Sure" We talked for a while and waited for the guys to get here before starting to barbeque.. They all came and we sat in the backyard talking about all the stuff that's been going on.. "So what's up with you and Alena?" I doubted if I should say anything but they were my friends and they would find out anyway, I sighed.. She's pregnant.. They all looked at me in shock "You better not be playing" I chuckled, I'm not.. "DAAMN, Bruno as a father that's something I have to see" I shot him a look and chuckled, Alena came and kissed me they all made some noises, Oh grow up.. "So how is the future baby mama doing?" She chuckled "so he told you guys hu?" "Yess, I'm happy for you guys" "Thanks Ryan.." We all ate and talked for a while we hadn't done this for so long. It was getting late and the guys went home I cleaned up, Alena wanted to help but I just wanted her to take it slow, I got in bed and grabbed her hand.. So what did the docter say? She sat up a little and looked me in the eyes, "don't freak out.." I frowned, tell me. "He said there are some complications so it's risky I could lose the baby if i'm not carefull like I have to rest and no stress and shit and there's a chance that I wont make it when I have to deliver.." We're not doing this. "What?!" Alena i'm not losing you alright?! I got out of bed and started pacing back and forth "Well that's not completely your choice it's my child too!" Alena come on you really think I could even look at the kid if it's the reason it killed you!? "IT'S NOT A FUCKING 'IT' BRUNO IT'S A BABY YOUR FUCKING BABY I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE ACTING LIKE THIS." She got up and went to the bathroom slamming the door behind her.. YOU'RE NOT DOING IT ALENA. "FUCK YOU BRUNO." I was shocked she never said that to me when we fought I must have hurt her pretty bad.. I heard her scream a little I opened the door and she was sitting on the floor holding her stumock "My pills out of my bag hurry!" I got them and gave them to her I remember no stress.. This was my fault I shouldn't have yelled at her like that, Alena i'm sorry I just don't want to lose you.. "Bruno i'm doing this the only thing you can do is support me." I sighed, I wish you would just think about me a little too, it's my kid too and it's my life too you wont be losing shit I'm the one losing you and Alena do you really think I can raise a kid by myself? "Would you stop talking like that, he said there was a chance he didn't say I was going to fucking drop dead!" I sighed, Just get to bed.. She got up slowly and went to bed We didn't touch or talk we were both upset I thought this baby was going to bring us together not sepperate us. I got up and got dressed I made some poptarts for her so she wouldn't have to cook eventhough we were fighting I still kissed her on the cheek before I left..
I woke up, Bruno was already gone I went to the kitchen he had made me breakfast I smiled a little, I ate and put my dishes in the sink I watched tv and thought about the baby I realized I had to do a lot of stuff by myself the visits to the docter the babyshopping and when he got back I would already be five months.. I was taking my pills but I felt horrible but no way in hell that I was telling Bruno he would get that baby out of me himself. I ordered some pizza cause I wasn't in the mood to cook I wasn't in the mood for anything.. He came home we just said hello and didn't talk I hated this just fighting we were eating and I suddenly felt this horrible pain I let out a little moan, He looked up and shook his head, I'm fine.. "Sure doesn't look like it." Bruno would you just cut it out?! "What about when i'm gone what if you suddenly need someone around and nobody's here? What then Alena?!" WELL YOU'RE NO USE TO ME NOW ARE YOU IT'S JUST LIKE YOU AREN'T EVEN HERE YOU DON'T EVEN CARE! I bursted out in tears and ran upstairs these emotions were all getting too much the pain, Bruno this kid him leaving it was too much I tried to breath I remember what the docter said he came upstairs and sat next to me he put his hand on my stumock he smiled, "I'm just scared of losing you" He wiped away my tears and kissed me, I know Bru i'm scared too but I just can't do it I can't kill this baby.. He sighed "Ok if this is really what you want.." I smiled and kissed him, thank you.. "You're both welcome" I chuckled, The days were going by way too fast and before I knew it Bruno was standing there with his bags ready to go.. "I'm going to miss you so much baby" I'm going to miss you too "I can't believe i'm not seeing this pretty face for five months.." I chuckled, I'll call you and we have skype we'll be fine.. "I want to know everything about Chalupa ok?" Ok.. He hugged me one more time I didn't want to let go I knew I was going to cry if he did let go.. He kissed my cheek and unwrapped his arms from around me I wiped away my tears, "Baby don't cry.." I'm sorry i'm just going to miss you so much.. "I'll miss you more.." He kissed me hard and we pulled back he grabbed his bag and stepped back still holding my hand, "I love you" He let go and closed the door behind him, there I was all alone.. I texted him 'I already miss you' he replied and with just those four words he made my day.. 'I miss you both.." I sat down on the couch I put my hand on my stumock, guess it's just you and me kid.. I watched tv and ate I didn't know why I even ate I would throw up again anyway.. I got into bed damn this was going to be hard just not feeling his arms around me I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.. I woke up and went to the bathroom I was starting to get really bored I had nothing to do I just had to sit at home and relax and if I did want anything from outside I had to call some guy Bruno hired I thought it was a waste of money but he insisted.. I grabbed my laptop and waited for him to come, He finally came and I turned on my webcam and saw those beautiful brown eyes that would still make me warm inside.. "Hey baby" Hi Bru.. "How are you doing?" I'm alright, where are you? "Oh i'm in the hotel" I sighed, I wish I was there with you "That makes two of us i'm horny as fuck." I laughed, you're so dirty! "Babe show me something?" My jaw dropped, you're sick! He chuckled "Oh come on" Bru that's weird.. "No it's not like what are you wearing?" A tank top with some sweatpants.. "Wow that's so hot.." He said sarcastically.. Well I aint going nowhere.. "What are you wearing under those clothes?" More clothes.. "Ha-Ha very funny.." I chuckled, Bru it's only been a day.. "It's been too long I want to come home.." I want you to come home too but your fans deserve it "Yeah they do baby I have to go i'll talk to you tomorrow ok?" Ok bye "Bye babe" Love you.. "Love you more" He sent me a kiss and turned off his computer I put my laptop next to me and sighed..
Thank you Paris! I love ya'll so much!!, I went backstage hearing them scream my name I loved this just performing and singing my songs and these people would sing along it just amazed me and gave me this feeling I couldn't describe.. I showered and got back in the bus its been three months now it's been really hard I would call Alena and she would just burst out in tears I hated that she was having a really hard time I had moved some things so I could surprise her and go to the docter with her to see if it's a boy or a girl I couldn't wait.. I grabbed my computer and turned on my cam it's been a while since I saw her, "BABYYY!!" She could always make me smile just seeing that beautiful face, Hey babygirl "How are you?" I'm good, how are you two? "We're alright.." Damn baby you've gotten big.. "I'm not that big!" I chuckled, no ofcourse not.. she flipped me off, I love you "I love you too" How was it at the docters? She suddenly looked down "I don't know he says I have to sleep and relax more.." She started wiping away some tears, babe it'll be alright.. "I really don't want to lose this baby.." You wont baby.. "Oh and I have pictures.." I smiled from ear to ear, show me! She grabbed some pictures and showed them eventhough I had no idea what I was seeing It warmed my heart this was my baby.. I was about to cry this was making me emotional.. Suddenly the guys came in, Way to ruin a moment guys.. "Why what did we do?" She showed me some pics of the baby.. They all started Auw'ing.. They gathered up around me and they all smiled when she showed them the pictures you couldn't help but smile when you saw that.. "Oh and I bought something.." She showed me a little t-shirt that said 'hooligan' I smiled from ear to ear, Damn that's fucking awesome babe.. "I know right it's so cute.." We talked but she had to go, I love you! "I love you too" I turned off my computer and lied down I was tired and I was going to sleep with the thought that my baby was going to be in my arms in just a couple of months.. I woke up, damn I still wasn't used to getting up this early we did soundcheck and everything was going great but I had this feeling in the pit of my stumock and it wasn't good.. "Hey Bruno we're going to hang out in the city you wanna come?"  Alright, We went to some shops and I bought a couple of souvenirs for Alena we walked by a BabyGap I went inside I made sure no pictures were taken nobody knew Alena was pregnant and for now I wanted to keep it that way I picked out some stuff and asked Dre to buy them so I could go outside I noticed some girls looking at me suddenly they started walking my way there was this one girl she reminded me of Alena same hair same eyes "Aren't you Bruno Mars??" I smiled, Yes I am. "Woah why were you in a babyshop?" I have a nephew.. "Oh right.." They took a picture and asked for an autograph they said goodbye that girl suddenly walked back over to me and gave me a piece of paper she started giggling and walked away I opened it up, ' Sam-' she wrote her number but I wasn't going to call or text I had a pregnant girlfriend back home.
I woke up up and got in the shower I put my hands on my stumock Bruno was right you could tell that I was pregnant... I got out and put on some clothes I ate breakfast and watched tv this was pretty much how I spent my day I didn't do anything besides watching tv, eating, sleeping, showering or calling Bruno.. I heard a knock I got up and started walking towards the door, who is it? "IT'S MEEE" I opened, SOFIAAA!! "OHH WAT THE FUCK IS THAT?" She pointed at my stumock and her jaw dropped, "You better not be knocked up" I chuckled, Can you tell? "BITCH U'RE HUGE OFCOURSE I CAN TELL HOW DARE YOU NOT TELL ME?" I chuckled, Bruno said I had to keep it a secret and I havent seen your ass in a long time.. "Yeah I've been planning the wedding and shit.." A call wouldn't hurt I'm so bored.. "Bruno's on tour hu?" I nodded come in.. We sat on the couch and talked she would help me paint the guest bedroom the baby was going to need a room and I wanted to prepare "So you want to go get a crib and shit?" I don't know people will see.. "Alena they will eventually find out.." I sighed, let me call Bruno "Alright.." I grabbed my phone and dialed his number "Hello??" Hey baby.. "Oh hey babe I can't talk right now i'm up in five minutes.." Oh alright but I wanted to ask you if it's ok to get some stuff for the baby.. "Alena.." Oh come oon... "Fine but watch our for paparazzi and shit" Alright, love you "Love you too" I threw my phone on the couch, LET'S GO! I changed and we drove to the shop I loved this everything was so cute we bought some stuff and they said they would deliver everything in a week I had no idea how I was going to get that crib upstairs, I payed and went back to the house Sofia had to go, she said the wedding wasn't for another six months so the baby would already be here and just that thought would bring a smile on my face I made dinner and sat down in front of the tv I got a text from Bruno saying he wanted me to get my laptop I got it and turned on my webcam, "Hey baby" Hi Bru, "So did you get anything?" Yeah a crib and some other things.. "I wish I could be there.." It's ok.. How did your concert go? "Awesome" I smiled, Where are you? "In the hotel" Oh... I miss you. "I miss you too baby" Where is your next show? "Ehh... I think it's Belgium" Oh that's cool.. "You know I was in walking in the city and some fan gave me her number" I squinted my eyes, what's her name? "Sam.." How does she look? "Why do you want to know you can't kill her babe.." Who said I was going to kill her? "I can see the evil in those eyes" EVIL? I'm not evil i'm sweet.. "You're not sweet in bed.." I looked at him in mock horror, sick.. He laughed "I love it tho.." Yeah whatever, I chuckled "So can you show me something now?" I frowned, what do you want to see? "those clothes of yours on the floor.." Eww, you're so nasty! "It's been three fucking months you can't blame me i'm horny." That makes two of us.. He bit his lip and smirked "I can help you out with that you know" I'm not having sex with you over a computer Bru that's fucking weird. "Oh come on it's just me and you.." No. "Well take a picture and mail it to me.." You don't even know how to work with your fucking mail.. "I'll let one of the guys do it" Oh so it's ok if the guys see me naked? "You have nothing to be ashamed of baby.." You're so dirty. "Show me your belly babe.." This better be for the baby. "Of course it is" I lifted up my shirt and a smile appeared on his face "That's so beautiful" I smiled, I want to kiss you.. He blew me a kiss, I chuckled.. not like that.. "Soon baby soon.." Not soon enough.. "Sooner then you think" I frowned, what are you up to? "Nothing" Bruno.. He chuckled "Nothing I swear" You better tell me.. "There's nothing to tell you.."
"Alright... I'm going to bed" Sweet dreams babe.. "Bye, love you" Love you more, She turned off her cam and I put the computer on the bed I walked towards the shower and took off my clothes I knew she was trying to figure me out but she wouldn't anyway.. I took a shower and got dressed this tour was really starting to get harder and harder I was always so excited to get up on stage but the last couple of days I was excited to get off and go to bed I was just tired.. I lied down on the bed starting to fall asleep but I couldn't sleep now I had an interview in a hour I heard the guys come in but I just kept my eyes closed "Bru wake up man we have to go.." I'm tired as fuck.. "You're not te only one" I slowly sat up and scratched the back of my head, I want to go home man.. "Bro we all do but you got to think about the fans they're the reason we can do this without them we would be serving burgers in Mcdonald.." I know I know I just need to get some sleep "Well you can sleep when we get back" "No he can't" Ari said walking into the room "You have to go do a photoshoot for some magazine.." Oh my god, I buried my head into the pillow, "Bruno get the fuck up" I got up and grabbed my shoes I sat down on the couch and put them on I got up and grabbed my jacket while walking outside we drove to the studio and a guy was doing the interview "Hi, nice to meet you" We said hello and went to a lounge, "Ok so first of all the question everyone wants to know.." I honostly had no idea what the question was.. I just looked back and forth, What question? "Oh come on your girlfriend is pregnant right?" I froze, Eh.. I was honostly speecheless should I say it? Or should I lie? I didn't want to lie.. Yes you figured me out she is.. "We knew it! That's great you guys congrats" Thank you we're really looking forward to it. "So have you asked her yet?" No one step at a time, I smiled "Well you got the steps mixed up cause normally the wedding comes first then the kid right?" I chuckled, Yeah we like to mix it up I guess.. "That's great and how far along is she?" Today makes it three months and two weeks "So you're finding out if it's a boy or girl in about a month?" Yes we are.. "And I understand the tour ends in two months so aren't you going to be there?" No I would love to but you know the fans deserve the show they paid for.. "Well at the end of the day it's the baby's health that's most important right?" Of course.. The interview went on for what seemed like houres mostly questions about Alena and the tour and the album coming out "Ok thanks for making time and good luck with the baby and album" Thank you we shook hands and I got back in the car I leaned against the window almost falling alseep "Bruno we're here get up just some pictures it wont take long.." I went inside there were some fans so I gave them a bunch of autographs and took a picture with a couple of them, I went inside and some people started doing my hair and handing me clothes that  I had to put on.. I wasn't in the mood to start posing but I just gave it my all I changed back in my original outfit and got in the car "Alright let's go to the bus" BUS?! "Yeah we have to get to the next city in a day" What about my bags? "They already got them" Fine as long as there is a bed i'm cool.. We got to the bus and first thing I did was take off my clothes and get in bed I wanted to sleep..
I washed the dishes and dried my hands I sat down on the couch and thought about Bruno god I was starting to miss him so bad.. I got my laptop and a hour later there he was "Hey baby" Hi... "How are you doing?" I'm ok, I miss you... "You're horny aren't you?" You read my fucking mind, I buried my head into the pillow and he laughed, "Auw baby i'll be back in no time" Two months Bruno that's a long fucking time... "Well we could do something els.." No I already told you I think it's weird.." He sighed, "Fine then you'll just have to wait." How can you be so relaxed about this I thought you'd be going insane by now.. "I don't need you for everything babe I can do it myself" EWWWW, You're beyond nasty.. "I'm a man you can't blame me..So how's the baby doing?" Alright I guess.. "I really want to be with you right now.." I was about to cry but I just pulled myself together, I smiled.. I want to be with you too.. "I'm taking you and the baby with me next time" Oh yeah that'll work out great.. "We'll work something out.." I smiled, I loved seeing your face it just gives me strength.. "You can't even imagine what that smile of yours does to me babe.." I sighed, I hate this not being able to kiss you or touch you when I want.. "Soon baby soon.." "Babe I have to go I have to get ready, i'll talk to you in a couple of days alright?" Alright..bye. "I love you" Love you more.. I turned off my computer and went to bed I was really starting to feel lonely.. The next couple of weeks went by as usual this whole routine was getting really boring. I had to go to the docter tomorrow to find out the sex of the baby I couldn't wait I was hoping for a boy I just wished he looked a lot like his father but either way I would be happy I talked to Bruno and he said he had a surprise for me I thought about it the whole time but I had no idea I went to bed.. I woke up I looked at the clock shit I was late, I showered and got dressed as fast as I could I had to be there at 9 it was already 8.45 I got in the car and drove to the hospital I parked and walked towards the entrance I waited for the docter to call my name god I was so nervous.. "Alena you can come" I got up and took a deep breath I looked up seeing those beautiful brown eyes and that perfect smile "Surprise" I jumped in his arms and hugged him I closed my eyes and tryed to take this all in, Baby how? "I moved some things so I could make it" Oh my god I love you so much.. "I love you too babe" Words couldn't describe how happy I was.. I pulled back and kissed him damn I missed his lips "Ok you two are you ready?" I pulled back just staring at his face some more, he kissed my stumock and I lied down on the bed "This is going to feel a little cold" She put the gel on my stumock and started rubbing it out with some kind of machine she looked at the screen and smiled "You're having a baby boy" I heald my hand in front of my mouth the tears were running down my face I looked over at Bruno and he had the biggest smile on his face he kissed me and looked straight into my eyes "I love you so much" I love you more babe.. She handed us some pictures "Ok but Alena I noticed the baby is really small so try to eat some more and relax more it's still risky don't forget that." Alright, I wont.. He heald my hand and walked to the car, I just stopped and hugged him again, I can't believe you're here. He kissed me "I have to go baby.." Already? "Yeah the bus is waiting for me we have to get going i'm lucky I even got the chance to come.." I tried not to cry since I was pregnant I pretty much cried about everything.. Oh ok.. "Baby don't cry please." I'm not crying do you see tears?! No you don't just go, I kissed him and started walking towards the car "Alena." I heard him run after me he grabbed my wrist and pulled me close "I'm not saying goodbye like that.' I nodded and kissed his cheek, Go or I wont let you. "2 more weeks baby.." I nodded, ok..
I kissed her stumock, I'll see you in two weeks son.. She put her hands in my hair, "I missed your hair" She kissed the top of my head, "Go babe" I kissed her one more time damn pulling back from those lips was one of the hardest things I had to do.. Bye baby.. "Bye" She waved and I started walking towards the bus I looked over my shoulder she was still standing there, I blew her a kiss, LOVE YOU! She yelled it back and waved I got in the bus all the guys were standing against the window looking, You guys are unbelievable.. "I swear Dre almost cried" "NO I DIDNT BUT THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL ALRIGHT?" I chuckled, You're all crazy. I sat down watching her walk back to the car I already missed her but just two weeks untill I had her back in my arms.. We got in the plain this traveling stuff was cool at first but i'm starting to get used to it I sat next to Phil "So?" What? "WHATS THE SEX?" Oh i'm having a boy man.. He smiled "That's awesome.." Yeah I can't wait. "So what did the docter say about the risks?" She said Alena had to eat more cause the baby was way too small I just wish I was there with her I know she's not taking it slow.. "That's just Alena man.." Yeah I know.. "You know we have to celebrate right?" I don't know man.. "NO, I don't want to hear it you're going to go out tonight and party cause in about four months you'll be sitting at home taking care of that baby boy and you wont get to do this anymore" Alright.. We arrived and went to the hotel we all changed this part of me felt guilty cause Alena was sitting at home and I was partying but I just wanted to go out one more time and after that I was done. I reajusted my fedora and grabbed my jacket, I looked in the mirror and smiled remembering Alena and the baby damn it was just all I could think of.. "Yo Brunz you ready?!" Yeah i'm coming, I turned off the ligths and went to the lobby the guys were in the car I started walking towards the door when I noticed a girl yelling at someone over the phone "NO I DON'T WANT THIS YOU ASSHOLE I LOOK LIKE A DAMN FOOL!" She hung up and started crying I had no idea what to do I would feel like an ass if I just left but what would I say I never met this girl in my life, Fuck it. Are you ok? She turned around looking me in the eyes she had long black hair and big green eyes she didn't have too much make-up on and she had this red dress on she looked amazing but I never forgot about the fact that I had a girl waiting for me at home, "I'm fine." You sure don't look fine you need a ride or anything? She looked me up and down "No I was just going out with my boyfriend, no my ex." Oh.. "Aren't you that singer, Ehh.. Bruno something?" I chuckled, Bruno Mars? "Yeah that guy" Yeah.. "That's cool i'm standing here with a star, wow.." "BRUNO GET YO ASS IN THE CAR MAN" I looked over and Ryan and Jam were waiting, I have to go. "Go ahead have fun.." I doubted if I should say this but I felt bad for her.. You want to come? "Eh.. Sure why not" We walked towards the car I opened the door and let her in the guys introduced themselves "I'm Faith" Faith hu? That's a cool name.. "Yeah well my parents were artists so they gave me my brother and my sister all kinds of weird names.." It's not weird it's cool you know original. "Original, weird same thing.." I chuckled, We got to the club I didn't really walk next to her I knew paparazzi was going to be everywhere.. She didn't mind she was talking to the guys anyway we went to the VIP area and vefore I knew it I was taking shots.. I looked over at Faith she was taking them like they were water.. Damn girl relax you're going to faint.. "I'm fine" She took another one and slammed her glass on the table, dance with me? "Alright.." We went to the dancefloor I tried keeping it as clean as I could but she was all over me, I should feel guilty but the alcohol was really getting to me..
I called Bruno but he wouldn't pick up I was actually really happy that he came but he hadn't called or texted me at all I sat down on the couch and sighed, I thought about some boy names, I always liked Peter but that was Bruno's real name and he didn't like it so he wasn't going to let me call the baby that anyway, I sat there thinking about it, Fuck it i'll talk about it with Bruno when he gets back I went to the shower I was really starting to show but I could easely hide it with a wide shirt..I got out and dried myself off with the towel I accidentaly dropped my phone, SHITT I went to pick it up put suddenly I felt this horrible pain in my stomock I sat down on the floor and put my hand on my stumock, shit shit shit.. I grabbed my phone and dialed Bruno's number, Please pick up, please.. He didn't pick up, Please god don't do this... I got up and started getting dressed the pain was killing me but I just had to get to a hospital.. I couldn't do it I kept falling I dialed Phil's number hoping that he would pick up, "Hello?" Phil where's Bruno?! "What's wrong you don't sound good?" I let out a little scream, My stumock, oh my god.. "Shit" PHIL PLEASE I NEED HIM! "I can't Alena i'll call Urbana she'll come pick you up ok?" Phil please I need him just give him the phone... I started crying I needed to hear his voice.. "I'm so sorry Alena" He hung up, I took a deep breath and lied down on the floor everything was spinning I couldn't feel the pain anymore i just couldn't feel anything.. I closed my eyes.. "Alena! Alena!" I opened my eyes seeing Urbana hold me "Oh thank god come on i'm bringing you to a hospital.." She helped me up and got me to the car I felt like I was going to black out any second now I heard her talk to me but it was like I was in another world.. We arrived she ran to the entrance and came back with two nurses they put me in a wheelchair, They got me to a room and put a mask on my face with that everything went black..