Chapter 103+104

14/03/2012 10:36

Chapter 103 

”Mom…mom…mommm….” Rosie bounced toward the front door holding onto her mother’s hand almost pushing Bruno out of the way to get to the door.

”What, what, what?” Marla asked her.

”Everyone is here to see the babies!” she shouted opening the door seeing both sides of the family in the house smiling as they walked in.

”Oh my gosh….” Marla exclaimed. This isn’t nearly as overwhelming as I thought it would be. She thought to herself watching Bruno’s sisters walk up to her one taking one baby and the other taking the other without even asking.  She smiled letting them take the babies knowing that they would spend more than enough time with them. But, before Esperanza could take her eyes off of her mother she started to cry. Marla held her hands out taking the baby back sitting down on the couch in between Lisa and her mother.

”Can y’all believe this? Like 10 years ago I was just working and hardly making it and now all of this….” Marla sighed. ”And now I’m married and have 3 kids..and…live like this…”

”Well, someone’s gotta do it.” Lisa laughed.

”Yeah. I guess I could have married a bum.” she answered. ”Well…he can be….but…”

”But it’s just the way it was supposed to be.” Sylvia answered looking over at the sleeping baby taking her from Marla’s arms.

”I’ll be right back…” Marla stated standing up walking toward her other newborn surrounded by Bruno’s family. She pushed her way through his sisters taking her son from Tiara. ”I miss him.” she said in a sad tone holding him tightly with a smile.

”Okay, fine. You can have him, but I get him back.” Tiara said watching Marla run her fingers through her son’s shiny hair. Bruno hugged Marla from behind looking at Angelo.

He leaned into her ear whispering to her. ”I love you.” She smiled at him walking toward the quieter kitchen He followed behind her after taking Esperanza from Sylvia. Rosalia was somewhere with her cousins lost in a game of hide and seek in the backyard. Marla glanced out the window seeing her run around the backyard grabbing onto one of her cousins laughing. She is just too much. She makes me so happy. She smiled feeling Bruno’s arms around her. She turned around seeing he didn’t have the baby. ”Where is she?” she asked him. He pointed to the bassinet where she slept soundly. ”How did you get her to stay so quiet?”

”Magic.” he told her.

”Shut up. Tell me.” she joked holding Angelo in her arms getting ready to feed him.

”She likes to be held lightly. If you hold onto her too tightly she’ll get fussy. So just be real light and she’ll do whatever you want her to do.” he told her sitting down at the table watching her.

”You’re weird.” she told him.

”Naw…you aren’t showing me anything I haven’t seen already.” he pointed to her body making her turn around making a sad face.

”Quit making me so self-conscious.” she said in a silly tone.

He sat there looking at her move to an unknown beat feeding the baby still facing the other direction. ”’ll lose the weight in like a day. Come on. You did it with Rosie.”

”But that was one. This is two.” she told him still turned around. ”And don’t even tell me you don’t care..”

”I do care. I care that you feel good about yourself.” he told her. ”But I don’t care what size you are.” 

She turned around holding the baby who was just about to fall asleep kissing him on the head. ”I love you.”


Dear Marla,

You see me writing this. It’s not as exciting with you 2 feet away from me holding a baby. I love seeing you read these in the morning. I started writing these to help you remember the day. But now that it’s been almost 2 years it’s become more than that. It’s part of my day, to tell you how much I love you because there are no words to describe how much I love you and need you in my life. Without you I would be lost…

I love you.



Chapter 104 

A few months later (when the little ones are older)

”But Bruno…I’m gonna miss them….” Marla whined kissing Angelo’s head.

”They’ll be fine, baby. Come on….” he pulled her away from the babies looking at Rosie with her head buried in a giant book. ”And Rosalia has no idea that we’re even leaving…”

”Well…she’s already 18 so you know..she doesn’t really need us. But they’re 2 months old…” she laughed.

”You are so dramatic, Marley…” he answered her waving to Jamie as they walked out the door. ”So what are we doing tonight, mama?”

”Would it be wrong to say that I just want to go home and sleep all night?” she asked him.

”Can you sleep naked?” he asked as they got in the car.

”Umm…I don’t know. It’s kind of cold…” she smiled.

”But I’ll keep you warm.” he winked.

”Oh god….” she responded pointing to the small restaurant they were going to.

”Just don’t look at them, Mar. You look hot.” he reassured her taking her hand walking past the cameras without saying anything.

The two of them had gone through so much in the past six years. His fame and popularity had gone in waves and this was a time where his wave was smaller. People still got excited about him when he wasn’t touring or working, but when he was people started getting nosy and in their business. They had learned to keep most things quiet, aside from the occasional personal statement they stayed relatively quiet. They were intriguing to people with all the health issues and the ups and downs, but if it involved the children they were quiet. Aside from three pictures of the twins and the occasional photo of Rosie while they were out no one knew anything about their personal lives. And they liked to keep it that way. Even the paparazzi knew that they weren’t going to get anything out of them.

They sat down at the secluded table looking at the menus. ”What are you gonna eat, Bru?” Marla asked.

”Ummm….” he turned the menu around pointing to what he usually ate.

”Why do we even go out when you get the same thing everytime?” she asked him.

”Well..umm..because….I like being with you.” he admitted shyly.

”Aww. That’s so sweet.” she said smiling at him seductively touching his feet from under the table. She grabbed a napkin taking a pen out of her purse.

”What are you doing?” he asked her,

”Just wait…” she replied handing him folded napkin.

”Do I like you?” he laughed.

”Answer me!” she smiled.

”Oh..oh…I get it.” he answered quietly. ”Is this really the place?”

”Yeah.” she answered.

”How do you remember that, Marla? That was so long ago and in that….” he paused not wanting to upset her.

”I didn’t remember. I found the napkin a few days ago.” she told him. ”Tell me about that night. It looks like it was a really, really, really long time ago.”

”It was the first time you had a really bad seizure around me. I called your mom and she told me what to do. You woke up on the floor in a lot of pain. It freaked me out…you fell asleep in my bed that night right next to me.”  he told her.

”Bruno?” she asked.

”Yeah?” he asked in a sincere voice.

”When did you decide you loved me?” she asked him.

”The day I met you.” he told her trying not to laugh.

”Don’t lie!” she exclaimed taking a drink of her water.

”Okay…okay….it was when you told me you were pregnant with Rosie. I knew I couldn’t spend another day without you.” he told her.

”Awww….but what if I wasn’t pregnant?” she asked him.

”But you were, so that’s the way it is, Mar.” he responded taking a drink of his water. ”When did youfall in love with me?”

”Hmm….do you remember that night you caught me watching youtubes?” she asked.  ”In that letter you said you would love me no matter if I remembered or not. It made me see that you believed in me. I don’t think I could have made it without you….through anything….: she told him. She felt him reach over taking her hand squeezing it.

”You have no idea what I would do without you, Mar.” he told her honestly. ”Let’s go home, mama…” he took her hand leading her out the door. ”I’ve got plans….” he winked at her as they walked past the cameras making her blush.

”Oh?” she asked as she got in the car.

”You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, babbbyyy…” he sang to her.

”Oh…you got nee moves?” she asked.

He raised his eyebrow laughing at her as they left the parking lot.