Chapter 10

11/05/2011 22:22

We both turned around. Daniella.

‘I’ve been looking for you, J. I didn’t know that u are here’

‘Yeah. I’ve been here for awhile. Sorry, I should have told you’

‘Of course u should!’ She sat next to him and looked at me.

‘I thought u’re in your room. Is Bruno okay?’

I cleared my throat. ‘Yeah..He’s asleep so I was thinking about getting some fresh air. I saw Jamareo so we ended up talking’

Daniella nodded and looked at Jamareo. She turned her head to the paper . ‘ didn’t tell me u draw. I love it’. They started talking and I felt as if I’m interupting their little conversation. Guess I should leave.

I got up. ‘Guys...I think I better head up to my room’

‘Now? You sure u don’t want to join us for just a few more minutes? I heard Eric’s going to buy us  drinks’ Daniella said to me.

‘S’okay.I don’t think leaving Bruno all alone in the room would be fair’

‘Yeahh...okay then’

‘Call us if u need anything’

I smiled at Jamareo and gave Daniella one last look before I got into the elevator.

As I was walking to my room, I thought about something. Bruno’s in there, drunk. I don’t think about getting into a fight with him or anything. I remembered when my dad used to live with us, he usually got home late all covered with liquor smells and just the look ain’t pretty at all. We always fight and I would cry every single day. I don’t want to deal with that again. But, this is different. It’s Bruno. I know he loves me and he would never leave me no matter what. At least that’s what I believe in. Besides, he’s sleeping. What could possibly go wrong?

I opened the door and turned on the lights.I was in shocked.My body just froze and I didn’t know what to think at that moment.No movement. My body’s burning. It’s like my whole world just crashed into tiny little pieces and trust was just a stupid word to even existing. I was about to explode!

‘Bruno....I looked into his eyes.I couldn’t control my tears so they just wetting my face.

‘Babe’ He said half naked standing in front of me.

It was karma.

‘I trusted you. I believe in you when u said u love me. But you’re just like any other man out there. Fuck you’

The girl who was laying naked under those white sheets turned her head to me.That sicko bitch back in the club!That sicko bitch! I know I should have killed her in the first place!

‘And you, don’t u have a life??!’

She rolled her eyes. Her mouth just didn’t move. I know she’s speechless. I quickly grabbed my bag and left the room. Bruno stopped me.

‘Cat, listen to me....

‘WHAT??? Why should I listen to u Bruno? Why?’

‘It was a mistake. I messed up. I ......

‘You were drunk. Yeahhhh. That’s what u want to tell me,huh?’

‘She came to my room and...

‘Our room’ I remind him.

‘I was shocked when she just stood in front of the door’

I laughed. ‘Really? How did she find out our room number?? hmmm... Oh yes! You told her,duh??!’

Bruno grasped my hand.

‘Just let me go, Bruno’

‘No. I’m not gonna let u go’

‘Yes u will. Coz what? Coz it’s over. I don’t want to see u ever again and just......’ I was crying. He wiped my tears.

‘Don’t touch me. Not after u just touched that sicko bitch. I know u were down about me not wanting to have sex with u but doesn’t mean u can sleep with some random girl that u just met in our room! Seriously Bruno. I wish I wouldn’t have met you in the first place!’

I tried to escape. ‘Cat....I’m sooo

‘Apology accepted.. Look, I  just want u to do me a favour. Don’t ever look for me again. Never. Pretend that we never met and this thing never happened’. I looked at him. It was hard to stare into his eyes. I know he was hurt too but I was the one who’s in pain. It’s like Edward all over again. One moment we were all happy and caring about each other but why it always had to end with a bad thing? Why happiness isn’t a permanent thing?

I pulled my hand from him and finally, I was free. ‘Goodbye Bruno.......Mars’

I ran to the elevator and quickly got in. I didn’t look back. I was crying all over the place. My face was covered with sadness and I just couldn’t stand still. The door finally opened and I was at the lobby. I ran for the door but I heard someone was calling out for my name.


It was Daniella. She was sitting at the same place with Jamareo but this time Phred and Eric were there. I didn’t stop but ran outside with my bag and my broken heart. Daniella followed me.

It was freezing outside. Cars were still passing by. I fell down and closed my eyes. What am I doing? What should I do? My hands were shaking. I need to get the hell out of New York. I need to get home.

‘Cat’ Someone touched my shoulder.

I wiped my tears. ‘Daniella?’

‘What happened?’

‘I don’t know......

‘What do u mean?’

Sobbing. ‘Bruno.....

‘What did he do? Tell me!’ Her voice was hard and sounded as if she was in anger. She shook my hand ‘What happened Cat?’

‘He lied to me.....he lied to me....’

‘What do u mean?’

‘Who cares what I mean?Nobody!! I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I’m going home!’ I grabbed my bag and got up.


‘I want to go home’



‘How? It’s 2 in the morning, Cat. You’re crazy’

‘I have to go, Daniella. I can’t face him. Not anymore. I’ve had too much and I don’t want to go back if I know there’s a way for me to escape from it’


I looked behind her. Bruno. His shirt was on and he was at the door giving me this puppy dog face and no, I’m not going to fall for it.

‘Get the hell away from me, Bruno. Go back to your room’

‘Our room’

‘No. Not anymore’ I hugged myself. Man, it was icy cold.

‘Cat......’ he came closer.

‘I’ve said goodbye. Stay away from me. Please!’

A cab passed by and I stopped for it.

‘Cat....don’t.....’ Daniella grabbed my hand.

‘I have too. I’m sorry’

I gave them one last look and got into the car. That night, was a whole new life for me. I walked away from someone that I love. My heart just stopped beating. I don’t think if I could ever see him again.


I woke up and stared at the ceiling. Where am I? Am I dead or still alive? I looked at the person sitting by my bed. Granny. I’m at home.


‘ are u feeling?’

‘I......I don’t know. I feel dizzy. What happened?’

‘What happened? How should I know? You came home so suddenly all red eyed and u didn’t tell me what happened. Where’s Bruno? Did u fight with him?’

Sigh. Right. Bruno.

‘I don’t know gran. I’m hopeless when it comes to relationship. It sucks. It’s painful. Whateva’

I don’t feel like talking about him. Well, I don’t feel like talking at all. I looked at her. She understood.

‘Okay then. I’ll get downstairs and prepare dinner’

‘What time is it?’

‘seven thirty’


‘Yeahhh....You arrived this morning so u just crashed’

‘Okay. Think I better go and freshen up’

Granny left the room. I looked out for my phone and saw 60 missed calls. 40 from Bruno and 20 from Daniella. No. I don’t want to talk to either of them. I’m not mad at Daniella, it’s just if I call her, of course she’ll tell Bruno. I want to avoid from getting into this trouble. I want to get away from it. But can I? Seriously I don’t know. I’m confused.

After I took my shower, I went downstairs and had dinner with granny. It was awkward at the dining table. She looked at me.

‘Everything’s okay?’

I nodded.


‘Yeahhh..Everything’s okay’

Okay. That wasn’t convincing. She still looked at me. I don’t think telling her would be the very best move. Let’s just keep it a secret. At least for now.

‘How was New York?’



‘Yeah. Really’

‘If thing’s bothering you, you can just tell me Katy’

‘S’okay. It’s fine.....just......

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Oh no! It can’t be him. Please don’t be him. I looked at granny. She nodded and got up to open the door. I ran up to my room. Seriously, if it’s Bruno I don’t really think now’s the best time to face him.

I waited till the door finally opened. I heard voices but I couldn’t catch what they were talking about.

‘Katy!!! Look who’s here. Where are you?’

‘I’m upstairs!’

‘And why are u upstairs?? Come on down. Look who’s here! You might be surprised’

I took a deep breath. No. I don’t want to see him. I don’t want to talk to him. But I have to go down. What if it’s not him? I crept downstairs slowly and look at the person standing next to granny. A huge smile was carved on the little face.



She quickly came to me and gave me a huge hug. She squeezed me so tightly that I almost lost my breathe.

‘Omg! What are u doing here?’

‘I came to see u of course!!!’

‘It’s been years, girl! Look at you. You look.....different’

‘You too! Your hair’s longer!’

‘Damn, we have lots to talk about’

‘Tell me about it! Not to mention you’re now dating Bruno Mars?????’

Shit. She came here to know about the details.

‘ know??’

‘Duh??? Like, it’s all over the net and people are talking about it. Well, you at least. it happened?????’


I don’t know how to tell her. She’s here, giving this hopeful smile wanting me to spill the beans. I haven’t seen her since she moved to Singapore with her family years ago. We’ve been friends since we were six. Back then, it was just me, her and Edward. We’re like the three musketeers.

‘Sooo????’ She waited for my respond.

‘Can we talk about this in my room?’

I can’t tell her here when granny’s spreading her ears to hear all the details.

‘Yeah. Sure!’


‘So, how long are u gonna stay here?’ She had this really huge trunk with her carried into my room. Not that I’m questioning about her staying at my house.

‘I don’t know. Depends. My parents are on their anniversary’s vacation and Peter’s away for a week so....

Peter. Why oh why his name would show up in our conversation?

‘Who’s Peter?’

‘Ohh.. That’s my boyfriend. We’ve been together for 2 years now’ She showed me her picture with Peter. Dark brown hair, really tall, tan-skinned.

‘Quite a charming’

‘I know right? He’s the best thing that happened to me since I stayed in Singapore’

‘Wow...2 years...’

‘Yep. I thought he wasn’t serious about us but he introduced me to his family so now, our relationship’s kind of being blessed. We’re good’

‘You didn’t ask me for my blessing???’

‘Geee..okay, I’ll take u to meet him one day. Maybe on our wedding?? Who knows?’ She got up and looked around my room. She picked up a photo of me,her and Edward. We were 12 at that time. ’So, how’s life?’

‘Normal. Pretty much the usual.’

‘I mean, how did u break up with Edward and got Bruno? Like,seriously.! Oh! How’s Lisa? I thought about coming to her house but I wanted to see u first’

I turned my head away from her.

‘Cat......’ She touched my hand. ‘What happened?’

‘Er.....Well....So many thing’s had happened, Jess. Like, least just recently’

She nodded, understanding. ‘Okay. Just spit em out. come on’

I told her everything. Like, everything. She didn’t know about Edward’s cheating on me so she was shocked. Then when I met Bruno at the airport to breaking up with Edward to what happened in New York. Not to mention Lisa happened.

‘I can’t believe it! I mean, Lisa and Ed??? Like, since when Ed’s acting like some kind of shit?’

‘You mean since when Lisa’s acting like a bitch?’

‘Hey’s alright. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought this up’

‘That’s okay. I don’t really want to think about the past. Just too much for me all I can say’

‘I’m so sorry. You know you can tell me everything’

‘I know. Just, since we lost contacts, I thought u were busy and well, I only had granny to talk to’

‘I promise I won’t leave you, Cat. We’ll always gonna be bestfriends. You know you can count on me’

Like one two three....

She frowned at me. ‘What?’

‘That’s Bruno’s song’

‘Oh yeah.You can count on me like one two three I’ll be there and I know when I need it I can count on you like four three two........’ She started singing.


‘Ops, sorry’

I laid on my bed. ‘Just, don’t tell granny about this. I don’t want her to worry or anything. You know, I’m hopeless when it comes to love. I’m weak’

‘You’re not, okay? You said he’s drunk. Of course he was acting like an asshole. When Peter gets drunk, man, who knows what he did. But I still love him coz I know he loves me too when he’s not under alcohol control. See? We’re still together ’

‘But I just met him. Then poof! We kissed.Then poof! We made out and now I’m stuck here and poof! My life’s back to normal. It all happened too fast’

‘Did he call you?’

‘Yeah. I didn’t pick up’

‘Text messages?’

‘I don’t read them all. They’re all trash, okay?’

‘Okay okay okay. I’m sorry’

‘Wanna head downstairs? I’m starving!’

‘Me too! Think I have jetlag!’


I walked down the stairs and listened to granny’s voice. She was talking to someone. God!


‘Cat!!!!!’ She immediately hugged me. ‘Thank god u’re okay! We were all so worried about you!’ She said still hugging me.

If she’s here. Don’t tell me he’s here too. I looked at the shoes that landing by the front door.

‘Don’t tell me he’s here’

‘Who’s here?’


‘No, he’s not’

‘Then, whose shoes..............

Out of nowhere a tall figure stepped  into the room.


‘Hey. I just used the bathroom. What?? Everything’s okay?’

‘Haha. Cat thinks that Bruno’s here’


I smiled at him. No. I can’t stare at him like that.I turned to Daniella. ‘What are u guys doing here??? Ohh...this is my friend, Jessie’

They all greeted each other and walked to the couch.

‘We were all so worried about you. You know that Bruno wanted to call the police? He was freaking out!.....and why u didn’t pick up my calls???’

‘I thought he would answer it’

‘No, girl. In fact, I was mad at him as much as u do.God! He never changes. Always like that. That’s what u have to deal with when u’re with him.’

‘I don’t know if I can’

‘Come can’t just give up. He really loves you, Cat. And I know u feel the same way too! Plus,I’ve already talked to that bitch he was sleeping with. What a sicko!’

‘shhhhhhh..........I don’t want granny to know’

Granny’s in her room. Hopefully she didn’t catch that.

‘Sorry sorry.

‘So,where is he?’ I can’t help it but wanting to know.

‘Somewhere in Brooklyn. They’re doing a show tonight there. He wanted to come here to see you but I know you wouldn’t want that. I told him to give you some time’

‘I was serious about the break up, Daniella’

‘Were you? I have a feeling that it’s not over yet’

Jamareo and Jessie just looking at us. I have to avoid having this conversation.

‘So, Daniella. This is Jess. She just arrived like, a few minutes ago from Singapore’

‘Wow. Really? I have an uncle who lives there.My family’s everywhere.... France.... England..... Rome..... One time I just discovered that I have a relative living in the middle east. Like, seriously?’ She looked at me. ‘Hey Cat, can I use your bathroom? By meaning your bathroom means the one in your room’

‘Yeah sure. It’s upstairs. Can u show her, Jess?’

They both went upstairs so it was just me and Jamareo staring at the blank screen in front of us.

‘ are u doing?’

‘Good. Well....not good. haha. Who am I kidding?’

‘I brought u something’ He pulled out something from his bag. ‘These are a bunch of comics that I made when I was in high school. Thought u might wanna see’

‘Omg! I love it! You know? My grandpa really loves to collect those comic strips in newspapers and he compiled them all in one book so me and my cousins we all had new stuff everytime we went to visit him. But yours is good since u made it yourself......thanks’


I put them down and turned back to him. ‘So, tell me. Why exactly are u here?’

‘I followed Daniella and I wanted to give you that’

‘Come on. You missed performing with Bruno. He could use a really good bassist’

‘Nahh....he can find another bassist for tonight’

He gave this perky smile. I don’t know. There’s something about him that made me blush and got my heart racing. No no no. I can’t do this. I’m not doing this.

‘Have anyone ever told u that u have really pretty eyes’

‘Gosh, Jamareo. That’s a terrible pick up line’

‘I read too much comics’

‘I can see that’

We got closer to each other and I could feel his breathings on my face. Our lips touched. I closed my eyes. No! What am I doing?

I pushed him. ‘I’m sorry. I can’t do this’

‘No no. I’m the one who should say sorry’

I got up from the couch. ‘I can’t do this, Jamareo. I don’t know why I kissed you just now. I’m sorry’. I ran up to my room.

‘Cat!!! Wait!’

I stepped into my room and saw Daniella and Jess were on the bed, talking. Both of them looked at me.

‘You’re okay, Cat?’ Jess spoke to me.

‘Yeah. Looks like you’ve just seen a ghost’

I shut my lips tight. I don’t know what just happened. I’m confused. What was I thinking? Why did I kiss him? Am I moving on too fast?