Chapter 10

16/05/2011 15:09

Bruno made it kind of obvious that he was going to miss me… This was obvious because well, he just wouldn’t let go of me when we were at the airport. We kissed and kissed, but it didn’t seem the same. “Bruno…” I started. He put his finger to my lips. And our foreheads met. “I’m sorry, I know you’re mad, but I don’t want to be like any other man that you had”he said. “You really aren’t like any other man that I’ve had. Because you stayed with me. I love you” I said. “I love you too. I’ll call you every day, I promise. I have to go” We kissed and he ran to his flight. I was alone now. I felt like crying. But I wasn’t going to just break down in the middle of an airport…

It had been two weeks since Bruno left. Only about two more weeks till he would come home. It was noon, and noon was the time Bruno would call. So I sat on my bed, staring at my iPhone. I played with my hair. I must’ve got distracted because I saw I had one missed call from Bruno. I called him back as soon as I could. He picked up and we talked for an hour. About me missing him, him missing me, what the weather is in L.A., what the weather is in Pittsburgh. But Bruno had to go on stage. We exchanged our “Loves you” and such. I threw my phone onto my bed. Then there was a knock at my door. I opened it. Dalton. Dalton was my ex-boyfriend. And I REALLY didn’t want to see him. "What are you doing here? Seriously Imma bought to slam the door in your face" I said. "I heard you're seeing someone." he said softly. He grabbed my hand. I jerked it back. "Okay? Would I come to your house to tell you I heard that you're seeing someone? No." I said stubbornly. "No you wouldn't. But, I want to know, who. And why?" he asked. "Nebby, nebby, nebby... Yeah I am, his name is Bruno. Well really it's Peter. And why? Because, he actually cared about me, rather than go run off with Madilin, the high school cheerleader. And I didn't find Bruno and Madilin kissing under the bleachers. I didn't find Bruno drinking while driving. And I ESPECIALLY didn't see Bruno smoking pot because it was 'cool'" I screamed. Because yeah, Dalton DID do all that, and not only that, but he broke my heart too, running off with Madilin. "I was dumb," he started. 'Obviously' I thought. "But I really want you back. I remember all the good times we had together. I miss that" Dalton was so soft spoken right now. It really didn't seem like him. "Are you hungover" I investigated. I smelled him and it didn't smell like weed, or liqour. He rolled his eyes. "Really Caitlin. I need you." he begged. "No. No. N-O. No. I'm with Bruno.And guess what? We love eachother." I said. Now I went too far. The word "love" with Dalton was terrible. He thought that when you actually love someone, you are their soulmate. Marriage partners. Partners for life. Sticking together forever. I stopped. I was on a roll, but I stopped my actions realizing that that'd REALLY crushed him. "Dalton I-" "Just shut up Caitlin. I can see you're obviously too busy for me. So just go off and have the time of your life with 'bruno' because I don't really care." he said. Dalton was about to leave. I held him back. "If you didn't care so much why would you come here?" I pushed him and slammed my front door and locked it.