Chapter 10+11

16/05/2011 15:20

Chapter 10

"Ph-phil" I gasped

"Hey umm umm you" he said wobbling side to side. He was obviously drunk.

"Is umm.... Bruno with you?" I asked.

"No he umm he went to Mars hahahha get Bruno Mars hahahahahah but no he isn't here" he shrieked. "So how ya been"

"Horibble my jobs got me going no where so I don't have a thing to lose"I said"I wish i could just go to a place where I don't care""Bartender 1 shot for my pain please"

Phil and I sat down for awhile drinking shot after shot. Then somehow I ended up in his bedroom but naked. The next morning all I could rember were groans, bad breath, and extreme body heat.

"Oh My God I'm so so so sorry I didn't know this was gonna happen" I yelled

"No no its ok we both had a bit too much to drink last night" he said

I quickly put on my clothes and as  I was heading to the door someone knocked on it. I look through the peep hole and of all people it was Bruno.

"Shit Phil Bruno is here"I whispered

"Umm hide in the closet " he whispered back.

I ran into Phils closet as quickly as I could.

"Hey Bruno"

"Sup Phil how ya been you look like a wreck"

"Heh heh yeah I had a rough night"

"Mhmm" he said suspicously "So I wrote this song to get her back with me"

I hated how he referred to me as her.

"Well here it goes"


So easy to forget our love, 

The little things we do, 

Like calling for no reason 

Just to say the words 
"Baby I love you," 

I know lately, I've been busy 

But a second doesn't go by 

Without you crossing my mind 

It's been so long since we had time 

Let's take a day & make everything right 

Just take my hand, fall in love with me again 

Let's runaway to the place 

Where love first found us 

Lets runaway for the day 

Don't need anyone around us 

When everything in love gets so complicated, 

It only takes a day to change it. 

What I have to say can't wait 

All I need is a day 

So let's runaway... 

Let's runaway, just for the day 

Runaway, runaway 

Girl, you've been so patient 

Spending nights alone & not complaining 

But I'll make it up to you, 

And I promise today I won't keep you waiting 

Please give me this one chance 

I was mesmerized by his magnificant voice. As he finished off I realized tears were rolling down my face.

Let's runaway for the day 

Don't need anyone around us 

When everything in love gets so complicated 

It only takes a day to change it 

What I have to say can't wait 

All I need is a day. 

So let's runaway....

What had I done , he stilled loved me and I slept with his best friend what kind of person was I. Then as I fell to my knees crying some of Phil's shoes came crashing down. Great I thought just great.

"What was that"

"Umm uh nothing"

"There's a girl here isn't there"

"Umm No there isn't heh heh"

"Mhmm , but I'm gonna find her"

"Noo Bruno don't"

I could here all the comotion going on down stairs. Then I heard footsteps coming into the room. My body froze. Sudenly Bruno opened the closet.

"What is this Phil huh" Then it all went down. Bruno swung at Phil and hit him straight in the face. And they went at it

"Stop it Stop! It wasn't all Phil's fault" I yelled

"Oh so it was revenge on me for leaving you"  he scream "I get it well Fuck you all"

As Bruno walked out of the room Phil and I were left in silence. No I couldn't let this happen again. Not this time. I ran down the stairs and called for bruno. It was too late he was already driving off in his car. At that moment I knew I had to get my life back together if I wanted to get my man back.


Chapter 11

Bruno P.O.V

Man how could she do this to me I thought to my self. How could Phil do this to me. I was driving so fast out of anger and pain I didn't see the approaching truck coming my way.

"Ahh Shit" he said. Then everything went black.


My P.O.V.

I walked back into the house tears rolling down my face. A few seconds later Phil came down.

"I'm really sorry for what went down I never ment for this to happen" I said

"No it's ok like I said we had too much to drink"

After that there was a few minutes of silence

"So.... shouldn't you be getting home??" he asked

"Umm.. yeah If I had one" I replied

"Well if you need somewhere to stay you’re welcome to stay here" he said

"Thank you" I said

"No problem" he said "Well I gotta go handle some buisness I'll be back"


He walked out of the house. Now what was I to do. First things first FIND A JOB.

Beep Beep Beep

"ugh that sound again" Bruno grumbled

Damn what happened he thought. After yelling for a nurse for what seemed like hours until the doctor finally came in.

"Well looks like you escaped this one with only a broken arm" the doc said.

"Cool when can I leave"

"Tomorrow evening"


A few days later I was back on my feet with a new job and a apartment. Now all I had to do was get Bruno back. And I knew that wasn't going to be easy.