Chapter 105

21/03/2012 19:31

A few minutes later they pulled up to their quiet empty house. Marla sighed looking at the house with its lights off. ”It’s so quiet….” she said as he took her hand leading her to the house.

”It’s like it used to be…” he said closing the door behind her wrapping his arms around her waist kissing her neck.

”Oh…Bruno…” she sighed twisting back to face him smiling.

”I don’t think I’ve seen you smile like that in a really long time, Mar.” he said leaning in to her lips kissing her.

”You make me smile that way.” she said in a soft voice moving her arms along his back moving up to his hair pushing off his hat.

”Hey….” he pulled away picking up the hat. ”Be nice.” he said.

”You’re going to need that when we go to bed?” she asked him.

”Well…no…but…” he said wrapping his arms around her waist dancing to the music in his head. She laid her head on his shoulder closing her eyes letting him move her body to his beat.

”Mmmmm…Mar….” he stopped moving.

”What?” she lifted her head up looking into his eyes. He smirked at her the same way he did when they were younger kissing her deeply catching her off guard. She matched his intensity kissing him back wrapping her legs around his ankles moving him closer to him. He pulled her closer picking her up carrying her into the bedroom continuing to kiss her. He moved his hands along her bare legs to her thighs while he continued to kiss her. She grabbed onto the side of the bed feeling his hands running all over the only places that could make her scream. She moaned into his ear moving her body to the exact place that turned her on the most.

”I know it feels good, right?” he laughed stopping to sit up and look at her.

”What the hell are you doing?” she asked him.

”Just hang on…it’s part of the new moves…” he joked taking off his shirt moving her arms to take off her shirt laying on top of her kissing her neck moving down to her breasts holding them tightly then kissing them. This isn’t new….she thought to herself. But it’s not bad….wait…what….She moved her hands down to his pants feeling him as he kissed her. ”Oh geez…Mar…” he said in a shocked voice.

”Bruno…..” she paused in a concerned voice. ”Take off your pants for a second….please…” she said sitting up.

”I was getting there….” he told her with a smile.

”No….Bruno..I’m serious. Take ‘em off….you don’t feel normal…” she said looking at him with a serious face.

”What?” he gave her a confused look taking off his pants looking down with her. She moved her hands touching one spot that looked a little different to her.

”B….it’s like there’s a little bump. There’s never been one there before….” she told him.

”Oh….” he moved her hand looking down with her. ”Yeah…I don’t know. It’s been like that for a while..maybe like since like the Grammy’s….”  She handed him his pants putting on a t-shirt that was laying on the floor going to the computer.

”What are you doing, Marla? You’re scaring me….” he told her as she started frantically typing.

”Read that….it’s you…..” she said pointing to the website.

”Oh shit….” he answered.