Chapter 107-110

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Chapter 107


Evie sat in her car glancing at her phone seeing a text message from Bruno.

     I miss you.

“Oh god. Shut up.” She sighed turning on the car to go home. She pulled out of her parking lot waving at a co-worker who was leaving the office just behind her. She got onto the highway listening to the music on the radio turning up Bruno’s second single from his new album. It was being requested and overplayed which made her smile as she started to exit toward the luxurious, narrow, hilly streets to his house. It was almost 7 in the evening. The sun was starting to set behind the hills of Hollywood. She glanced over at the expansive houses trying to figure out exactly how she ended up there. She pulled into the long driveway next to Bruno’s black car dragging her bags behind her. She opened the door seeing that the lights were off.  “What are you doing, Bruno?” she asked flipping on the hallway light seeing the sunset beaming through the large windows on the other side of the house. “Bruno! Stop! Come on!” she whined stepping over some of his clothes finding him in the kitchen stirring something on the stove.

“Come taste this…” he motioned to her as she slipped off her high heels.

“What is it?” she asked taking the spoon from him.

“Your favorite.” He smiled referring to the homemade alfredo sauce he made her.

“Oh…it’s good…” she said to him grabbing some pepper off to the side. “You need more of this.” She dumped in a bit of pepper watching him watch her. “What?” she asked him.

“Nothing. You just look amazing when you don’t have make-up on and your hair is all over the place.” He told her pushing her bangs off of her face. “Come on..let’s eat.” he handed her plate of spaghetti and vegetables pouring on the sauce she had fixed.

“Where is Lucy?” she asked him taking the plate.

“She’s with Jamie.  Sleep over or something.” He winked at her. She burst out laughing at what he was referring to.

“Oh, yeah? Is that what you told her?” she asked.

“I told her that I wanted to be romantic. And she said ‘Okay. I’ll go play with Jaimo. But he can’t break my arm again. That hurt.’”  Bruno answered.

“Yeah. He can’t break her arm again.” She replied taking a bite of the food he cooked her. “But what’s for dessert?”

“It’s a secret.” He said seductively.

“Bruno! Come on!” she whined.

“Just be patient, Eve.” He said finishing the food he had on the plate. He watched her stand up from the table picking up the plate of food. “Stop..don’t do that…” he said running to her grabbing the plate from her.

“What? Stop cleaning up?” she responded.

“Yes! You’ve been cleaning for the last three months.” He told her turning her around to look at her. “you look really tired.”

“I am.” She told him laying her head on his shoulder.

“Wait! Don’t fall asleep yet!” he said excitedly. “Come with me!”

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“Just come onnn….” He drug her outside toward the small grassy area in the backyard.

“But it’s so cold…” she moved her arms around her shivering.

“Quit being a baby, baby…” he said to her putting his sweater around her then wrapping his arms around her hugging her from behind. “Look over there…” he moved his arms to her hand pointing to two bright stars.

“What am I looking at?” she wondered.

“Just….” He paused dropping his hand glancing at his watch.

“What are you doinggg?” she asked him confused by what was going on.

“There!” he said moving his hand quickly to a flashing light.

“What is that?” she asked him.

“It’s the stars shining for you.” He laughed.

“No! Serious!” she pushed him a little.

“It’s a meteor shower.” He said defeated. “It was cool.” H

“It is, cool.” She answered squeezing his hand. He grabbed her other hand pulling her into a hug kissing her neck.

“I miss you.” She said feeling his kisses against her neck. He pulled up from her neck looking into her eyes.

“I miss you too, Eve.” He replied leaning in to kiss her.

“Can we go inside?” she asked him pushing her body against him because of how cold she was feeling.

“I’ll warm you up.” He responded taking her hand leading her back inside. She threw his jacket on the floor pushing him against the glass door to the outside. He raised his eyebrow watching her lean in to kiss him.

“Oh…” he said softly against her lips smiling as she leaned in to bite her lip through the kiss. He moved his hands around her back pulling her hair down from her ponytail running his fingers through her dark brown hair. Without saying anything to her he picked her up not letting go of her lips leading her into the bedroom. He laid her down on the bed in the dark room moving his hands under her shirt feeling her start to smile at him.

“What….” She started to talk.

“Shhh…let me do it all.” He said to her looking up at her licking her lips.

“Come onnn!” she moaned. “Three months! I can’t do this!”

He raised his eye brow at her lifting her up taking off her shirt looking at her bra. “The new ones…”

She smiled at him moving her hands to his chest to the buttons on his shirt. He looked down at her taking her hand kissing each of her fingers lingering on her ring finger. She smiled at him feeling him hold onto her hand tightly leaning in to kiss her. He pushed her down onto the bed as he continued to kiss her moving his lips down her chest rubbing her breasts lightly feeling her nipples get harder. He moved his mouth around them slowly to tease her. She moved her legs around his waist closing her eyes biting her lip as he continued to touch her and tease her. “Bru..that feels so good..” she told him moving her hands along his messy hair as his hands moved down her hips holding onto her cotton shorts. She kept her hands in his hair feeling her shorts fall down to her ankles. She pushed them off moving her legs around him again holding him tightly. She felt him move up to kiss her lips lightly making her move her hands down to his pants feeling his excitement building. She grabbed onto his belt undoing it pushing his pants down moving her hands along him holding him gently in her hands. “You know you want to…” she whispered in his ear.

“I know you want me.” He said leaning his lips near her ear biting on her earlobe after he finished his statement.’

“Oww!” she laughed pulling him in closer to her kissing him.

“Oh sorry. That was for you biting me on the shoulder before I left.” He smirked.

“That didn’t leave a mark, though!” she said moving her hand to his shoulder. “But I can…” she said moving her mouth to his collar bone kissing him.

“Leave as many marks as you want, baby.” He moaned moving inside her slowly feeling her mouth open in shock and his name escape her lips against his shoulder. 

“Oh my gooddd…” she moaned moving a little to the side to feel everything he had waiting for her. They moved together slowly at first and them more quickly as his hips moved with hers. “Do it like that…” she sighed the lyrics to one of his new songs in his ear.

“Keep doing that…” he told her feeling her body tighten around him. “Oh babe…Eve…oh….” He responded kissing her deeply.

“Brunoooo….oh my…fuckkkk…I’m so….” She continued to respond to his thrusts and kisses as he alternated between quick movements and slow meticulous thrusts teasing and pleasing her all at the same time.  “I’m….ohhhh….oh goddd…” she let out a loud sigh closing her eyes as she felt the last three months of their separation explode onto the bed.  He watched her with her eyes closed as he finished thinking about her eyes and lips and nose and ears. He kissed her forehead lightly feeling her start to smile against his face. He rolled over laying his hand on her chest pulling the blanket over them.  She moved her fingers through his matted curly hair for a few seconds before she realized she had to pee. “Stay there…” she said pushing him up grabbing his shirt.

“Where are you going?” he asked her sitting up.

“Calm down.” She ran into the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror. She moved her hands down the scars on her legs from when she was a teenager. She wiped away the small tear coming down her cheek reaching over to grab some toilet paper to wipe off the make-up that remained on her face. She washed her face quickly putting her hair in a ponytail going back into the bedroom. She glanced over to far side of the bedroom seeing Bruno fully clothed holding onto a guitar. She grabbed some underwear putting it on walking over to him sitting on his side.  

“Listen to this…” he said starting to sing a song she had never heard before. It was sweet and melodic and soothing.

“I like it.” She told him kissing his cheek.

“I like you.” He smiled watching her walk back to the bed.

“I like you more.” She replied turning over dramatically trying to fall asleep.



Chapter 108

“Ugghhhhh…..” Evie turned over early in the morning forgetting that Bruno was next to her.

“What?” he moaned feeling her arm reach over his body to grab her phone.

“Get up. We have plans today.” she pushed him after getting out of the bed.

“Evvvieeeee….nooooo….” he whined throwing his pillow over his head.

“Whatever. Just wait until Lucy jumps on you.” She said walking toward the bathroom rolling her eyes at him.

Evie got in the shower turning on the water closing her eyes as the water ran over her body. Halfway through her shower she heard a playful scream and laugh. “Oh god.” She laughed getting out of the shower still hearing Bruno and Lucy laughing.

“Come on Lu-lu. Let’s go get breakfast.” She heard him say. She heard them run into the kitchen giving her another few minutes of peace and quiet. She walked out of the room wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top with her hair in a towel.

“Good morning.” She smiled at them.

“Good morning.” Lucy looked up from her bowl of oatmeal with food in her mouth.

“Lucy! Be a lady!” Evie laughed at her daughter taking the luke warm oatmeal Bruno had left for her.

“You be a lady, mom.” Lucy smiled at her throwing a piece of oatmeal at her mother.

“You heard her, Geneva. Be a lady.” Bruno winked at her.

“I am a lady! Geez!” Evie told them taking a bite of her food. “I mean…look at the mess the two of you made. You have stuff all over and I have nothing…” she said looking down at her spotless part of the table.

“Changing that….” Bruno said throwing a piece of oatmeal in her direction.

“No!” Evie smirked picking up a piece of banana she was eating at the same time.

“Don’t waste it! Let me catch it at least!” Bruno exclaimed.

“Open your mouth…” Evie told him throwing the banana in his direction. Lucy turned to Bruno with her eyes wide as he moved his head perfectly to catch the banana.

“Let me try, mom! Let me try!” Lucy begged.  Evie turned to Bruno waiting for his response.

“Let me show you how to do it, Lucy…” Bruno moved behind her touching her shoulders. “You have to move in the same direction of the food. Like when you hit the volleyball…it goes in the same direction. Okay?”

“Show me one more time…” Lucy said now a little worried that she couldn’t do it.

“You can do it!” Bruno said nodding at Evie.

“Okay, Luc…be careful…I don’t want the dog getting it….” She said looking down at Geronimo sitting and watching them. “Not you, Geronimo..” Evie told him watching him lie his head down giving her sad eyes.  Evie smiled at her daughter holding the banana out in her hand. “On three…one…two…” she paused holding the banana near her.

“Farther away, mom!” Lucy whined.

“Okay…” she moved farther back holding the banana in her hand. “One, two, three…” the banana flew across the table nearing Lucy’s cheek suddenly landing in her mouth.

“Got it!” she yelled waking the dog up from his morning nap. “I did it, I did it, I did it!” she got up dancing around the table.

“Okay, Lucy…go get dressed for the beach. We’re going to go surfing!” Evie exclaimed picking up their breakfast.

“Mom!  I want dad to come with us! He said he would come the next time!” Lucy responded as she ran into her bedroom.

“Lucy! He is coming….” Evie answered walking back to Lucy’s room confused.

“No! Dad!” she pointed to a teddy bear he had given her when she was baby. “Mom..where is he? I miss him.”

“Lucy…” Evie handed her daughter a shirt to put on sitting down on the bed. “Do you remember story that I told you about Mimi and Papa?”

“That you got to choose your mommy and daddy?” Lucy asked.

“That’s the one.” Evie told her.

“But mommy…I want daddy…” she answered holding the teddy bear handing it back to her mother.

“Lucy….you have Bruno now. Just like I have Mimi and Papa. You got to choose Bruno as your dad.”

“But, mommyyyyy…Bruno’s not here. He’s never here. At least dad was here…” she said taking the teddy bear back.

“Lucy…where is this coming from?” Evie looked at her confused.

“I don’t look like Bruno…” she said to her mother. “Savannah said that he can’t be my dad because we don’t look the same.  I look like daddy.”

“You’re right…you do. You have his nose and his hair and his beautiful eyes. But you know what you don’t have?” Evie asked her daughter.

“What?” Lucy asked.

Shit. I can’t tell her he was a horrible father. Evie thought. “You don’t have his ears or his forehead or his laugh. You have my laugh and my ears andmy forehead. And that’s the only thing that is important.” Evie told her.

“But, mommmy. I know you’re my mom, but Bruno…I don’t have anything like him.” Lucy said starting to cry.  Evie moved over hugging her daughter tightly.

“Oh, Lu-lu. It’s okay. You know what? Savannah was wrong. You don’t have to look like your dad to have him be your dad.”

“She didn’t believe me when I told her he was my dad, mom. She said I was a liar.” Lucy said pushing her hair out of her face. Evie moved her hair brushing it aside.

“Savannah is silly. You know he’s your dad, baby doll. You know he’s you’re dad. And no one can take him away from you. He cares for you more than anyone in the world. And he will always be there for you. You talked to him every day he was gone….” Evie tried to comfort her daughter knowing exactly how she felt. It took Evie a longtime to find Katie and Albert as her parents. And even now, it was still hard for her to say they are her parents.

Lucy looked down at the ground still confused. “But I don’t have his last name. I have dad’s last name.” Lucy said confused.

“I know..but remember when Bruno asked if you wanted to have his last name?” Evie asked her daughter.

“Yeah….” She responded confused.

“When you change it that’s when it’s official. Right now it’s in your heart….” Evie said pointing to her daughter’s heart. “But when it’s on paper then Savannah can’t say anything else.”

“When do we do that?” Lucy asked with her eyes lighting up.

“Soon, baby.” Evie responded.

“What day, mom?” Lucy replied.

“What day do you want to do it?” she asked.

“I want to change it before I go to school….” Lucy said matter of factly.

Oh…that’s soon, sweetie.” Evie said looking up at the door seeing Bruno leaning against the door.

“Do you want to change it before I leave again?” Bruno said.

“Before I go back to school.” Lucy repeated.

“Okay, Lucy. We’ll do it.” Bruno said. “But….” He held out his hands for her. “You have to give me a hug first.” Lucy jumped up out of the bed running to him as he hugged and swung her around the bedroom. “Now can we go surfing?”



Chapter 109

Evie sat across from her former supervisor watching him sign, highlight and tab an enormous stack of papers.

“So, this is what you want to do Eve?” Bruno asked her as he saw Craig sign the papers.

“It’s more than signing papers, Bruno. Geez.” She responded.

“We would be happy to have you back, Ms. Wilson.” He said pushing some papers over to them. “These are the papers from the CPS case. The home study and background check are within the last two years so we don’t need new ones.”  Evie looked over the papers reading what CPS had said about the two of them. The report wasn’t glowing, citing her past abuse and suicidal ideations as well as his drug past and his schedule as potential risk factors leading to an adoption breakdown.

“Wow. They were serious in this.” Bruno said glancing at the papers at the same time.

“They pull all the right punches.” She told him taking the pen signing at the bottom. “Initial there, B.” she said putting the pen where he needed to sign. She continued to flip quickly signing showing him where he needed to sign. “Wait…you need to decide what she gets if you die…” she paused looking at a tab.

“Oh…ummm…I don’t know.” He said nervously as her hand moved down to touch his reassuring him. “Does that have to be filled out? I thought we’d do that before the wedding….”

Evie didn’t say anything leaving an x in a box that read “Refer to Will in Testament.” “Is that okay?” she asked him.

“Yeah. That’s the best I think….” He said still getting a little nervous. He watched the flip through the papers coming to an end. He reached over grabbing the pen to complete the routine.

“No…not yet. That one gets signed in court….: she said pulling it out of his hand.

“Oh…I didn’t know.” He responded.

“It’s okay.”  Evie replied stacking the papers handing them back to Craig.

“I will have someone take these down today and call you later about the date.” He told them.

“Thank you.” Bruno and Evie said at the same time being led out of the room. Evie said her good-byes to her former colleagues walking down the hallway with Bruno. :Are you okay?” she asked him.

“It was just a lot. I had no idea I would have to think of that last part….” He told her getting into the car with her.

“I know. It’s scary. Hopefully it’s something that we’ll never have to deal with.” She said kissing his cheek. “I love you. Before the two could get back to the house, where Lucy was with Eric and Liam, Evie’s phone rang. “Hello?” 

“Who is it?” Bruno asked. Evie turned the speaker on showing him it was Craig.

“The date is set for Friday at 11:00.” He said very professionally.

“That’s good…” Bruno responded.

“It is. That was the soonest we could get it. The thing is, though, is that it is with everyone else being adopted this month.” He told them.

“Oh.” Evie responded.

“What’s wrong with that?” he asked them.

“It means the adoption is with another 100 families.” Evie told him. “And every single news network in the city.”

“So everyone will know and everything….” He said.

“Yes.” Evie and Craig responded in unison.

“So, we do it. We have to.” Bruno responded. “She wanted it. We do it.”

“Then I’ll see you all on Friday.” Craig answered. “At 11.”

“Yes, we will.” Evie said. “Have a good day.” She ended the call looking at Bruno’s mixed emotions.  “At the end of the day the only thing that matters is if she’s yours or not, Bruno.”



Chapter 110

“Do we tell Lucy what is happening?” Bruno asked Evie as they got out of the car.

“Of course we do. We don’t just surprise her with it. I don’t think she understands all of it.” Evie told him. “No. I know she doesn’t understand it.”

“Oh…okay..” Bruno said to his fiancé as they opened the door seeing Lucy sitting at the table with Eric and Liam.

“Hey you two. Was the meeting okay?” Eric asked picking up Liam walking him toward another side of the table.

“It was fine. Will you let everyone know it’s at 11 tomorrow?” Bruno asked Eric as he picked up some things cleaning up so he could go home.

“Where are we going tomorrow?” Lucy turned to Bruno inquisitively. “I want to go!”

“You are, Luc!” Evie said sitting down next to her daughter tickling her.

“Okay, okay, okay…” Lucy laughed. “But where are we going?”

“We’re going to go change your last name tomorrow! You said you wanted to change it, right?”

“Yeah, yeah! Let’s go. Let’s go now!” she jumped up picking up her mother’s hand.

“Lucy….we can’t now.” Evie told her daughter.

“But why not? Bruno can talk to them. He gets whatever he wants.” Lucy said dramatically.

“Not this with the judge, baby. Remember when mama would go to court all the time and talk to the judge?” Evie asked her daughter.

“The man in the front in black?” Lucy clarified.

“Yes. That man.” Evie answered. “But you know him. Talk to him! I want to change my name!”

“Luc…we have to wait. Waiting makes it better. And Mimi and Papa and everyone will be there. If we go now no one will be there…”

“Oh…okay. Then I want everyone to be there.” She responded.

“And do you know what we’re going to do?” Evie asked her daughter.

“You get to yell at people and then they say you win.” Lucy told her mother.

“No. Not this time, Lucy. I already won. Now Bruno gets to be your dad. No matter what, he will always be your dad. And you’ll be his Lucy. Forever.” Evie said looking over at Bruno who was sitting next to Lucy.

“Forever?” Lucy asked. “Like even when I’m in heaven Bruno will be my dad? And I can tell Savannah that Bruno is my dad even though we don’t look the same?”

“Yes, Lucy. Forever.” Bruno told her taking her hand. “If you want me to.”

Lucy jumped onto Bruno hugging him. “Yes! Forever! You be my dad forever!”

“Okay. Okay.” He said struggling to pull her off.

“Do we get cake?” Lucy asked. “Because it’s like a birthday. November 12, 2013. It’s my new birthday. But we can’t get rid of my real birthday. I get two. One for dad and one for Bruno…”

“Okay, you can have two birthdays, Lucy. But one is for Bruno and one is for me. Because Bruno is your dad now. Not Sean.” Evie told her.

“But, mommy..he’ll always be my dad…” Lucy looked at her confused as Bruno moved away a little waiting to hear what Evie had to say.

“Yes, Lucy. He will always be your father, but Bruno is your dad.” Evie told her.

“What’s the difference?” Lucy asked.

“Dads are always there for you. Fathers aren’t.” Evie told her. “Like remember Mr. Jenkins?” Evie asked her.

“The police man? And Megan and Mallory?” Lucy asked.

“Yes. He’s my father. But Papa is my dad.” Evie replied.

“Oh.” Lucy said still confused.

“And you’ll never leave, Bruno? Ever? Unless you have a concert?” Lucy asked still confused. “You won’t be mean like my father? Or to my mom? You can’t be mean to mom…” Lucy asked again.

“Never Lucy.” Bruno reassured her.

“Okay. Then you can be my dad and we can go tomorrow.” Lucy said matter of factly.

“Then that’s it, daughter…” Bruno said with a smile. “Go take a bath so you don’t smell so gross tomorrow. The judge won’t want to see you if you smell like that.” Bruno laughed.

“I don’t smell! You smell!” she said getting out of the chair walking toward the bathroom.