Chapter 10

02/07/2011 23:58

10am I rubs my eyes and stretch. I look over to my side and see that Shyloe hasn't moved. Even when she's sleeping she looks beautiful. I carefully lift her head up just enough so i can sit up. I gently lay it back down on the pillow and make my way to the kitchen. When I walk into the kitchen my mom and dad are sitting at the table eating cereal and whispering. I fix myself some cereal and put some ketchup and mayo in it and sit down at the table. My parents start looking at me suspiciously. "What?" "Who's that girl?" My father demands. I sigh. "You remember Emily?" He nods his head. "Well that's her." I go through explaining me finding her and everything that's happened in the last 24 hours. I leave out that she's physic and we could possibly die anytime now. After explaining it to my parents they seem a little more easy but I can still tell their suspicious. "Where was she all this time?" Have fun explaining this one Bruno. "Uh....well....she...Uh..." I sigh. ".....I don't think it's my place to tell could ask her though." My mom finally speaks up. "Why? Was she kidnapped.....?" "Actually yes....I was." ******************************************************************************

 Everyones heads snap up in the direction of my voice. "Thank you for not telling them everything. And you were right Mrs. Hernandez, I was kidnapped, raped, neglected, starved, abused, and left to die. That's why I haven't been around for 3 years, because I was fighting for my life...." I lift my shirt up just enough to reveal my scar. I hear everyone in the room gasp and Bruno just swallows hard and looks away. "....But my abductors were kind enough to release me, yesterday, on the beach, where Bruno happened to find me. Now, anymore doubts or questions?" I look around the room and everyone has paled at least two shades and I notice 2 girls standing in a doorway across the room with their hands covering their mouths. It gets really quiet and awkward. I look at Bruno. He must of noticed it too. He stands up and walks over and hugs me. "Good morning." "Morning." "Want some breakfast?" "Please." Bruno pulls a chair up for me and I sit down and he goes to pour me a bowl of cereal. I put my hands on the table and starts to fiddle with my ring. Mrs. Hernandez reaches across the table and grabs my hand. "I'm so sorry I had no idea." "It's alright Mrs. Hernandez." "Please call me Bernadette." "Alright." Bruno sets a bowl of cereal in front of me and I scarf it down. I look around and realize Bruno and his dad are gone. I get up and take my dishes to the sink and wash them. "Oh let me get that." "No its fine I've got it." I dry them and put the away and head to Bruno's room. Before I open the door I hear shouting. "How do you know shes not going to take you? She could be working with them? She could just be using you for money!" "Dad she's not......because I L-......" "Don't say it!" I decided to intrude He loves me! "Who said that?!" I bite my tongue so I don't laugh out loud. I open the door and walk in. I said it. He looks at me as if I'm crazy. "I'm physic I can communicate with people without talking to them. I can hear their thoughts.....and Mr.Hernandez how can you not see how much Bruno loves me? He would die for me.....I would do the same for him. I would never hurt him, and he would never hurt me. Now if you could please get out so I can get changed.....and I'm sorry I'm being so rude to you, but when you start yelling at Bruno and start making accusations about me......I'm gonna get rude because no one has the right to do that to him or me so shoo shoo." He's visibly speechless. "What right do you have to even be here?! What would your parents think?!" "I don't know why don't you drive down to the cemetery and ask them.....oh wait you can't because their 6 feet under ground!" I feel the tears start to fall and I viciously wipe them away. I feel Bruno come up behind me and wrap his arms around me. "They were driving and they were t-boned by a stolen semi truck. The drivers fled and were never found but I got threatening letters in the mail everyday then my boyfriend started acting suspicious and started beating me when I asked him what was wrong and, and then I found out he was the driver who killed my parents I confronted him and asked him if it was true and he said he did it because he wanted to marry me and my father said no and since I was underage he put a ring on my finger and said he was taking me and my sister to virginia so we could get married the next week. So that gave me enough time to give my parents a private funeral here in Waikiki and then I said that I was taking my sister with me so we could pick out a pretty dress for me to wear and he agreed so we got the car drove up the road emptied out his bank account and flew to Georgia we bought an apartment and then I landed a terrible but extremely high paying job we both started working and then by the end of the year we both had enough money to live our own lives and Marybeth didn't know she was my sister because I always told her she was my best friend but she knows shes adopted now.....she has a baby.....and both of their lives are in danger as we speak...." I realized that my voice has dropped from a shout to a mere whisper. I take a deep breath struggling to hold back the tears and look him right in the eyes. "Now if you can't accept me then it sounds like you have a personal problem. I have been through and seen more than the average person. Ive been told that I'm strong and I believe please leave so I can change and me and Bruno can decide what to do next......Presley, Tahiti I know your out there and I know you've been listening to all of this." They open the door and force smiles. "I brought you some clothes." "Thank you." I watch as they walk out and Bruno's dad follows them. I close the door and look at Bruno. He has his hands in his pockets and his head is hung. "I'm sorry...." "It's fine Bruno really." "He hurt you, he hit you." "Bruno its fine. That was a long time ago. You can't change the past." "Yea I guess your right." He starts shuffling through his drawers and grabs some clothes and walks into the bathroom. I catch a glance of pink out of the corner of my eye. I look on the floor and stifle a laugh. "Um....Bruno." He turns around and I pick up his pink boxers that he dropped on the floor. "You....might need these." He smiles and his face starts to get red. "Uh....yeah." "Don't worry I won't tell anyone." He walks back into the bathroom and closes the door just enough so that if I was to simply turn my body I would have a perfect view. But my mother didn't raise me to be a slut. I start looking around the room and realize it's really messy. His bed is unmade and there are clothes all over the floor. I make his bed and pick his clothes up. I fold them and lay them on his bed and in a corner I see a hat laying on the floor. I pick it up and look at it. It's brown and has a yellow feather on the side. I lay it on his bed and realize he's leaning on the bathroom door watching me. He has on a pink shirt and black shorts and flip flops and his hair is all wet and curly. "Uh....sorry it was just messy....I just....sorry." "Naw it's cool. Thanks." Bruno tosses me a towel and I grab my clothes and head into the bathroom. I turn on, strip my clothes, and get in. I wash my hair and body and get out. I throw on the orange V-neck that has white paint splattered on it and a pair or faded ripped up denim shorts the Presley gave me. I run my finger through my hair and decided it will just have to suffice. I walk out into Bruno's room and look around. Where is he? I walk around and look for him but I dint know where he could possibly be. I look in a corner where his two dressers meet and then I feel someone tackle me from behind. "Bruno!" He starts tickling my stomach and I try to get up but I just end up flopping down on his bed. He's laughing so hard he doesn't bother getting up to try to catch me again. Finally I manage to stand up but when i do I realize something's on my head. I grab it and see it's Bruno's brown fedora. Must of fell on it when I flopped on his bed. He stands up and I hand him his hat. "Sorry." He puts it back on my head. "It's ok, it looks good on you." He leans in and kisses me. Everytime he does I fall a little more for him. When he pulls away he says. "Cmon let's go get you some clothes that aren't hand me downs from my sisters." "Kay." He walks to a dresser and pulls out a white fedora with a blue feather on the side and he pulls a pair of black sun glasses from the top of the dresser and puts them on. "Ready?" "Yea." We walk out and get into Bruno's car. It smells like him. We drive for a while until we hit downtown. Bruno parks the car and he gets out a runs around to my side and opens the door for me and helps me out. He takes my hand and we start walking and talking. We walk into this one shop and its a really expensive place. "Bruno I can't buy anything in here! It's so expensive!" "It's fine you deserve to have nice things." "But Bruno!" "Alright just buy one thing and then we can leave and go somewhere less expensive." I nod my head and we walk in. It's mostly dresses but there are a few outfits. I decided to get a dress in case we go anywhere fancy. Most of them are really pretty but I just can't get over the prices of them. So eventually I find a blue strapless dress with some rhinestones on it that's only $100. "Bruno I'm gonna go try this on." He nods his head and follows me to the dressing rooms. "I know where to dressing rooms are Bruno." "I know I just wanted to see what it looked like.....if that's ok." He waits outside while I go change. Once I'm in it I get nervous. I haven't worn a dress in ages! I sigh and walk out. Bruno's standing at the other end of the dressing room so I start walking towards him. When he sees me he does a double take. " look" I can feel my face start to get red. "Thanks." I walk back and change back into my clothes and we pay. We go to a couple more store and I get some outfits and then we go to a drug store so I can get a toothbrush and things like that. We got back into Bruno's car and he started driving again. Were not driving for long when I hear an ear splitting scream and the sound of metal crushing against metal. 'Marybeth!' Help me! 'What happened?' I just got into a wreck! It's real bad sis! 'Call 911 ok.' I can't reach my phone! I can't feel my arms! There's blood everywhere! 'Listen to me scream for help ok.' I love you sis! Don't leave me Marybeth! Marybeth? Please don't leave.' Then I start to get lightheaded. I close my eyes and then realize I'm not looking from my eyes. It's someone else's. I slowly work my way in to listen to their thoughts. I'm looking out on a wreck. It's laughing, he wants to finish her off but he needs to wait until everything is perfect. The first part of his plan is in motion now he has to wait for the second part to fall in place. It's time. I pull out as fast as I can and scream in the realization that I was just inside it's head. ******************************************************************************

 "What! What's wrong?!" I pull over on the side of the road. "Shyloe what just happened!" She starts to shake. "He's coming. I was just inside his head Bruno." I get back on the road and speed to my parents place. "Listen I gotta go home grab my things and say goodbye to my folks and we'll go to the airport ok?" "No maybe I should just go...that way it wont be able to find you as easy." "No. I'm coming with you and there's nothing you can do to stop me." ******************************************************************************

9hours 55minutes later Atlanta, Georgia.

 We took the first flight out of Hawaii to Georgia. A storm was rolling in which puts a physics senses on edge. After we landed we got a rental car and drove to the hospital. Since I lived here for some of my life I was driving and Bruno was looking out the window humming a tune I've never heard before. The whole drive I try to get through to Marybeth but I don't get anything. When we finally arrive we head up to the recovery. I walk by each room until we finally get to one room that seems to be thick with energy. We walk in and and are greeted by a man and small girl. "Who are you?" He demands. "I'm Marybeths sister Emily. This is my boyfriend Bruno." As soon as I say it I'm shocked. But then as it sinks in it feels right. "Oh ok she's talked about you a lot.....I'm...." "...Reed." What the heck! I'm not thinking before I talk! "Uh....yeah....wait let me guess your a physic too aren't you." "Yeah sorry it's just your like an open book. Very easy to read." "That's what she said about me too." I look down and see Mariska hiding behind Reed. "Hi Mariska, I'm your aunt Shyloe." "Wait I thought you said you were Emily?" "I was but I was forced to change my name and I'd rather not say why. What's your relationship to Marybeth?" "Fianc√©, I proposed before she left and got into the crash." I feel my jaw drop. "What?" How can this be if he's not a part of the things plan? "What?" He asks. "We need to talk, Mariska can you stay here, Bruno can you watch her for just a sec?" He looks up and smiles. "Yeah sure I'd love to." Me and Reed step outside of Marybeths hospital room and I explain everything. From seeing Brooke and Jason and their warning to seeing the crash and going insides it's mind. After I tell him I can tell he's gotten scared. "Where do I fit in this plan?" "Honestly I have no idea. Brooke or Jason never mentioned you." I walk back into the room and see Bruno and Mariska sitting at a table and he's singing to her and she's repeating what he says. I never realized how good he was with kids. He's going to be a good daddy. He sees us walk back in and smiles. "Hey." "Hey Babe." I walk over to my sisters bedside and wakes her up. "Sis?" "Hey MB it's me, you ok?" She gives me a feeble smile. "Yeah, I'm fine." I start to feel cold and look around. Standing by the door is Brooke and Jason. Their faces are painted with terror. It's like the whole atmosphere in the room changes. The first person to notice it is Marybeth. "What is it?" "It's Brooke and Jason, there standing by the door, something's wrong." I get up and walk over to them. "What's wrong?" "He's here, in the building, you have to find a green door. It's in the gray time. You have to find it. Put him in there and shut him out." "I have to do it alone? I have to be in the gray time alone?" "You won't be alone Bruno will be with you, he will protect you in the real world, you must be alone in the gray time." "How I've never been in the gray time without a guide!" "Trust Bruno, he needs to be your lifeline, have him stay with you, talk you through it. The green door exists in both worlds. He will help you find it in the real world, but you must open it. Hurry he's coming!" They fade away and I start to feel adrenaline pump through my veins. "What just happened?!" Reed asks. "Bruno, he's here in this building, you have to be my lifeline we need to find a green door, no matter what happens don't let go of my hand, talk to me nonstop, Marybeth, if he manages to come in here you need to get inside him mess with him, then come in the gray time and find me ok? I'm going to make him come after me, I'm going to taunt him, Bruno no matter what happens do not mess with him at all, understood. No body else leave this room, it's going to be terrifying, but do not look him straight in the eye." I have no idea where I'm getting all of this but then I hear myself talk and it's not me talking it's Brooke she's using my body to talk. I feel her leave and then I feel the presence of something bad. He's almost here! "Bruno c'mon we gotta go. It's time." I look at him and he's paled so much he looks like the hospital sheets. "Let's go." He walks over and grabs my hand and we walk out. As soon as we close the door I can almost feel it, it's so close but I don't see it. I look at Bruno and he looks terrified. "I'm sorry Bruno....If something happens I want you to know I love you. I love you so much. Thank you for everything." "I love you too, but don't talk about that, your strong, you'll make it out, everyone will make it out." "Im sorry you got drug into this Bruno, I love you." I look around one final time and then I see it and I can tell Bruno sees it at the same time because his hand tenses. I force myself not to scream. I feel the bile start to rise in throat but fight it back. Brooke and Jason were right, It's terrifying.