Chapter 10

24/07/2011 13:30

I look at Jeremy and Ethan trying to play the chords Bruno taught them.


“will he come back again” asked Ethan


“well, I hope so” I said

“I think mummy’s here” he shouted when he heard the door

I told them goodbye and took my mobile and dialed Amy’s number. I told her everything that

happened this weekend, meeting Bruno, our kiss and all the stuff. She was glad to hear that I

was happy but she wasn’t too sure either about what type of guy Bruno was. We decided to talk

tomorrow at college and hung up.


I put on my Pj’s, went to bed and closed my eyes. All I could hear was Bruno’s sweet voice

singing. He was taking over my life and I couldn’t even fall asleep without thinking about him. I

took a deep breath and tried going to sleep but it wasn’t working so I got up and drank some

water then I pushed my head between my pillows and went to sleep.


I woke up next morning to my alarm ringing. Sleepily I turned it off, and went to take a shower.

Then I quickly got dressed, took my books and headed off to college.

I walked through my college doorway until I got to my class. Amy ran towards me and hugged

me. We laughed and went to our seats where we usually sit next to each other. After about 10

mins, the lecturer came into our class and started teaching.

I looked at my phone for the hundredth time that day for any calls from Bruno, but there was

none. So I just sighed,  put my hands on my cheeks and stared out the window making a fantasy

world in my head which of course was filled with Bruno.

And then suddenly Beep Beep…my phone vibrated for a new text message. I got all excited

thinking it was Bruno but instead it was Amy! It said “this shit is boring”. i turned around and

nodded my head and smiled.

After classes Amy and I decided to go shopping. We loved shopping so we eagerly walked down

the streets of LA going in and out of several shops. This was our definition of fun! Just strolling

like we were kids again with lollipops in our hands.

It was a nice day for me, all the shopping had made me have a big smile on my face. but there

was still one thing missing, Bruno. He wasn’t returning my calls either and that got me worrying

whether that was the end of a nice relationship that had barely started.

Three days had passed with no sign of Bruno! I had got my college vacations but I couldn’t get

myself to go anywhere fun. How could a person just up and leave like that. Even though I’d only

known him for a few days, he had taken a special piece of my heart and I just couldn’t get over


I look at the bright night sky. It was beautiful with a really big moon and plenty of stars. So I

walk to my balcony and stare at the sky thinking about how down my life was going.

Why would he just leave like that…huh??? I started talking to the tall palm tree that stood right

next to my balcony.  Yes, I was crazy talking to a tree but at that time it made perfect sense.

Why, tree, tell me? Why is it that whenever I start being happy, it all gets taken away from me.

Why is it that people whom I always get close to just go away! I put my head down as a tear fell

from my eye. I felt so alone at that moment.

Suddenly, I felt someone touch my shoulder.

“you’re crazy babe, talking to a tree N STUFF!!”

I turned around and saw Bruno just staring at me. I was sooo angry that I wanted to punch his

face sooo bad!

“what the fuck is wrong with you” I said as I pushed him behind trying to hold my tears at the

same time. “and how did you get in”

“im sorry…i..the door was open”

How could you just leave like that!!!!!” I started yelling

And I yelled and yelled and yelled while he stood there quiet just listening to everything I was


“im sorry babe, we were called to meet with a producer so we had to go to NY and then I was all

confused about our situation”


“I was afraid that I was falling for you and…I wasn’t sure of myself and what to do so I just tried

to think it all out while in NY”

“but Bruno, i wanna find out why, you didnt choose to stay, baby..., you got me going crazy... “

He started taking out a paper from his pocket and started scribbling.

"I think I just found out the lyrics for my next song” he said


“im so sorry I hurt you Ashley, I needed to think some stuff and make decisions because I’ve

never felt so special about a girl before. I didn’t wanna hurt you because of my behavior and give

you promises that i cannot keep. I want you Ashley, I’ll never leave you again, will you forgive me

and be my girlfriend”

I just looked at his eyes not knowing what to do. I see a glimmer in his eyes as he said

“please Ashley, im sorry, I made a mistake and I never will again. I want you to be by my side

every path of my life”

He came closer and kissed me, I resisted at first taking his hands off my cheeks but not for long.

Somehow it felt right and I hoped he makes up for what he had done.  He kissed my forehead

and held my hands as we laid on the floor looking at the starry night.