Chapter 10

24/07/2011 13:56

#Chapter 10 And now all I want to do is making my girl happy, take care of her.


The next day, I woke up and the first I think about is her. Kaylee. I dreamt about her last night, we were happy, living in Hawaii and she was pregnant. It was a perfect life for us. Hopefully this life will exist someday.

I jumped out of the bed and took my blackberry. There's a new unread text from Kaylee. I smiled and opened it. 


"Hey B., I still can't believe what it just happened today…is it serious? I mean…I'm so lost now. I wait your call. Love. Kay." 


I pressed the "call" button, it rang. 


_Allo? she answered, with a "morning" voice.

_Hello sexy. I replied, with a seducer's voice.

_Who's? she said, doesn't seem to understand. 

_It's your baby, the hawaiian lion…


She started to smile. As a hooligan, she knew where that were from. 


_The man with no fear, the hottest guy in the world, Brunzz! I said, shouting on the phone.


She laughed. 


_Oh, your laugh is so sexy! 

_No, it's not! Stop talking like your songs B.! she continued to laugh. 

_Yes it is…don't force me to come here right now and tell you how sexy you are! I said, with a fake angry voice. So, did you sleep well tonight? Not too hard to think about me? I said, with a smooth voice, acting like I was serious. 

_Hm…yeah pretty hard! ahah. The concert was pretty good, you were so beautiful, …

_Stop it Kaylee, stop it! I'm not that kind of amazing…or am I? I said with a smooth voice again. 


She laughed out loud. 


_Duh, B. you're so funny! 

_Come on…I already know it! Booyah! So, what are the plans today? I said, interested.

_I don't know, yours? she asked to me. 

_Man, I have so much things to do like spend my day with you, then spend my day with you and I have to spend the rest of my day with you too…I said quite serious.


She didn't answer at first. 


_Allo? I said. Is anybody there? 

_No…Wait…What you're serious about hang out today?! she said, being hysterical.

_Of course! I said, smiling. 

_Huh…Okay. So I'm going to take a shower and dress me. she said, doesn't seem to believe.

_Wow, what are you going to wear today? I said, with "hello you" voice.

_Hm…denim short, my music is my boyfriend's tee and black reebok's high tops. I almost forgot my BM's bracelet and ray bans! What about you? 

_My red checkered jacket, my white gypsy's woman tee, black pant and converses. I won't forget my ray bans and my fedora yes! We're going to be both sexy as hell, hell yeah! I screamed through the phone. I pick you up by the lunch hour, be ready! 

_What?! she said, as I hanged up the phone. 


I'm going to pick her up at her auntie's, I can't even wait. I think I could be hysterical too if I were a girl. 

At the lunch hour, I came out of my house and went in my garage. I got in my car and took Wilshire Boulevard direction. Paparazzi were so happy to ruin my joy I guess…they followed me the whole trip, I was thinking about to take a wrong direction but I told Kaylee I'll be here by the lunch hour so that's what I was supposed to do. I parked in front of the house and got out, rang at the doorbell. She opened the door. Oh my god, she was beautiful. I quickly grabbed her by the wrist as I took her the keys off her hand and locked the door the fast I could. I dragged her to the car, hiding her the best I could and she got in it. 

As I started the engine, I asked her to hide herself with my fedora that I gave her. 


_What the hell?! she yelled, taking the fedora and hiding herself, looking at me a little bit angry.

_I want to protect you honey, I don't want them to attack your privacy! I said, defending myself.

_What the hell are they here? she screamed. 

_They want pictures of us! 

_Wait…wait…they want those pictures that I'm constantly wanting to take on the internet? she said, talking to herself out loud.

_Exactly! They're sharks, ready to take a lot of photos of us all the time.

_Damn! she finally said. 


Wow, she was in my car for more than five minutes and she already started to see the "real life" I got. As I drove, she turned the radio on and one of my songs came on. She had a big smile on her face and glanced at me like "I'm so happy right now, can you imagine?!". I nicely laughed at her reaction and sang at the same time than the radio. She looked at me with big eyes and noticed that I didn't warm my voice but it still was like the CD. I looked back at her, shrugging off as if I would have said "What?! I am what I am, don't look at me like that, I'm not a freak." We kept on singing for the whole time. 


_Where do you take me? she asked, excited.

_Having fun baby! I said, smirking.


Actually, I took her to the fun fair. I thought it was such cute when couples were hanging out there. I never could buy random plushes from the fun fair to my girlfriend because I almost was busy with my music and now all I want to do is making my girl happy, take care of her. 

She got out of the car and saw we were at the fun fair. 


_Omg, the fun fair! Sounds like amazing! she said, taking off my hat of her head and giving it to me. 


I took it back and replaced it on her head, correctly, just the way I wore it usually. She touched it and smiled as if she would have said "Omg, I can keep it?!". I nodded. She couldn't even stop to say "OMG". She hugged me so hard, I almost fell down. I was happy she liked the attention. I only wanted to share the thing I care the most after my guitar or my car, I didn't mention her?! Come on, she's not a thing, she's my beautiful baby and I love her. I was searching for her hand. I took it in mine and faced her. I lightly touched her skin and attracted her against me. I gave her a passionate kiss.


My name is Bruno Mars, I'm a celebrity and I will always love her.