Chapter 11-14

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Chapter 11


I wouldn’t be comfortable with it but I don’t want to be rude. I saw him hesitating. “Just take the bed.” he said. “And that’s it, no more arguments about it.” “Bu-“ “No.” “I just don’t want to be rude.” He stepped closer to me. “It’s okay.” He looked into my eyes. I could see he was sincere. I opened my mouth to say something but Bruno put his fingers on my lips. “Ssshhh… Just leave it. You’ll get the bed.” I gave in. He wasn’t planning on changing his mind. “Okay.” “Good, wanna eat something?” “Sure, how about the others?” “We’ll see if they want they can come.” I followed him downstairs to the kitchen. “What do you want?” “What do you have?” I replied with a smirk. “Hahaha. Good one.” You could almost ‘smell’ the sarcasm in his voice. “Come check it out for yourself.” I walked towards the fridge and looked what was in it. “Hmm… May I try something?” I asked. “Go ahead. I’m not such a great cook anyways.” I laughed. “What?” “Nothing.” I put the stuff I got from the fridge on the counter. “Where do you have pans?” “Right here.” I grabbed a big one, put some water in it and put it on the stove to let it boil. “And knives and spoons?” “Uhmm… Here.” he said as he opened a drawer. “Thanks.” I said as I smiled and got a knife. I started to cut some carrots, potatoes, celery and leek until I felt someone almost breathing in my ear. I slightly turned my head. “Are you okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine. Just looking what you’re doing.” Bruno said. “Could you please not do that? It creeps me out.” “Sorry. Can I ask where you learned to cook?” “You gotta be kidding me right?” “Uhmm…” “I’ll take that as a no. But I always loved to cook when I was younger. I can make the most delicious things with not much.” “Wow. That’s pretty cool.”  Not soon after that Kyra and Joshua ran inside. “CAMMIE!!!!!” they yelled and attacked me with a hug. ”Buenas tardes queridos.” “What are you making?” Kyra asked when she saw the food. “It’s a surprise.” I said smiling. “Oooohh…” they both said. “Why don’t you go and play a game? If Bruno has any games that is.” I said looking at him. “Pfff… Of course I have games.” “Can we play with them, please?” They ran to Bruno and jumped all around him. “Sure. Go to the living room and I’ll get them.” “Yaaaaayyyy!” they yelled and ran to the living room. “You got to teach me how to speak Spanish.” he said before he left. I giggled. I continued with the cooking. “What is that delicious smell?” Paõlo said a he walked into the kitchen following the smell. “I see you’re cooking again. Awesome.” “So you still like my cooking?” “Of course I do! By the way, what was all that yelling about?” “Kyra and Joshua were gonna play a game and they were really excited. And hearing their laughter it must be fun.” He just nodded. “Where’s Julie?” I asked after a minute of silence. “She’s sleeping. She was tired from the trip.” “Okay. You could wake her up when I’m done cooking, right?” “Sure.” “Thanks.” “Cam, just one thi-“ “Paõlo, I get it.” I cut him off. “Just saying.” he said as he walked out again. I looked at him shaking my head. As he walked out he bumped into Bruno. I saw he did it on purpose. “Paõlo.” I said. “Sorry.” he just said like he couldn’t care less. “What’s his problem?” Bruno asked when he was sure Paõlo couldn’t hear him anymore. “Just ignore it. He’s just not used to all of this.” “Mmm…” “Can I please have something to drink?” I asked polite. “Sure. What do you want?” “Water will be fine.” “Okay. Here’s your water.” “Thank you.” I leaned against the counter drinking the water as I looked to my side and saw Bruno getting the top off the pan. “What? I’m just curious. I mean, it smells so good.” “It’s just soup you know.” “I know. Can I taste a bit?” “No.” “Please!” he begged. “Calm down. It’ll be done in 10 minutes.” “Please.” “Okay… Here’s the spoon. But just a little bit.” “Yeah, relax. You can trust me.” I just rolled my eyes. “Oh my God! This is amazing!” “Really? Like I said, it’s just soup.” I grabbed the spoon out of his hand and closed the pan again. “Why’d you do that?” he asked insulted. “If I didn’t do it, you would’ve eaten every single drop.” He just laughed. 



Chapter 12


While I was finishing the soup, Bruno put out plates and spoons for everyone. We all enjoyed the soup and talked. Except for Paõlo, he just sat there quietly eating his soup, looking up at Bruno once every couple of minutes. When everyone was finished me, Julie, Joshua and Kyra went to do the dishes.


Bruno’s POV


I wanted to help them with the dishes but they insisted I went to do something for myself. I went into the living room and found Paõlo just sitting on the couch, staring into the thin air. “Can I ask you something?” I asked. “Oops, you just did.” “Listen, all I want to know is what problem you have with me?!” I slightly yelled. “No, you listen. I know your type. You’re just gonna use her for sex, drop us back onto the streets and let us live in poverty here!” “GUYS! Now both quit it!” Camilla yelled and we both snapped towards her. She walked closer. “You, Paõlo, deberían estar agradecidos por lo que hay aquí! And Bruno, I told you to leave it.” she said with a calmer tone. “See, it’s happening again!” “What is happening again Paõlo, what?!” I could hear she was getting agitated. “Como no sabes!” “No, I don’t know it!” “He means this!” I interrupted. They both looked at me right away. I grabbed Camilla’s face and pressed her lips onto mine. I could hear Paõlo making angry noises but I couldn’t care less at this moment.


Camilla’s POV


He grabbed my face and pressed his lips against mine. Paõlo was really angry, I could hear it. I loved this feeling but I just couldn’t continue with all the anger within me. I pulled away and stood there for a second in amazement. “Espero que muere!” Paõlo yelled. “PAÕLO!! STOP IT!” I replied. “No necesito tomar esta mierda de usted ya. Y realmente espero que!” “THAT’S IT!” I yelled and stormed through the front door. I didn’t know where I was going but I kept walking until I got at a little lake. I sat down and just started to think, ‘Is this really what I want?’


Bruno’s POV


I completely froze as Camilla ran outside. “What did you say to her?” I asked clenching my fists. “That’s none of your business.” he said as he walked away. I wanted to punch him so badly but I saw Joshua, Kyra and Julie stand at the top of the stairs. I looked up at them. They looked away with sadness in their eyes. I could tell that something awful had been said. I saw Julie come down the stairs and walk towards me. “Just give Cam some time. She’ll come back.” Is all she said. “Wait. Wh-, what did he say?” She just looked away and walked towards Joshua and Kyra.

It was getting dark and Camilla still hadn’t come back. ‘What if she doesn’t know the way back?’ I thought. ‘What if anything bad happened to her? No, no, everything is gonna be okay.’ I hadn’t seen Paõlo ever since he walked away and honestly I didn’t care. The only thing on my mind right now was Camilla. Julie was bringing Joshua and Kyra to bed. I decided to go upstairs and listen to what they were saying. “Is Cammie gonna be okay?” Kyra asked. “She’s gonna be just fine. Now both of you go to sleep and have some nice dreams.” “Buenas noches Julie.” “Buenas noches ustedes dos. Y recuerde, Te amo.” I quickly walked towards my room, not wanting to cause any trouble. I heard her sigh as she got out of the room. I knew it meant something bad. All of the sudden the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs as fast as I could opening the door. I was shocked by what I saw. It was Camilla, covered in bruises and blood. “Cam, are you okay?” I asked as I pulled her into my arms. She didn’t respond. She passed out.



Chapter 13


I quickly ran to the couch and put her down. It wasn’t life threatening but still very bad. Julie quickly ran to us. “Can you get some towels and water quick please?” she asked. I just froze. Seeing her like that just… shocked me. “Don’t just stand there! GO!” she yelled. I snapped out of it and ran upstairs for some towels. When I got back I saw Paõlo was there too, but now I just couldn’t care less about him. “Thanks.” Julie said as she carefully placed a wet towel on Camilla’s forehead. I looked at her legs. They were covered in dry blood. ‘How could this happen to her? She didn’t do anything wrong. I should’ve run after her.’ My mind was flooded with thoughts. “You got some bandages?” Julie asked. “Yeah, I’ll get them upstairs…” I watched as she took care of the injuries. ‘Wow. I wonder where she learned to do all that.’ I saw Julie tape the last wound. I could see she was tired. “Okay. Someone needs to be with her tonight. AWAKE.” She looked at me and Paõlo. We looked each other in the eyes. You could sense the aggression between us. “GUYS, just one of you.” “I’ll do it.” Paõlo and I said at the same moment. “Paõlo, te ves cansado. Tal vez usted debe dejarle quedarse con Camilla.” “No! No confiar le alrededor de ella.” “May I know what’s going on?” I interrupted. They looked at me. Julie looked away and Paõlo just sighed. “Muy bien, pero sólo esta vez. El hijo de puta es.” “Thank you.” she walked towards him and gave him a kiss. “Bruno, you can stay with Cam tonight.” I smiled. I carried her upstairs and put her on the bed. I grabbed a chair and sat down, watching her. She still looked so beautiful. I looked at the clock. “2 AM…” I mumbled. I was getting tired. I could feel it. And not soon after I fell to sleep.


Camilla’s POV


I slowly opened my eyes, finding myself in a room I didn’t recognize. I softly groaned as I tried to sit up. I looked at my right arm, finding it covered in bandages. When I looked towards my left I saw Bruno sleeping in a chair. I wanted to cover him with a blanket but I soon noticed I had to get out of the bed. I tried to stand up but fell back again. “Ouch!” I screamed a bit. I rubbed my leg. “Cam, are you okay?” I saw Bruno sit in front of me, looking at me with big eyes. “I’m fine. Did I wake you up?” “You’re obviously NOT fine. And you didn’t.” I smiled a bit. “Tell me, what happened?” I just looked away. I couldn’t tell him. “Camilla, please, tell me.” He lifted my chin up. “Please?” My eyes started to tear up. And not even a minute later I was crying. I covered my eyes with my hands. I felt Bruno pulling me into a careful hug. “Ssshhh… It’s okay. If you don’t want to tell it, you don’t have to.” I just hugged him back tightly, not caring about how it hurt my injuries. “You don’t have to say it. Please, just quit crying.” he said as he let go. “No, I want you to know. But please, I beg you, don’t tell the others. Just say I have amnesia or something.” “Of course.” Bruno sat next to me on the bed, looking at me, while I was staring at my legs. I took a deep breath. “It… It… It was my dad.” I said as a tear rolled down my cheek. 



Chapter 14


“Your dad?” Bruno asked surprised. “Wha-, what is he doing here?” “I don’t wanna talk about it anymore.” I buried my face in his chest and let the tears flow. “I’m sorry.” “Ssshhh… It’s okay Cam, you can’t help it.” he said as he stroked the back of my head. I slowly sat up again as I wiped some tears away. “Thank you.” I whispered as I looked into his eyes. He took my face into his hands. “Everything for you.” he whispered and pecked me on the lips. I flashed a smile. “You should get some more sleep.”  “I guess so.” I lied back on the bed. I wanted to grab the blankets as Bruno interrupted me. “I got this.” He carefully put the blankets over me, not wanting to hurt me. “Thanks.” I slowly closed my eyes. “Wait. How about you? Where will you sleep?” “I’ll just sleep on the chair.” He pointed to the chair next to the bed. “If you wa-“ “No.” “Oh, okay.” I close my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up by the sunshine. I looked over to Bruno. He was still sleeping. Then I noticed that he was holding my hand. ‘That’s so sweet.’ I thought. I carefully got my hand back. I got off the bed and tiptoed downstairs. ‘I guess no one is up yet.’ I thought as I found nobody downstairs. I went to the kitchen and made myself some breakfast. ‘Mmm… It smells so good.’ I thought. ‘Wait a second, that isn’t the smell of baked eggs…’ I turned around and saw Bruno. I startled. “Please, never ever do that again!” “Goodmorning to you too.” I chuckled. “What are you making?” “Breakfast.” “Smartass…” he mumbled. “CAMMIIEEE!!!! ERES NUEVO!!” “Kyra! Joshua! Me perdí dos.” I gave them a hug. “Where were you? What happened?” “I went for a walk, and I rolled down a hill a couple of times and landed in a bush. Now go play, I’ll make some breakfast.” Bruno looked at me when they were gone. “What?” “I can’t tell them. They wouldn’t understand.” ‘Why does he always make me feel so uncomfortable?’ I finished making breakfast and called Julie and Paõlo. “CAM! You’re awake!” Julie yelled as she hugged me tight. “Yeah, but I’ll pass out if you don’t let me go now.” I said trying to breath. “Bueno tenerte de vuelta.” Paõlo said and looked at me disapproving. “Well, me and Paõlo are gonna look for a job.” Julie said breaking the silence.  “Awesome. May I join?” I asked. Bruno immediately looked up at me. With his look saying ‘Don’t go outside please’. Julie looked at me and then to Paõlo. ‘Why do they have to battle?’ I thought. “Cammie, uncle Bruno said we can go to uncle Kenji and play with Silk. May we?” I chuckled. ‘How cute that Joshua is calling them uncle.’ “I don’t see why not.” I said smiling as I finished breakfast. As Julie and Paõlo went job hunting, Bruno brought Joshua and Kyra to Kenji while I did the dishes. ‘I will never get used to this. Just being away from home, not going to our secret beach.’ I finished doing the dishes and sat on the couch. I looked up when I heard the door. Bruno was back. He plopped down next to me on the couch. It remained silent for a couple of minutes. “What is your dad doing here?” he asked after some time. “I don’t know.” I said as I looked away. I could feel the tears starting to build up. He pulled me close to him. “Please tell me what happened. I just wanna help you.” he almost whispered. “O… Okay…” I replied.