Chapter 11-20

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Chapter 11

I looked at Michelle, she looked back at me. “What?” she said. “I think he just texted me…” I said still shocked.

“Owwhh, he must really like you, he texted you already!” she teased. “Stop, we’re too old for that..” I shot back. It got silent. I don’t know what to say. Was this really happening. I wasn’t prepared to start up the dating game.. again… My last boyfriend, he was just a complete idiot. He broke my heat, and didn’t give a damn about me. “You won’t know if you don’t try.” Michelle said breaking the silence. I looked at her. “How did you know what I was thinking?” I asked.

She shrugged, “Dymez, I’ve known you a long time, and this just may be good for you. Jordan was a ass.. well Bruno he may be different. I’m not saying to get in a relationship with him right off the bat, but at least consider him. He could just be the one..” I shook my head in agreement, taking in all that she had just said. It was true, I looked at the text message again. “Just trust me, please…” she said in a really serious tone. “Okay.” I finally said after thinking again. I sent a text back to the number.

(Who is this first?) I anxiously waited. (Let’s play a game, guess?) I laughed. “Yeah Michelle, I’m pretty sure it’s him.” She returned the smile. (Hmm.. I’m guessing this goofy boy whose name starts with P?) (I’m sorry your the weakest link, goodbye.) (Lol, stop it who is this?) (It’s Bruno, with a B, not a P. and I told you not to call me that, remember?) (Hmm.. I kind of don’t know you.. especially a Bruno it doesn’t ring a bell) (Okay, I’m done, but where are you?) (Rigghhtt, now let me play a guessing game, where am I?) (Hmm.. I don’t know. But, I was hoping in my arms..) Wow, he’s just trying to get in my pants.. I looked at Michelle. She looked at me, then behind her.. “What?”(Oh stop it, what’s really up “Bruno”?) (Oh sorry, too fast for you, I understand. Just meet me somewhere.) (Okay I guess. Meet me outside at the bench in front of my hall) (I’m already on my way :))

Wow he texted a smiley face, that’s too cute. I need to stop I think everything he does is cute. I sigh. “What happened?” Michelle asked. “I’m going to meet him..” I said standing and stretching. She smiled. “Okay rules…” she started counting on her fingers…


Chapter 12

“No stop, I will not listen to those, we are in college now.” We both laughed. “Okay well, no sex!” she threw in really quickly. I looked at her in mock horror after putting my food in our mini fridge. “Now you know…” I started to say. 

“I don’t want to hear it.” she said. She threw my jacket at me. “Go don’t leave him out there!” “Okay, I’m going!” I shouted as I put my jacket on. I grabbed my keys, walked out my door, and then two others out into the chilly October night. I looked up at the stars. I love stars. I loved how beautiful they were, each one of them are just special, unique, just like how I pictured people in the world.

As I hit the corner, I could see Bruno sitting on the bench on his phone. He had on a beanie and a pair of sunglasses. This guy is nuts, sunglasses in the night time. When he seen me coming he smiled and scooted over a bit. He patted the bench welcoming me to sit by him. I sat with a little distance between us. “You can sit closer, to me.. I won’t bite you.” he said still smiling. I giggled, “okay thanks.” I scooted closer to him and I could feel his body heat. 

“So, where are you from?” he asked looking ahead out into the night. “Here, in L.A. Not too far from campus actually.” I answered. “It’s beautiful here, I had to come. I felt like this was where I could start.” he said looking around. “Oh, so where are you from?” I asked looking at him. “Hawaii.” he answered. “What really, no?? It doesn’t get more beautiful then Hawaii!” I said shocked. “Your right, but I came here to start something new you know. Be different, make something of myself. At least this is the place I should be with my talent.” He said seriously. At that moment for some reason in my heart, I felt like I knew him more. Like we met a long time ago. We had only talked for around two minutes and I was already going to break down at how amazing he was. “I bet you used to sing a lot back in Hawaii huh?” I said observing him. “I grew up with nothing but music. It was around me, and it’s in me.” I didn’t mean to ignore him, but I got lost in his face. I wish I could see his eyes, I bet they would be so beautiful in the night. I didn’t want to ask him, he would probaly think I’m weird. But, I mustered up the little courage I had.

“Bruno..” I said looking away from him. “Yeah?” “Can I see your eyes?” I asked as I played with the small rip in my shorts. I looked at him, and he took off his glasses. It seem like life started going in slow motion. I wanted to play that over and over in my head. He looked at me and blinked a couple of times and smiled. “You have really beautiful eyes..” I admitted. “Awww, yeah, you don’t mean that!” he said in awe. “I really do..” I said shyly. I could see him moving his hand out the corner of my face. He turned my face towards his. “You know, you have a really amazing smile..” I couldn’t help but smile. “See look at you!” he teased.

I blushed so hard. I turned my face again out of his hand. “Thanks means a lot..” I said as I looked down again. “Why do you do that?” he asked. “What did I do?” “You look away like that..” “I don’t know I just…” I paused mid-sentence and looked up to the sky. I could tell he was observing me, trying deeply to understand. “What is it?” he asked. “I just don’t want to get hurt again, Bruno. I really don’t.” I admitted. Did I really just say that… Bruno stood up. I felt like I offended him.. 

“Come on let me show you something…” he said reaching out for my hand.


Chapter 13

I looked at his hand and then back up to his face. I gave in. I grabbed his hand and he helped me up. I followed him down the main road. We went down a small hill down where there were hundreds of trees.

“Okay now, look at this tree.” He said as he walked up to a big oak tree. I looked at it, it looked pretty old, and it had so many marks on it. “Yes, what about it?” I said confused. “Now look at it’s bark, it’s been chopped at, played on, climbed on, and beat up. “But, it never has stopped doing it’s job that’s so important, helping us breathe.” I looked down at the grass, “Bruno, I’m sorry I don’t get it.” He walked over to me, and got really close. I panicked on the inside. He took my hand and put it on my chest. “Your heart, it’s just like a tree, it’s been broken, played with, and hurt. But, it never stops doing it’s job, beating and keeping you alive. Just like a tree, it hasn’t forgot, and it forgives everyone who comes near it.” I didn’t know what to say. “But, trees don’t have feelings.” I decided to throw out there. “But, no matter how old it gets, it will never, ever stop loving. And this tree will never stop growing. A heart doesn’t actually have feelings either does it?” he asked. “I’m not sure.” I admitted. “He got closer to me again and took my hand and put it on his chest. I froze up. “Just like you, I’ve been hurt, but you feel that? My heart is still beating. It has forgot and forgave everyone who ever hurt me.”

I teared up and backed away. He looked at me confused. “How do you know how I feel?” I asked a tear rolling down my face. He could tell what he just said affected me, deeply. He walked towards me again, but this time, he hugged me. “I just needed you to know that,” he whispered in my ear. We unlocked from the hug. “I think I needed to know that..” I admitted while I whipped my face. I’m not the one to jump into things with a guy, but I felt somewhere in my heart that Bruno was different. I took his hands, and looked him in the eyes.

“Bruno, I really like you..” He smiled. “I really like you more.” I giggled. He squeezed my hands. I looked down at our hands, and then back up. And just then it happened…

He kissed me, and it was a real kiss. It was amazing, I don’t think I could put it into words. I felt like he instantly shared his heart and soul with me. I didn’t know what to think, feel, or say. He took me in and hugged me. I could just stay there, right in his arms if I wanted too…


Chapter 14

“I think it’s time we be getting to be though.” he said breaking the silence. “Yeah I don’t want Michelle to have an heart attack.” We both started laughing. I looked him in the eyes again, “Bruno your amazing.” “And I’ll never stop trying to be more amazing, I promise.” he responded. And with that I hugged him and we walked up the hill. We got back up the road by my hall. “Bye Bruno.” I said waving. “I’m not dying you know, just say see you later from now on okay?” he said walking backwards. “Okay, see you later then.” I smiled and he did the same. I watched him disappear into the night before I walked into the front doors of my hall.

I checked my phone 11:31 P.M. Oh how does time fly. I sighed before taking my keys out my pocket. I guess I was making a lot of noise because before I could, Michelle opened the door. She stood there smiling like a fool. I instantly started laughing. “What?” I manged to get out. She moved to the side and let me in and closed the door behind me. She went over and sat on her bed, “talk.” She said. I sighned and began the story from the beginning, trying not to make myself sound like I was in love. “Bruno is….” I paused. “He is?” she said leaning in to listen. “Unexplainable,” I said shurgging my shoulders. She smiled as she got under her blankets. “Well, you know you have plenty of time to figure out that word.” “I know but, I’m just going to take it slow for now…” I responded. I changed into my PJ’s and got myself ready for bed. I went across the room and turned off the light and just as fast as that light when out, I was out.

The next morning, I woke up to my phone vibrating. Barely woke I tried reading it. (Morning, what are you doing for breakfast?) I smiled. Bruno of course. I didn’t know what to think of this guy. He was already too much for my little heart. I texted back. (I don’t know yet, just woke up I’ll keep you posted.) I kicked my legs off the edge of my bed. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. Still, had to realize I was in college now. I creeped around my rooom getting things together for a shower, being sure not to wake Michelle up. After my shower, I felt a lot more “at home.” I looked out the window and the weather made me feel WAY more better. I looked at my phone almost 11 A.M. I decided not to wake Michelle up. I texted Bruno when I got to the lobby of my hall. (Hey, I’m all ready, want to eat at the main cafe’?) (I’m already here.) I didn’t bother texting back since the cafe’ was only a 3 minute walk away. When I got there I swiped my card and looked amoung the crowds of people.

I finally found him at a table fool of people. What a social butterfly I thought. Phil was sititng across from him. I was so happy to see them for some reason. I started to smile as I got closer to the table. But… my smiled quickly faded when I seen Bruno let go of the girl he was sitting next to’s hand…………..


Chapter 15

I didn’t know what to think, but I kept walking towards the table. When I got there Bruno looked happy to see me, but I wasn’t as happy to see him anymore.. As I sat down, I knew everyone could feel my horrible vibe. “Are you alright Diamond?” he asked looking me directly in my eyes. I looked away, his eyes were too much ofr me. “I’m okay just a little sick, that’s all..” I lied. “Oh okay, after you eat you should feel better,” he said with a smile. I smiled back but it was such a fake one. I got up and went about getting some food, I was happy to find they had french toast, my favorite breakfast food. That lightend my mood a bit.

How could I be jealous, we didn’t go out. It was just a kiss. Was it just a kiss? It felt like more. When I got back to the table things were awkward. I didn’t talk to Bruno, one because I was kind of upset with him, and two he was talking to that chick most of the time. I chit-chatted with her someone and tried to act like I wasn’t jealous. I set myself up for this I guess. Falling in love with yet another pretty smile. Phil sensed it was something wrong with me, but he just didn’t know what. I tried laughing here and there to ease what was on my mind. To some extent it was working.

“So Diamond, what you into today? Bruno asked me startling me, I was daydreaming. “I don’t know get ready for this first week of college, I guess.” “Awww, that’s no fun, you should go out with us tonight..” Is he asking me out? There was a pause. “I don’t know, I’ll see if Michelle wants to come with me..” I threw in, I already knew she wanted to go, I didn’t even have to ask. The girl got up. “It was nice meeting with you again Peter. We have to get in the studio sometime to work on some new hits for you.” “No thank you, the pleasure is mine, we will hook up very soon.” He reached for her hand again and kissed it. Wow did I blow that out of proportion. He was just being a gentleman… Who knew. She still seemed like a red flag..

As she walked away Bruno continued. “Alright, well were heading out around 9:30 and Phil’s our desginated driver tonight!” he said making a face at Phil. Phil rolled his eyes, “Yeah but, Bruno if you get too drunk, I’m going to leave you where you at!” They both laughed, I didn’t understand their weird humor all the time. “You guys drinking?” I asked stupidly. “Yeah, do you?” Bruno asked. I hadn’t drank in so long, I didn’t really plan on it either. But, who was I kidding I was coming to college. I used to think it was so disgusting untill I learned more about it. “Yeah, here and there. We’ll see.” I smirked. “Okay then party tonight!” he announced as he got up. He start doing a funny dance. I just shook my head and smiled.

I really wanted to go now because picturing Bruno drunk was just too funny, and for some reason really sexy. I knew what dangers drinking could bring but, I felt somewhere that Bruno was a responsible drinker. But, was I wrong?…


Chapter 16

Later that day, I was laying in my bed watching TV when I got a text from Bruno. (Hey, we’re having our little party before we go in my dorm, meet there 8:30, I got you & Michelle. Room #238 at Kurz Hall.) What does he mean by he got us? I don’t know. (Okay, we’ll be there.) I told Michelle what was going on and she asked if I was drinking. “I don’t know we’ll see.” I said unsure of everything. We both began to get dressed and I just went with a simple dark blue dress, nothing to crazy. Of course she went all out wearing a fittled black dress with heels. “I see you girl.” I told Michelle as we we’re getting ready to leave out. She smiled, “You look good too, getting ready to shock Bruno!” I lightly punched her and smiled.

We walked over to Bruno’s dorm and as we got closer my heartbeat got faster. When we got in front of the door, I could hear Bruno laughing and it warmed my heart. Michelle knocked. “Who iisss itttt?” Bruno yelled in a funny voice. I giggled. “It’s us fool!” Michelle responded. He opened the door and we went in. There was Phil, some guy I didn;t know and two girls. One was sitting with Phil and she looked like his date. The girl from breakfast earlier wasn’t there to my relief. “Don’t ya’ll look snazzy!” he said with a sexy smirk. I melted and hugged him. “Thanks, you too..” I said stepping back to observe him.

He had on black skinny jeans, a red and black plaid shirt, all topped off with a fedora. I had never seen him in on, but he looked damn good. Not everyone could pull off those hats.

He walked into a room off the the left of the main room and brung out two bottles. “So can we take some shots or what?” he asked lifting them in the air. Everyone but me and Phil yelled, “Hell yeah!” He sat them on the counter, “By the way ladies that’s Ari, my other brother. He’s helping me try to make something of myself.” he said as he took shot glasses out of his cabinet. I nodded and smiled to Ari and looked at Michelle. She walked over to Bruno and picked up a glass. Bruno poured her and him a shot. “You taking one?” he asked me. “I’ll wait till’ next round,” I said nervously. “Cheers to my new friends, and college!” he said. They toasted and drank. Bruno made a face that was too cute and funny. “Ahhh, yes!” he yelled. I decided to take a shot next with everyone else. Bruno went over to another part of the counter and started make a drink off to the side.

I really wanted to feel good tonight and have fun with my friends. But, the dangers of drinking were always right in the back of my mind. I simply wanted to feel good, not get wasted. Bruno came over to me with a special drink. “What’s that?” I asked. “I call this… my dancing juice,” he said holding it up with a smirk. I laughed. We all downed shots while Bruno drank his “dancing juice.” After the 5th shot, I called it quits. Michelle however was on her 7th and I wanted to be able to watch over her. She knew what she was doing, she wasn’t new to drinking at all.

I watched them all drink, and drink, and I began to get more worried about Bruno. He was really getting out of hand. Phil got up, “It’s almost 9:30 peeps!” He took his car keys out of his pocket. I was a little dizzy and I knew that when I got up it was going to get even worst. Everyone seemed to be feeling good, especially Bruno. I looked over to him. He was still drinking and I got even more worried. Phil walked over in front of him so that I couldn’t see. He took the drink from his hand and whispered in his ear. Bruno gave him a frustrated look and began stumbling towards the door.

Right then, I knew that Bruno wasn’t a responsible drinker at all.. I was hoping that he would be okay, the thoughts of him being cute or sexy while drunk all faded. I was now scared for him….


Chapter 17

As I walked out the door, the night air hit me hard. I shivered but I really wasn’t cold. I grabbed Michelle’s arm to keep her near me. Phil also had Bruno close to him, his date standing on the other side of him. I’m glad Phil was not drinking tonight, there was no telling what would have happened.

“I’m so ready to get here and dance!” Michelle yelled as she got into the car. I started to get in with her but, Bruno grabbed my arm. “Sit next to me?” he said. I nodded we went all the way to the back of the van. Phil was the last to get in. “Are we all here and ready?” he asked. “Let’s get it!” Bruno yelled. I looked at him again deep into his eyes. I could tell he was completely out of it. I grabbed his hand and he looked at me. “Bruno.” “What’s up baby..” Baby? That’s new.. “Uhhh, are you okay?” “I’m good, even better that’s your with me.” he said as he leaned in towards my neck. He kissed me countless times. It sent chills up my spine. “Bruno stop, you can’t do all of that.” I whispered. He didn’t stop. It was starting to get a little too much for me to handle I have to say. “Brunooo.” I whispered again. He leaned up so I could see his beautiful face again and smiled. “What?” “I’m serious, plus your drunk, it’s not right.” I said looking away. “I’m not that drunk..” he said as he leaned in to kiss me. I pushed him away. “Bruno, really please. It’s just not right.” I pleaded. “I’m sorry, your right.” he squeezed my hand that we had been holding together the whole time. “I gave him a kiss on the cheek, just promise me your not going to go crazy when we get here?” “I’m good, I got Phil, Ari, and you, I’m all good.” “Okay…” I said. He’s an adult just like I am, he knows how to take care of himself. I could tell the drinks were getting to me. Throughout the car ride I would lose train of thought. One part of my brain was was worried for us because not only were we drinking and going out to a club, but we all were under aged. The other part was all hyped, and eager to dance, because of those damn drinks.

When we were almost to the city Bruno suddenly looked at me in my eyes. “What?” He got close again. “I’ve been sitting here for a long time thinking about about something.” “What magic could you have thought of in four minutes?” I laughed. He put on a serious face, and I stopped laughing. “I want to dance with you.” “Okay Bruno? You can dance with me.” I laughed. He started smiling from ear to ear. God he so cute. I realized that this whole time, we had never stopped holding that one hand together.

We had only knew each other for less then two days, but it felt like so much longer. I didn’t want to jump into anything with a guy. But, Bruno he was different. I mean, I wouldn’t mind dating Bruno, doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but I feel like there’s more I need to know. I just wasn’t ready yet. Let’s see how this night goes.

We pulled into the parking lot and parked. “Alright people listen, we all need to stay in each other’s sight, and watch out for everything. Keep chill, I’m not picking up anybody from jail tonight, I ain’t got the bond money anyway.” Phil preached. We all laughed and nodded. We got out the car and went to stand in line. There were a lot of people out tonight. Michelle stood in front of me chatting with Phil’s date. While Phil, Ari, and the other girl stood behind me. I stood there with Bruno anxious to get in. Bruno couldn’t keep still or stop talking to random people. He was all over the place and there were cops all around. I began to get nervous. I grabbed his arm and pulled him close. “Listen Bruno, you heard Phil you need to chill, the cops can notice that you’re drunk.” He nodded in agreement, but I could tell it went in one ear out of the other.

He began pacing back and forth again. I grabbed him on his shoulders and looked him in the eyes, “Bruno please can you sober up a bit.” I pleaded.

“Excuse me sir, can you step over here with me for a second?” a cop said. I froze up. He looked at me with and then everyone else and walked towards the cop. You could tell he was trying to walk right. “Shit..” Phil said under his breath. The cop shined a flashlight in Bruno’s face. “Have you been drinking? You have an I.D. on you?” Bruno began reaching in his back pocket for his wallet. I started having a panic attack. What the fuck have I got myself into…..


Chapter 18

The cop looked at his I.D. and back to him. I put my hands on my head in frustration. I didn’t know what to do. This would look so bad for him starting out his career trying to make it. The world dosen’t forgive anyone, for anything. All of a sudden there was a huge boom. We were all startled and looked in the direction that it came from. A car crash.

“Stay right here!” he yelled at Bruno. He started saying random numbers on his walkie talkie and walking towards the crash. People were screaming and crying. Then I heard arguements. I grabbed Bruno’s arm. “Fuck that man, come back in line.” “But, he said…” I interuppted him, “Bruno, I never would like to go against the law, but right now I also don’t want you to go to jail.” I grabbed his fedora off his head. “Why?” he said confused. “I don’t know at least you can look somewhat different.” He smiled and I fluffed his hair around. “Come up here man, and chill out.” Phil grabbed him and put him in front of him. I could tell that all that just happened sobered him up a bit, I was glad. Now, I was just hoping that cop wouldn’t come back. I looked at his fedora and ran my finger along the lines of it.

“Are you okay?” Michelle asked me after 10 minutes. “I’m fine, I just want to have a good time now.” I said shivering a bit. “I know girl me too, I am feeling good as hell.” I smiled and looked over to Bruno he looked like a sad puppy. I wanted to hug him. I looked back over to the car crash, it had gotten a little better now. The ambulance was here, but it looked like no one was seriously injuried. Bless them. We got up to the front of the line and we all got in no problem. The lights were bright and I instanly felt the music. Before I knew it Bruno was behind me. He put his arms around my waist. He could really dance too, and I could tell he could feel the music as well. We were grinding and things were getting hot again. “I really want you,” he whispered in my ear. I bit my lip, he sounded so sexy, and he smelled amazing. “I know Bruno.” I said as I rubbed his arms. “I mean now.” he whispered again. He rubbed up closer on me, and I could feel that he was hard. He started kissing on my neck. “Bruno were in a club,” I laughed. “I know, I want to leave.” I turned around and looked him in the eyes. “We just got here. And we can’t do that, were both drunk, and we don’t even know each other that well.” He looked at me up down and pulled me closer again. “I know you more then you know.” he said biting his lip. That turned me on. God knows I wanted to just jump on ths beautiful man and fuck him, but how could I do that? I’ve only known him for two days, TWO DAYS. I looked away from him. He started kissing on me again. My heart was racing, and the drinks had me all messed up.

He stopped and looked around, “Stay right here.” He walked through two or three people and I could see him talking to Phil. Phil looked at him crazy then looked at me and gave him something. I was so confused. He came back over to me and grabbed my arm, “Come on.” I pulled back, “Where are we going?” “Just come with me please baby..” he said poking his lip out. “Fine.”

We walked out of the club and into the parking lot. “Where are we going?” “To the van.” “To the van, Bruno you can’t drive!” I said in shock. He stopped and looked at me, “I’m not driving…” “Well, I’m not driving either..” I said crossing my arms. He uncrossed them, “I know, who said we were driving anywhere?”…. Oh my god, is he out of his mind?…..


Chapter 19

This chapter is dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

“Bruno I told you…..” He put his hand up to my mouth. “I’ll take it slow, I promise baby. I won’t make you do anything you don’t want too.” At this point my mind was telling me no, but my body was telling me HELL YEAH! He continued walking and I followed him.

When we got to the van he unlocked the doors and we both got it. He closed the door and we went all the way to the back, where we sat at. He started kissing on my neck again. I knew that it wasn’t right to have sex in a car, in a parking lot, with a guy you’ve only known for two days, with drinking involved. It was all so wrong. I started rubbing on his chest and he started nibbling on my ear. That really turned me on. “Brunoo..” I tried to say without moaning. “Hmm?” “Promise me something.” He looked at me in my eyes. “Anything.” “If I do this with you, you won’t be like every other guy and tomorrow act like you don’t know me.” “Why would I do that? I couldn’t. Diamond if you don’t want to do this just tell me, right now.” I looked at him seriously. He looked at me with the waiting for an answer face. “I do… but..” he interuppted me, “Exactly now, let me make you feel good, that’s all I want to do.” I gave in after he said that.

He started pulling my my dress off my shoulder and looked at me again. I started kissing him and unbuttoning his shirt. I looked at him and he had the sexiess face on. I was ready now, I put my hand on his thigh and started inching my way up. I could feel him smile while I was kissing him. Oh god was he so sexy, I couldn’t help myself. He drove me absouletly crazy. He told me to lay back. He started unzipping his pants. I got butterflies and went to an happy place.

He stopped, “Wait a second.” He moved up to the front of the van went in the glove department and came back. “Protection always, I don’t want any little Brunos…… yet.” I laughed, “Okay just hurry you’re driving me crazy.” He smiled and pulled his pants down. I could see all of him now, and wow was I surprised. He rubbed down my thighs and pulled me panties off. He layed on top of me and pulled his boxers off. He took a second to put the condom on then looked back at me. “You ready?” he smirked. I rolled my eyes.. “Come on Bru…. owhh.” He went inside me and then got all the way on top of me. I couldn’t help but moan, he started slow and it was unexplainable how I felt. I was on another planet. He started getting faster and I started moaning more. His grunts started following my moans. I put my hands on his back and he went deeper. I moaned really loud and I could see him smile. “Bruno please..” I moaned. He started going faster and I dug my nails in his back. “You okay?” he whispered. “Yes.” He started sweating, and it started feeling better and better. I wrapped my legs around his. “I’m almost there…” I whispered. “Get there then.” he replied.

Then it happened, I got there. And I moaned his name so loud. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew he was smiling. “Oh my god Bruno..” I was playing in his hair. He never stopped. “My turn..” I smiled. He started going super fast, my moans got shorter but louder. His grunts got stronger and they turned me on even more. His sweat was dripping on me now, but I didn’t care. Then, we both climaxed at the same time, and it was amazing. He layed all the way on top of me, breathing hard.

“I just put it on you.” he said. I pushed him up and laughed. “Admit it?” he said. “No..” I said looking away. He started kissing me neck again, making me moan. “No…? Your moans tell me otherwise.” “Okay okay, you did your thang. Now get off of me!” I pushed him all the way off. He laughed, “Oh and by the way, I didn’t want you to tell everyone in the club my name!” I put on a serious face and punched him. “NOT FUNNY…” I said. He laughed at me again and kissed me. We both got back all the way dressed and I felt super tired. We cuddled up on the back seat, and I was sure that everyone was going to know about this little fun we just had. He played in my hair and I rubbed my fingers across his tattoo.

“Now what lie are we going to tell Phil and them?” I said. “Who cares what they say..” he said focusing on my hair. I smiled but I was started going into deep thought. What were we going to tell Phil and them, oh god. This was about to be an awkward as situation…..


Chapter 20

Bruno jumped quickly, it also startled me. “What the hell?” I said looking at him confused. “My phone vibrated, I wasn’t expecting it.” he smiled. I started looking the other way. He started laughing really hard. “What’s funny?” I said with a smirk on my face. He tapped me and I turned around. (Phil: Are ya’ll done yet, I’m ready to leave my feet is hurtin’!) My face turned completely red. “Oh my god, you told him?” “What did you think I told him I needed the keys for, we both can’t drive!” I pasued. “Well fuck, text him back!” He tossed his phone in my lap. “No, your upset about it, you do it.”

(Yeah, we’re done.) I can’t believe I just sent that. I shook my head. “What’s wrong?” Bruno asked. I sighed, “Nothing I just don’t do well in awkward situations. I get really nervous.” “Listen, as long as your with me I’m going to stand up for you, fuck what they say. Alright?” “Okay Bruno…” And with that he kissed me, and it got even more awkaward cause when we did someone knocked on the window. I turned around quickly to see Michelle and Ari making kissing faces at us through the window. I started getting butterflies. Bruno reached up and opened the door. “Well well well, we have fun did we?” Phil said as he got in and started the car. I looked at Bruno with a serious face. “Uhh, sure, how was the club?” he said quickly changing the subject. “It was good, but not as good as the sex you guys probably just had!” Michelle said jumping in. I looked down. I knew they would have had to know some day so I just tried to think of something else.

I grabbed Bruno’s hand again and squeezed it. I really liked him, and it’s sad that I’m not even in a relationship with him and we had sex. Shit, we haven’t even said I love you to each other. I observed him while he looked out the window. Everything about him was just so amazing, from his dimples to his laugh. Maybe I should talk to him about going to the next step when he get back and that for me is a hard thing to do. He suddenly turned around and caught me staring at him. He gave me a sexy smirk. “Replaying some things in your mind huh?” he whispered. “No, just thinking….” His smirk turned serious, “Thinking? About what? Bad? Good?” “Whoa Bruno, it’s cool I’m just thinking, nothing bad or too serious okay?” “Alright… he said kissing me on my cheek.” That made my heart melt.

Before I knew it we were back. Soon as I got out I started shivering. Bruno came and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on my neck. In all honestly that made me shiver even more. Ari got in his car and drove off while we all started walking up to the dorms. Michelle came and walked next to me. “Uhh, I’m not going home tonight.” I looked at her like she was crazy. “Where the hell are you going then?” “I’m going to stay with a uh… friend.” I looked at her with the oowhh-you-gone-get-sum face. She rolled her eyes. “It’s okay I’ll be fine, nobodys going to kill me or anything…” I finally said. We finally got to the top of the hill and I looked back at Michelle. ”I mean if you don’t want to be alone, I could come and stay with you?” Bruno quickly added. I looked at him in mock horror. “What I mean I’m just saying!” He said shrugging. Michelle started laughing. “Bruno that’s so nice of you to keep my friend company.” she said air quoting. I mean mugged her. He smiled shaking his head and I elbowed him, his face went serious.

“Alright peeps, I’m out. Bruno you coming?” Phil yelled from across the way. Bruno looked at me. “I guess you could stay…” He instantly started smiling. “No I’m going to leave you and your girl some alone time!” he responded. I walked over to Michelle and pulled her away so Bruno couldn’t hear me. “Listen, just use protec—-..” she cut me off - “Girl, I got this I’m not that drunk I promise..” she hugged me. I smiled, “Okay I’ll text you.” “You be safe too,” she said smiling to Bruno. I mean mugged her again. “OKAY OKAY BYEEEE,” I said pushing her away and walking towards my hall. She laughed and me and Bruno watched her disappear into the darkness. We walked all the way up to my room.

We went in and I walked right over to my desk to put my things down. ”Bruno can you  turn around or something while I undress..” I said not looking at him. He was silent. After about 4 seconds I started turning around, “Bru……..Oh my god…” He had nothing but his boxers on. I covered my mouth. He smiled and opened his arms. “Round two?” Oh my god this boy is trying to kill me.