Chapter 11-20

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Chapter 11

Evie sat at the kitchen table listening to her parents talk about their retirement plans. But who is going to baby-sit? She thought to herself.

”But don’t worry, Geneva. Your aunt Liz will be here to baby-sit.” her mother, Katie told her.

”That wasn’t what I was thinking…” she told her mother. Shit. She knows. ”Both of you deserve to retire…to go to a far away place and forget about us.” she told them.

”We’re not going to Russia, Evie.” her father, Albert told her. ”We’re going to San Francisco for a week.”

”I know…but….” Evie started to think about why she would miss the only adults she could trust as a child. ”I want to goooo…” she laughed.

”You’ll go one day…but you’ve been before…” Katie told her pointing to the picture of the family- two biological children and 4 adopted children standing by the Golden Gate Bridge. ”I mean…you just got back from Hawaii, Evie…”

”I know..but I didn’t have time to enjoy myself…I was worrying about Lucy…” she told her parents.

”You know she was fine with Sean, Geneva. His mom was there….*” her sister Carly told her.

”Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just still worry that he could lose his temper with her too. I know it’s the right thing for her to know him…but the second…the millisecond..the nanosecond he even raises his voice at her is the second I take her away from him…I’ve done it before.” she told her family.

”Evie..that’s why he isn’t allowed to be with her without another adult with them…and you know that.” her father said.  ”You also know that if anything happened like that all of LAPD would be at his house taking her away.”

”I know..I still don’t trust him after what’s going to always be there. I can’t even look at him without feeling hatred. I can’t ever forgive him.” she told her family.

”We know, Evie. We aren’t going to forgive him for that either…but you know we’re always there for you.”  Katie answered.  ”Was that your phone, Geneva?”

”Oh…yeah….” she answered picking up her phone to see a text message from Bruno.

            Secret show. 8 o’clock. I want you there.

”I’ll be right back…” she told her family walking into the sun room. Lucy watched her leave the room confused taking her mom’s seat at the kitchen table smiling at them.

Evie dialed Bruno’s phone to tell him she wasn’t going to make it.

”Hey, Eve. Did you get my text?” he asked her.

”Yeah..but I can’t go. I have to work early and I have Lucy.” she responded.

”Leave her with your parents..and I’ll get you home by 11.” he told her.

”Bruno…no. I can’t do that.” she told him seeing Carly, her 26 year old sister sitting next to her.

”I’ll watch her.” Carly whispered to her. ”But he better be hot.” she told her sister.

”Bruno…I can’t I’m sorry.” she repeated.

”But, Geneva I won’t be home until December…” he pleaded.

”You’ll survive.” she told him about to hang up.

”I’m texting you address. You better be there or I’ll…” he started.

”You’ll what?” she asked.

”I’ll be sad.” he told her.

”Aww. I’ll think about it.” she answered.

”So that’s a yes?” he asked.

”It’s not a yes but it’s not a no, Bruno Mars.” she told him watching Carly’s response to the person she was talking to.

”You’re going and then you’ll tell me all about it….” Carly told her taking the phone from her. ”Bruno Mars…my sister will be there.” she said hanging up the phone.

”Carly! What the hell?” she asked.

”Bruno Mars? The Nothin on you guy? Jesus Christ, he is hot and you’re saying no?” Carly shouted.

”I didn’t exactly say no….” she told her sister having her connect the dots,

”You hoe!” she said.

”You need to take her to daycare tomprrow morning.” Evie told her sister.

”You are a hoe! But…a hoe with high standards!” her sister told her as she grabbed her bag kissing her daughter telling her that she would be staying with her aunt Cici that evening.


Chapter 12

Evie got into her car hearing her cell phone’s text message tone go off several times. What the hell. He knows I’m coming. God. That’s annoying. She thought glancing at the phone seeing a text from McKenzie.

            He wants me to make sure you’re coming.

                        I am. Tell him I’ll be there.

She answered driving to the small venue.

A few minutes later she pulled up to the one last parking space. She felt the coastal breeze hit her face.Shit. My make-up…and I’m still in my work clothes…shit, shit, shit. She threw her cardigan into the back of the car checking her arms to make sure it looked like she just liked wearing dressy black pants out. She shook her head realizing that it looked like a mess.

            I look like a mess.

She texted McKenzie. Right after she pressed send her friend called here.


”Evie…I’m coming. You can wear my jeans. I have shorts in the car…” she reassured her friend.

”But will they look okay with my green shirt?” she asked her.

”You want my shorts? They’re white. But I don’t…oh… yeah. I have some chanclas right here..” McKenzie answered.

”But my toes…no….they’re okay…” Evie answered hearing clicking heels near the car. She hang up the phone seeing McKenzie standing at the door holding jeans and flip-flops. ”Oh my gosh…thank you.”

”But you have to tell me what made you change your mind…” McKenzie said pulling the clothes away from Evie’s reach.

”Lucy liked him. Period. End of story.” Evie answered jumping to get the clothes.

”Okay…fine…you win. But the second you fall in love with him is the second I win the bet.”

”Oh shit..I forgot that…” Evie reminded herself thinking of the things they had said during rush. Evie was going to defend her sorority sister when she killed their Economic professor and McKenzie was going to find her the one.

”Okay…go get dressed.” McKenzie answered pointing to the bathroom.

”Alright..alright…” Evie danced. ”Kenzieee…I like him.” she said throwing over her clothes to her friend.

”We knew you would.” McKenzie answered. ”You needed someone nice in your life. None of the guys you’ve dated have ever been nice….oh…you do look hot!”          McKenzie answered brushing her friend’s hair out of her face. ”But put on some lip gloss…” she told her pulling out the gloss from her purse

They walked through the crowd finding Bruno singing Seven Nation Army to the crowd.”There’s like no one here…” Evie said looking around. ”He’s better than that…” she told her friend.

”He’s getting there.” Caleb told Evie. ”Just wait until next summer.”

” summer…” Evie said moving to the beat he was singing. He took a break looking at her to smile.

He leaned over the mic covering it. ”Hey.”

”Hi.” she mouthed smiling back at him. Bruno walked toward Phil whispering something in his ear.

”That’s her…” he told Phil.

”I like here already.” Phil answered moving over getting ready for the next song.

Bruno sang a few more covers ending the set with his solo version of Billionaire and then Just the Way You Are. McKenzie pushed Evie as he finished the song.

”He likes you.” she told her.

”Yeah…I know.”  Evie said glancing down at her phone to see that it was almost ten o’clock She yawned realizing she had to work the next day leaning against her friend.

”It’s only ten!” McKenzie exclaimed. ”And it’s summer. You don’t have class…”

”But I worked until 6…went to my parents house and now I’m here…” she replied.

”Well.I slept all day. I love being a teacher.” McKenzie answered.

”Ugh. One day I’ll sleep late…” Evie said moving off to the side as those not waiting for Bruno were walking by after the show ended. They continued to talk about mindless irrelevant things girls talk about.

”Geneva..if you keep looking over there he’s gonna get creeped out.” McKenzie answered.

”No way.” she said watching him walking toward them. She smiled at him watching him stopping right next to them.

”You smell horrible.” McKenzie answered.

”It’s hot. You don’t even get it…” Bruno said wiping his forehead off touching Evie’s hand. She cringed at the sweat.

”Eww.” she told him. He took his hand away from her slightly embarrassed by what he had done. Oh…too soon. He thought to himself. She smiled at him reassuring him that he didn’t mess up, it was just a bit gross.  She laid her head on his shoulder yawning. ”I’m tired.”

”I got up at 4…and you’re tired?” he asked her watching McKenzie and Caleb walk away from them.

”I got up at 6…” she said.

”Can I steal your two extra hours of sleep?” he asked her.

”Yeah. You can have ‘em.” she said. ”But not after the semester starts.”

”When is that?” he asked.

”August 21st….” she told him.

”Then you need your rest, Eve.” he told her. ”That’s months away!” he joked.

”Don’t make fun of me!” she told him feeling her phone vibrate then start to sing Halo. ”I will be right back…” she told him.

”Tell Lucy I said hi.” he responded watching her go sit in a chair off to the side.

”Who is she talking to?” Eric asked his brother.

”No one. She’ll be back.” he told Eric. It’s not my story to tell. He told himself.

After putting away some things he saw her ending the phone call. She smiled at him watching him walk toward her again. ”I need to go. She’s not feeling well.” Evie told him. ”Walk me to the car?”

”Yeah.” he answered taking her hand leading her to the parking lot.

”You’re really good, Bruno…” she told him.

”Thank you for coming.” he answered stopping her in front of the car. ”When am I going to see you again?”

”Ummm….” she paused. ”I thought you were leaving?”

”Not for another week…” he told her.

”Oh…” she answered.

”You thought you’d get out of going out with me again because I’m leaving in a week!” he laughed. ”Too bad that’s not gonna happen.” he told her. ”I’m picking you up Saturday at 8.”

”But…” he stopped her putting his finger on her lip.

”Having Lucy is no excuse. She can come with us.” he told her. She looked at him with a worried look. ”But I think it would be better if she wasn’t there.” he winked at her.

”Oh god.” she laughed at him. ”I’ll call you.” she told him.

”I guess if that’s all I’m going to get…” he responded sadly.

”You have the best puppy dog eyes, Bruno Mars.” she told him.

”I know.” he laughed watching her cover her mouth to yawn.

”Good night, Geneva.” he responded to her yawn kissing her on the forehead letting go of her hand.

”Good night, Bruno.” she answered opening her car door to pick up her daughter.


Chapter 13

”Lucy…you look very pretty. You’re going to have fun with McKenzie and Caleb tonight.” Evie told her daughter as she brushed her hair.

”We’re going to play the singing game! It’s going to be fuuunnnn…” Lucy told her mother.

”Oh..the one on the wii?” she asked.

”Yeah….and I want one for Christmas!” Lucy said.

”I will put that on the list…” Evie said lifting her daughter up from her seated position. ”Go put on your shoes, please.”

Evie heard a knock on the door knowing it was going to be McKenzie. She opened the door seeing Bruno standing there with a single rose.  ”Oh…you’re…oh…here…” she said looking down at her jeans at t-shirt. ”Come in…”

”This is for you…” he told her handing her the rose.

”It’s beautiful.” she answered placing it in a small cup of water looking at the clock. Oh. He’s on time..they were late. She thought to herself.

”Mommmm…I like these onesss…” Lucy danced into the room stopping mid twirl seeing Bruno.

”Hi Lucy.” he smiled at her.

”Hi.” she answered unsure of how to react. ”Bruno…why do you always wear hats?”

”Well…” he said taking his hat off. ”Because if I didn’t everyone would see my hair.” he answered showing his out of control matted curls to her making her laugh. ”They’re just like mom’s.”

”Lucy!” Evie shouted. ”He doesn’t need to know that!” she finished as the door started to open.

”We’re hereeee….!” Caleb sang out. ”And so is the boyfriend…”

Bruno looked down at the comment as Evie shot him a dirty look.

”Luc…go grab your bag…” Evie told her daughter.

”She doesn’t have to go….” Bruno told her. ”We were just going to go bowling. She can come.”

”I want to goooo!” Lucy whined.

”We have to take my car, though. It has her booster seat in it…” Evie told Bruno.

”Well was fabulous seeing you three tonight..we’re going to go…” McKenzie said kissing Bruno and Evie on the cheek.


Evie watched Bruno hand Lucy a small bowling ball. She was melting on the inside. He looked perfect with her. She couldn’t hear the conversation, but did see him hold her hand and watch the ball roll down the lane hitting the bumpers slowly making its way to 4 pins. He clapped his hands dancing in circles with her. He sang, ”4, 3, 2….” waiting for Lucy to finish the song.

”And I’ll be therreeeee….” she sang horribly off key running to her mother. ”Did you see that? I got 4!” she exclaimed.

”I saw! You’re so good. I don’t think I could do that good.” Evie answered.

”Let Bruno help you, mommy. You’ll get ‘em all!” Lucy suggested. Evie looked at him starting to laugh at them.

”Come on, Evie…I’ll help you.” Bruno said taking her hand as Lucy sat down at the top of the lane watching them. He put his arm around the hand holding the bowling ball showing her how to step.

”I’m not going to tell you anything about the bowling ball, Evie. I’m just going to tell you that you’re beautiful.” he whispered in her ear watching her roll the ball down the lane hitting 9 of the 11 pins. She turned around dancing the same way Lucy did hugging him. ”I told you that you’re amazing!” he replied.

”I’m not going to kiss you yet…” she told him grabbing his butt walking back to get the ball again.

”If you get those last two your lips are mine.” Bruno hugged her from behind as she picked up the bowling ball letting her go by herself.

She took several steps back watching the ball go right down the center of the lane. Nooo. She thought to herself seeing one pin go down tipping over the final pin. She turned around, flipped her hair smiled and shrugged her shoulders. ”I’m awesome.” she told him walking back to her chair.

”Now watch this…” he told her taking small deliberate steps dropping the ball off to the side knocking down 7 pins.

”Mom won!” Lucy yelled.

”It’s not over yet, Lucy…” Bruno told her rolling his second frame.

”Oh…Mom did win…looks like Bruno didn’t any the second time around…” Evie told him watching him make a sad face walking back to the chair.

They played two games with Evie winning one and Bruno winning the other. Lucy had fallen asleep on Evie’s sweater that she had put on an extra chair. Evie picked her up so gently that she didn’t move a muscle trying to pick up her sweater without waking her. ”Let me help you…” Bruno said quickly picking up her sweater.

”Thank you.” she answered walking up the stairs with him.

”You know…we’re going to have to play a third game to declare a winner.” Bruno laughed as he took her free hand from her side playing with her fingers.

”You’ll just be sorry when I kick your butt.” she answered him pulling the keys out of her purse moving Lucy around so much that s he woke up.  ”Go back to sleep, mama…” she said softly struggling with the door feeling Bruno’s hand on hers pulling it away opening the door for her.  No one has ever done that for me. He is nice. Oh my god. She thought to herself watching him as he placed Lucy in the car seat. ”Bruno….no one has ever done that for me.”

”Well, you’re missing out.” he said quickly kissing her as he opened her car door for her.

”Was that me winning that one frame?” she asked him.

”No way. That was just because I felt like you needed it.” he answered her.

”Just like I needed to dance?” she asked him.

”Just like you needed to dance.” he laughed at her.


Chapter 14

Bruno picked Lucy up from the back seat carrying her upstairs watching Evie walk up the stairs.Damn. She’s hot. He thought to himself making sure he didn’t drop Lucy. She opened the door making a large creek waking Lucy up. Lucy wiped her eyes on Bruno’s shoulder going back to sleep. ”Let me put her to bed…” Evie said taking a hold of her daughter. ”I’ll be right back.” 

Bruno walked over to her couch glancing at a picture of her family. Who are all those people? There are so many..he thought to himself. ”Oh…that’s Carly, Samantha, Laura, Mike and my mom and dad…” Evie told him taking a hold of the picture. I’m still confused. He thought to himself.

”Bruno…” Evie pointed to the couch telling him to sit down taking a hold of a box covered in random pasted mementos on top. ”Look…” she responded handing him the box.

”What’s in here?” he asked.

”Everything that I can ever want to tell you.” she said opening up the box taking out a picture of her Carly, Samantha and her brother Brian sitting with another woman who looked almost exactly like Evie. ”That’s my mother….” she pointed to the picture. ”That’s…my mom…” she turned pointing to the picture.

”Oh…” he responded still confused.

”Bruno….she was schizophrenic and a drug addict….she lost us a few times. I don’t even remember the good things about her. Even though Samantha  says she had a beautiful heart when she was medicated…all I remember is her hitting me and then saying she was sorry. And leaving us at home…and Sam getting me dressed. She picked out the outfit I was wearing that day..I hated it….Bruno…I drive past that building every single day to get to work. And I think of all those kids that are going through exactly what we went through so long ago…The day that Katie and Albert adopted us was the day I decided to be a lawyer. It was the day I decided that no child deserve to go through any of this.” she said trying not to cry picking up a hospital bracelet. ”And this is from when I tried to kill myself….”

”Geneva…” Bruno said in a soft caring tone. ”I had no idea…”

”I think the only one that knows about that last part is Allison.” she told him. ”You can go now if you want to.”

”Evie…tell me more. Please.” he asked her. ”I want to know everything.”

”I didn’t think anyone would ever understand me or what I had been through or that there was anything worth living for after I found out my mother died….so I thought it was the best thing to do….”

”How?” Bruno asked wrapped up in her story.

”She overdosed on cocaine is the story we were told.” Evie answered watching Bruno dig through the pictures.

”And that’s Lucy…” Bruno smiled pulling out the torn picture. ”And her father was next to you?” he asked. Evie picked up the missing piece showing him Sean.

”That’s him.” she answered piecing the pictures together placing it off to the side quickly.

”You don’t have to tell me now, Eve…” he replied holding her hand. She looked at him starting to cry.

”God..I’m a mess. Why do you like me? I shouldn’t be like this on our first date…” she said as he touched her cheek wiping off the tear.

”It’s the third and you can be as big of a mess as you want to be, Evie.” he reassured her. Oh shit. What have I gotten myself into? He thought to himself reaching over to hug her.

”Seriously…why do you listen to me, Bruno?” she asked him pulling away from him.

”Because….” he stopped to think about it. Shit. I don’t think I’m getting laid tonight. He thought to himself. And I might regret the next thing that comes out of my mouth.”That’s what boyfriends do…they listen to their girlfriends.”

”Oh….Bruno….I…I don’t know….” she hesitated looking at a pile of books next to a Bratz doll.

”Evie….” he looked at her concern. ”I can’t promise you the world, or that I  won’t mess up…but Eve…when you ran into me at the hotel my heart dropped. I just wanted to know everything about you. The more I find out about you the more I like you….” he admitted.

”Bruno…I just…oh god. I just…nevermind.” she shrugged off what she was thinking. I just needed to get laid. ”I don’t know if thi….” she was stopped mid sentence by his lips pressing against hers.

”Just stop talking, Geneva.” he said through his kisses.


Chapter 15

Evie glanced over to the other side of the room seeing the bright sun streaming through the patio window. Oh my…she thought to herself feeling Bruno’s arm across her waist.”Eve…you can’t run out on me when you’re at your house…” he said softly in her ear.

”I wasn’t going to leave. I just had to pee.” she answered him walking to the other side of the room wearing cotton shorts and an old party t-shirt. She ran her fingers through her hair looking in the mirror. ”Oh my god. I haven’t done this in so long…oh….” she put her hair in a pony tail licking her lips after putting on a bit of foundation to cover up a small break out on her nose.

”Mommmmm…” Lucy called out walking into the bathroom without knocking.

”Geez. Do you not knock at your dad’s house?” Evie asked kissing her daughter on the cheek.

”Why is Bruno here?” she asked.

”He was too tired to drive home, Lu-boo.” Evie answered her daughter walking out into the living room dressed.

”Oh…” Lucy said running up to him giving him a hug.

”Good morning.” he responded standing in front of the fridge taking out eggs that were sitting in the middle of a shelf.

”I want to help.” Lucy said taking the eggs from Bruno’s hands.

”Okay…” Bruno said not sure how to respond to Lucy. Evie shrugged her shoulder indicating it was okay for her to help. Evie came up behind Bruno touching his waist.

”There’s a new tooth brush in the sink on the right.” she whispered in his ear.

”Help your mom, Luc..I’ll be right back.” Bruno told her.

Bruno made them special eggs putting a ridiculous amount of effort into the process. Eve and Lucy sat on the couch waiting for him to finish. ”Breakfast for two….” Bruno sang to them placing the early meal on Evie’s bright red hand me down plates meticulously.

”Mmmm…they’re really good. I think I need to steal you just so you can cook for me.” Evie smiled making him laugh.

”I wish I could, Geneva.” he answered picking up the plates.

”I’ll wash them.” she told him watching Lucy going into the living room to watch tv. Bruno glanced at his phone seeing that it was almost 10 o’clock in the morning. ”You have to go, don’t you?” she asked.

”Yeah..I haven’t packed…and my flight is at 6…” he said sadly.

”Oh.” she answered not sure how to respond to his schedule.

”But Eve…I….” he paused not sure what to say to her either. She makes me nervous. ”I really don’t want to lose what we had the past 2 weeks…” he told her.  She stood up taking his hand leading him to her bedroom.

”I don’t either, Bruno…but I don’t know how any of this will work. I mean…how do I tell Lucy that you’re not going to be here? How do I deal with not being able to talk to you…” she started to get a little weak in the knees looking at his eyes- listening to her. ”You’re one of the only people I can open up to…and I’ve only known you for 2 weeks…I didn’t know I didn’t have that until last night.”

”Geneva..I am going to be there for you. It might not be here…” he said touching her face. ”But here…” he said touching her chest. ”Oh…and here…” he said holding up his phone making her blush.

”Oh…okay…” she answered touching his hand. ”I can try…” she answered him.

”That’s all I ask of you.” he said kissing her lightly.

”Come on…let’s get you home.” she told him opening her bedroom door to see Lucy stretched out on the floor. ”Lucy…I’ll be right back.” she told her.

”Bruno…why are you leaving?” she asked seeing him pull out his keys.

”I have to go sinnnggg.” he told her.

”But you can do that here.” she told him grabbing his hand dragging him to the couch.

”You’re being selfish if he only sings here…” Evie told her daughter.

”I don’t….” she started not fully understanding.

”But I’ll be back, okay?” he told Lucy giving her a hug. ”And I’ll miss you.” he told her. ”And your mom.” he said squeezing her waist kissing her on the cheek.

”I’ll be right back, Lucy…” Evie told her. ”We have to make sure he gets to the car safe.” She took hs hand leading him out the door closing it behind him.

”I bet you were just like her when you were little.” Bruno told her walking down the stairs.

”I was a bit louder.” Evie replied.

”Louder than that?” he asked reaching the car.

”Yeah.” she answered raising her eyebrow.

”Well..I mean…I can see that after last night.” he winked at her.

”Oh my god! Can we not talking about how loud I was, please?” she asked.

”Blake probably heard you…” he poked her side.

”I hope not.” she told him grabbing him.

”We could try again…” he said leaning in right near her lips.

”When you get back, Mr. Mars…” she kissed him. ”Have a safe trip, Brunz.” she said pulling away from his lips.

”I will call you tomorrow.” he said kissing her again. Oh my god. I don’t want to let him go. She thought to herself feeling his lips against hers. ”I have to go.” he told her. Oh shit. She thought to herself feeling him getting uncomfortable making her laugh.

”Okay. I’ll talk to you then.” she said watching him get in the car. I can get over how short he is. She told herself as she walked back into the room.

Oh yeah..I changed Wes to a Blake realizing I already used that name. Sorry if it confused anyone. 

Chapter 16

Bruno walked out of the radio station looking down at his phone.

            Thank you.

”What are you reading?” Dre leaned over looking at his phone.

”It’s that new girl.” he answered.

”Be careful, Bruno.” he told him walking in front of Bruno.

”I will, dude.” Bruno answered sliding into the seat next to Phil.


Evie sat down at the big mahogany wood table in the conference room of the law firm she was interning at. She looked down at her phone seeing the blank phone. Oh well. She thought to herself looking up to see another intern, Dana coming up to sit down.

”Hey look worried. What’s going on?” the petite blonde girl asked Evie.

”Oh. I’m just stressed about this case. I’m at a loss as to where some of the evidence is…” she said pulling out her notes.

”Well..there were a couple of places on this affidavit…that I thought were interesting…” Dana said drifting into the case. The two caught up on the case about to put their things away when her phone rang…an indistinguishable ringtone, one that she hadn’t assigned to anyone yet. She glanced down trying to put it off seeing that it was Bruno’s number. Well shit. I guess I need to add him to my phone. ”Who is that?” Dana asked seeing Evie smile realizing it was him.

”No one…” she paused answering the phone. ”Hey….oh…I’m just leaving give me a second.” she said good-bye to Dana walking to her car.

”Are you gone?” he asked her.

”Yeah. I’m in the car. How are you?” she asked him.

He yawned heavily then started to laugh. ”I’m tired. That’s it.” he told her.

”I’m sorry. What do you want me to do for you, Bru? I can read you Good Night Moon.” she told him sweetly.

”That would be nice.” he answered her. She could feel his smile through the phone. ”Oh…but listen…Eve…I’m going to be back for a couple days next week…like the weekend.”

”You have the worst timing, Bruno. Sean has Lucy this weekend and I have her next weekend.” she told him.

”Oh. Then I  guess I’ll see you in October then…” he said sadly.

”Bruno! I have a four year old. You’re not going to twist my arm with those puppy dog eyes…even if I can’t see them.” she answered him.

”Aww…Genevvaaaa…” he whined.

”Bruno…I already had my parents watch her and asked Caleb…I can’t do that every single time. I told you this wasn’t a good idea.” she told him.

”Okay. ” he answered her. She thinks she’s getting out of this. He thought to himself. But she has no idea.

”Bruno…I’m sorry…I just…I don’t know…it’s going to be hard.” she answered him.

”It’s really okay, Evie. My feelings aren’t hurt.” he replied.

”I’m sorry. I really am.” she told him again. ”I am.”

”Evie…don’t stress out about it, please. I will see you when I’m there. Even if it’s for five minutes okay?” he reassured her that she didn’t have to change her plans.

”Can we make it six?” she asked him.

”It could be seven even.” he smiled through the phone.

”7 minutes with you? Gosh. I’m spoiled.” she answered. ”Bruno…I need to go.” she told him pulling up to the daycare center.

”Have a good night, Evie.” he replied.

”I will.” she answered him. ”Good night.”

Evie walked into the daycare center signing her daughter out seeing her run toward her mother.

”Hi!” Evie responded to her daughter’s embrace.

”Mommm…I told them about Bruno! He’s gonna pick me up like Blake did, right?”

”Oh…I don’t think so, Lu-boo.” Evie answered.

”But I want my friends to meet him!” Lucy whined.

”You’ll have plenty of time for that, Lucy…” Evie answered waving to her teachers as they walked out the door. She buckled her daughter into her seat going to the front of the older model small sedan.

”Mommaaa…why are you sad? Because you don’t get to see your boyfriend?” Lucy asked seeing her mother wipe her eyes.

”No..I just had something in my eye…” she answered backing the car out of the parking lot.

”Mommaaa…don’t cry. He loveesss yooouuu.” Lucy told her mom handing her a napkin that was sitting on the back seat. Evie took a hold of the napkin wiping underneath her eye where she knew eyeliner would be running. How does my four year old know this stuff?  She thought driving to their home.


Chapter 17

Evie held her giant bag of papers and books in her hand while twisting her mailbox to open it. Junk mail flew all over. ”Shit.” she said under her breath putting down her bags putting her hand right by a man’s foot.

”Eve…here…” she looked up to see Blake handing her a package slip.

”Oh thanks.” she answered forcibly pulling it from his hand.

”Evie…that guy…what’s his deal? You’ve been with him the past few nights…” Blake asked.

”Do you want me to ask about all the girls you are with?” she asked him not interested in the conversation. She turned around walking away from him with all her items in her hand.

”Whatever, Geneva.” he replied walking in the opposite direction.

Evie threw her items in the car holding the package slip in her hand. She handed the slip to the community manager slightly concerned about what was going to come out of the room. ”Ms. Wilson…these are beautiful.” the community manager said looking at the bouquet of flowerers. ”Oh…and this came with it too..” she said holding a small cd case.

”Oh…thanks…” she answered.

”This guy must really want to get in your pants…flowers and your own playlist? I wish my husband would do that for me.”

”That’s an understatement…” Evie laughed taking the items with her walking out the door. She walked into her empty apartment noticing the toys laying all over. I should clean those up before I go pick her up….but..first…she popped the CD in her computer waiting for it to load. A message popped up sayingIt’s my baby. Be good to it. She listened to several of his songs recognizing several from the ep he had given her. Oh my god. He’s so good. She thought looking at her phone realizing she needed to go pick up Lucy.


Later in the week Evie sat down on the couch with her sisters, daughter and nieces and nephews to watch the award show Bruno was going to be on.

”Mommmm…Justin is going to be on!” her niece Bella exclaimed.

”Yeah..but why care about Biebs when we have Bruno?” Laura asked.

”Mom. That’s gross. He’s like 50 years old.” her 8 year old niece answered.

Evie started to laugh at her niece. ”He’s 24 silly.”

”That’s still old.” Bella answered.

”Are you calling me old? Do I need to retire?” Evie asked.

”No…you’re not old…he is!” she shouted pointing to the tv.

”Bellaaaa. Mom’s going to marry Bruno Mars. He’s gonna be my dad! Shut up!” Lucy said.

L;aura turned to her sister confused by what was just said. ”I met him in Hawaii. Big deal.” Evie shrugged.

”You’re going to tell me more once they’re asleep.” Laura responded throwing a pretzel across the room.


By ten o’clock all the kids were sound asleep laying on blankets on the floor. ”Tell me what is going on!” Laura yelled as they walked into the kitchen to get ice cream.

”He’s Caleb’s cousin. He was there for the wedding. We….” she paused trying to think of what to say. Laura had always been her biggest enemy when it came to relationships trying to get her to leave Sean the second she found out she was pregnant, telling her Blake was cheating on her and generally hating on all the guys she liked. She didn’t want to know what she thought of him…at least not yet.

”You totally slept with him! I can see it in your eyes!” Laura punched her sister.

”Ouch.” she whined. ”Yes.”

”Oh god.” Laura sighed. ”I don’t know….he’s cute and he’s obviously very talented. I can’t find a reason to dislike him yet.” Just as Laura was finishing her remarks there was a knock at the door. Laura looked at her sister confused standing up to get it.

”I’ll protect you…” Evie said walking up behind her sister holding her arms up in a defensive manner.

”Oh…my…goddd….” Laura said opening the door seeing Bruno dressed in a black suit and skinny loose fitting tie.

”I’m kidnapping her.” Bruno said taking Evie’s hand.

”But my….” she said looking into the back of the house for her phone.

”You’ll survive. I have mine…” he answered pulling her out of the house. ”Bruno…I look horrible…”

”Eve..shut up and get in my car.” he said waving to Laura.

”How did you know that Lucy would be asleep?” she asked.

”I have my ways.” he winked at her.

”Where are we going? Bruno…I don’t know if I can stay awake…” she told him.

Bruno drove up a winding hilly street. ”I love it here.” he said pointing to the red lights of Los Angeles.

”It is pretty…” she said watching him turn down a narrow street.

”You’re the first person to see the inside, Eve…” he said pulling out a key.

”You just bought this?” she asked him. ”It’s huge!” she answered him.

”It’s not that big, Eve…it’s like 2500 square feet.”

”Oh my gosh…” she gasped touching the counter tops as she wandered through the house.

”Wait…this is my favorite part…” he said taking her hand running into one of the bathrooms. He turned on the light looking up at the ceiling taking her hand forcing her onto the ground.

”What are we doing?” she asked him.

”Just look up…” he responded pointing to the big window in the ceiling.

”You bought the house because of a sky light?” she asked him.

”It’s not just a sky light, Evie. It’s an amazing sky light…you can see Mars from here.” he said pointing to a bright red light.

”Shut up!” she laughed. ”That is not Mars!”

”It is too.” he said. ”Look…” he said jumping up to go into another room.

”Where are you going?” she asked him. 

”Here!” he answered handing her a brochure.

”With a direct connection to the heveans…sky light is in the direct path of Mars and Venus.” she read out loud.

”What do I get for telling the truth?” he asked. She wandered back into the bathroom laying down to look at the stars.

”So every time I look at Mars I can think of you?” she asked him.

”Yeah.” he answered kissing her hair. He laid down next to her taking her hand looking at the same thing she was. ”Evie?” he asked.

”Yeah?” she asked turning around to face him.

”Be my first.”

”What the hell are you talking about?” she asked burying her head into his jacket.

”First house guest.”

”You have no furniture…” she answered him.

”But I have this…” he said getting up going to the bedroom showing her a big blanket.

”But I need a pillow…” she told him. He danced a little pointing to his chest.

”I gotchu.” he smiled.


Chapter 18

”Mom…when is Bruno going to be home?” Lucy asked bundling herself in her blanket as her mother stood up to put away the book they were reading.

”He won’t be home until October, Lu-boo. Do you miss him?” she asked.

”He would read the book in a funny voice.” Lucy answered.

”Well..I can do that…” Evie answered in an attempt to make her 4 year old laugh.

”No, mama. You can’t.” Lucy answered.

”Okay…well..I’ll see what I can do about getting him to read you the story, okay?” Evie answered walking toward the door.

”Mammaaa…I love you.” Lucy said with her eyes closed.

”I love you too, baby girl.” she said turning off the light.


Evie stretched out on the floor of the living room holding a highlighter in one hand twirling a pen in another. This is so boring. I don’t even know what to think about it anymore. Only one and a half more years….only…she was interrupted by her cell phone alerting her to a text message from one of Bruno’s friends she had met at a party.

            Eve…call me.

Why do they all call me that? Just because he does…she picked up her phone contemplating calling his friend Stephanie who was in Las Vegas with Bruno for the weekend. He had begged Lucy to come with him. She had agreed to come, but forgot that she had a case study due that Monday that she hadn’t even started on. Lucy was going to be with Sean so it gave her time to herself at home with just her law books. I don’t know…do I want to know what is going on? Really….and then her phone rang Bruno’s distinctive Heartless ringtone. He had picked it, not her. No…no..I’m…”Hello?” she asked.

”Eve…I’m sorry.” he told her flatly. ”I’m sorry for everything that’s about to happen. I have to go. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I’m sorry.”

”Bruno?” she asked caught off guard by his cryptic tone.

”I can’t say…” he stumbled through the noise in the back.

”Bruno! What is going on? Please tell me.” she yelled.

”I’m sorry, Geneva.” the phone clicked and the call ended.

”What the hell just happened?” she said out loud moving her phone to call Stephanie.

”Steph….” Evie said into the phone.

”Eve…Brunz was arrested.” Stephanie answered.

”Oh my god…why? When? Where? Why?” she asked starting to worry abut what had happened.

”It shouldn’t be that big of a deal…” Stephanie started.

”What happened? What happened, Steph! Tell me!” Evie exclaimed moving over to the couch.

”It was…Evie…don’t get mad…” Stephanie tried to tell her.

”Oh my god! Did he sleep with someone else? Like a…”

”Drugs, Evie…it was cocaine…” Stephanie told her stopping to hear Evie’s reaction – nothing.

”Tell him I don’t ever want to talk to him again. And by ever I don’t mean I’ll get over this and want to see him when he comes home…I mean never…ever…and nothing will fix this.” she told Stephanie.

”Eve…” Stephanie wasn’t sure what to say. ”He knew you would be mad.”

”There isn’t even a word that I know that can describe how angry I am with him. I need to go, Stephanie. I was in the middle of a case study…” Evie told her.

”Okay, Eve. Have a good night.” Stephanie said hanging up the phone.

Evie threw her phone to other end of the room grabbing one of her larger books throwing it in the same general direction. ”Fuck him!” she yelled. Of all the things he could have done. That. So much for Laura thinking he was a good guy. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. She continued to think as she went back to the edge of the living room picking up her book. She placed it on the table looking at the time. It was almost one in the morning. She felt tears in her eyes. She fought them back changing into her running shoes, shorts and t-shirt. She grabbed her keys, left her phone near the edge of the living room and ran down the stairs to the apartment complex’s small track…and she ran…and ran…and ran…at least 20 times around the track stopping only a handful of times to catch her breath. It was what she did after she found out her mother died, after she found out her brother was going to be in jail for 5 years, when she found out Blake was cheating on her…after Sean hit her…after everything stressful. It was her oasis. And after her 21st lap she laid down in the middle of the track looking up at the sky moving to where he had told her Mars was. ”Fuck you Mars. You’re an asshole.” she said standing up stomping her feet up the stairs. She cracked the door open almost missing the knob through her tears. ”Shit.” she yelled. ”I’m not talking to you…” she told her phone picking it up to turn it off.


”How many times have you called her?” Eric asked his brother who was staring at his phone in dismay.

”I lost count at 184.” Bruno answered not looking up at the phone.

”She said she was doing her case study this weekend. Do you think she has it on silent?” Eric asked trying to come up with a reason his girlfriend wasn’t answering the phone.

”No. That’s not it.” Bruno said pressing the green button again. Shit. She’s never going to talk to me again.  Bruno thought to himself deciding to give up on talking to her.


Chapter 19

Evie heard a knock on her door waking her up from her curled up position she had taken on the couch. She clenched her eyes seeing the sun streaming in through the cracks of her curtains. ”Oh shit.” she said out loud looking at the microwave. How is it already 11 o’clock? She thought to herself opening the door to see Sean and Lucy.

”Sorry, Evie…” Sean said handing her the backpack.

”It’s okay. You have to work…go put your stuff up, Luc.” Evie said closing the door letting him in the house.

”I want to talk to you…” Sean said pushing her books over on the couch. ”I don’t want her around him.”

”I don’t either. You aren’t going to have to worry about that.” she answered him.

”Bye, Lucy!”  Sean yelled into her bedroom.

”Bye, Daddy!” she yelled back at him.

”Be good to your mom, Lucy.” he yelled back.

”I will!” she answered running into the room hugging him again.


Bruno walked through the airport with his head down not sure how to react to everything that had just happened. He was in a complete daze not even sure what he was doing. I know I fucked up. It’s not that that I’m upset about…it’s that Evie is never going to talk to me again. And I really liked her.

”Bruno….stop thinking about the new girl. She was kind of a stuck up bitch, anyway.” Dre told him getting in the car with him.

”You really think so?” Bruno asked.

”Yeah…she hated me.” he answered Bruno.


”Yeah…which means we have a lot in common right about now.” Dre answered Bruno.

”She doesn’t hate me. She just isn’t speaking to me right now.” Bruno said taking his phone from his pocket.

            I’m sorry.


”Mommmm…” Lucy waved the phone around handing it to her mother.

”I’m not answering those today, Lucy. Do you want to go to the park?” she asked her daughter.

”Yeeesss! But can Makayla and Emery come?” she asked.

”Go over and get them…” Evie said grabbing her purse and keys.

Evie followed her daughter to her friends’ apartments where she met their mothers. The group of 8- three mothers and five children- walked down the small quiet street to the park.

”Geneva…what is going on? You’ve been so happy lately and you just look like shit today.” Iris, one of the mothers stated.

”I just stayed up really late doing homework.” Evie answered watching the kids play.

”I don’t know, dude…” the second, younger mother, Bianca, retorted.

”Oh…you’re right. Who is that guy? It’s not Blake….?” Iris asked.

”We’re done.” Evie answered.

”What? He had a sweet car.” Bianca answered.

”That’s about all that was sweet about him.” Evie said under her breath.

”Mooommmm…..” Lucy screamed making the mother’s look up. ”I can moonwalk!” she said trying to dance. ”Bruno taught me!”

”Oh god.” Evie laughed. ”Oh god, Lucy. Stop.”

”But mom! He said not to stop dancing!” Lucy told her mom running over to her mother. ”Why are you sad, mommmm?” she asked sitting on her mother’s lap.

”I’m not sad, baby girl. Go play…” she answered looking at her phone buzzing.

            I’m sorry.

No you’re not. You shouldn’t have done that to start out with. She thought to herself. Iris grabbed the phone from Evie to look it over. ”Holy shit, Bianca…she’s fucking Bruno Mars.” she said handing Bianca the phone showing her a picture of the two of them.

”Holy shit…is he like amazing? You’ve got game girl!” Bianca answered. ”What did he do? You aren’t answering him?”

”No. He just…no…I can’t.” she told her friends.

”What happened?” Iris asked handing her oldest son her bottle of water.

”Mommmm….you’re sad because of Bruno.” Lucy answered sitting on her mother’s lap. ”He sent you flowers and the cd. You’re marrying him. Remember?”

”No, Lucy I’m not.” she answered. Lucy quickly grabbed the phone seeing it start to light up. \

”Eve….” Bruno said on the phone.

”Why isn’t she talking to you, Brunooooo?” Lucy asked bluntly.

”Oh…Luc….hey sweetie. Can I talk to your mom?” he asked.

Evie took the phone from her daughters hand turning it off.

”Mommmmm! Why did you do that? Mommmmmmm! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.” Lucy screamed starting to cry. ”Mommmmmmmmmmmma.”

”We’re going to go. I’m glad I got to talk to you two today.” she said turning around dragging her daughter away from the group.

”Lucy….” she looked at her daughter’s red eyes touching her face.

”Mommmmmmm…I liked him. Not Blake. You can’t marry Blake. You can marry Bruno….mommmmmmm….pleasseeeeeeee…..” Evie tried to pick her up to carry her upstairs but she went limp wiggling out of her mother’s arms sitting down below their stairs.

”I’m going upstairs. You’re going to get cold. I’ll bring you a jacket later, Lucy.” Evie said turning around to walk up the stairs.

”I’m not leaving until you say you love him, mommy. That’s what you make me do.” Lucy told her mother.  Evie felt her phone start to ring again. Lucy jumped up hearing the ringtone.

”Brunoooo….she lovessss youuuuuuu.” she screamed into the phone.

”Lucy…tell your mom I love her too. And that she can call me whenever she wants.” Bruno told her 4 year old. Lucy put the phone down looking at Evie who was halfway up the stairs.

”Mommy, Bruno loves you.” she told her mother.

Evie walked down the stairs picking up the phone. ”You said what?”


Chapter 20

”Geneva…it was the only way I could get you to listen to me. I mean it.” Bruno said in a shaky tone.

”Lucy..go upstairs, mi amor..please…” Evie told her daughter pointing to the stairs. ”Now…” she said sternly seeing her daughter stand up to go inside. ”Bruno…stop. Just stop. This isn’t what I thought it was going to be and I can’t do it.”

”I’m sorry, Eve. That’s all I can say. And when you’re ready to hear what really happened I’ll tell you.”

”What really happened, Bruno?” Evie asked sitting on the stairs where her daughter was earlier.

”I had it..I did…” Bruno admitted.

”That’s all I need to know. I can’t see you anymore, Bruno.  Now it’s my turn to say I’m sorry. Good bye, Bruno.” Evie said hanging up the phone.


”Shit!” Bruno yelled looking around the house not sure what to do. ”I fucked up. Shit.” he put the phone down on the table letting what she had said sink in. I can’t see you anymore. I can’t see you anymore. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Good bye…He laid his head against the couch closing his eyes trying to figure out what he was going to do next. I’m just going to sit here for the rest of the day…not do anything…just think about her. ”Why did I do that?” he yelled. ”Damnit. Damnit…” he picked up a pile of mail sitting on the same table throwing it across the room. As the mail flew across the room he heard his phone ring again. ”Mom….” Bruno answered in the same shaky tone he had used with Evie. ”I know you believe …yeah…okay. I don’t know…but…I think I really messed up…Yes! I know. God. I’m going to fix it…just..I don’t know.  I know..I wasn’t thinking…I will be careful… What do I do to show her I’m sorry? That I messed up?….I did that…she won’t talk to me….it was like the one thing she told me that she couldn’t forgive…..I don’t know if I should tell you….okay…. I know, Lucy does…that’s a good idea. I will try that. Thank you…yeah. I will. And tell them I said hi…love you too.”

He put down the phone deciding to try to forget what had just happened. He wasn’t sure what to do. He left his mail on the floor ignoring his child like tantrum a few minutes earlier. He got in his car and started driving. He wasn’t sure where he was going. But somehow he ended up at his oldest sister’s house. He walked into the house not knocking or ringing the door bell seeing the family playing Rock Band.

”I’ll be right back you two, just stay there…” his sister told her sons following Bruno to the kitchen where he sat at the table with his head down.

”Bruno…I don’t know what to tell you.” she told him.

”There isn’t much to say. Everyone is talking about it. Yes..I had it..but I didn’t do anything with it.” he told her looking up trying to figure out if he was upset at his actions or upset at Evie.

”But would you have?” she asked him.

”I really don’t know…I just…you know I over think things. And that’s what I was doing then…”

”Are you over thinking things right now, Brunz?”  she inquired.

”Well…no.” he answered her.

”I think you are. She’ll come around.” she told him rubbing his messy hair.

”I don’t think she will. That’s what hurts the most. Did I tell you that one of her friends hooked her up with a guy that had an MIP and the second she found out she walked out off the room?” Bruno asked.

”Well that guy isn’t you.” Jaime told him. ”You’re different.”

”No..I’m not.”Bruno answered in a hurt voice. ”It’s like she wants something that is perfect. Like she’s been hurt so much that she wants something better than that…like…she set the bar above the stars. Above the heavens and earth…I don’t know if I can compete against her expectations.”  Bruno explained.

”I’m going to let you wallow in your self-pity for a little bit, Bru. But when you finally decide that she’s worth fighting for you can come and talk to me, okay?” Jaime told him.

”She is worth fighting for..I just don’t think anyone can fight for her the way she wants.” Bruno answered. ”I don’t know what she wants.”

”Have you asked someone that knows what she wants? You haven’t talked to her sisters or McKenzie have you?” she asked him. He shook his head.

”No. I haven’t.” he answered.

” think you know her..but you don’t know anything until you fight for her. Obsessively calling her and relying on her daughter to change her feelings isn’t going to make it better. You have to do it yourself.” Jaime informed him. Bruno glanced up at his sister’s refrigerator noticing a drawing her 5 year old had made. ”What if I did that?” Bruno asked.

”What?” Jamie answered turning to the place he was looking.

”Wrote her a love letter?” Bruno asked.

”It’s worth a try.” Jamie answered. ”But how is she going to get it?” she raised her eye brow confused by his plan. Bruno smiled and pointed to his youngest nephew.