Chapter 11-20

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PART 11:

The next hours I was in shock!! Bruno Mars kissed me and it felt so right! Was it really not

just a game for him?? I couldn’t really think. I just played the last scene from the airport

over and over again in my head! It was like I was flying! I was in my own world… Bruno

Mars kissed me AND he wanted to see me again!

When I came home the first thing was that chilled on my couch and loaded the wonderful

pictures from Bruno and me we took together, on my laptop. It was like he was still next to

me when I looked at the pictures. I’ll never wanna forget this magical time with him! Then I

opened my skype mask to take a look if there’s someone of my friends online who I

couldn’t wait to tell about this adventure! I passed name for name and THEN: BRUNO

MARS is online. How the heck his name came into my list? Then I remembered the

evening when he came with me into my room when I changed my clothes. The laptop was

open and in the morning I was online and forgot to logg out. … I was sure he took there his

chance! This was for me just another proof that he wasn’t just playing. He really wanted to

stay in touch with me! I freaked out! This made me even more happy, especially when I

saw that he already wrote me a message: ‘Hey my cutie! When you’re reading this I guess

you arrived safe at home and had a good flight! I already miss you and can’t wait to see

you again!!!’ I almost had tears in my eyes. Never before something so wonderful and

special happened to me!! I couldn’t believe it!

From this day on we skyped every day a few hours! The whole three weeks he stayed in

Hawaii. We couldn’t stop! We flirted, had earnest conversations, laughed a lot together

(Thanks that awesome technology I could see his beautiful face every day!!!) and just felt

good with each other. But anyhow I still didn’t knew what it really was between us, cause

we never talked about that theme directly, until this one evening in his last week.

He said to me: ‘Hey Nila … I wrote today a song … and I don’t know … but … ehmmm … I

wanna show it to you at first! And please tell me honestly what you think about it!!’ I

promised and then he started with his beautiful voice and his guitar:

‘The day dissembled until now. Everything is normal, but somehow, I couldn’t close my

eyes. I just drove around, without an aim or reason. I crazed the whole night myself. What

happened to me? I can’t explain it. I don’t wanna try, don’t wanna struggle.

Ch: I need more of it. Not till then I start to live. I want more of it. So then I can finally


Exactly like this it feels, a warm breeze on my skin, and it’s incredible. It is just the

beginning. What do I have to do, that I can keep hold of you for a moment? It’s like a beam

of sunlight, I can’t resist it. And I have no other choice, I need to see you again.


It’s raining pictures, I forget space and time. Dreaming trough the day, cause no word

could describe you, isn’t it exaggerated? You give me my mind back, trough you I’m alive.


I need more of it …’

A little break …

‘I know this is maybe for you right now too much or too fast, but this is exactly how I feel

for you! And I can’t hide it anymore! I wanted you to know this!’, he said with a carefully

and gently voice …


PART 12: Silence.

I was speechless.

‘Hey sweetie, please say something! Don’t make me feel like a fool!’ ‘It is … awesome …

wonderful …’, I stuttered. ‘It is … WOW …’ ‘You don’t know what I would give to hug you

right now! You’re so cute!’ ‘What I wanted to say … was …’, with a little brake of silence

and horror cause I was thinking bout what he said, ‘WAIT! What??? Why just hugging?’, I

giggled. He began to laugh and said: ‘Sure! Just hugging! And then I’ll make sure that you

can’t run away again when I try to kiss you!’ ‘Uhhhh … so you’ll make me to something like

your captive …?’, I answered with a flirty smile. ‘I can’t wait to see you again!’, he said with

a little sigh. ‘Heeeeeey … just a few days … and then you’re back, right?! And if you still

want me to see you then…’ ‘If I still want you to see?’, he cut me, surprised by my

sentence. ‘Sure! I wanna see you again! That’s not a question!’, he continued determined.

‘Then OK! When you are sure … you’ll see me!’, I cheered him up.


Suddenly the feeder broke up and it was everywhere dark in my apartment. It scared me!

Three minutes later my phone was ringing. It was Bruno. ‘Hey, what happened? Is

everything OK with you?’ ‘Hey yes! Everything is fine. Just started a thunder storm when I

talked to you and I didn’t realized the thunder and the flash lights … and now here is no

electricity in the whole street, as far as I can see it from my window! Heard a loud crack

and then darkness. Guess one of my neighbor houses is struck by lightning.’ ‘Uhh sounds

not that good … maybe then you should’ ‘WOOOHAAA!!’, I interrupted him. ‘NILA?? What

what is??’ ‘This storm is getting stronger and stronger!!! Usually I love thunder storms! But

this is scary!!! MUUMIII!!!’ ‘Heeey hey hey sweetie!! Everything will be OK! Just calm

down! No fear!’ ‘It’s a wonder that I can still talk to you! Don’t know what I would do without

you right now … guess this would drive me crazy!’ ‘Haaa cool! So I’m now something like

your hero?!’ He answered laughing, ‘Haha If you want to be … then I guess yes! …

BRUUHHUUUNOO my HEROOO!’, I said joking. ‘Uhha yeah this sounds like music in my

ears. … Is it better now?’ ‘Yeah a little … but anyways … thanks for your help!’ ‘Heey for

you every time!’ ‘I’m sorry to disappoint you … but I guess I have to say good bye now.

Have to get up so early … cause of my work!’, I said a little sad. ‘Awww noo! But it’s OK …

don’t wanna see you tired tomorrow!’ ‘By the way … when do you arrive at the airport?!

Just two days left, right?! And at what time?’ ‘Yeah on tuesday at 1pm …’ ‘Ohh OK!’ ‘Ohh

Ok what?’ ‘Ehmm nothing … you’ll see!’, I said snatchy. ‘OK now for real! Even it hurts me

but I need to leave you! I wish you a wonderful rest of the day and enjoy the last days!!’, I

finished completely tired out. ‘Yes sure sweetie! Sleep well and wonderful sweet dreams!

Can’t wait for you!’ I giggled and said softly ‘Bye!’


PART 13:

I jumped as fast as I could in my bed, just to pass the last day faster. I was so excited to

see him again. Just one problem … I couldn’t go to the airport to pic him up from the

airport at this time. This is such a shit! Stupid work … I needed to find a plan … ‘hmmm up

to three days I don’t need a sick certificate’, I thought with this muhahahaha in my mind.

‘Veni, Vedi, Vici! That’s the plan!’

Even though I tried everything … the last day past to slowly. I was excited like a little child.

The finally TUESDAY! In the morning I woke up by a message from Bruno, cause I didn’t

go to work. ‘Can’t wait! Hope to see you today!’, he wrote. With these sweet words I

started to doze again …

Suddenly my inner alarm clock ringed. I woke up, looked at the clock and sat shocked in


my bed. Just one hour to go. I needed to hurry! What to wear, what to wear, what to

wear??? Hard decision! Finally I got something put my make up on and went to my car,

drove to the airport and couldn’t wait anymore!!

I went into the hall. Just ten minutes to go. I sat down on a bench obverse of the departure

gate and put my Ray Bans on.

… The plain landed … the door opened … some people came out and THEN BRUNO!!!

He looked in my direction but didn’t realize me! I got up from the bench and while walking

to him I took my glasses off and fixed his look.

Suddenly his eyes were wide open! I stopped … He fixed my look, too and started running

over to me, looked at me with a bright shiny smile, hugged me as tight as no one else did

before and started spinning me around.

He stopped, looked at me, said: ‘I’m sure! You can’t run away now!’, and gave me a

longing unforgettable kiss. I just starred into his eyes and said stunning: ‘Noo. I can’t. …

And I won’t!’ Then he put one hand in the back of my neck, brushed a wisp of hair out of

my face, smiled at me happy and kissed my forehead.

‘It’s really you … I thought I was dreaming! … But how can you be here? I thought you

have to work?’ Bashful I explained: ‘Hmmm … what you don’t know is, I’m sick! But shhhh

… don’t tell them!’, I giggled. ‘Uhhh you little bad girl! And this just for me?’ ‘Yes just for

you!’, I answered proud.

Then he took my hand and said: ‘You’re so cute! … common let’s go!’, with a wink and a

smile. He pulled me and I followed.

Suddenly he stopped again and pulled me close to the side of his body. He pulled his

phone out of his bag and took a photo of us. Then he said: ‘Finally! You don’t know how

hard it was not to see you the last weeks! So stupid that I didn’t take a photo of you!!! Now

you’re everywhere where I am!’, with his cute baby smile.


PART 14:

He took again my hand and then we wanted to go out of the airport hall to my car. But then

we looked at the sky! It was raining buckets. We looked at each other, he hold my hand

tighter and counted then on three and we ran to the car.

When we sat inside the car, we were laughing so hard and we were soooo wet! Then I

asked out of breath from running: ‘OK and now? Where to go?’ ‘Ehhmmm home?!’ ‘But we

can’t go to my home, cause it’s the moment to cold there … my heating is broken and they

just come on Thursday!’ ‘OK then clear thing! To me!’, he winked.

He told me the way and 15 minutes later we arrived, still complete wet, at his home. When

we got in, he saw that I was freezing and said: ‘Ohh man you need to get out of your

clothes. Don’t wanna risk that you really get sick. Wait I’ll go to get you some clothes!’,

kissed my cheek and went upstairs. Three minutes later he came back with one of his

favorite hoodies and one of his jogging pants. ‘Ahh great! Perfect! Thank you!’ He came

closer and wiped some rain drops from my face.

I smiled with a thankful look and asked then for the toilet for changing.

When I came back he has already changed and he looked so cute with his little curls!

He was in the kitchen and was looking for something to drink. I sneaked up behind and

jumped on his table and sat next to him. He smiled with with his shiny white teeth and

asked if the clothes were OK?! I said laughing: ’ Yes everything is OK, expect that it’s scary

that your pants fit so good. Just had to loop!’ ‘Hahaha that’s perfect, maybe a sign!’, he


answered with a wink.

Then he put one arm around my back and helped me to get off of the table, took my hand

and pulled me to the living room. We sat down next to each other on the couch. … ‘Ahhh I

forgot something!; he said and went back to the kitchen.

In the minute when he was in the kitchen I laid down over the whole couch!

Two minutes later he came back with a box full of ice cream! I smiled like a little girl, what

made him laughing. ‘Ahhh cutie!’, he grined.

He came over put the ice cream on the table and began to tickle me. I tried not to laugh,

but it was too hard!


PART 15:

He got me in his jaws! He stopped, lift me up and sat down on the couch, still with me on

his arms! I wrapped my arms around his neck and starred into his eyes! I stopped laughing

and had just a little smile on my face, excited for what he was doing to me. He came closer

closer and even more closer, prodded his nose with my nose. When I felt his warm and

soft lips on mine, I stopped for a while breathing, just to feel him more intensive.

Slowly he detached from my lips and I could feel that it was hard for him. I whispered, still

with closed eyes: ‘This feels just like a dream!’ ‘Yeah you’re right! You are my dream!’, he

whispered softly back.

‘What do I have to do, that I can

keep hold of you for a moment?’,

he sang quietly into my ear. MY SONG!!! ‘Nothing…’, I said with a little break in my voice.

He opened his mouth a little and just looked frightened. I knew he wanted to start to

explain but then I continued: ‘Nothing! Just do what you’re doing right now and you’ll can

keep holding me for more than a moment!’ He didn’t say anything … just kissing my


I loved how he was doing this all the time when he doesn’t want to be so pushy, even

though he wants to kiss me! It felt like he was the politeness in person …

A few minutes passed without talking. But in that time he also laid down so I was laying in

his arms and he put one of his arms on mine.

We almost forgot about the ice cream but then he grabbed it started to feed me. I was

wondering if he also enjoyed that moment like me.

Out of wondering I tried to turn around, laid on my side and put one arm on his tummy. I

said carefully: ‘Bruno …?!’ ‘Sweetie …?!’ ‘I really love this moment … but what is this

between us?’ ‘Wowhoo … what a question …?!’ ‘I can understand that you’re shocked now

… but … I just don’t wanna be … mhhhmm … something like your toy! You know … but I

don’t want to constrain you to something … it’s just that …’ ‘It’s just that you don’t have to

constrain me! Heey … look at me!’, lightly he pushed my chin up and I looked a little bit

scared up to him. ‘It’s that I say YES on my own! I swear I never waste a thought for the

thing that you just could be my toy! The only things I was wondering about were: I want her

to want ME, the way I am and …’, I stopped him with a kiss. ‘AND I want her to do things

like THIS!!’, he said flirty. ‘Yes I want you!!!’, I answered smiling and put one of my legs

between his legs. ‘OK we’re fasten with knots now … so I guess it’s official?’ ‘That sounds

like music in my ears …’, I said with my biggest smile.

He came closer again and his warm and softly breath was almost tickling my skin. ‘Then

adjust to this: You are MY baby now!’, he whispered softly in my ear.


PART 16:

His voice almost gave me the heebing-jeebies.

‘Finally!!!’, he continued, grabbed my hand and kissed it. ‘I thought you tantalize me till the

end of my days!’, he said contented. ‘You don’t know how hard it was to resist you! Every

minute, every second I spend with you I had a fight with my own!’ ‘And why you tried to

resist me?’, he wondered. ‘Cause I didn’t want to engage in one of those one-night-stand

vacations! But you kept on making me melt away!’ ‘I love this fact!’ ‘Which one? The first or

the second?, I asked astonished. ‘The first one … I love that you’re not like all the other

girls … often it turns out that the sweetest girls are just bitches!! … and honestly?! … For

sure, the second, too!’, he smiled … ‘Think about it!! I mean I couldn’t hold you that tight

right now when I would have stopped with it!! I couldn’t smell your wonderful shiny hair …’,

… he sank in his sentence while he fondled my arm up and down.

I stopped his hand and kissed his wrist … and asked then … ‘Hey Bruno … why did you

say what a question?’

Suddenly my phone began to ring but I tried to ignore it … but it didn’t stopped. ‘Don’t you

wanna take a look?’ ‘No not really … but I guess I should!’, I said a little pissed off.

I grabbed the phone, looked at the name and the picture and mumbled: ‘maaan always

when I don’t need you!’, and pressed a button so it stopped ringing. ‘Do you wanna talk

about it?’, Bruno asked a little worried. ‘No not really … it’s not really a good day for it! But

… ah noo …’

‘Naahh common baby … haaa I called you baby’, he said giggling, ‘are you sure that you

don’t wanna talk about it? I see there’s something that distress you …’ … silence … ‘Hey

sweetie, common say something … please … !’

‘His name is Tom! … and he was once one of my best friends … maybe a little more than

this … ’ ‘Wowowowow wait what? More than this?’ ’ … honestly?! Yes … but we were

never together, I was smart enough to apply the brakes very early, and he fell in love with

my best friend … and … and … now we three … this is a little complicated …’

Bruno grabbed my hand again: ‘Hey sweetie … please listen to yourself and tell me if you

still feel something for him?’, he asked scared.

‘Hell nooohohooo!!! This is now two years ago! And no! Definitely noo! Please don’t worry!!

I never would do this to you! You have to believe me! … It’s just still so weird for me, you

know?! It doesn’t matter for me anymore if they are together or not … it’s just the fact that

both of MY BEST FRIENDS lied to me!!! And not just once, twice … I gave up counting!

That’s the reason why I’m still pissed off. Slowly it’ll get better between me and Tom, but

he’s acting like never something happened … and I never got something like I’m sorry, you


‘Ohh bebi … maybe it’s not what you want to hear … but I’m so sorry for you! And I’m

always here for you when you need to talk about it! … what I’m saying? Not just about this!

You can talk with me bout everything!!’, then he stroked some hairs out of my face … I

turned my head to his face and looked up to him reaching for a kiss and I got it! I felt so



PART 17:

After a little silence Bruno said: ‘I know I asked you for what happened, and I know we

both have a past but … I’m so glad to have you for me alone now!’

‘Awww Bruno you’re so cute!’, I got up from laying, sat on his lap and wrapped my arms

around his neck. ‘But exactly this was the reason why I didn’t want to tell you this TODAY! I

still can feel that you’re a little worried … but today is OUR DAY! And Janett and Tom

shouldn’t broke again things in my life! … just you and me!’ He didn’t say anything! He just

hugged me as tight as he could without stealing my breath!

My phone … AGAIN! But at this time just a message … Bruno could see how I rolled my

eyes and was just laughing. I grabbed my phone again and read the text … ‘Shit!’, I

mumbled again.

‘Should I ask whats wrong? Or is it better not to know it?’, he said still laughing.

‘It’s OK!’, I smiled, ‘don’t worry! I just know now why Tom called me! I totally forgot about

the concert we wanted to go to tomorrow.’ ‘Concert?? What concert? You both alone?’, he

asked a little jealously. ‘Aww Bruno you’re so cute!’, I kissed his cheek. ‘Yes we both alone

… and I totally forgot about that! We planed it six months ago. And I still don’t know why I

said yes … maybe just because he’s the only one of my friends who likes the same music

like me …’, I laid back on Brunos shoulder, ‘I really wanna go to this concert, but not alone

with him!’, I said seeking help.

‘Ha really?? … Maybe then I should come with you!’ ‘Nahhh Bruno … you should have a

nice evening … not something like this! I swear you wouldn’t like it!’ ‘How do you know??

Common tell me! What kind of concert is it?’ ‘Hmmm … OK … but you need to promise not

to laugh!’ ‘Why should I laugh?’ ‘Promise!’ ‘OK OK! I promise! Tell me now!’

‘Rise Against!’ I could see how his eyes were getting bigger and bigger and his month was

wide open.

‘Woohhaaa baby! You’re always good for a surprise!’ ‘Why are you so surprised??’ ‘Cause

you were before on a Bruno Mars concert and and … and Rise Against is Punk Rock,

Hardcore punk rock!!! How can I be not surprised??’ ‘I know it’s weird, isn’t it?! Do you still

like me?’, I asked with my best puppy-dog face.

‘Are you kidding?? I don’t like you! I love you every second more and more!’ He took me

off of his lap throw me softly on the couch and kneed over me. ‘Is there something else

you want to tell me miss?’, he asked with this romantic deep breezily prince charming

voice. ‘Ohhhh … ehmmm … what about Irish punk rock?’, I said bleeping.

Suddenly his arms buckled, which he put behind my shoulders and his head crashed down

cause of laughter. ‘Ohhh Nila! You are so wonderful!’

I blushed … he just starred into my eyes … I couldn’t handle this! I melted by the look into

his hazel eyes! … Î really couldn’t handle it so I put my hands on his cheeks and pulled

him close to me pretending I want to kiss him and then I snort against his neck.

‘Wuuuhhh yeah!’, he laughed. I wrapped my arms around his body and he was still

kneeing over me and then he came up to the REAL kiss, the softest and gentlest kiss I’ve

ever got!

He stopped for a second and said almost whispering: ‘I’ll come with you!’


PART 18:

‘Are you sure?!’, I asked halting. ‘Yeah I’m soo so so sure! … How could I let you go alone

with that crazy boy, huh?! And all the punks around you would stamp you down! I can’t

allow that honey, I need you!’ ‘Awww Bruno my sweetheart! You’re soo cute’, with a baby

voice, ‘but please don’t call him crazy! He’s still a friend of mine …’ ‘But he’s and idiot

when he hurts you!’ ‘… OK he’s a lil crazy but I don’t wanna return the like cause than I

wouldn’t be much better. So promise me please meet him without prejudices!’ ‘… Yeah …

Bu…’ ‘Bruno pleeeeeeaseeee!! Promise!’ ‘… OK I promise … just for you!’ ‘Thanks!’, I

gave him a peck.

He kneed still over me so I wrapped my legs around his back and he put his hands under

my back, sat down and pulled me close to his body. Now I sat on his lap … face to face …

he looked at me with his alluringly face … ‘OK … now let’s stop talking about this topic!’, I

said …

‘You know what?’ … ‘What?’, I asked. ‘I love that we can talk about everything! I mean it’s

just the beginning … and … I’m just happy that you can talk about things like that … that

you don’t keep it as a secret! I just so wonderful to know that we can talk about problems

without a problem you know?! You’re so special, you’re not like all the others … you are

YOU!’ He took my hands.

‘I think … I think I love you!’

I looked deeply into his eyes!

‘I know what you’re thinking already … you don’t have to say something! It’s really fast, I

know, but I feel that this is different to everything else I ever had! Maybe it’s the typical

speech, but it’s the truth and I don’t wanna …’

I overmaster him with a passionately kiss before he could say anything else. My arms

were on his shoulders and teared the back of his hair.

My nose touching his nose I asked softly: ‘Was this answer good enough?’ He grinned:

‘Can I get more of it?’ I made digs at him and said: ‘You got enough for today!, got off from

his lap and tried to ran away.

In the middle of his living room he caught me and hold me, his hands around my tummy. I

bend forward cause of laughing. While turning around to him my look went to the side and

just at that moment I saw that Bruno had a fireside.

‘Awww Bruno this is awesome!’, I felt that his hands weren’t anymore around my waist.

‘Bruno?’, he wasn’t next to me. ‘Bruuuunooo??!!’

‘Wait sweetie, just a little moment!’ ‘OK, alright!’

While waiting I looked at some pictures he had in his living room. Some of his family, his

sisters, his nephews … They were so cute! I mean both the lil nephews … It is so cute

how he handles them with care, that he loves his family more than everything else.

‘Here I am!!!’ ‘Finally!’, I said longing while starring at the pictures and turned around. In

the middle of the door stood a smiling Bruno with some blankets on his shoulder and

pillows under his arm, two wine glasses and a bottle.


PART 19:

‘Do you wanna intoxicate me?’, I giggled. ‘Hmmmm maybe?!’, he answered innocent.

‘Don’t dare you!’

He came over to me lent in for a kiss but I shunned him. ‘WHY???’, he asked outraged.

‘Don’t you remember? I told you, you have enough for today!’, I said effortlessly.

‘Seriously?? Are you kidding me???’, he asked again, aghast. ‘Noo no you heard right!’

‘Ahh OK I see how it is!’ He dropped the pillows and the blankets dramatically down to the

floor. Put also the bottle and the glasses on the floor and came closer, very close up to me

and held with his hands my cheeks and bit his bottom lip. ‘So if you don’t wanna get me


what I want, I’ll help myself to it!’, he answered joking. He came even more closer and

kissed me rough!

I sighed a little and expressed that I love it. ‘I knew you would love it and you can’t resist

me anymore! This times are over baby!’, he said with a dirty laugh. ‘I can’t resist you? How

could I when you assault me??’, I giggled.

He chuckled and put the blankets and pillows all in their formation. Then he walked over to

the fireside and and lighted the fire. Turned over to the radio tuned some soft music on.

‘Perfect for ending up this special day, huh?’

Bruunooo … how do I deserve you?! The way he makes me feeling like a princess. When I

think about all the terrible things that happened in the past is this now like a dream.

Everything that happened sped in my inner eye. Also the bad things which put me a little

worried face on. I couldn’t control it.

‘Hey, Nila?! Everything alright?’ I snapped back into the real world. ‘Huh?!’ Still across from

me on the other side at the radio: ‘Hey shawty! What’s wrong?’

Slowly I moved over to Bruno. I put one arm on his shoulder and played with his little curls.

Just starring at each other we stood there and said nothing. ‘Nothing …’, I broke the

silence. ‘I just realized … I just realized how happy I am. And I’m asking myself how I

deserve all this. How I deserve YOU! I just remember all the things that happened.

Especially the last two years. With my friends, with my job … my love. And now YOU! … ’

With a little push I moved his head forward and kissed him softly. I wrapped both arms

around his neck and hugged him tightly! Whispering softly in his ear: ‘Thank you Bru!’

‘Not that for darling!’

He disengaged my arms, took one hand and pulled me to the blankets and sat down. I

was still standing so he dragged me down. With my head on his lap I just looked again in

his big brown eyes. If you aren’t attentive you get lost in it.

‘I have to say I had a lot of doubts when I came back from Hawaii and you stayed there …

but now …’ … He fondled my cheek softly and stroke my hair away. ‘I never had doubts …

from the first time I saw you …’ Confused: ‘But you saw me in New York the first time?

Usually you would have never seen me again!’ He answered laughing: ‘Uhh ehmm nope! I

knew it exactly, when I came back from Hawaii I wanted to search for you!’ ‘You little jerk!’

‘Heeeey!’, he said aghast. I just poke my tongue out with my cutest smile I could give him.

‘MY little jerk … the best little jerk I could get!’ ‘Awww well that sounds wonderful, my little

princess.’ and kissed my neck. ‘Naaaah I’m not a princess!’ ‘Sure you are! My little punk

rock princess!, he grinned.


PART 20:

We just laid there the whole evening … night until the next morning. We talked about

everything and the world. It was like we knew each other since years. It was … he was so

wonderful. I can’t remember that ever someone treated me like that, expect from my

parents. It was for me a complete new feeling.

In the morning I found myself on the floor on the blankets in Brunos arms in his living

room. I laid on my side and one arm laid on his chest. Everything was so peaceful. To see

him sleeping, how his body moved up and down from his breath … so soft, I hadn’t the

heart to move from his side. My little baby … I didn’t want him to wake up so I tried to fall

asleep again.

After one hour I woke up again. But seemingly Bruno woke at the same time up. He

blinked and then looked at me while I watched him closely, him and his sweet stretch


moves. ‘Hey gorgeous … you wasn’t just a dream!!’ ‘Hey mister … you were really

comfortable!’, I smiled. ‘Awesome this is what I hoped! … I just wanna lay here with you

the whole day!’ He striated with his nose my hair, with a small intake of breath and kissed

my head. ‘You smell so wonderful babe!’

I closed my eyes again and just listened to his heartbeat. Suddenly my eyes were wide

open and I jumped up. ‘DAMN Bruno!!! I need to go to work!!! This all made me complete

forgetting about that! DAMN!!’, I said nervous. ‘Hey hey Nila! Slow down!! I thought you are

“sick”?’, he winked while I jumped through the room, looking for my clothes and getting out

of Brunos clothes, he lent me. I stopped for a minute. ‘Yeah you’re right … but I can’t!! Not

another day! And look tonight is the concert. If someone sees me there while im “sick” I’ll

get fired!’, I answered bustling. ‘Coooomeee … who should see you there … please come

back to me.’, he said to me while sitting on the floor and reaching me his hand.

I went over to him taking his hand and kneed down next to him: ‘You know how much I

would love to stay here with you! But I caaaaaan’t!’ ‘Can I convince you with this?’, he

kissed me. ‘This is awesome Bruno … but you know I ca…’, talking against his lips. He

started kissing my neck and made me just sighing: ‘caaan’t … ohhh mmmhh … Bruuhnoo

… uhhh!’, I giggled.

Now I lent over to him and pushed him back on the floor. I crawled over to him and sat on

his thighs, approaching his lips: ‘Damn Bruno … you got me! On your own responsibility!’, I

whispered and I started kissing him all over up to his neck, so far and no further. My nose

touched his nose and we made this Eskimo thing until I shunned him and my lips touched

his upper lip and I bit it softly. Then it faded into more than an intensive french kiss.

Soon I moved back and turned back in exactly the same position we woke up. Me starring

and smiling at him. Caressed his warm cheek and laid back into his arms.

This was what we did the whole day until we went to the concert. Let the drama begin!